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~~~~~~ Chapter Two ~~~~~~

Cobb walked into the house and quietly shut the door. Cobb looked behind him for a second before walking into the living room and sitting his jacket on the back of the couch.

It was a little bit after midnight and he didn't want to make too much noise and wake up his children. He had left the restaurant earlier than everyone after Phillipa had called him after waking up from a bad dream. He quickly rushed home to check on his little girl.

The lights turned on causing the thirty five year old man to jump.

"Did you have a good time?" Miles asked, leaning back in the leather chair to the right of the table. He had Phillipa cradled in his lap, fast asleep.

The scene caused Cobb to smile and nod. "Yeah, I see she fell back to sleep?"

The older gentleman nodded his head and motioned to the couch with his free hand. "Yes, the little darling fell right back to sleep after she got off the telephone with you."

Dom took a seat on the couch and smiled lightly at his little girl. He missed being able to come home so freely. She looked so peaceful, her blond hair tucked behind her ear. He chuckled slightly at her bright blue pajamas that had 'I'm a tough Princess' written all over. She was always his girly tomboy.

"So, how did everything go?" Miles asked, taking Cobb away from his thoughts.

Cobb settled back on the couch, "As well as it could, I presume. We all discussed what we were going to do next…"

"Next?" Miles questioned.

Cobb nodded, "Saito offered us kind of a job. It's pretty simple, five extractions over the next several weeks. All of them Los Angeles bound."

Looking skeptical, Miles asked, "Simple? Are they ever simple, Dom?"

Dom thought for second and nodded his head, "Some of them really are, Miles. This also gives me an opportunity to support my family without being away from them."

Miles knew that Dom had a good argument. In fact, it was probably the best opportunity that Dom could get right now. He doubt that Dom would get any job offers from any architectural companies after he had been out of the business for so long.

"Was Ariadne there?" Miles asked softly about his former prized student, shifting in his seat to get comfortable. His question came out of concern, always remembering just how much the young girl had touched him. She had been one of, if not the, best of his students. Her raw creativity for everything she learned and did always impressed him.

Dom looked down at his iPhone, seeing if the young girl had ever message him back. Before looking up at Miles, to tell him about how he asked her to take the guest room, her noticed that she had not replied.

Instead, staring back at him was his text message of, "We already shared dreams, what's sharing a house for a couple weeks?"

The field seemed to almost illuminate the bright green of the grass. The sky was a vibrant blue and the sun shown almost a white color. She stood in the center of the field, creating a world so that she would easily be able to escape to and have a place to think. With a single thought, she created a dark brown leather chair. Ariadne took a seat and lay back, looking at the starry day sky.

It had been no secret just how much she enjoyed going back into her dreams. In fact, she enjoyed the empty canvas that she was able to paint masterpiece after masterpiece.

She came here to think about him.

She came here to think about this electricity between them.

She came her to figure out where it began…

…and she doubt that this feeling would ever end.

It was consuming her.

Opening up its jaws and snap.

She whispered stubbornly into her world, "What is going on, Cobb?"

She didn't expect an answer, she never did.

Yet, he was walking toward her.

"You think I know?" he asked softly, standing in front of her with his hands in his pockets.

Ariadne sat up in her chair and stared at him and blankly stated, "You're just a projection."

Dom shrugged his shoulders and walked around her. She watched him as he walked around her, hands firmly in his pocket and hair slicked back. He questioned, "Why didn't you go with me the other night?"

Ariadne shrugged, "Didn't think it would have been the best idea."

He stopped back in front of her and looked down into her dark eyes. She felt her breath hitch in her throat. She tried to convince herself that this was just a dream and that he really wasn't Cobb, but as the smell of his cologne drifted into her nose, she didn't know what to believe.

She let her right hand find its way into her jacket pocket to find her totem. The heavy chess piece burned with heat in her hand, convincing her that this was all but a dream.

With a smile, Cobb crouched down in front of her and put his hands on the exposed chair next to her legs. He whispered in the young girls face, "Why didn't you text me back the other night? Huh, Ariadne? Are you too scared to face you feelings?"

She watched his lips moving, listened to the interrogating sound of his voice, and felt her breath hitched. She stumbled, "Of course I wasn't scared."

He leaned in just a little bit closer and gave her a crooked smile, "For someone who was so headstrong about me fighting my inner demons, you can't even face up to your own feelings. Hmm. Well, you better wake up before they get you."

Cobb stood up and easily pushed the chair that she sat in back.

Ariadne jumped up, waking up immediately from the kick. Ariadne rubbed at her wrist, feeling as if a bee had stung her. She shook out her wrist and glanced around almost in a panic. Ariadne put her hand over her chest to calm her erratic heart.

There were so many things about her dream that was causing her heart to beat, but the most of all was the last thing that Cobb had said.

They get you?

Who would get her?

It was then that she heard the pounding on her door.




Something wasn't right.

She wasn't safe.

She glanced at her phone next to her and there was one voicemail waiting for her.

The number was unknown and the pounding got harder. She jumped out of bed, her ear to the phone, and began to throw everything into her vintage suitcase as she listened to the voicemail.

"Hello Ms. Moxley," said smoothly.

Her wallet was in her pocket, clothes in her suitcase…

"We at Cobalt Engineering…"

'Who the hell was Cobalt Engineering?' Ariadne thought to herself.

She was about to race to the bathroom, but fuck the toothbrush.

The pounding got louder.

"…have heard a lot about you."

She looked around her hotel room. There was no clear escape. Her heart couldn't stop pounding and in any other situation she would breakdown from frustration.

Instead she thought, what would she do if this were a dream? In dreams, you could be fearless.

She glanced at her balcony door and rushed to it. She quickly made her way outside and looked to her right, there was no escape. She looked to her left, and to her surprise, there was a fire escape almost three feet away.

She could make it.

She had to make it.

She could hear that the pounding had stopped and before long there was a sharp gunshot.

She didn't think and before she knew it she had jumped.

In Paris, she was just an ordinary student. There was not dream heist. There was no strange phone voicemails or people trying to break into her room. Instead, there were walks across bridges and meeting friends at midnight poetry readings in cafes.

Ariadne didn't realize that she was already on the main street and halfway around the block until she looked back.

There was no one chasing her.

She slowed down a little bit, deeply breathing, before quickly stepping into a quiet café in the side of a random building. She made her way to the back and took a seat in a large chair and sat her suitcase at her feet.

"What the hell was going on?" The brunette thought to herself trying to catch her breath.

She grabbed her phone from her back pocket and scrolled down her contacts before calling the one person that she knew could help.

When she heard someone pick up she rushed, "I need your help, someone's after me."

Phillipa and James had been playing the piano with his mother when he rushed out of the house.

He didn't know how he didn't get into a wreck as he drove a hundred miles per hour on the Los Angeles highway. Ariadne had called him in a panic. Cobb could hear the young girl's worry through the phone and once the word 'help' escaped her lips, he was out the door.

Cobb had heard her rushing to tell him what happened. How she woke up to the sound of people beating on the door, the voicemail, how she escaped, and finally the gunshot.

Was this really all Cobalt Engineering? If so, how did they know about her?

And if she wasn't safe, were they all ever safe?

As he made his way down the street to the café, he gave Saito an urgent call.

"Hello?" The older man answered the phone with suave.

Cobb rushed, "Why is Cobalt after Ariadne?"

"What?" Saito asked, surprised.

"There was a voicemail left on her phone and people chasing her this morning. Why are they after her?"

"I have no idea, Mr. Cobb, but I will have my people right on it. Is she alright?" Saito asked with concern. He had grown attached to this young girl. She reminded him of his estranged daughter back in Japan.

Headstrong and passionate.

Cobb nodded as if Saito could see him, "Yes, I'm going to pick her up now. I need to know that we're safe, Saito. I have to know if she or my children are in any trouble."

Saito agreed, "Of course, Mr. Cobb. Let me call someone who would know about this right now. I have someone working on the inside of Cobalt. Until then, I will have some security around your house, keeping watch. You won't even know they're there."

"Thank you." Cobb hung up the phone and swiftly parked in front of the café.

He pulled his keys out of his car and quickly made his way inside.

Ariadne sat in the back of the small café, wrapped around herself in a chair. He never noticed just how small she was until now. She looked so vulnerable, almost scared. She was wearing stripped pajama pants and a pink shirt. Her hair was slightly tousled. She saw that he had finally made it and quickly stood up. Her suitcase at her feet.

Cobb rushed to her.

Something powerful had taken over the man causing him to take the brunette into his arms. Her body relaxed against hers and she held on tight, trying not to break down.

She felt so soft to him.

He felt so strong to her.

They needed each other and even though somewhere deep inside the both of them knew that.

They weren't ready to admit it.

They didn't even understand it.

Cobb pulled back, slightly embarrassed. He looked over her to make sure that she was all right before picking up his suitcase and glancing around. A few random looks came in their way but no one was following them.

"Come on," he said as he took her hand and lead her to the car.

His first priority was to get her safe.

His second was to call the team to let them know what was going on.

As they sped off he met her eyes for a brief second, "Ariadne, are you alright?"

He saw her nod from the corner of his eye. She spoke softly, "Why are they after me?"

Cobb shook his head, "I don't know, but I promise to get to the bottom of it. You'll be safe with me. I don't think they'll try anything else."

She nodded her head and starred out the window. She was scared, and she should be.

Yet, in all of this excitement, was she still thinking about Cobb pulling her into his arms?

It never happened in her dreams.

She reached into her pocket and grabbed her totem, feeling the icy metal exterior.

She didn't know what to be scared of most.

That a huge corporation is trying to catch her or that her skin still burned from his touch.

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