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Eli's P.O.V.

She stood there pouting with a blank expression on her face. I don't think she understands how much of an effect she has on me. If I could I would grab her face and just kiss her silly. Everything about that girl is so perfect, from her beautiful curvy figure, to her luscious, wavy, auburn hair, to her sweet and innocent face. My absolute favorite part of her has to be her eyes. They just stick out, if there was a portrait of her in black and white, her eyes would still be an icy blue.

The second thing I said to her was that her eyes were pretty. I meant it, they were absolutely stunning. I had to rip my eyes away from her in order to refrain from looking like an idiot.

No matter how cliché it sounds, I could imagine her eyes being an ocean and I would swim in it. I looked at her dainty porcelain hand and longed to hold it in mine. I wanted her so badly and I wanted to hold her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. But alas, she was too shy to admit she had a thing for me.

I loved annoying her, getting under her skin and making her pretend to hate me. I loved teasing her about everything. She would never admit it, but she loved it when I was sarcastic and I probably rubbed off on her more than I intended to. I love the way she would bite her lip when she was nervous or deep in thought and how when something surprised or scared her, she would open her blue eyes so wide they would almost pop out. I love how she's so competitive towards me and tries to prove me wrong for everything.

When I heard about being partners with her in English class I wanted to jump for joy. When she agreed to skip class with me I wanted to throw a party. When she touched my lip after my fight with Fitz I wanted to capture her own in mine. She had me wrapped around her little delicate fingers and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yes, I like Clare Edwards and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Despite my black clothing, I have a thing for smart girls. Hell, I just have a thing for Clare. She's not like other girls, but I thing everyone knows that. She's so innocent, she's so kind. She would do anything for a friend and she doesn't act shallow. She doesn't care for her figure and isn't a freaking stick. To me she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen before. I was actually quite confused as to why she was on earth with me as opposed to being in heaven as an angel.

There was only one bad part of Clare. Just one little snag in the road. That problem was her boyfriend. KC was an okay guy, but he just doesn't care about like I do, no one does. I've seen him wink at blondie, and I've seen his eyes linger on her for just a second too long. His attention just isn't one hundred percent on Clare like mine would be. But Clare, like I said before, is too innocent for her own good. She's too naïve to notice that her boyfriend is interested in another girl, even if he tries not to be. I don't blame him, you can't help who you fall for. Just like I couldn't help falling for an angel who was already taken.

All I could do is hope. Hope that one day she would maybe fall for me like I've fallen for her. But I can't push her, for now I just want to be her friend, and be there for her. I want her to be able to open up to me and to trust me with her inner most thoughts. When she told me about her parents I was almost as devastated as she was. How could such a beautiful creature come from such a horrible home.

She had amazing writing skills. She was just in a hole, she was just afraid of baring her soul to the entire world, nothing too big. I felt proud that I could help her overcome her fear and face her mother, but I regretted pushing her too hard. I didn't want to scare the poor girl.

There was no way to describe my desire for her. I wanted to clutch onto her small frame and never let go. Although I've known her for a little over a month, I wanted to spend all my time with her. I wanted to find out everything about her. I wanted to know her as if I've known her for my entire life. And I want her to want me.

A voice broke me away from my thoughts, "Eli! Get your useless ass down here!" I scrambled out of bed and grabbed a pair of shorts. I ran downstairs and waited for the pain to come. My father was obviously drunk and was swaying around a little. The floor was covered with bottles of beer and there was a stench of vomit mixed with alcohol.

"Where were you today? When I got home you were gone so I went back out to Caroline's house"

Caroline's his prostitute girlfriend. They fuck all the time.

"I was uh… hanging out with my friends," I managed to spit out.

"Yeah? What friends, you're a loser!" He said as he slapped me. My cheek stung a little but it wasn't anything terrible.

"You don't deserve anything. You can't be happy!" He yelled as he kicked me in the gut. I doubled over in pain and fell on the floor.

"Get up, you pussy! You weak little bitch," He kicked me in between every single word. The less I responded, the easier I get off, so I just shut up

I felt my stomach bruise more and more with each hit. I wanted to cry and scream out, but that would only make everything worse. I felt the hurt take over my whole body as he continued yelling ugly words at me. He was careful not to hit me where it was too visible. He didn't want the cops to find out or anything. He grabbed an empty beer bottle and threw it at me. Of course, he missed but when it hit the back of my ankle

When he was finally done with me, he muttered, "I'm going to go to Vegas with Caroline. I won't be back until next Monday. The house better be spotless when I get back" and walked to his bedroom.

I rolled over in pain and onto my stomach. I reached over to my leg and pulled out the glass. It hurt like hell, but I did it quick. It was completely covered in my blood. I groaned and attempted standing up. I fell against the wall and hopped on my good leg up the stairs. I fell and collapsed onto my bed.

The next morning I woke up and my whole body was sore. I let out a sigh and hopped out of bed, well more like limped. I wobbled to the bathroom and got in the shower. The hot water felt insanely good. It was refreshing. Although the water was boiling hot, I didn't mind, it washed away all the pain from last night with new pain. After scrubbing away blood and washing my hair and body, I got out and dried off.

I realized my father was gone for a whole week. Sure, for other kids that's cool, a chance to throw a party or something, but for me, that was a whole week of pure heaven. No physical pain no one telling me how useless I am or how much of a mistake I am. I smiled a little bit and pulled on my boxers, then my black shirt, then my skinny jeans, my belt, and last my blazer.

I slipped on my shoes and grabbed my car keys before taking an apple and walking out of the house and into my hearse to go to school. I switched from scared little boy into suave, charming, sarcastic Eli so I could be myself and have no one suspect anything. If anyone found out my dad would kill me. Literally.

I pulled up into my parking spot and power walked to Clare's locker to talk to her knowing I was a few minutes late. Of course she was there with KC, the Muslim girl, and blondie. Clare was the first to spot me and waved in my direction. I gave her that head nod thing and walked towards her. I ignored the burning pain in my stomach and leg and tried walking normally.

"Hey, how are you?" She asked with a hint of worry in her eyes. It made me feel wanted, like someone cared.

"I'm fine, why?" I questioned back.

"Well last night I was calling you and stuff, I've been trying to get a hold of you so you could help me work on my English paper. But you wouldn't respond."

"Oh um," I winced in pain at the thought of last night, "I was out with my dad. We went to dinner because he wanted to do some bonding or whatever."

"Oh okay," She said before flashing me a smile and getting some books from her locker.

"See you in class," I muttered.

I walked to my locker and grabbed all the shit I needed for my next three lessons. I was looking forward to that one class right after lunch that I shared with Clare. English class.

I was checking my phone and saw that I had six missed calls from Clare and three text messages. I smirked and put my phone away in my bag. I saw I had finally reached my destination. I walked into the history room and prepared for an hour of boredom. I had the class with the Indian girl's boyfriend. None of my friends were actually in the class.

I thought about how I was a loser and how most of my friends were in grade ten and I was in grade eleven. I chuckled slightly at the thought and went back to doodling on my hands with the black sharpie. After class I ran saw Fitz and Owen. See, normally I would have ignored them but Owen had Adam draped on his shoulder. Adam was struggling to get free. He was kicking and wailing around to no avail.

"Dude! What's your problem? Put him down!" I yelled.

"Don't you mean her?" He responded.

"Put me down!" Adam screeched, but was only ignored.

"What the hell do you mean?" I asked frustrated.

" I mean your little girlfriend was in the wrong bathroom and I have to teach her a lesson!" He chuckled. Fitz joined in laughing.

There was no way I could take them both down, but I had to get Adam off of his shoulders and onto the ground.

I walked straight up to Owen and punched him in the face. He obviously wasn't very affected by it and reached for my shirt. He only had one hand available and Adam was flailing his arms in his face so Owen was too distracted.

Fitz came up to me and punched my mouth. That actually really hurt because it was still sore from yesterday and I spit out the blood. I punched him in the nose and I heard a crack, but I couldn't stop there and I kneed him in the balls just like he did to me.

"Payback's a bitch," I muttered and turned to Owen.

"Put him down," I demanded because I couldn't take him on.

"Hmm… Let me think about it," he pretended to stroke his imaginary beard, "No."

I couldn't do anything and before I could even blink he threw Adam at the glass door and walked away with Fitz. I kneeled down by Adam and asked him if he was okay.

"I'm fine, Eli," He said in a strained voice.

I helped him up and brought him to the bathroom. I was still very confused as to why he got beat up in the first place and why they were calling him a girl. I would just ask him about it later, now wasn't the right time.

The next day I got to school and saw Clare. We walked over to one of the picnic tables outside of the school. She told me she saw something weird about Adam too, but didn't tell me what yet. I texted Adam to meet us here so we could discuss it.

"Well, yesterday I bumped into Adam and he dropped some tampons. Fitz came over and teased him about it so he told them they were mine. I didn't mind but it was weird," She stated.

"Are you sure they were tampons? What could he need them for?" I asked. It kind of hit me by surprise.

"A nosebleed?" She offered.

That's when I heard another voice.

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