Hey kitties! This is the final chapter to Sad Magic! I'm really happy you guys stuck with me through this story and I appreciate all the support. I wasn't planning on it, but because you guys seemed to like it so much (or at least I hope you did), I'm gonna make a sequel! For all you know, the giant twist could be Tommy knocking up Brad! But then, knowing me, I'll make them fall off a cliff at the end of the story. Nah, I kid. Anyway, here's the last chapter! But the sequel is coming, so don't jizz your panties yet~ ;)

I groaned, cringing and breathing hard, biting my bottom lip. My hand grasped tightly onto Adam's shirt and I tried not to shit my pants. This pain was the most excruciating thing I've ever felt. Ever feel your lip stretch onto the back of your neck? That's what it feels like. I'm going to die. I'm too weak without Adam. I'm going to die. I can't…Do this…

"Tommy, you have to get into your own room. Leo's coming any second. Please…" Monte begged, tugging on my shirt, trying to get me out of Adam's bed. He's been here for the past five minutes, trying to convince me to leave, but I'm not leaving Adam! I can't. I won't.

"N-No…I'm not leaving A-Adam's side…" Another contraction hit and I screamed into my coma-ridden boyfriend's shoulder. "I-I…Did this to him, so I refuse to l-leave him…Leo can wait f-for another month!" I yelled, crying and kissing the brunette's neck. His skin was so cold. A great contrast to my burning skin. Sweat was trickling down my back and I was curled into a tight ball by his side, breathing in and out through my nose. I tried my best to remember back to the Lamaze DVD's Adam had bought for me so I wouldn't be scared. But I was almost positive he would be here with me, so I didn't pay attention! He would be by my side telling me what to do! NO! What went wrong?

"Tommy, I'm sorry, but the longer you wait the more chance you have at risking Leo's life! Adam isn't going to wake up for god knows how long! He's been in a coma already this year, and he was already diagnosed with Cerebrovascular disease. Adam's as good as dead! We're going to take him off life support this week. Now, if Adam were alive, he'd want you to put Leo before him!" Monte yelled sternly, looking hard at me. His eyes told me to believe him, but I couldn't!

Adam could die! NO! I refuse to believe that my baby was going to die. I can't…No; Leo isn't going to grow up with a single parent. I didn't kill my boyfriend with my words. I couldn't have. He was so precious to me. Why did this have to happen? Another shot of pain hit, and I withered, sobbing.

Tears were pouring out of my eyes from the pain and my bottom lip was bleeding from my constant chewing. "N-No…Adam has to be alive! I won't allow him to die! He's alive! My Babyboy is alive! Leo's not gonna grow up without a father!" I screamed, looking up at Adam's face that who was as pale as a ghost, but still so beautiful. It's been in the same position for a month. He hasn't moved in a month. He's been like this and I've been by his side, dying with him. "I-I love him…" Another electrical shock made its way through my body and my black skinnies got wet. OH FUCK ME.

"Tommy, your fucking water just broke! We have to get you to a private room! I'm sorry, but you're coming with me!" Monte said, picking me up from Adam's side and taking me out of the room. I screamed, tears pouring down my face. I thrashed in his hold, crying and reaching out for Adam, but I was already out the door. I bawled, screaming on the inside. I couldn't talk; the pain was so intense.

No, I can't do this without Adam. I can't! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE WITH ME! Not in a fucking coma! I'm not capable of doing this without him! He would be burying his head into my neck because he would be so nervous. Where are you Adam? Don't leave me alone!

I started bawling into Monte's shoulder and he groaned in discomfort, setting me down on one of those fucking stretcher things. I kept sobbing, the pain getting more and more unbearable. I squirmed uncomfortably, my pants and boxers wet with something sticky and weird. I didn't know what it was. My brain wasn't processing correctly, but it was fucking weird!

"Tommy. Listen to me now." He said as he whisked me into a room and locked the door shut. As he was preparing whatever the fuck he was doing as he spoke to me. "I know you miss Adam. I know you love Adam. But if you want any part of Adam with you after he's gone, you're going to have to be strong for the part of Adam in you. Leo Rose Scream Lambert is the only part of your Adam left. And if you're going to be weak, you're gonna kill her. Do you want to kill your daughter?" Monte asked, putting on some gloves. He walked over to my side and looked at me seriously. I tried to look up at him through my water stained eyes.

I sobbed shaking my head and shuddering from head to toe. What the fuck? NO! I wouldn't be able to live with myself if Leo died because of me. Just no. So, I had be strong at this point. In order for Leo to live, I must get over Adam's death and remember that she's going to be here soon. For Leo, I'm going to have to stop thinking about my dead boyfriend.

"Then be strong for her. You've gone through a lot of shit for Leo. Remember when you got your first tutoring lesson from Adam? You both got high then he just about screwed you. Then there was that time in the bathroom. And when you were feeling sick, he carried you home. He loves you…"

"H-How did you k-know about all the s-stuff?" I asked, crying a little less and remembering the good times with Adam. The pain was fading. Either that or I was just trying to not think about it. Monte was distracting, that's so good. Thank you…

Monte smiled and was setting shit up. "Every night before he ever admitted he loved you, Adam would call me up and tell me every single interaction he had with you. Good and bad. He would tell me when he raped you, hugged you, kissed you, and just talked to you. He was so excited that he called me and talked for hours about how great you were. Tommy, he loves you so much and more then anything else, he would want to be with you right now."

"T-Then why isn't he with me?" I screamed, biting my bottom lip and staring at the door. Adam. Adam, come to me. Wake the fuck up. I don't care if it's gonna be fucking predictable that you do wake up! I don't fucking care! Just wake up and be with me. Be with…

"He's not coming Tommy…But Leo's going to come, I swear to fucking god. Now sleep…" Monte put a mask on me and I got groggy, looking at the door.

Adam…Come to me…

Adam lay on the bed with me, his head tucked into my neck as his hand ran circles on my stomach. I sighed contently, a smile forming on my lips. This was it, perfect. A perfect moment in time that I know I'll experience again. Adam was here, Leo was healthy and ready to burst any minute. I couldn't be happier. No dreams of death, no drama, no Brad, no sex, just me, Adam, and Leo. Pure bliss.

"Baby…Will I be a good father?" Adam asked, looking up at me with big blue eyes. I couldn't help but smile, kissing his forehead. How could he even ask that? I can already tell that he's going to be one of those kick ass dad's that would murder you if you laid a hand on his daughter. And with that kind of protection, Leo will never get a boyfriend. Which is both good and bad, I guess. But hey, don't mess with Adam Lambert or else you'll be split in two.

"Babyboy, you'll be the best father in the world. I know it. You're not gonna let Leo leave the house without telling her to look both was before crossing the street, huh?" I said, cuddling in closer to him. He chuckled, his coffee flavored breath stinging my nostrils. I missed that scent. It was so familiar. I loved it and I want it to come back. Perfect moment. Don't think about the future; don't think about the past, think right now. The present.

"Tommy…" he whispered and I looked up at him. He smiled at me and lifted up my chin. "Glitterbaby, when you wake up, I won't remember anything." My eyes widened and I opened my mouth to say something, put my shook his head and I went silent. His eyes sparkled with regret and sorrow. "I lost my memory due to my coma. You see, I was already in a coma this year, plus with my disease, all the strain took a toll on my mind. So I forgot everything about my eighteen years of life. So you're gonna have to take care of me and Leo. Help me remember you, so I can help you help me, do I make myself clear?" he asked, kissing my forehead.

Tears had risen to my eyes, but I nodded, biting my bottom lip. He forgot everything? He won't remember who I am? And in that case, does it mean he won't love me? Does this mean that everything we've ever gone through led to this moment where I'm gonna have to remind him who he is. Why?

"Remember when I was trying to tell you something, but then I fainted?" he asked suddenly, smiling seriously at me. His lips were plump and I kissed them, tears streaking down my face, he kissed back and I nodded. I remember.

'I've been meaning that I want to tell you that I…'

"I wanted to tell you that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I know you kind of got that guess when I knocked you up, and you probably still thought that I was feeling obligated to just stay with you for Leo. But that's not true. Tommy, I love you more than my own life. And when Leo does come, I'm going to love you both so much, that my heart's probably gonna explode. Tommy, I love you. And I want to marry you. I know it's a bit too early, and it's kind of weird that I'm proposing to you in a dream, but I don't even think we need a ring to determine to spend the rest of our lives together. Glitterbaby, you're my everything, and when Leo is with you, I would gladly give up my life to protect you both. So please, help me remember what I just told you. Because I'm going to be blank."

I gasped, sobbing into his chest and shaking my head not wanting him to leave. He smiled and laughed a little, poking my nose with his index finger. How could he be so happy? Because he's the strong one, but now I'm going to have to be as strong as him.

"Honestly, I never thought any of this was going to happen. Nine months ago, you hated me and I teased you. But I always knew there was something special about you, so thank you for changing me. It's because of you that I am who I am today. And it's because of you," he placed his hand on my stomach, "that I am able to feel love. Call me cliché, but I love you, Glitterbaby," he mused, kissing my forehead. "And even if I forget it, I know you never will. I'll see you when you wake up."

Then he disappeared, leaving me in my bed alone, tears pouring down my face.

Don't go…

A high pitched wail woke me up and I groaned, tossing and turning. Just a few more…I gasped, shooting up from my bed and looking around, trying to make my eyes adjust. Where was I? The walls were white, and it smelt weird. I looked down and saw that I was in a white bed, with a beige blanket draped over me. I was sweaty and I stuck my tongue out like a dog. Shit. What the fuck was happening? I glanced to my left and my heart stopped.

Holy fucking shit. That's right. Dream Adam said this was going to happen. I would see him again. He's here. Oh my god, he's here. He's not dead. He's not in a coma! Monte was wrong! He fucking said Adam was going to be taken off life support this week, but he's alive! In his fucking leopard boots! Oh my god, he's not dead.

"Adam?" I wheezed, reaching out to him, but then groaning and clenching my stomach. It hurt like a bitch. But it wasn't big. Why the fuck not? What happened to Leo? Why is Adam here? Where's Leo for that matter? Wasn't I…No, this doesn't make sense. Hold the fucking phone, what the shit is happening?

"I…Don't remember who you are…But…This is Leo?" he asked, walking up to me and handing me a pink blanket. I blinked confused, but looked down at the baby. She was just like her dad. Wait holy fucking hell. This was too much to take the fuck in! First Adam's not dead, and second, this girl is in my arms after being in my stomach for nine months. She's alive? And healthy I presume considering the fact she's in my arms. Oh my god, she was so light. So small. What the hell?

My Leo had strawberry milkshake hair and when she opened her tired eyes, they were almost liquid chocolate. Her skin was porcelain like and I couldn't help but break out into a grin at the small amount of freckles gracing her nose. Her light red eyebrows were furrowed together and she was crying. Oh, god. She's alive. She's here. My baby. Our baby is alive and healthy. She's not screwed up. Even if she was somehow deformed, I would love her until the end of time. But at least we don't have to put a cherry on top of shit this way.

But wait, Adam? I glanced up at him and blood was trickling from the corner of his mouth. He blinked innocently and wiped it away looking at it. Then he looked back at me, blushing a little and looking to the side, embarrassed. He's embarrassed? That's out of character. Wait; remember what he told you in your dream. He doesn't remember fuck, so you gotta help him. Every step of the way.

"Who are you?" he asked and my heart fell. No, my daughter was just fucking born out of me. A man. I still remember freaking out about the whole idea and thinking of abortion. But now that I look at her, she's so fucking sweet. Jesus Christ, I can barely handle this. I want to cry from happiness, but I can't because Adam would freak, and Leo would start wailing. And if that's the case, I'm like the glue keeping this shattering family together. Holy fuck.

"Adam, Babyboy. I'm Tommy." I patted the place by me on the bed and he sat down lying next to me and I cuddled into his chest. He tensed and I sighed, sitting up and looking at him. "I'm your boyfriend Tommy who somehow ended up pregnant with this beautiful girl. Her name is Leo Rose Scream Lambert. She's your daughter, baby," I said, handing her back to Adam. She immediately stopped crying and looked up at her dad with big eyes. They sparkled, and part of me wished her middle name was like, Glitters or something. That would have been gay though…Whatever, it'd be awesome.

Adam looked down at her with complete and utter infatuation then gazed back at me. "Boyfriend? I'm gay?" he asked, rocking the pink blanket back and forth. Even though he didn't remember shit, he still took to her.

"Yea. And this is your daughter. Babyboy, look at her…" I said and he did so, looking down at Leo who perked her plump lips together (given to her by me, thank you very much) and formed a spit bubble that popped and she smiled a like a son of a bitch. That same son of a bitch smile Adam always had. And I couldn't help but smile when he did.

"Leo…" he mused, taking his long finger and brushing some of her hair out of her face. "You know, I can't really believe this. Apparently I knocked up my boyfriend and he popped out this little number. Not something one would expect when coming out of a coma…" Then he put on a sad face and I saw tear brim onto his eyes. "Why don't I remember?"

I chocked a bit, leaning my head on his shoulder and he laid his on mine. Wow, he's so easy going right now. After explaining minimal information to him, he's comfortable enough to hold his daughter and let me be close to him. My god, this is my Adam. He was pretty fucking easy going, difficult, and a douche bag, but he was pretty laid back.

"I…You have this disease. And before this coma you were in another one, and I guess your body couldn't take the strain, so your brain kind of exploded on you, causing you to lose your memory…" I said, shrugging and smiling when Leo let out a huge ass yawn. She blinked, her brown eyelashes, squirming a bit in the blanket and reaching her small hand up. Adam titled his head to the side and placed his index finger in her palm. She immediately grasped it and pulled it into her mouth where she sucked on it with a smile, closing her eyes and breathing lightly.

Adam broke out into the happiest grin I've ever seen on his face. Oh, god. "She likes me, Timmy! Look!" I sighed, nodding, and then reminding him that my name was Tommy. It hurt, my heart was breaking, but I had to stay strong. He groaned and buried his head into my shoulder. Well that certainly didn't change. He still likes burying his head into things.

Leo sucked on his finger for awhile until she eventually got too tired to do anything other then sleep. Her heavy eyelids fell and Monte came in, taking her.

"I need to make sure she's alright. You two can catch up and get a full night's sleep. For the next twelve months, you won't be sleeping much…" he said, smirking and walking out. I didn't want him to take Leo, but I was freaking tired. Sure, I didn't have a natural birth (fucking hell, you idiots, I don't have a VAGINA, alright? I couldn't pop the kid out from my dick. A c-section is the only reasonable solution), but it was a pretty exhausting task. Adam looked down awkwardly and I grabbed his face, making him look at me. He did, and his eyes looked so innocent.

"Don't worry. Even if you don't remember anything, I'll help you start a new life with me and Leo. It'll work out, I promise," I said, cupping his face in my hands and lightly kissing his lips. He may not remember shit, but that doesn't mean I can't do everything possible to help him through it.

Now that Leo's born, I have to be strong for the both of us. Be the glue that keeps this family together.

"We're a family…" Adam muttered on my lips, wrapping his arms around my neck.

"Family…" I whispered, kissing him back, savoring the taste,

He was alive, and so was Leo. We're a family now; probably gonna be a dysfunctional family, but none the less…

And it may be like magic or something, but Adam Lambert, the person who hated me with a passion, knocked me up and then we went through shit loads of drama. And even now, with his memory gone, he's still willing to learn.

Because he's here now, alive, with me. And that's about the most fucking magical thing ever.