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Chapter 10

Adam watched as Dean writhed and shrieked in Sam's hold, the archangel tickling him mercilessly. He had brothers. It was sort of weird and he was still trying to wrap his head around it. He'd always wanted siblings growing up but had figured he'd be the eldest. Instead he was the youngest and one of those brothers was an archangel! But he wasn't afraid of Sam, not anymore. Sam had done nothing but be kind to him, looking after both his brothers and Adam found it impossible to stay scared of him, even knowing Lucifer's reputation. Sam looked at Dean who grinned and then Adam shrieked as he was tackled, getting pulled into the tickle war.

Michael watched the brothers play curiously. He had never seen his brother so….happy and playful. He had never thought to see him like this; then again he had always thought the next time they met that they would fight to the death. He was very glad that hadn't happened, he would have done his duty but the thought of killing his own brother…

Dean started awake, panting for air but relaxed as he recognised the body plastered against his own. He was lying against Sam's chest, one of Sam's arms around his waist, Sam's breath warm against the back of his neck. "Okay?" Sam whispered and Dean nodded, rolling over to lay his head over Sam's heart. He listened to the steady, comforting beat and closed his eyes, feeling Sam's hand gently running through his hair. Dean rubbed his cheek against Sam's chest and Sam's hand moved to rub his neck. Dean pushed himself up, meeting curious hazel eyes and then lent in to kiss him. Sam smiled and a hand moved back to Dean's hair as they kissed lazily. "You sure you're okay?" Sam whispered and Dean rolled his eyes, making Sam chuckle. "Okay, okay. I get it." Dean rested his hand on Sam's chest and then looked at Sam questionably. "Do what you want Dean." Dean blinked but then his hands began exploring Sam's chest over his shirt. Dean cautiously slipped a hand under the shirt and Sam sat up enough to pull it off, letting Dean explore as much as he wanted to.

Sam faced his eldest brother across the yard, not sure why he had agreed to this but Michael and Gabriel had a point. After so long locked in that cage he was out of practice. Hunting didn't count, he'd been human then. And at least Raphael was out there somewhere, wanting them to fight for the apocalypse. Who knew how many others there were that wanted that too? So he and Michael were preparing to spar with Gabriel watching to make sure things didn't get out of hand or threaten the watching humans.

Dean sat on the porch, hands clenched into fists. He didn't like this one bit! He'd almost rather Sam spar with Gabriel! He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to find Castiel at his side. The angel was…different since joining Sam rather than Michael but the changes suited him. He was freer since then, more emotional. "It will be fine Dean. Gabriel and I will keep things from getting out of hand." The angel assured him and Dean nodded. Adam shifted closer to him, watching in awe as the angels began to fight. Dean flinched every time Sam took a hit. Adam clutched at his hand, not liking the display of so much angelic power. Dean could feel his nervousness and he could feel the thrill Sam and Michael were getting from the fight. That made him feel a little better about watching them when he could feel how much they were enjoying it.

Dean grinned at Sam as his brother came into the bedroom, still drying his hair from his shower. Sam stopped and blinked at him. "What?"

Dean shrugged. "You're glowing Sammy. Guess you really enjoyed that fight huh?"

Sam blinked and flopped on the bed beside him. "Glowing huh?" Dean nodded and Sam grinned. "You do know all the names I have don't you?" Sam asked and Dean frowned before his eyes widened.

"Oh, but you haven't been glowing till now." Dean pointed out, lying down beside him.

"It's taken some time for my full power to return after merging and getting out of the cage." He admitted, holding an arm out and Dean shifted closer. Sometimes Dean felt disgusted with himself for being so needy when he usually hated physical contact but he needed to feel Sam to help himself feel grounded. He felt Sam's hand in his hair and instantly relaxed as Sam gently massaged his scalp. Sam chuckled at that. "Maybe he made you part cat as well."

"Bitch." Dean grumbled and Sam laughed. "What do you do anyway?" He mumbled.


"When I'm asleep."

"Hold you and rest. Just because I don't sleep anymore doesn't mean I can't rest."

"Mmmmm….." Dean mumbled and Sam smiled, stroking his back.

"Go to sleep Dean, I've got you." He whispered, holding Dean as his brother surrendered to sleep. Soon they'd be going after Raphael and he wanted to make sure Dean was doing better first. He seemed to be getting a handle on dealing with the households day to day emotions but what would happen when the angels left and everyone's stress levels went up?