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Chap 1: They're dating?; sake and sleepover.

Sometimes I wonder why or when did I fall in love, but like every time I ask myself those questions, I still can't answer them… maybe I know the when I started to noticed it, but not when it started.

Perhaps it started the first time I saw him return after his trip with Jiraiya, cough pervert cough, or maybe when he came to back us up and eventually end up killing one of those akatsuki morons that killed our sensei, or maybe it was the first time I saw him… the real him, and not the stupid self he always shows others… I mean, he can be loud and oblivious and incredibly annoying when he wants to, but he can also be kind and loyal to his friends, and he's always there for you when you need someone to talk to or just be there so you wont feel alone. He's smart, but not Shikamaru smart, it's just that he doesn't show it. Deception is the key to a ninja and the best tool at his disposal after all.

I'm pretty sure you all can figure out who he is by now, but I can't say it to anyone cause, who would believe that I, Yamanaka Ino, is madly, completely and hopelessly in love with the one and only unpredictable knuckleheaded blond Konoha has ever produced?

Yes you've heard it right, I'm in love with Uzumaki Naruto.

But here I am, in my family's flower shop, daydreaming about my blond haired crush, when the front door of the shop opens to reveal none other than my friend/rival, even though she's not my rival for the traitors, cough Sasuke cough, feelings anymore rather for her other teammate. The blond with wild untamable hair, eyes so blue that reminds you if the calm ocean, those pure and bright orb that just makes you want to drown under his gaze, oh how I wish he would just looked at me the same way he looks at her!.

"Hey pig! What are you doing Saturday night?" asked my pink haired friend/rival.

"I don't know… stay home, why?" I answer to her raising a shapely blond eyebrow.

"Cause Kiba's having a party and all of us are coming" she said with a smile "I know for a fact that Sasuke-kun would be there" as she said the traitor's name her smile grew wider.

'Like I care' I thought "oh really?, then I'm going for sure forehead" 'if Sasuke is going obviously Naruto's going to be there as well'. I thought with a smile.

Sakura obviously misinterpreting my smile went on a fit and rambled for a while on how Sasuke was hers and she would never be with him, which suited me just fine and I couldn't care less what that traitor thought of me anyways.

All I could think about was what was I going to wear so Naruto would notice me instead of forehead.

"Hey pig, wake up I'm talking to you" she screamed at me.

"Sorry forehead, I was just imagining the look of Sasuke-kun when he sees me at the party" I said smugly just to tease her.

"Yeah right" she snorted "like he's ever going to notice anything but your fat ass" she snapped at me with a victory smile that I would've gladly whipped away from her face, but on the inside I was dancing and jumping up and down that she didn't care about Naruto, that would leave me a clear path to his heart, even if I still have another bitch to compete with, fortunately for me, she's too shy to say anything to him, so I would easily win over her.

"At least some guys love a big butt, but you can't say the same about that huge forehead of yours" 'point, set and match forehead… Ino-104; Sakura- 72'. I thought with a huge smile.

Sakura just walked away and said "Yeah, yeah, whatever, keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better pig, anyway, the party starts at nine, don't be late" and then she left the shop.

Ok so maybe I over did it a bit with that comeback, but hey! I DON'T HAVE A FAT ASS DAMN IT!




Tonight was our weekly dinner with my team, we'll go every Monday to the BBQ place we used to go with Asuma-sensei, it's been four years since Akatsuki was defeated and Sasuke returned to Konoha. Everyone was shocked when we saw all of team seven returning to the village.

Sai was in the front right, Yamato on the left. In the middle was a chained Sasuke. Sakura and Kakashi where on the rear. And Naruto was on Kakashi's back.

As the Hokage saw this, she run quickly to Kakashi's side to know Naruto's state and what the hell had happened.

Kakashi said that Naruto was unconscious from chakra exhaustion and his life wasn't in any danger. All the rest team seven looked bad, scarred and exhausted.

After a few days of rest Naruto was a hundred percent again, he never talked about the day he fought Sasuke nor the Akatsuki, If anyone asked him he would change the subject or simple walked away and ignore you, or shunshin away.

Even Sakura wouldn't talk about it we heard from Sai that when he and Yamato found them. Sakura was healing Sasuke and Kakashi was trying to give Naruto some chakra, after that they'd traveled back to Konoha. Nether had seen the actual battle between them.

After a year of good behavior Sasuke swore loyalty to Konoha again and was reestablished as a shinobi.

Sakura is still a chunnin and now taught medicine and basic first aid at the academy and works part-time at the hospital. Naruto is a jonin and Sasuke is taking this years chunnin exams after his three year probation as a ninja. Neji, Ten-Ten and Kiba are Anbus now. Lee's a jonin sensei and is following Gai's teaching with his own genin squad. Chouji and Shikamaru are part of the staff in the Hokage tower. Hinata and Shino are soon to be clan heads. And I'm a jonin trying to get to Anbu.

So here I am, waiting for the lazy-ass Nara and the black hole Akimichi to arrive so I can stop my thoughts when I saw him…

Here I was walking down the street towards my favorite place in Konoha. Ichiraku's ramen or as I like to call it "Heaven on earth", for a well deserved bowl of ramen after a crappy day of the usual glares and hate from the villagers, even though I brought back their precious Sharingan user, they still hate me.

First my morning shower was cold… again, the power in my house went off before my healthy and precious cup of ramen was done in the microwave. I got out and tried, keyword TRIED, to buy a loaf of bread, or some dango, or something for breakfast with out luck… then went training, missed lunch, got a crappy mission accompanying Lee's team on a C-rank, cause Lee call in sick, got back around seven, got in the shower but this time, it was boiling hot, lucky me, got dressed and walked out, avoided many streets and glares as I could, and as I was walking I saw something that froze my heart to the very core.

There was Sasuke, dressed in black pants and a white high collar shirt with a rose in his hands standing in front of Sakura's apartment.

My world stopped as I saw the look on her face when she opened the door, she had a light blue knee high summer dress and a black jacket in her hands, she looked beautiful with her shoulder length pink hair done in little curls on the end, her cheeks were flushed a nice shade of pink that glowed in contrast to her pale skin, and her eyes… I couldn't even look at them.

I had to get away from that scene that was now engraved on my mind, I run from there as fast as I could. seriously could my day got any worse?

And of course it can, the gods must hate me too, or they have a fucking good laugh at my expense cause as I walked through the street I thought led to Ichiraku's I run into the one person that could make my life more miserable than already was.

One Yamanaka Ino.

"Hey Naruto! How are you?" she said smiling at me, which she had been doing a lot recently, it disturbed me greatly.

"I'm fine" I lied, and she noticed. Damned Yamanaka's and their interrogations skills.

"Are you sure?" she sounded concerned, but I know she doesn't care.

"Yeah, why would you care?" I said to her annoyed, I really wanted this day to end fast.

"What do you mean I don't care? Of course I care, we're friends right?" she said almost yelling at me, but that was just her usual tone for me.

"Yeah, whatever, look I'm ok alright, I just want to eat, walk back home and be alone ok? See ya'" I said as I walked away without even looking at her.

After my run with Naruto, all I could think about was what had happened to him, why was he in such a bad mood, it's like they had told him it was the last day the would serve ramen in Konoha, his eyes were dull, there was no light, no life in them, even if he tried to fool me, I know something bad and mayor happened.

After my dinner with Shikamaru and Chouji ended I walked back home thinking about the blond of my dreams.

As I was walking through the park near my building, I saw Sasuke and Sakura walking and talking, I didn't find it odd, considering they did that a lot lately, but what I noticed now was that they were holding hands, and then it hit me.

That was why she knew Sasuke was going to the party, and why she had that victorious smile earlier, they were DATING!.

Oh god… was that why Naruto was so down?, had he seen them together?, and it clicked now, all of it, why he needed to be alone, his cold eyes… his heart was broken.

I turned and change my direction, he was going to need someone right now or else he might do something stupid.

As I finished my seventh bowl of ramen I couldn't take my mind of those two, all I could think about was them. Fuck! I needed a drink now, not that my problems will be solved after drowning my self in alcohol, I knew better. It hadn't work for Tsunade or Jiraiya, but I just needed to forget, just for tonight.

As I was walking back to my apartment I passed a liquor store and bought 3 bottles of sake, that was all I could afford with the money I had on me right now. Thankfully the owner didn't knew anything about the Kyuubi which was good for me.

I arrived at my apartment and turned the radio on, I didn't care what kind of music was playing now, only that it help to numb my thoughts. I opened the first bottle, pour it in a cup and it drink it fast, my throat burned, and my eyes shut as I felt how the alcohol went down my body warming it, I kept pouring the sake until I heard a knock on my door, I got up as best as I could and shouted a loud "coming" so who ever was at the door could it hear it over the loud music.

My legs felt like jell-o, and my body was numb, I tripped with my own feet and fell on the floor, my body was telling me to just lay there, but the knock told me to get up and answer it, even if I preferred my first choice, I got up again and walked to the front, I opened it and to my surprise the one at my door was none other than Yamanaka Ino.

"Hey, I'm sorry for yelling at you today, but you looked so down that I wanted to make sure you were ok, can I come in?" I said as soon as he opened the door. He was wearing a black t-shirt and black pants, his hair wilder than I've ever seen it, this was cause he wasn't wearing his hitai-ate around his forehead to keep it out f the way. And he was also slightly balancing on the door, a clear evidence that he was drinking.

"Err… sure Ino, come in" he said and I could smell the sake on his breath.

Now my suspicions had been correct. How did I knew he had seen them?… easy he never got drunk alone, yes he drinks alcohol once in a while, but always when we were partying or in a special occasion, never in the middle of the week… this was bad.

As I walked in I noticed how small his apartment was. It had a bedroom and living room all in one, a kitchen and a bathroom, near the bed was a dresser with five pictures on top of it.

One of team seven in their genin days. The standard picture all new teams do when they're formed, she still had hers of team ten.

One with the Sandaime with a five year old Naruto sitting on his shoulders, the Hokage hat in his tinny hands, the third had a small amused smile on his face, while Naruto sported his now famous foxy grin.

One of the rookie nine plus Gai's team without Sasuke when Naruto returned from his two and half year training trip.

One of Naruto and Jiraiya in a festival somewhere.

And the last one was when he'd made jonin, he was in the middle between Tsunade and Shizune at Ichiraku's with Ayame and Teuchi in the back, Naruto again smiling his foxy grin proudly wearing his new vest.

In the corner of the room was a table with two chairs and three bottles of sake, one empty and the others were still closed. There was cloths on the floor and the bed, and a towel drying on one of the chairs.

"Sorry for the mess, I wasn't expecting anyone" he said as he turned down the music and started collecting the cloths and drying towel, shoving them inside a basket in the bathroom.

"it's ok" I said.

"Err… do you want to sit down and have a drink or do you prefer to standing there at the door all night?" he said to me as he walked back to his chair.

"Pour it Uzumaki" I said as I walked to the other chair and sat down, he served both our cups and said

"Bottoms up" drinking it all, he closed his eyes and gave a sigh after he finished, I just drank a sip.

"So, how are you?" I asked him.

"Almost drunk" he responded.

"I can see that" I said almost in a whisper "but I meant how do you feel? What made you drink like this, cause I know you never get drunk not even at the parties we go".

He poured himself another cup, drank it all and then said "Today was just a crappy day".

"How so?, what happened?" I said and drank a little more.

He looked at me. He looked a little uncomfortable so I said "Come on, you can tell me, it will help you let it out, I wont tell anyone, I promise" and I smiled at him.

He sighed "as I said it was a crappy day, my morning shower was cold, I couldn't eat breakfast cause my electricity went off, I couldn't buy it either, then I had to cover for Lee with his genin team cause he was sick ad they're as youthful as him" he shrugged at this "then got home and took another shower only this one was boiling hot, went to Ichiraku's and on my way there I saw Sasuke outside Sakura's apartment with a rose in his hands" he poured another cup " I knew they were close, but I still thought I had a chance with her, what a stupid idea, ne?" and he drank half of his cup.

"So… they're really dating huh" I said and drank what was left of my cup.

"Yeah" he said as he looked at his half empty cup.

Silence filled the room as black of pearl jam started playing on the radio, the silence lasted for three more songs as I tried to say something but didn't had the courage to say it. I've never felt like I couldn't say what was on my mind, so I took my cup poured another shot and drank it all at once, trying to find the courage I needed to say what I was thinking on the sake.

"You know… you're a great guy, I'm sure you'll find someone who loves you" 'like me' I thought "I mean… come on! you're independent, a great shinobi, the possible next Hokage, a jonin, you're barely twenty and you're hot, girls would be all over you, if they already aren't"

He looked at me with wide glassy eyes and his mouth slightly agape

"What? Did I say something you're not?" I asked as I looked straight into his dark azure eyes.

"You think I'm hot?" he asked as a little pinkish hue spread on his whiskered cheeks.

'FUCK! Stupid, stupid, stupid Ino! Just great!' I kicked myself for saying that out loud "Err, sure I think you're attractive, you're handsome, tall, and I'm pretty sure underneath that cloth is a very well built body, I mean it had to be cause you train like, a lot right?, and girls like that in a guy " I was rambling and I knew it "you're blond and tanned, and you're eyes are very expressive, and those whiskers makes you look exotic, plus you're not a pervert, even if your two sensei are that's always a plus, so yeah I think you're hot Uzumaki, and I don't say it to many guys" I finished and I could feel my cheeks getting wormer and I could feel myself blushing but I tried to fight it, I was not Hinata for kami's sake! And besides I could be blushing because of the sake right?, nothing to do with the blond in front of me and his piercing blue eyes that held my own.

"Thanks, I think you're hot too Ino" he said grinning at me and I smiled back "You could get any guy you wanted"

'But I want you dam it!' I screamed in my head.

"So, here's to find the love we deserve" he said as he raised his cup.

After a couple of hours drinking and talking we were both drunk so I asked her if she wanted to stay here for the night, cause none of us was in a decent state to leave the house anyway, she said yes, so I gentlemanly gave her my bed and I would sleep on the floor.

"You know I feel bad for taking your bed" she said as she got out of the bathroom with one of my old t-shirts for her to sleep in.

"It's ok though, I didn't mean to get you drunk too" I said smiling, but it was almost a perverted smile. I mean, I had a gorgeous woman in nothing but a shirt sleeping in my bed. I tried to put those thought on the back of my mind though, even if she's no Sakura, she still has a mean right hook. I may be drunk, but I'm not suicidal.

"I'm not drunk" she yelled

"Not so loud Ino" I said calming her a bit mean it's three in the fucking morning for kami's sake.

"Sorry" she said as she sat on the bed, her platinum free from her pony tailed laid freely on my pillow, I wanted to touch it and feel how soft it was, even though my eyes traveled down for a second or two towards her long leg and creamy skin all the way up to…NO! wait, this is Ino, What the hell am I thinking?, fucking sake messing with my head. Damned hormones too!.

"So… I don't mind sharing the bed with you, you know?" she said as she patted one side.

"Are you sure?, you're not going to hit me and then call me a pervert?" I asked fearful, I like my life thank you very much.

"Come on Uzumaki! Afraid of a little girl? I'm not going to bite you… hard" she said with a mischievous smile.

"Like you could ever bite me" I yelled at her.

"Not so loud Naruto" she said in a low voice "Now come to bed… I'm cold".

I sighed and pulled up my shirt and turned off the lights. I laid down and gave her my back, so I'm not tempted to do something I would regret in the morning, or get kicked for later, but to my surprise she put her head on my back, her hot breath tickled my neck and she snaked her arm over me and hold one of my hands, her fingers intertwined with mine and she murmured in my ear "Night Naruto-kun" and she kissed me on the spot between the neck and the shoulder.

A shiver run down my spine as she did it.

I blushed hard, I couldn't believe it, Yamanaka Ino, was in my bed, in only a t-shirt and panties, hugging and holding me, and then she kisses me? ME! Uzumaki Naruto?…I was stunned, a few minutes passed and I could feel her even breaths on my back. She was asleep.

'Maybe my day wasn't so crappy after all'. And with a smile on my lips I surrender to exhaustion and into a world of bliss and dreams no longer filled with a certain pink and emerald eyes girl, but with a platinum blond.

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