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A lone silver-haired boy walked along the streets of the Rukongai district with a grin spread across his face, uncaring of those giving him weird looks as he passed. It was something he was used to, and he happened to enjoy people being wary of him. He could hear their comments on how he was a strange boy and some thought he was the devil's son, but he could care less. The only thing on his mind was going to the forest to collect a few persimmons.

"Hey, let me go!" he heard a voice yell and turned his head to the right to see a group of figures moving behind one of the dirty buildings. Kidnappings, murders, and many other horrible deeds were committed in the Rukongai and everyone usually went on about their business, not wanting to be the next victim if they got involved. It was something that the boy had learned as well long ago, but for some reason his curiosity got the better of him today.

He followed the figures, seeing their shadows against the walls as he moved closer. He could hear the struggle going on and someone crying out in pain as punching sounds echoed through the narrow alley. He finally spotted the group and was pleasantly surprised to find a boy the same age as himself with bright orange hair fighting against four other figures.

The silver haired boy was impressed with how well the boy was doing. One of the goons was down on the ground holding jaw as blood seeped through his hands. He watched as two others tried to grab the boy, but he slipped out of their grasp and kneed the one in the stomach before kicking the kneecaps of the guy behind him.

"Here I was going to go easy on ya, but if ya wanna do it the hard way, we will," the last man smirked as he pulled out a knife from inside his kimono. A sadistic grin spread across his face and stepped forward. The orange-haired boy moved backwards looking around as if he was debating if he could get away before the man could strike or catch up with him. It also didn't help with the other two getting back up with ticked off expressions on their face.

"Screw that, let's gut this little fucker and then screw his dead body after we kill him," the guy who had been kicked in the kneecap snarled. Panic filled the orange-haired boy's face as he knew he would not be able to get away from the three of them, especially since they now had a weapon.

"That ain't too nice of ya, three against one and one of ya has a knife. Why don'tcha play fair?" the silver-haired boy asked from behind the group who had not noticed his presence.

"Who the hell are you?" the one with a knife snorted as he looked at the other boy, not seeming too concerned.

"I heard of him, he's the little silver-haired devil that walks these streets," the goon to the left of him commented and the silver-haired boy cocked his head to the side, his grin never fading despite the insult.

"Is that what people been sayin' about me? Hm, I wonder how I got that reputation," the boy opened his eyes to reveal red pupils before he ran forward and kicked the knife out of the man's hand. The orange-haired boy took the distraction and jumped on the back of one of the others. He brought him down to the ground. He brought the man's head up before pounded it into the ground, crushing his nose against the cement ground beneath him.

"Ya little runt," the man who once had the knife snarled as the silver-haired boy took down the other goon.

"I just thought it would be fair and now it is," the boy said cheerfully as the orange-haired boy got up and looked at the man who attacked him with his gang. The man backed away seeing as he was out numbered, not knowing if the silver-haired kid would help the other.

"This isn't over!" he yelled before he took off running. The silver-haired boy waved to the man before turning back to the orange-haired boy who was wiping the dust off of himself and staring at his now ripped clothes.

"Ya like ta get into trouble a lot?" the silver-haired boy asked him. The orange head kid looked up and cast his brown eyes down.

"They've been harassing me for months, I can usually take care of myself, but I've never been up against that many before," he replied quietly. The silver-haired boy observed the kid, noting out thin he was. He obviously had been having trouble with finding food and he wondered if he was a loner and that was why no one came to his aid.

"Thanks for helping me," the orange-haired boy said, snapping the other out of his observation.

"Well someone as puny as ya needs some help, when was the last time ya ate?" he asked and the orange-haired boy scowled at him and balled his hands into fists.

"I am not puny! I know how to take care of myself!" the boy shouted just as his stomach grumbled in protest causing him to flush in embarrassment.

"Whatever ya say, I'll be on my way. I was just goin' to the forest to get some fruit if ya want ta join me," the silver-haired boy waved his hand before turning to leave. He was not going to ask the boy to join him, even though a part of him hoped he would join him. He had never had a companion before and always traveled alone. It would be nice to have someone to talk to and watch his back in case he was in a tough situation.

"Hey," his smirk widened when footsteps came racing after him. "Where is this fruit?" the orange-haired boy asked as he stopped beside him.

"I'll tell ya if ya tell me your name," the silver-haired boy insisted.

"It's Ichigo. Ichigo Kurosaki," the orange-haired boy finally introduced himself.

"I'm Gin Ichimaru, it's a pleasure to meetcha, Ichi-chan," Gin said as he wrapped an arm around Ichigo and started walking out of the alley with his new companion.

"It's Ichigo," Ichigo protested, though it went to deaf ears.

"Whatever ya say, Ichi-chan,"

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