Crazy Forever and Always

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Chapter 4: Crazy Forever and Always (Epilogue)

They were sitting on the edge of a fountain in St Peter's square.

His arms were just holding her.

It was fucking perfect.

The square was all atmospheric and shit… practically deserted and some lights illuminating the columns.

"Yeah so Rach?"
He just wanted to stay like that forever.
It hit him like a ton of bricks.
There were no other women.
It was just her.

"Are you okay Noah?"
He was more than fucking okay. He was fucking ecstatic.
This was all new territory now. And he had suddenly no idea what to do with himself.
So he just kissed her neck a bit, suckling at the sensitive skin.
"I love you Rach".
"I love you Noah".

He frowned, and not for the first time his words failed him.
"No... I mean... Yes but... Erm... I love you..."
"I mean like... Fuck. I love you".
Her fingers paused in drawing his name on his chest.

He grimaced with the effort to try and be romantic and sissy.
"Forever and always".
She was legit crying all over him now.
"Fuck. What's wrong babe? Are you hurt?"
For a painful moment he imagined some lethal assassins knife being hurled across the square.
"Forever and always", she sobbed, "I love you forever and always".
Ahhh. It was all emotional tears and shit.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and kissed away her tears tenderly.
A light warm breeze blew across the square and it was just so fucking perfect.
He stood up carefully.
"W...where you goin?"
"Nowhere babe. I'm not going anywhere."
She nodded, and he stood between her legs as she sat on the edge of the fountain, just kissing and kissing her, soft and unhurried.
And then he just stood there, looking deep into her eyes and she was all gazing right back as though he had just told her she'd won a billion dollars.

Her hands held his firmly on her lap.
He reclaimed one hand, and she barely noticed him rummaging around in his pocket, as he kissed her again, fully, lovingly.
He found it.
His heart skipped a beat.
He was ready.
He couldn't hang around either because the crazed sex beast that was his wifey was ready to take him right there against the fountain.
He pulled away slowly, grinning madly.
He got down on one knee.

Rachel spread her legs for him automatically and his heart swelled with pride.
"Er... So... Please... Rach... Babe... Fuck it. Will you marry me?"
She gasped.
"Fuck yes- I mean- yes, yes... Yes!"
They were both grinning like a pair of Cheshire cats now, and he casually slipped his spare nipple ring onto her finger.
"I swear I'll get you a proper ring", he mumbled sheepishly, "with diamonds and everything".

She just kissed him, knocking all his breath away with the force.
And he loved it. He loved her.

All her crazy was his. Forever and always.

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