Haha. I had to look up "early pregnancy symptoms" to write this chapter. Hope my parents don't accidentally stumble across my web history…

"Tommy, sweetie…Are you alright? You've been in there for half an hour. You need to go to school, sweetie," my mother's soft and concerned voice drifted through the door of my bathroom and rang in my ear. Her high-pitched voice made me gag even more and I threw up into the round and once white (it was splattered with whatever in the name of hell I was puking up) toilet bowl. I didn't even know what I was throwing up. But all I know was that it looked like noodles, and it felt like acid when it came back up from my throat. I've never thrown up like this before. But shit, it was pretty shitty. If there's a higher power, he must hate the living crap out of me.

My body convulsed again and I heaved into the toilet, holding my bangs out of my face. They were pretty long, and at times like this (which weren't often), I wish I had just chopped them off like Lily said (she wasn't really into men with long hair, though it was just my bangs that were long). But screw me they were an obstacle right now. I don't want to have to take another shower because I got remnants of last night's dinner stuck in them. And luck took a turn for the best today (which is fucking RARE), and my stomach lurked one last time before it settled down and stopped being a bitch.

Once I was sure I could hold it down, I got up and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I walked over to the sink and poured some mouthwash into a small cup and gulped it, gargling and rinsed that out with water. I exhaled deeply and looked at myself in the mirror and didn't like what I saw. I hadn't been sleeping lately because I got up constantly to puke. Either that or my stomach felt like it was on fire and I had no fucking idea why. It just didn't make sense to me. Stomach flu probably. But that wasn't going around this time of year. The last time I got this sick was about two years ago when I had a virus that baffled doctors. It couldn't come back, could it? No. That virus was a bitch. Had to miss school for five weeks (which is somewhat good in a way).

After debating whether or not I should straighten my hair to make it a bit more appealing, I decided I wasn't in the mood. I quickly got out of the bathroom and my mother was standing there with my black backpack and torn up ipod in hand, the green ear buds were wrapped tightly around its body. She had a smile on her face. "Here, honey. Have a good day at school. The bus is waiting, so hurry up!" Lily said, handing me my items and practically kicking me out. I waved to her and quickly jumped onto the bus of rambunctious kids. They were throwing paper airplanes, eating, and even playing pranks (how they play pranks on a school bus, I'll still never know). I looked at the back and there was my favorite seat. No one ever touched it. It was like they thought I tainted it or something. Freaks. It's not like I was mean to anyone. They just chose not to communicate or interact with me in any way. And they'll regret that once I'm the most fucking amazing bassist in the entire world and they're a bunch of hobos living in boxes on the side of the street.

I shrugged my backpack off and took my rightful place at the very end of the bus on the left side. I shoved my head plugs in and Marilyn Manson blasted some hard core rock into my ears. He actually makes my stomach feel less queasy, but it certainly didn't hold the nausea down. I felt like I would splatter my guts on the girl in front of me. My arms made their way to my stomach where they held it. Oh, shit…Come on…Don't. Do. It. YES! I swallowed it down (as gross as that sounds) and managed to keep it down. I sighed in relief and shut my eyes, the intense beat vibrating against my eardrums. How long had I been sick? It started about two days ago. What had I done? I don't eat much, so it couldn't be food poisoning (I never dare eat at school). The only remotely new thing happening was Adam shoving his dick in me, and every time he comes over to my house to "tutor" me, we smoke a couple joints and have a heated make-out session. But pot never made me sick before. Maybe it's the sex. Yea, my body is not use to it, so it's telling me to stop. Wish I could body, but Adam's in charge of our intimacy, not me.

When I got to school, Adam was waiting by my locker, arms crossed and one leg resting over the other. No sex today, please. I did not feel in the mood. And if indeed, the intercourse was making me feel this way, his dick inside me didn't feel as pleasurable as I first thought. Instead, it hurt like hell in the aftermath, and personally, I'm sick of puking my guts out every morning and barely sleeping because of these damned cramps. Girls are supposed to get cramps because of their fucking periods. I'm a DUDE. I don't get cramps. Fuck me, I am a freak. But at least I don't bleed from my cock on a monthly basis.

I sighed and looked at him. "Not today, please. I don't feel well," I said in the pitiful hopes that he would heed my request. But his crystal blue eyes looked at me in doubt. Adam seems to have an expression for every situation. It's weird because I've somehow managed to break all of them. Should I feel special about that? No…I'm probably the last person in the entire school to figure that out.

"What's wrong?" he asked, leaning up from my locker so I could open it and shove my crap in there. "Swine flu?" he asked and my eyes widened. I hadn't even thought about that! Which was a big surprise considering the fact my brain has been in overdrive lately out. It's like my mind is my library of diaries. I tell it every detail of every day. "If we get out of the groove, you won't know what's good for you. Now let's go," he ordered, grabbing me from the collar of my shirt and dragging me to the bathroom. But my mind couldn't stop thinking about the theory of me having a pig sickness. That's not possible (I hope).

"Are you gonna die?" Adam asked, raising an eyebrow and smirking at me. I hated loving those smirks, but it was a special trait about him that I couldn't deny feeling immensely attracted to.

"I don't think so. I've just got a really bad…Stomach ache is all. But can we skip today?" I asked, clinging to my math book and glancing at him. He glared a bit and shook his head. I knew it would be too good to be true. Why would he even consider what I had to say? It was all about him and that's it.

"No, you know what I want. Every Monday and Friday, in the bathroom where we dish it out." Then he did his same routine. Lock the door, shove me against the wall, and take off my pants, yada, yada… I really don't feel like describing it right now. I felt like complete shit. My head was beginning to pound, and the puke I had swallowed down earlier was rising up again. No. Not. NOW. FUCK!

The brunette took off his pants, I was half expecting him to put the lube in my hands so I could rub it on his cock, but I think he just wanted to get inside me, come, and get it over with. I sort of appreciated it that he wasn't dragging it out, but I sure as hell would be hopping off walls if he had agreed not to have sex at all today. This was what? Twelfth time? Yea. Six weeks ago was the first time we had sex, and then we did it two times from then on until now. And he still didn't wear a condom. And just thinking about him exploding inside my ass right now was enough to make me gag. Normally I would just take it, somewhat enjoy it, and realize that this wasn't right. But today, my head was cracking in half, and my stomach was about to explode.

When Adam started to enter, I couldn't take it anymore and my gag reflex took control, making me throw up against the wall, spraying it. He yelped and fell back. I just bent over, holding my stomach, and heaving. Damn, I don't want to die! "S-Sorry…" I mumbled, wiping my mouth and reaching my clean hand out to help him up. I would have laughed if my head wasn't splitting in two, and my stomach wasn't imploding on itself, but Adam had been scared by my sudden blunder and fell on his naked ass. He honestly looked freaked out. And not to my surprise, but he didn't take my kind gesture. Instead he hopped up and put on his pants and underwear. I wasn't even able to tell if he was wearing boxers or briefs today.

"What's up with you?" He hissed, pulling my underwear and pants up. That was off of him. Why was he helping me? That was pretty cool of him, but totally out of character. His hand was placed on my forehead and he put his other black nailed hand on his forehead to perhaps compare temperatures? Why would he do that? Since when does he care about me? I'm just his sex toy and nothing more. I mean, of course I would rather have a relationship with the person I was screwing, but I don't think that'll ever happen. "Well, you don't have a temperature, so no fever…" he stated in a matter of fact kind of voice. I groaned lightly, looking up at him. It was bizarre. Was that…WORRY on his face? Yea, I'm pretty sure. His gorgeous, transparent eyes were creased with a thin seam of anxiety. Strange, odd, all of the above.

"It's fine, Adam. I'm just gonna go to class. Sorry I couldn't satisfy your needs today," I mumbled, securing my belt and turning around, ready to walk out the door. But then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back, kissing me tenderly on the lips. One hand was cupped gently on my chin and the other one was hanging loosely around my wrist. His blue orbs were shut in a relaxed manner. My eyes widened and I just stared in awe at his face. This wasn't the normal forceful kiss that said 'Give me what I want'; this was a sweet and meaningful kiss. This was actually the first time he was gentle with me when he just wanted sex. What was wrong with him? Not that I'm complaining. This was a nice change of heart and events.

His lip twitched and he pulled away, looking at me with intensity. When he saw the shock in my face he must have realized what he did and immediately went back into douche mode. "Ew. You taste like piss. Shit, I have to go over to your house tomorrow. You better feel better 'cause I'm gonna bang you at your house. So…So get better quickly," he ordered.

"I…I actually think the sex is making me sick, can you just not do me for a week? Maybe then my body can get better and I'll let you screw me for as long as you want next tutoring session, I promise…" I muttered. This was pathetic, wasn't it? I'm asking someone if he can quit banging me for a little bit. Sigh.

"You expect me to go without sex for a week?" Adam asked, raising a perfectly thick eyebrow. "Not only that, but you've been complaining about me wearing a condom. I don't have any diseases, and you're not gonna get pregnant, so stop being an uptight pussy about it," he said, shrugging and crossing his arms.

I breathed lightly, and looked at him; practically begging, "Adam, please. I don't think this is so good for my body. My mom is starting to get worried, and I don't want to actually tell her that all my tutor does is fuck me. You'll get in trouble too, ya know." Did I just threaten Adam fucking Lambert? Where was this coming from?

His eyes widened for a split second and I saw some anguish cover his eyes. "Tomorrow, I'll just teach you what you need to learn. But then on Monday I expect you to be feeling better so we can catch up. But still no condom. Do I make myself clear?" he asked, walking towards the door and unlocking it. I nodded eagerly, a small smile forming on my lips. And if my eyes deceived me, I saw a small smile grace his perfectly plump lips.

"Good. See you tomorrow." That was all he said. Then when I thought he was going to leave he looked at me with a big ass smile on his face. "You know what. I've been too nice to you. Stay right here, bitch," he ordered, quickly running out of the restroom. My eyes widened and I looked around nervously. Shit, what was he going to do? Something really bad I bet. I mean, he said he's been too nice to me, and honestly, I kind of liked his soft and kind side. Hell, I didn't even know he had a tender side until three minutes ago. But it seems his bitch half is in control most of the time.

The door opened again and there was Adam with a HUGE ass smirk on his face. His hands were behind his back and he looked at me. "So you threw up, huh?" he asked, and I nodded. No, duh, Sherlock, look at the wall. "You've got a headache too?" he questioned and to my surprise, he was right. How did he know? So I nodded again and he quickly shoved something in my hands. "Take this, girly." He laughed in a melodic tone. "I've got thousands of those in my lockers for every girl I bang, just in case, ya know? Don't want to have little Adam Lambert's running around. So I want you to take this, then by the end of school, give it to me so I know you're not pregnant, okay?" the brunette grinned from his big prank. I gulped lightly and watched him leave. "Don't forget to keep it so I know you're negative, honey!" he called, leaving and shutting the door behind him.

Well this was complete shit. I mean, I know why you would give this to a girl you just screwed, but why would he give it to me? He's such a douche bag. I don't understand his logic behind a lot of things. But then again he doesn't have much common sense to begin with so his logic must be off too.

I sighed and washed my mouth out, taking a couple of Excedrin I has stashed in my pocket. With a heavy douse of encouragement, I walked into a stall and locked it. I looked down at the pink box in my hand. Hm, that's nice. Accurate 99.9% of the time. It must be reliable, so no matter what, it'll be negative for me. It read 'Pregnancy Test: For when you're not entirely sure…' Who in the name of GOD comes up with these stupid slogans? I just breathed lightly and pulled my pants down, sitting on the pot. I quickly opened up the package and read the directions. First pee on the stick. Well that's easy enough. I maneuvered myself and when I peed I felt relieved. But not as good as when I threw up everything that I possible could. Still, this was a complete waste of time. Why would Adam make me do this? There's no rhyme or reason to it. Does he just like torturing me? Or is he stupid enough to honestly believe I'm pregnant. Once I was done peeing (and for some reason I really had to go), I lifted up the test and stared at it. It was blank, so I looked over the paper again.

'Wait five minutes. PregnancyTest90123 is accurate 99.9% of the time, so the readings on the test will be correct. It has not failed to recognize a pregnancy in its ten years of being America's #1 home test.. If there is a positive sign then you're pregnant. If there is a negative sign, it was a mere false alarm.'

Okay, so five minutes for me to see it as negative. Man, they're pretty sure of themselves about being right all the time. That must be a relief for the women that buy this shit. What was I to do in the mean time while waiting for my predicable result? Fix my hair? Sure…

So I got up from the toilet and opened the stall door to see Brad there (which is odd because I didn't hear him come in), just kind of hanging out. He was looking in the mirror to see if his eyeliner was smudged. I didn't really want him to see me with a woman's pregnancy test, so I shoved it in my pocket and walked to the sink, washing my hands. Jesus, it's like I have OCD or something.

"Adam really seems to like you, huh?" Brad asked, not facing me. I just shrugged lightly in response and leaned against the wall, waiting for the never ending five minutes of my negative results. Why was this bastard even talking to me? It's like the world's been flipped upside down in the past six weeks. "Well, he just feels sorry for you is all. Don't think you'll ever get up to our rank."

Oh, I just wanted to punch him in the fucking face. Why was he such a bitch to me? I didn't do anything to him. And before I could actually insult him, he walked out of the bathroom (but not before glaring at me). I sighed and took out the test, my eyes widening. Pssh, this must be a false sign. These things screw up all the time. This couldn't be accurate. However, they said they were correct almost 100% of the time, so why should this be any different? Because I'm a DUDE. I can't be. It's utterly impossible. But deep down my gut I knew something was up.

Because it read positive.