Title: Passenger Seat

Author: seasonedwriter

Authors Note: So, I was inspired to write an Inception fanfic because of Lobsters Forever beautiful fanfics. So far, they are the best Cobb/Ariadne fics that I have read (although, I am looking forward to more). Like everyone else, I am doing your basic twist on how I see the movie moving forward after the ending. I hope that it is enjoyable and that you guys can find some pleasure in reading it. It's simple, but I see it going toward a certain place.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inception.

Summary: "I strain my eyes and try to tell the difference between shooting stars and satellites from the passenger seat as you are driving me home." Ariadne sung softly to herself as she glanced to her left. Even if this was a dream, she would always remember it. "And the world doesn't matter."

She shifted lightly from foot to foot.

She was nervous.

Ariadne stood silently with her bags at her feet as she waited for the taxi that Arthur had called for her before he left to catch his ride back to his apartment. She had made it quickly through the airport in hopes that she would catch up with Cobb and to see how he was doing, but, alas, she was too late.

"Well, wouldn't you rush away if you wanted to see your kids too, Ariadne?" The brunette chastised herself before shifting to her other foot. "Well, that is, if you had kids."

They had arrived in Los Angeles a little over two hours ago and Ariadne had to take the time to find herself a hotel room that she could check into. The barely twenty one year old girl wasn't new to international travel; in fact, she travels between New York and Paris to see her parents every semester. What she was new to was dealing with all this herself. She was lucky that Arthur was still waiting for his ride and helped point her in the right direction, even giving her an advance in the money that she was owed for this job.

So, she stood there waiting, her antique, leather, blue suitcase at her shifting feet.

Ariadne's mind thought back to the last twenty-four hours, the heist that they played on Fischer's mind. The things that she has witnessed, experienced, where inconceivable. She tried to wrap her mind around it. She tried to understand the levels of dreams that she had flown through, the adventures she had taken, but most importantly, she tried to wrap her mind around the feelings that she felt.

The young girl once told Cobb the first time that they shared a dream together that it wasn't about what she saw that made the dream, but what she felt.

What did she feel?

At the moment, Ariadne felt relief and nervousness. She was relieved that she hadn't lost Cobb in limbo, and that he did come back. A couple hours ago Ariadne felt her heart nearly break her chest over worry for Cobb and Saito. A few minutes before that, when she was at Cobb's side in limbo as he talked to Mal, Ariadne couldn't explain what she felt.

She felt scared; for Cobb.

She felt breathless.

She felt sadness for Mal, a shadow of a person that she was.

She also felt jealousy.

"Have you ever been a half of a whole?" Mal had once asked her.

Ariadne, nothing but a inexperienced college student, shook her head no. She hasn't ever felt like she has been half of a whole.

But why, when she woke up on the plane, heart racing in anticipation as she held her breath for Cobb to wake up, did she feel like she was missing apart of herself?

Once he did wake, his bright blue eyes meeting each and everyone of his teammates…meeting her's, she could finally breathe.

Ariadne didn't know what she was feeling at the moment, but she knew that it was something that was different, something she has never felt before. It was deep in her heart and almost suffocating.

It scared her.

"Miss?" asked a heavily accented man, breaking her from her thoughts.

"Uh?" She lifted her head to see the taxi driver waiting for her. "Oh, yeah, sorry." She said and swiftly grasped her suitcase as she got into the back of the cab.

She shook her head to clear out all her confusing feelings and focused on getting to the resort.

The top finally fell from the table and toppled over onto its side.

If Dom Cobb were paying attention to the silver totem, he would know that as he grasped onto his children, he was in reality. Though, what is more important, Cobb didn't care at all.

James nearly grew a whole foot in the last two years, and Phillipa's eyes were a brighter blue. James wanted to show him the playhouse they helped Miles, their grandfather, built and Phillipa wanted him to read them stories when they went to sleep later tonight.

Cobb sat his children down in front of him with a smile on his lips. He can't remember smiling so much. He looked over his children, checking for changes or differences from the last time that he saw them.

"Daddy, are you staying with us now?" Phillipa asked somewhat softly, scared.

Unlike the business oriented and serious Dom Cobb that his teammates knew him as, right here with his children, he was a different man. He was a loving, playful, and sometimes serious father who would do anything for his children. He took her soft face into his slightly calloused hands and lightly kissed her forehead.

"Phillipa, nothing can take me away from you two ever again." Dom said seriously. He turned to look at James and lightly touched his rounded cheek, "You two are the most important people in my life."

The two smiled brightly at their father and tackled him in a tight hug. He could finally feel them, see their faces, and then he realized something. The forgotten top in the house wasn't his totem at all. No, in fact, it couldn't be.

No, his totem was his children's faces.

Dom stood up and picked up his kids as they giggled about a story that Miles had told them. He smiled softly and carried them into the house.

There was nowhere else that Cobb wanted to be.

But why did there seem like something, someone, missing?

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