From the end to the Beginning



Part One

Author's note: This story is the beginning of the series which starts here goes to BFFWB, What The Night Can Do, One Moment-One Opened Lock, Two Parkers, Order and Chaos and Never Going To Be Taken with a final story To be decided...

July 2010

It was the V.I.P section Of Madison Square Garden and the Queen of thieves was enjoying one hell of a concert from Lady Gaga as she turned to see the person that she plans to spent forever with…As the finale came to a close, she knew after tonight they would going back to what they do against the most powerful mark ever. So Parker went for broke and said…..

18 months ago…..

"My girlfriend and I would not invited to our prom because we wouldn't good enough to go. So after that my parents who are very supportive had their house vandalize and I knew it was guys from our school. My girlfriend broke up with me mainly because I acted like a total bitch." The client said and added, "I want them to pay for the damages and I want them to suffered." "We'll take the case." Parker sprang to…

Parker High School memory:

Parker remembered sitting as the prom queen and they pour tar then feathers on her.

As she walked outside, She smiled and as cleaned herself off. There was an explosion and her smile got bigger

As they would waiting for the guys to come back because they would making a supply run…Sophie was watching Parker get ready for the plan. They hadn't talk much ever since the night. Parker looked over and see Sophie staring. Parker walked over to Sophie and asked her, "what?" "Nothing." Sophie said and Parker thought that was weird then walked back…Parker then looked up to see a preview of a new movie called, "Hell Is Heaven" that she's been wanting to see. As Parker saw this she went upstairs as Sophie saw the same preview because she wanted to see that movie too…