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"Shut up moron. And move out of the way." Mystic pushed Pietro aside, the silver youth shrugged, zooming to the side, so that the other two could get a better view of the new guys.

"Haha. Look guys - a frog." Blob snickered, making fun of Todd's amphibious appearance. Todd scowled at the jab, Fred, completely unaffected by the look, continued laughing nastily.

"Yo, if I was that big I'd keep that oven-sized trap shut if I was you." Toad retorted.

Blob growled, getting ready to pound the daylights out of the smart-mouthed amphibian, but was stopped by Lance, who shook his head as if to say, "It's not worth it."

Brianna, who'd thus far remained silent, stepped into the house, making a face at the messy room.

"Jeeze. Clean much? It looks like a tornado hit this place." Her smart-ass comment nearly sent Lance off this time, but, surprisingly, he managed to hold himself together in the presence of Mystique.

A blur sped past and in no time, Quick-Silver was standing next to Brianna, a degrading look on his face.

"Don't like it? Go find your own place to hang."

Toad replied before Brianna could, "Yo chill Briana. This crib is coo. It's the peeps that need to be 're-decked,' ya heard? These dudes are whack."

Mystique sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. They would have to work together if her plans were to work. So far, it wasn't looking good. There would have to be a referee, a conciliator. Someone to keep the peace around here. It would have to be…

Mystique raised a hand for silence, and everyone quieted. She looked around, sternly, her gaze falling on every member, until finally landing on Pietro. She spoke to everyone but her sharp eyes never left the blue eyed boys face.

"You will be required to work together as long as you work for me. That is why I am keeping Pietro in charge. Pietro, I am counting on you to keep these idiots in check. Make sure they work together peacefully, get this dump cleaned up, and keep themselves fit for battle. Can you be trusted with that job?"

Pietro looked surprised, but pleased at the fact that he was chosen for something so important. His normally arrogant smirk widened until he was grinning smugly.

"Not a problem. I'll have these dimwits whipped into shape in no time." So-called "Dimwits" glared at him.

"Good. I'll see you all when I get back. I have some business to attend to."

And with that, the shape shifter transformed into a blue jay and flew out an open window.

Quick-Silver crossed his arms and gave each member a dominating once-over.

"Alright guys, lets get this dump cleaned. After that comes the fun part - we get to train. And it's going to be an intense session. Well? What are you waiting for - get to work!"

Suddenly, everyone advanced towards Pietro menacingly. He gulped and took two nervous steps back.

Trying to calm everyone down, he stuttered anxiously, "Whoa, calm down. Listen people, this is not helpful. Remember what Mystique said…AHHH!"

Any further words were cut short as everyone attacked him at once.

And with that, a day in the life of the brotherhood, ensued.