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last chapter

Deep down

I know

That I'm afraid of the truth

That you may not love me

But I love you

And now

I'm tainted

I'm not sure anymore

If you'd still love me

I stood in the shower feeling rather bummed out. Why did I just say that? Why did I bother saying that? He doesn't need to know. Agh, it doesn't matter. I got out and decided to have a walk outside. It was dark and the air was gentle and soothing. I breathed in deep and tasted the cold snow on my tongue. Such a great night…


It really is a great night.


Then why am I crying?

I wiped them off.

"Ugh, I really am pathetic."

"Hm, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to agree with you."

"Heh, why not? I'm a useless dumb…"

I turned.



Kudou grinned. I stared at him rather stunned.

"…Is that really you?"

"Oh? So our great detective is not only a dumb idiot, but hallucinates too?"

I tackled him and we fell down to the snow. He laughed as I kept on staring at his face.

"Just joking! You know what I mean, we fellow detective should speak in code sometimes, like Sherlock Holmes says…"

"…ut up…"


Kudou looked at me and I covered my eyes, basically sitting on him.

"Just shut up for once… do ya know how I missed ya? Yer makin me lose my cool!" the tears escaped through my fingers.

"…I'm sorry."

"For what? For disappearing for months? Or for leaving me behind so cold heartedly?" I shouted at him. I couldn't see through my hands and so I didn't know what kind of expression he was holding. I felt warmth and he gently placed me against his chest.

"Both. And I'm sorry to make you cry. I don't want to see you cry."

"Well, it's too late!" I wanted to sound strong and confident but my voice trembled through every word. He held me tight.

"I'm really sorry. I really am." His voice was sincere. I nodded slightly.

"Can we get up now? Your butt's gonna get wet."

Kudou didn't let me go but did stand. My hands were still over my eyes. Kudou took my wrist firmly.

"Please don't hide your face from me."

I slowly shifted my hands until they were clear from my face. That's when he kissed me. They were warm and soft and I felt so happy on them. He nudged the line of my lips with his tongue and I gratefully opened them up for him. They met and his was soft and wet like mine. He easily defeated mine and we broke to breath.

"Hattori… I've always loved you. From the day I accepted you as a friend and a rival, my feelings had spread across my whole body and you can't imagine how hard it was to not kiss you when I was still Conan. That's why I was always so cold. I'm so sorry. I should've been more honest with my feelings."

I smiled. "I should've been honest too. Do you know when I fell in love with ya?"


"When I first saw ya through the newspapers. I thought of ya more of a rival but as I continued to read yer cases, I started to admire ya and it was almost like love in first sight. That's why I came to Tokyo. I wanted to know ya more. And when I found out that ya were Conan, I was happy to have been by yer side from the start. I love ya, Kudou. I want ya to know that."

Kudou smiled and embraced me again. I lay my head on his shoulders. "Will ya leave me again?"


"Good, because I'm not going to leave you either, Kudou."

"Call me by my first name, Heiji."

I smiled and greeted his lips.

"I love ya, Shinichi."

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