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Eventual Wincest.

Chapter 1

Dean held Sam tightly as the light began to spread through the room. There was nothing more he could do to protect his brother, the doors had sealed and there were no other exits. Sam was a mess in his arms, sobbing that he was coming and that he was sorry and all Dean could do was run a hand up and down his back to offer comfort as the light increased dramatically. Then all he could do was scream as the light reached out and tore Sam away from him. Yeah, he was mad at the kid, but he knew they'd both been manipulated by angels and demons to make this happen. He reached out blindly, trying to find Sam but there was nothing in reach.

"Sammy!" Dean screamed but there was no answer and he was forced to drop to the floor and curl up to protect his eyes as the light went beyond blinding.

He lay on the ground, body convulsing as two different and yet similar minds fought briefly before slowly beginning to merge together. The younger mind was swallowed and accepted by the elder, mellowing his rage and letting him see the world from another perspective. The light surrounding him gradually faded and he stared upwards, blinking slowly as the world around him began filtering back in.

"Sam! Sammy? Come on answer me kiddo." That voice was familiar and he felt his automatic rage at a human being close waver. Memories flowed over him of a young man with dirty blonde hair and green eyes and he knew, this was Dean Winchester...this was his brother, the one he had done all this for.
"Sam? Is that you in there?" Dean called and he could feel the mortals fear that it wasn't his brother he was calling out to. He sat up slowly, checking that everything worked and then he looked at Dean and smiled.

"Dean." He answered and he could see the relief in Dean's posture but the mortal was still wary.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Dean demanded.

"What was meant to." He answered as he slowly stood up, not really surprised when Dean moved back a step.

"What was...Lucifer." He winced at the pain and fear in Dean's voice but nodded anyway.
"Let my brother go you bastard!" Dean growled out but he could see him shaking.

"It's alright Dean." He soothed automatically, hands out.

"Don't try it! Don't act like him you bastard." Dean choked out, looking for any sort of weapon.

"Dean I am Sam, just as he is me. I won't hurt you."

"Let my brother go and I might believe that." Dean responded and Lucifer sighed.

"That is impossible, we are one now." He tried to explain only to wince as Ruby's knife sliced through him. He simply stared at Dean who dropped the knife in shock when it didn't work.
"Dean please, let me explain." He tried and was shocked that he was actually pleading with the mortal. But the Sam part of him knew it was the only way to hopefully get the stubborn and scared man to listen.

"Let Sam go." Dean refused to listen and Lucifer knew they needed to go, Sam's memories making it clear that there were angels behind this as well as demons.

"Sorry Dean." He whispered and then reached out. Dean tried to move away but was too slow as Lucifer's hand came in contact with his head. Dean's eyes rolled back and he collapsed into Lucifer's arms. He cradled Dean close, able to feel just how broken the mortal really was as he prepared to transport them somewhere safer. He clutched Dean closer protectively as the door banged open only to stare in shock as a severely battered Castiel staggered in.

"Sam has..." The angel trailed off, stepping back a bit as he realised who he was facing.
"No." He whispered in horror. They both knew even at full health and power Castiel was no match for him.
"Let them go!" Castiel demanded and Lucifer smiled at the younger angel's loyalty and bravery.

"It's alright Cas." He answered, using Dean's nickname for him. He took a step towards the battered angel only for him to back away.

"Please let them go, they don't deserve this." Castiel whispered and Lucifer smiled gently at him.

"I know, everything's going to be okay Castiel. I promise. No one will ever hurt Dean again, I won't let them." He promised softly and Castiel stared at him in shock.

"I..." Castiel swallowed.
"I don't understand." He said and Lucifer slowly walked over to him, handing Dean over gently.

"I know you don't." He said as Castiel clutched Dean to him and he could see that the younger angel was debating making a run with Dean.

"You need to take Dean to Bobby's and then stay there. I'll meet you there and explain everything but there is something I have to do first." Lucifer explained and the look Castiel gave him was so lost that he felt his heart clench in pain. He reached out and gently ran a hand over Castiel's head, healing most of his injuries and then feeling a flash of rage as he found the damaged connection to Heaven. He knew exactly who had done it too. He reached out and tapped Castiel, sending them both to Bobby's before leaving himself.

"Hello Zachariah." He purred and the other archangel spun around, staring in shock.

"S...Lucifer. Huh, didn't think little Sammy would say yes so quickly." That made Lucifer laugh.

"Oh Zachariah, you really have no idea do you? I also know what you did to Castiel. And for that, well..." He had been moving closer as he talked and before his brother could react Lucifer had shoved his sword through Zachariah's chest.
"Goodbye brother." He sneered in disgust. Thanks to Dean he knew what it truly meant to be someone's brother, and the now dead angel had never acted like one. He sighed tiredly as he stared at the body, hopefully Michael wouldn't be so stubborn when they eventually ran into each other.

Bobby stared as Castiel appeared in his lounge room with Dean clutched to his chest.

"Castiel? Where's Sam? Is Dean alright?" He demanded and the angel moved to face him, shifting Dean slightly in his arms.

"I..." Castiel trailed off, looking lost and Bobby felt a flash of fear. He nearly jumped when the door opened and Sam walked in.

"Sam what the hell is going on?" he demanded and then stared as Castiel put Dean down and then stepped between them and Sam.

"It's alright Bobby, Cas is just being cautious." Sam answered and then took a step closer, making Castiel tense and Sam sigh.
"Do you want Dean to wake up or not? You're not powerful enough to bring him out of it Castiel." Sam said and Bobby started to realise that this may not be Sam.

"Sam?" Bobby questioned and Sam sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"Yes and no." He answered, slowly moving towards Dean. Castiel watched him closely but didn't move to stop him as Sam gently lifted Dean's upper body from the couch, sitting so that he could rest Dean's head in his lap. He gently ran a hand through Dean's hair and then touched his forehead and Dean's eyes slowly fluttered open.

"Sam? What happened?" Dean asked, blinking and then his eyes went wide.
"No." He whispered, staring up at Sam fearfully.

"Shh Dean, its okay. Not going to hurt you, I couldn't hurt you." Sam whispered gently and Bobby blinked, that sounded more like the boy he knew than the crazy addict that had knocked him out.

"Answers now please." Bobby demanded and Sam sighed but didn't look up from staring at Dean.

"Bobby it's not Sam it's...its Lucifer." Dean choked out and Bobby swore, looking around for a weapon.

"I'm not going to hurt any of you Bobby." Lucifer stated calmly, going back to gently stroking Dean's hair. It was obvious to everyone that Dean was in shock and scared but he slowly began relaxing under the soothing motion.

"Please let Sammy go." Dean whispered and Lucifer smiled gently at him.

"I'm right here Dean." He answered and Dean shook his head.
"You're why I'm here at all. Not everything went to plan but mostly everything went as it was meant to." Lucifer told him.

"You wanna explain that?" Bobby growled and Lucifer looked up at him, making Castiel move towards the hunter protectively and Lucifer smiled.

"I will, it's a long story so you might want to sit down." He offered but they both stubbornly remained standing. Dean squirmed slightly and then stilled when he looked down at him again. He swallowed when Lucifer cupped his cheek.
"Even locked in the deepest level of the Pit, Father did leave me some method of comfort. I could see what was happening in the world above. I watched humanity for millennia until one newborn baby caught and held my attention. That baby was you Dean. I had watched your mother for a while. Did you know that Mary was a hunter? Her parents were too. They did something to get Azazel's attention and he killed John while Mary watched. She made a deal with him to bring John back. Next time I looked in she was pregnant with Dean. I watched over your birth and it was...incredible. After that I focused solely on watching you and then I began to worry, the time for Azazel to return was getting closer but you were too old for what I knew he'd want to do. Then I realised your mother was pregnant again and with only fifteen months to go, perfect timing." Lucifer explained softly and then looked at Castiel.
"Can you tell them about when a soul is placed within an unborn child? They'll probably believe you more than me." Lucifer asked and Castiel frowned but nodded.

"When the child has been within the womb for about six months." Castiel answered and Lucifer nodded.

"I split off a part of my own essence and managed to send it to Mary before a soul could be placed in the child." Lucifer stated and Bobby swore while Castiel's eyes went wide in shock.

"Bobby? Cas? What does he mean?" Dean demanded, staring at Lucifer in confusion.

"It means...that Sam never had a real soul." Castiel whispered and Dean began to fight Lucifer who shifted, pinning Dean as gently as he could. Bobby took a step closer but Castiel stopped him.
"Look Bobby, he's not hurting him." Castiel whispered and the man relaxed a little as they watched.

"Shh Dean, stop fighting. It's alright." Lucifer whispered and Dean snarled angrily.

"Get off me! I want Sam!" Dean yelled and Lucifer pulled him up, holding him close and then buried his head in the gap between Dean's neck and shoulder, making Dean stop fighting at the familiar position.
"S...Sam?" He choked as warm arms held him close.

"I'm still Sam where it counts Dean. I remember you telling me stories, bandaging my scrapped knees and helping me study." He whispered, closing his eyes as Dean slowly relaxed in his arms.
"I did all this for you Dean." He whispered.

"I don't...Sam?" Dean asked as he leant back to stare into familiar hazel eyes. A gentle hand came up to run through his hair.

"Sam was always a part of me, a part I split off to be with you. I knew what Azazel would do and I wanted to protect you. But something went wrong, someone interfered and so Sam ended up with no memories or powers. I could see through his eyes at times but I had no influence over his actions. I hated it when he left you, stopped looking through him and went back to watching you alone. The angels believed Sam was my vessel when he was actually a part of me. By the way Castiel, Zachariah is dead." Lucifer looked over at the angel who flinched.
"He hurt Dean and you." He stated and Castiel looked down. Lucifer sighed and gently disentangled himself from Dean and then getting up and walking over to Castiel. He reached out and tipped Castiel's head up.
"You did nothing to deserve what was done to you little brother." He whispered as Castiel stared at him with wide eyes.
"It's okay Cas, I know Father was not behind what has been happening." He assured the younger angel. Castiel nodded shakily and Lucifer went back to the couch where Dean was sitting nervously.

"What did they do to Cas?" Dean asked angrily and Castiel stared at Dean in surprise.
"What? You yanked me out of that room against orders, you pulled me out of hell and you've tried to help us when you could." Dean grumbled and Lucifer laughed.

"In other words welcome to the family Cas." He told the confused angel.

"Um...Sa...Lucifer." Bobby stammered over his name and the Fallen Angel looked at him.

"Sam's fine if it's easier Bobby." He offered and the hunter nodded.

"Well, what was the ultimate plan behind butting a piece of yourself in an unborn baby? I get that you were watching Dean and all but...?" Bobby asked and Lucifer sighed.

"Honestly? I'm not even entirely sure. I wanted a way out, true, and Sam was a way for that to happen. I also wanted to be near Dean." He admitted, stroking over Dean's hair again. Dean stared at him and then slowly relaxed, leaning into him a little.
"You showed me that at least some humans are worth the love Father has for them." Lucifer whispered in Dean's ear, making Dean look up at him.
"I'm not going to be starting the apocalypse, unless you want me to?" he asked Dean with a grin and Dean glared.

"No way!" he snapped and Lucifer laughed.

"Figured you'd say that Dean, I was teasing bro." He said and Dean nodded.

"Lucifer..." Dean trailed off and Lucifer could see the way his name made Dean uncomfortable.

"I'm still Sam, Dean." He whispered and Dean frowned but then nodded.

"Sam why me?" Dean asked and Sam smiled.

"You really have no idea how special you are, do you? Even from the womb your soul shone so brightly. How could I not want to be near you? You're selfless and loving and the best of humanity." Sam answered and Dean actually blushed lightly. He could see Bobby grinning out of the corner of his eyes and shot him a small smile.

"Can we get back to the story?" Bobby asked and Sam nodded, it was easier for them to think of him as Sam and he actually found he liked the name. Less apocalyptic thoughts tied to it after all.

"When Sam began getting the nightmares about Jessica I knew Azazel was moving and while I did not like Sam having to suffer her death I also knew that those powers awakening could lead to Sam remembering or regaining some of the power he should have had, but it didn't. Yes, I was the one who originally told Azazel what to do but once I saw Dean I never wanted him to end up in the crossfire. I tried to help Sam but the link between us was all but gone. It nearly worked when Azazel possessed John and attacked you Dean but then John gained control and the link slipped again. If Dean had died in that hospital...the link between us was strengthening again and I knew if he died it would snap back into place and I'd be able to pull Dean's soul to me or even keep it in his body and heal it. But then John made the deal, he wasn't tortured while in hell. I made sure of it for Dean's sake. Personally I never liked him all that much; I even made sure he escaped when the gate opened. When Sam was killed I nearly managed to pull him back into myself but once again something interfered for which I was grateful when Dean made his deal. If he'd rejoined with me then the deal would never have worked."

"But if...why was I..." Dean couldn't finish his question and Sam sighed.

"You weren't Dean but it had to be made to look real for when the angels pulled you out. None of what you remember from Hell is real, they're fake memories planted to keep certain angels from learning the truth. You were with me the whole time, asleep and safe until Castiel was very close. Then you were carefully placed there and the memories planted."

"But the injuries..." Castiel whispered and then his eyes widened and Sam nodded.
"Dean, may I?" Castiel asked and Dean nodded. Cas looked at Sam who nodded as well. Castiel reached out and touched Dean's forehead, gently searching Dean's mind.
"He's telling the truth, the memories are false." Castiel stated softly and Dean looked at Sam.

"Please take them away?" He asked and Sam nodded, brushing his hand across Dean's forehead and Dean's eyes rolled back for a second before he shivered.

"Dean?" Bobby called and Dean looked over at him, smiling.

"I don't remember hell, just...warmth, safety." Dean answered.
"So what about Lilith wanting to kill Sam?"

"Without a real soul Sam would never have gone to heaven if killed, you would have reintegrated him?" Castiel asked and Sam nodded.

"But she had orders not to kill him, just to make it look good. Because Sam's body was the last of those marked by Azazel and was therefore needed for the final seal. I never intended for them to be broken after creating Sam but the angels interfering made it necessary. Lilith knew Sam had to be the one to kill her. Ruby was a pawn and one I would have killed if you hadn't Dean. Much of what she did to Sam was unnecessary for him to be able to kill Lilith. I never meant for Sam to become so...unstable." He explained and it was weird answering to Sam and yet thinking if him as separate at that point.
"Once the seal broke Sam was unable to leave and we merged into his mortal body. It was amazing actually, that a part of me truly attempted to fight me at first. The only thought was to protect you Dean and then we merged enough for Sam to remember and he willingly gave in to the merger."

"So what do you plan to do now?" Castiel asked and Sam looked down at Dean.

"Other than keeping Dean safe, especially from Michael...I'm not really sure. I will not willing go back to hell but I also no longer want war." He admitted.

"If you remain here you will eventually be found." Castiel warned and Sam nodded.

"I know and that is why I need your help. There is no way I did this without Father's knowledge and him allowing it. I know that and so do you. I need you to find Him, Castiel. I can kill any angel sent after us but I do not want to be forever fighting. He can stop this."