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Chapter 4 "Don't you get it?… What took you so long?"

I was so torn I couldn't sleep, the minutes passed, but I couldn't close my eyes and fall asleep.

I needed to talk to her now. It couldn't wait, it had to be now.

If she were playing games with me, it would be best to end them now.

I got up and walk in the direction I saw her leave.

I kept on walking until I saw her sitting down near a tree, playing with a kunai in her delicate hands, delicate but deadly I might add, eyes looking at the stars, I guessed because her back was facing me.

I looked up at the same sky that had her so wrapped up that she didn't even sense my presence near by, as I gaze at the heavens I saw a shooting star traveling trough the sky. That's when I heard her sweet voice murmur

"Please don't let him break my heart".

I frowned. Who was the person she was talking about; it certainly could be… him? Right?

Oh, crap! Now everything was clearer in my head.

So that was the reason she didn't want to talk, she was afraid I would reject her.

I almost laughed. How could she think that?

I stepped closer and was about to talk to her when she got up and said

"Who's there? Show yourself!"

I walked closer to her, but by her defensive stance, I realized she hadn't recognized me.

I saw her averting her eyes from me to look towards the camp was located and I cursed inside. She was about to call for help and wake Kakashi and Sasuke. I couldn't let her do that.

So I run up to her and cover her mouth just in the nick of time.

With a low voice. Trying not to frighten her, I said.

"Don't scream, it's me"

That voice… I know it… but, why was he here?

"Naruto-kun?" I said under his calloused hand.

I opened my eyes to see those bright blue orbs I loved so much staring right back at me.

"Why do you think I would break your heart?" he said to me, burning me under his intense gaze.

"I don't know" I said to him, letting my eyes travel away from his.

"Ino-chan, I heard you… why d you think I would do that?" he said, making me look at him once again.

"Because you already did that to Hinata" I scream at him. Tears slowly forming in my eyes. Why did he have to hear that, I didn't want him to know how much this affects me?

"Damn it why do I have to be so weak" I closed my eyes willing my tears not to fall from my eyes.

I felt him freeze and I took the opportunity to back away from him, not wanting to show him the tears that had stubbornly not listen to me, and had started their trek down my cheeks.

"Ino, please don't cry" I heard him whisper, his voice concerned and remorseful, but I didn't care right now about his sympathy, I want him to go away. For him not to see how much of weak shinobi I was.

Shinobi, nor kunoichi for that matter, show emotions. And I was breaking that rule right at this moment. I really wish I was strong right now, but I couldn't, emptiness and shame and rage bubbled inside me at this moment.

"I can't help it!" I shouted back "just go away"

Kami Ino stops crying! I shouted to myself

"I won't go away, until you listen to me" he said

"I don't want to hear you, I know you don't love me, I know you still love her, just forget I've ever said anything" I screamed again and turned once again, tears running freely down my cheeks now, I'm not even attempting anymore. Was I this pathetic? I heard him move, and thinking he'd left me, I let out a sob, how I could let a man, destroy me like this. It wasn't fair.

"How can I forget it? I haven't stop thinking about it, don't you get it?" he said, his voice almost a whisper, if it wasn't such a quiet night I wouldn't have heard it. But I did, I instantly stopped crying. Was he saying what she thought she'd heard?

Slowly I turned around, facing him, "Get what?" a little ray of hope took perch in my heart. Butterflies flying happily inside my stomach.

He locked his blue eyes with mine and held my gaze, the emotion raw in his blue irises, making my heart skip a beat.

"That I love you, that I can't stop thinking about you, that the last two days have been the happiest I've had in my life just cause you're here. That I don't give a fuck about Sakura, that it kills me to see you cry, that when you told me you loved me I was the happiest man in the entire world, do you get it now or do I have to continue?" He said. Eyes never once leaving mine I was dumbfounded.

Did he really mean it? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I really wanted to though. I wanted to run to him and kiss him. Another part of me was still skeptical to all his words. That part was telling me that maybe he was feeling lonely now that Sakura was with Sasuke, and I just show up at the right time. And he just saw an opportunity and wanted to grab it and not let it go because there wouldn't be a next time, or someone else.

I averted my eyes at last and said "Why now?"

"Why now what?" he said, confusion marring his voice.

"Why did you tell me this now?" I clarified whipping my tears away.

"Because you didn't wanted to talk to me before and it took me a while to understand what I felt for you, you know how dense I am in the romance department, and especially with the way I feel about you, I… I've never felt this way about anyone before, not even Sakura" he said.

That made me look at him again. Was he serious? But his eyes were shining under the moonlight, how could I not believe him when he looked at me like that.

"Ino, I swear I'll die before I see you cry again" he said next to my ear, his hot breath fawning my neck and ear, making me shiver all over him, as he wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, sorry I doubted you. I love you I really do, I was just afraid, I've never confessed my feelings for someone else like this before" I said once again sobbing into his chest.

"Shh it's ok Ino-chan, just… stop crying, I'm here, and I won't go anywhere" he said as he tighten his arms around me and run his fingers through my hair. It felt nice.

"You promise?" I asked quietly.

"I promise" he said as he kissed my forehead.

Then I felt my feet leave the forest floor, sail through the air and finally land on a tree branch, I hold on to him tighter than before, and just as I was perfectly balanced, I punch him on the side.

"Ouch, that hurt you know" he said rubbing his injured side.

"Serves you right! You scared the hell out of me Namikaze"

"Come here" he said, as he grabbed my hands and I felt my back hit the tree.

"What exactly do you think you are doing Naru-kun?" I ask him.

"What does it look like Yamanaka?" he said with a mischievous smile as he put my arms around his neck, and the put his around my waist. I blush ten shades of red in a second.

"Oh my god, he's going to kiss me, kiss me, going to kiss me" I was hyperventilating, my heart beating a mile an hour inside my rib cage. The blush I was sporting was not leaving my face, I felt hot, and I couldn't move, I bit my lip in anticipation. The butterflies were going crazy inside my stomach, I was literally trembling in anticipation and it certainly wasn't for the cold air of night. I looked up to his lips as he slowly came down to meet mine, my eyes traveled up to meet his and I felt Goosebumps all over me as his gaze locked on mine. Blue stormy met my lighter blue.

My hands caressing his broad shoulders until they found his golden silken hair, pulling him closer to me, then the world melted and disappeared as his lips touched mine, with such sweetness and love I felt so overwhelmed by his touch and smell, and god he was so warm.

I tilted my head to the side and parted my lips a little, I guessed that this was his first kiss (The one with Sasuke doesn't count) and so I closed my eyes and licked his bottom lip, I felt him shiver and I smirked. He opened his mouth and I gently touched his tong with mine. The kiss was slow and sweet. We explored each other's mouths until I broke the kiss for a much-needed air.

He put his forehead on my shoulder. I could feel his heart racing on his chest. I smile the biggest smile I could put on my face.

"That was…" I hear him whisper under his breath, his warm breath hit my neck, making me shiver and hold onto him tighter.

"Yeah I know" I whispered back.

"I love you" he said smiling

"I love you too Naru-kun" I smile back.

We just held each other for what felt like forever, I was running my fingers through his untamed hair. Both content to be in each other's arms and keep us warm at the same time. My butterflies had subdued a little bit, but they still hummed happily inside me. So this is what is like to have a boyfriend, I mused internally. I looked up and found him looking back at me I smiled, if this is what it was going to be from now on, she couldn't really complain.

It was perfect.

"It's time to wake Sasuke up" I said in a low voice, trying not to disturb the serene atmosphere we had created. But duty calls. And sometimes it was a bitch.

"Yeah, let's go" he said quietly too, which I've never thought Uzumaki Naruto was able to. But hell, I love this whole new side of him I'm seeing. Love it indeed.

He never let go of me, and just shunshin-ed us back to camp.

I went towards the dark haired man and softly said "Hey Sasuke wake up, you're on".

"Already?" he asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes. This would have made me swoon before but now I just smiled.

"Yeah, get up, Naruto's making a new fire". I said and walk off to where Naruto was crouching, I put my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear "Namikaze do you want to sleep together?", as I felt him shiver, I ran my tong alone the shell of his ear. "I said sleep you perv, don't get the wrong idea".

"Then don't tease a perv". He said his eyes closed and a perverted smile, which would have put Jiraiya's to shame.

I just rolled my eyes "come on" I grabbed his hand and we put our sleeping bags next to each other's.

A little ways back, stood Sasuke with a fond smile on his lips. "Finally" the raven thought.

He'd always felt bad for the blonde-haired person, really, always chasing after a girl who wouldn't give him the time of the day. In that department at least. Now had a girl who could really appreciate him. Ino from all his former fangirls was the only one who didn't stalk him, she just was a little pushy when it came to physical contact, but besides that she always left him alone.

"Sakura will freak when she hears this" he thought as he perch himself in a near by tree.

I gave her one more kiss before we laid down, "You know, I'm glad it was you who came to this mission, I don't know if I could have survive the lovebirds and the lazy ass all by myself. Plus, I'd miss you too much" I said as I ran my fingers through her soft hair.

"So… you'll miss me uh" she raised an eyebrow.

"Of course I'll miss you, even with you here I thought about you all the time" I said pulling her closer to me "I'd miss your smiles, and your screams, your lips" I said as I gave her a quick kiss. "Your scent, all of you really" I finished looking, and losing myself in her eyes.

"Oh Naru-kun, your making me blush" she said in an innocent tone.

"Come on, let's sleep, or else we'll be tired tomorrow and I would have to carry you all the way back"

"I wouldn't mind that, actually" she said smiling.

I lie down and put an arm around her, her head rested on my chest "Night beautiful" I said and then kiss her forehead.

"Night Naruto" she responded in between a yawn.

I took a deep breath, inhaling her flowery scent "this was defiantly the best night of my life, and I promise nothing is ever going to happen to you Ino… and that's a promise of a life time, dattebayo!"

Two days later we were heading back towards home, we had captured, interrogated and killed the target we were told to go after before he could massacred a family of war refugee's in a small village on the border of fire country.

"I took this mission as training for when I get into Anbu, I could ask Kakashi-san for a recommendation since he was an Anbu captain and all, I'm sure he still has the reputation for his recommendation to be noticed" I thought as we jumped through the forest.

Sasuke has been nicer to me since the first night we started this mission, and I still don't know why, I tried asking my blond boyfriend, yes you all heard it right B-O-Y-F-R-I-E-N-D.

I still can't believe it either, so I get you're all shocked as I am, but hey! A ninja's life is short anyway, so I ask Naruto why the raven has been nicer to me at least, and all he said was "I don't know, ask him" as he continued to collect wood for the fire.

But I knew he was lying, later as I thought about it, I realized it was because he knew we were a couple, and I smiled as I realized that the-prick-that-had-a-ten-foot-tall-stick-shove-up-his-ass-Uchiha Sasuke, really cared for the blond man. And that he was truthfully sorry for all the damage he had done to Sakura and Naruto.

We reached Konoha late in the afternoon; we went to report to the Hokage what we had found.

"after we made visual contact with the target, we proceeded to capture and interrogate him, with the help of Yamanaka-san using her family's jutsu, she found out that the refugee's from Kumo were in fact spies from Iwa in Kumo but were found and were escaping towards their home. We also recovered the list of spies and targets they carried. We don't know if they're spying on us or not, but we took care of them, as a safety precaution". Kakashi-san said it all in a monotone voice.

"I see" said a somber Tsunade "very well team Kakashi, you're all dismissed… except for the brat"

We all nodded at the command and I tried as quietly as I could to say "I'll wait for you outside" to the blond next to me, he just gave me a small smile.

After some minutes of waiting, I heard the blond Hokage yell "SHIZUNE BRING THE SAKE, WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE!" I just giggled as I saw Shizune sweat drop and put out two bottles from somewhere under her desk.

"Hey Ino-san I'm glad you all came back safe" she said to me as she walked into the office.

"YAMANAKA! GET IN HERE!" I heard yet again the Hokage yell.

As I entered, I saw Naruto rubbing the back of his neck and a grin on his face.

"You called Hokage-sama?" I asked as politely as I could without showing fear, I knew how much of a mother hen she could get around the blond haired baka looking all sheepish in the corner of the room.

"Now, now, there's no need to be so formal, I'm so happy now that our brat is a man now!" she whipped a fake tear from her eyes "Beside's we're practically family now, so call me Tsunade" she said as she walk towards me and pull me into a bear hug, I mean really? I know she cared for Naruto, but not to the point that she would actually strangle me with her huge bo… I mean assets.

From the corner I could barely register Naruto's panicky voice yelling at the blond woman, or should I say bear?, to let me go, I know she's super strong but geez, she totally was going to break my spine if she kept it up.

"oh shit! I'm sorry Ino, it's just I couldn't believe that he finally got a girl" she said as she jumped at the desk and poured sake for all four of us.

"WHAT? Tsu-Tsunade-sama, are you saying that Naruto-kun and Ino-chan are together?" Shizune asked shocked.

"Why is everybody so shocked?" he whined in the background.

"Maybe it's because no one can believe that the hottest girl in Konoha is head over hill in love with you?" I said grinning

"Come here brat, have a drink!" Tsunade handed him a cup "Here's to Ino and the Brat!"

We all laughed and joke, much to Naruto's expense but he couldn't quiet wipe the huge grin off his face.

"Hey Naru-kun" she said as we walked towards Ichiraku's for dinner, all that sake was starting to get to my head, and I needed to eat something, all we had as we traveled were those gross ration bars, they were even worse than Sakura's soldier pills. I actually shuddered at that thought.


"How do you think everybody is going to take the news?"

"Truthfully… I don't care, as long as you're with me, I don't care what everybody thinks" I said as I looked at the sunset. Orange and purples, just like Ino and me.

As I looked back down the road, I saw a glimpse of pink and black inside Ichiraku's. so Sakura and Sasuke were there as well.

"Ino, do you care what people may think about us?" I asked her as I stopped near the shop.

"No, but I don't want you to feel worse if people start talking about us, I know you're used t the glares, but that's not fair at all, and I love too much to care what others think, all I care is what you think and feel, so even if everybody hates our guts, I say to hell with them! I'll always be there for you. And you better hear me well Namikaze because I'm just going to say this once, and only once got it?" she said looking into my eyes, as if searching for something and I just nodded dumbly.

She put her hands on each side of my face, looking tenderly into my eyes, all warm and no other emotion in her eyes that could make me doubt the sincerity of her next words. And I just waited, holding my breath.

"You, Namikaze Naruto are stuck with me now and forever, got it?" determination and love clearly in her eyes and my heart speed up inside my chest. And I just smiled, stupidly at first but then a real heart stopping smile, and I know because she blush a pretty shade of red.

Dreamily I whispered "What did I ever do to deserve you? I'll never know".

My eyes dropped from her eyes to her full pink sparkling lips. Her eyelids dropped a little and her eyes darkened just a little as she too dropped her gaze towards my lips, both thinking the same.

Our lips connected, it was slow and full of warm.

As the need for air was greater, we pulled away from each other, her lips were swollen just a little bit, the red of her cheeks was slowly going away, and her eyes were still glued to my lips, as I licked them… hmm cherry lip gloss. It wasn't as bad I'd thought it was going to be.

"Glad you got it" she said, her voice low and seductive, "Now let's go, I'm starving".

I just smiled at the double meaning, but I let myself be drag anyway towards the ramen bar by the pushy, bossy and very sexy blond girl that not even on my wildest dreams would have thought I could call mine.

As she pull the red curtain to the side she asked very curiously "So Naru-kun what's good here?"

"hmm, I like the miso and the pork one, but the beef ramen is also good" I said in lecture mode, trying to sound very serious, it was ramen we were talking about here. But I heard her giggle anyway.

"Hey Naruto! You're back" the owner of stand said behind the counter.

"Hey old man! I'll have the usual" I said turning back and grinning to the old man.

At the sound of the blond boy's voice Ayame lifted her head from the pot she was stirring and looked at their best customer. She'd always thought the boy was cute, with his big blue eyes and his shaggy sun-kissed locks. But looking at him now she could see he would become a heartbreaker, if he weren't one already.

"Mai mai Naruto-kun! Who's the lady? Is she with you?" the girl asked.

"she's Ino-chan, and she's my girlfriend" the boy said warm and happiness shone in those bright eyes, and it made the ramen girl, to hear that the blond now had someone to care for and who would care for him as well. It was always so sad to see such a bright boy alone. She knew why it was too. She'd always known. And it really warmed her heart to see the love so clearly the blond girl had for the child that she'd always thought as a little brother. So she would give them her blessing with a smile on her face.

Naruto was smiling a thousand kilowatt grin while the girl in question was blushing brightly. Ayame couldn't help but squeal like a fangirl, "they were so cute!"

Everything was going great until they heard a screeching "WHAT" from their right.

They all turned their head towards were the scream came and they found a head full of pink and the iciest green eyes that were glaring bloody murdered to the blond girl next to him. And a head of raven black hair still styled as the end of a duck's but.

"Why are you screaming Sakura? I'd already told you about this" Sasuke said as he continued slurping his bowl of noodles.

"Really?" squealed Ayame behind the counter

"Yeap, officially Ino and I are a couple" I smiled to the ramen girl.

"Congratulations brat, it was about time!" Teuchi said smiling wide, looking at his expression I almost wondered if my dad would look like that if he was alive and I took Ino to dinner to meet my parents. A little sad that that would never happened I try to think of something else.

"So Ino-san, what can I get you?"

"Mm, I think I'll have miso" she said smiling and her blush not gone yet.

"Pig! Why are you with him?" screamed Sakura.

"Forehead why do you care? You have Sasuke and I have Naru-kun" she answered the pinket grabbing my hand as a sign that we were together and it wasn't a joke.

"I don't believe this! Are you doing this just to get back at me for dating Sasuke-kun?"

"That's it! Listen forehead, I don't care if you are with Sasuke, Shino, Kiba or even lee for that matter, I've loved Naruto for years now but I never said anything because he loved you… but now he loves me!, no one asked for your opinion so keep it yourself". she scream back at her, not that I would blame her but I was taken aback. She'd loved me for years? How come I never realized this before?.

"Ino" I said shocked for tow reasons, the first I was shock to hear that confession and second of all because they have never screamed at each other like that before. It was always friendly completion but now I could tell Ino was pissed.

"No Naruto it's not okay, if you let her trash you like this for years I wont stand let it keep happening" she said to me but then she pointed a finger at Sakura. Venom dripping from her voice "and if you ever even think to put a finger on him I will personally kick your sorry excuse for an ass until next year got it? And if you are implying that I don't love him and this all a joke just to get Sasuke's attention then you are no longer my friend, a fellow shinobi or even a person to me, got it?"

It was said in the creepiest scariest voice I've ever hear coming out of her mouth, really, I was totally dumbfounded and amazed at this girl. This lovely, gorgeous, beautiful girl. And she was all mine. God I love bossy and scary woman, it was such a turn on.

I pushed away those thoughts when I hear Sakura say "How can you say something like that?, how can you end our friendship over something like that?"

"You end it for something that wasn't even true to begin with the first time" said Ino in a defeated tone "it was just a rumor, now I got a good reason, how would you feel if I say that you're with Sasuke just to get back at me? And just to prove you win?" she asked crossing her arms in front of her chest a cocky eyebrow raised, begging her to disagree.

"That's not the same! I love Sasuke-kun" Sakura defended herself.

"and I love Naruto, now can I enjoy my dinner or do you have another question?"

I saw Sakura lower her eyes and give a sigh, I really felt bad, but angry at the same time. wasn't she supposed to feel happy for me? I was out of her hair as she put it. I wouldn't be chasing after her again, or pestering about dates or anything. Which was good right?. Aaahrg it was all just too confusing… I don't think I'll never understand girls. Really.

"Let's go Sasuke-kun"

Sakura stood up from the bar stool and started walking away.

"Sorry dude, I'll talk to her…" he started saying as he left enough money on the counter. But I wave at him stopping him

"don't worry teme, she'll get over it" I grinned at him and he smirked back.

"Good night Ino-san, Usuratonkachi" he gave a two finger salute as he exited the shop.

"Hey Sasuke!" I heard the blond girl next to me turn around and yell at my teammate. "Cut the formality we're friends now, call me Ino, just Ino" and I grinned at her.

"Man she's great, too bad you let her go teme!" I thought as I put my arms around her shoulders in a semi hug.

"Ok Ino, see ya' around" the raven finally said as he walked towards a fuming Sakura.

"I'm sorry for yelling at her, it's just… I can't believe she said all those things" she mumbled into my neck as she lazy rested her head against my shoulder.

"I told you this was going to happen" I said as I run my fingers through her silky hair.

"I know, but why did she had to say something like that, it's like she doesn't want us to be happy or something".

"I know Ino-chan, but that was the worst, because you care about her, and it hurts right now, but she'll get over it and we have to too" I tried to calm her a little.

"Yeah, you're right, but I can't get out of my mind that she wants you all to herself or something like that though"

"your orders are ready guys" Ayame said breaking the mood, and I could feel my mouth watering at the aroma that filled my nostrils.

"Thanks Ayame-chan".

As we both dig in, I couldn't help but think about what Ino had implied just now. She had to be kidding, there was no way Sakura had feelings for me when she finally had what she had chased after so long, I just had to resign myself that there will never be an us for Sakura and me, and even though it hurt, I couldn't compare it to what I felt about Ino.

They were just so different, but at the same time so similar.

And what was that all about ending their friendship the first time because of a rumor?. hadn't they fought about both liking Sasuke?

"Ino… why do you think she wants me?" I couldn't help but ask. Really, what was going on inside that little head of hers?.

"because when we were having lunch the other day she asked about you, and about why you hadn't asked her out or called her Sakura-chan recently like you used to do for kami know how long. She was even considering talking to you about it. But I said that she was being paranoid and that you just forgot, sometimes I felt like you were her back up plan or boy, whatever, if things with Sasuke didn't worked out you know?. Or maybe she really loves you and is using Sasuke to rub it my face" she answered playing with her noodles and looking intently at them as if they held the answer to some complex problem.

You know that sort of made sense. Why would she be hiding hooking up with Sasuke from me? It was like the golden ticket to get rid of me, but she never said anything. They never acted as a couple on missions, never shared a room in the inns we stayed at ether.

The silence was a little too much for Ino because she tried to light up the mood trying to coax me from my gloomy thought.

"Cant we just stop talking about forehead and enjoy our first date as a couple?" she smiled at me and all I could do was kiss her. I mean, I got the most amazing girl in all Konoha, who likes ramen, stands up for her loved ones, gorgeous, a badass kunoichi, who doesn't mind doing the dirty work, she's kind and good-hearted. but the best of all… was that she loves me. Me and not the hero, not the son of the fourth, not the Kyuubi container… just me, Naruto. And that was it.

And I love her for it.

"Sure… then as this is a date, do you want to go to the movies?

"Namikaze are you a mind reader?" she grinned at me, and I couldn't stop the grin that formed in mine.

"No, I just love that much" I said as I put down my fifth bowl down the counter.

"Did I told you today that I love you?"

"No, you haven't" I said mock pouting

"Because I do love you" she kissed me

"That's good to hear Hime" I said in between kisses and she giggle.

It's been the most amazing months of my life. Naruto is really something, and I'm so glad he's all mine. I couldn't help but reminiscence about all the time we had spend together. All the dates, the inside jokes, the way he hugs me, kiss me, smiles at me.

But now we are taking the big step.

He's meeting my parents tonight. And I can't help but laugh at his lost expression trying to find something to wear. He really is trying hard to impress my dad. And I don't know why he is so nervous. It's not as if my dad will kill him or something like that.

We haven't even done it yet, and it's such a shame… all I've being thinking about at night is how hard I would claw his back as he marks my body with his lips for all the world to see.

And I sometimes find myself licking my lips as I watch him take a gulp of water as we take a break from training. Or stop my dirty thoughts as I watch him flex his muscles, or keep my mouth from watering at the sight of his sweat glistening rock hard chest and abs, or how good it would feel to have him hovering above me, eyes dark and full of hunger and lust. Oh my! I'm doing it again.

But really, you would be too, with the hot guy I call boyfriend. I don't know how I hadn't jump him yet.

Oh, right, every time we start something more intimate there's always someone bothering us. Be it a mission, or Sasuke, or Kakashi, or Shikamaru, or my mom… that is actually a funny story… but anyways I'm off track, were was I?… oh right meet the girlfriend's dad.

"Naru, please stop pacing you're making my head spin"

"Sorry hime, it's just… your dad is REALLY scary, he's the head of the TI department, and he makes criminals cry for their mommy! And I'm about to go to the wolf's den and ask… err meet him for the first time and all" he finished off lamely rubbing the back of his head.

And I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Naruto are you kidding me?, you've fought the fucking Akatsuki almost all by yourself and you're afraid of my old man?; oh that's rich, ahahaha"

He turns beet red, and I couldn't stop the laughter that erupted inside me at the sight.

"Hahahahahaha" I was clutching my stomach so hard that I think it will bruise, but Oh my god! It was just too funny.

He was pouting, seriously pouting, and I was finally controlling my laugh. But one look and I started again.

"Iiiinooooo stop laughing and help me please!"

"Haha ok, haha… ok, ok, I'm done haha"

I kept snickering, but got up from his bed and walked over to the closet. I begin to fumble and move all the clothes inside, until I found some tight black jeans and a dark blue t-shirt followed by a white buttoned shirt but left open so that the leaf symbol was on display. A white belt, and a leather jacket.

I could already picture it, total bad boy look.

"Come on, put this on, and hurry, my mom said seven and it's already five thirty, I'm gonna go, and see if mom needs some help with dinner, are you going to be ok?"

"Yeah, yeah, I got!, see you at seven" he said as he began his trekking towards the bathroom. Clothes in hand, but he paused mid-step, and walk back.

I grinned at him

"See ya hime" he said and bend down to peck me.

"Don't be late, or else…" I said, my eyes narrowed but the grin was still firmly press on my lips.

"Yeah, yeah… go now before I kidnap you, and never ever let you see the outside again"

"Oooh wouldn't you love that, pervert"

"Are you testing me hime, because if I do, I don't care who comes knocking down this door, I won't stop next time"

That statement send a pleasure shiver running down my spine.

"Ok, ok, I'll go" I said as I walked out his bedroom and I was out the door before he could even blink.

God how I wish he would make that statement true. Seriously, if we are interrupted one more time I won't be held responsible for the spilled blood.

I sprinted to my house. A happy skip in my steps. Everything was going so well. My mom loved him. And was secretly planning the wedding. Not that I minded that. But we've been together just a couple of months. But my mom keeps saying

"Ino, a shinobi's life is a short one. Live it to the fullest while you can".

And I totally get what she's saying. And I see it every time I walk past Kurenai's place and see the little boy playing outside.

In a shinobi's life, everything is possible, anything could and will happen, so you just have to make the most of it.

Naruto knocked at seven sharp. And I was at the door before the bell stopped ringing. I gave him a heart-stopping smile just to encourage him. I knew he was nervous but I really meant what I said to him at his apartment earlier. My dad wasn't that scary… really!. He just wants what's best for me. And that just happens to be the blond in front of me.

It was a peaceful dinner. I could tell Naruto beginning to loosen up after the first bite. It made me sad and happy at the same time.

It was probably the first time he had a meal made by a mother. Of course, he could cook, and occasionally I'd prepare him a bento too. But you can't beat a mother's touch when it comes to cooking, and my mom was the best.

I could see it in his glazed eyes that he was thinking about his own mother. I wish I could have meet her. I bet she would have been a great mom.

I put my hand on his knee under the table and gave him a comforting squeeze. He turned to look at me and I smile a secret smile saying to him with my eyes "I know what you're thinking and it's ok to be sad. But know that I'm here".

He smiled in returned and I caught a knowing glance from mom, and I knew she was thinking along the same lines. Sometimes I think my mom is physic. She always knows what everybody is thinking and feeling. At first, it unnerved me. But know I know it's what all mothers have. Mother instinct or something like that because she wasn't a Yamanaka by blood.

After dinner, I helped mom cleaning the table and drying the dishes.

"You should bring him more often" I heard her say as she washed away a bowl.

"Yeah, I know. And I will" I smiled at her.

Before we could continue. We heard an excited yell, and what probably freak me out the most was that it was coming from my dad.

What the HELL!

We practically raced to the living room, and what we found was something that had me go into a fit of laughter that I thought I would die from.

My dad was jumping around the living room. Laughing and shouting something about honor and happy and family.

Naruto in his arms was a little green, but he had the biggest shittiest smile I have ever seen on his face.

My mom who wasn't laughing her ass off caught what my father was saying and started to jump too. But I was a little out of it so don't blame me.

After everybody calmed down, my mom brought the sake out, and I was outright blinking confusedly.

What were we celebrating?

Ino looked so adorable all confused, and I was actually glad. Because it would have ruined everything I had planned for later.

So after dinner, I took Inoichi to the living room, and I easily got into the conversation I was trying to put out there to ask what I had in mind since about two weeks ago. I was so nervous. It was a big step the one I was about to make. But it would be worth it.

It was actually in a mission that I thought about this possibility.

We were in a miner town. All kinds of jewelry were being sold, and Sasuke needed someone to go with him for a present he wanted to give Sakura for some anniversary or something. I really wasn't paying attention.

We were looking around when I found a ring. It was a simple silver band with the prettiest blue stones I've seen. They were five stones lined up in the center of the band. It was tasteful and not over the top. And in that instant, and on impulse. I went inside the shop and bought it.

Sasuke just looked at me like I was crazy, which I probably was. But I shrugged at him anyway. It wasn't any of his business.

He seemed to understand because he kept walking and looking for whatever it was that he was going to buy.

What the hell had made me buy this thing? I thought once we were back at the inn.

Was I really ready for the next step?. I know we haven't being dating for long. But I can't help but want her by my side all the time. Have a home with her to come back to. Her face be the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I see at night.

I want her to be mine, and only mine. I want her to be forever in my life. I want to grow old with her, but I know that would probably never be. But I want it. So badly I think unconsciously I made the decision.

How can I make her mine?. How he asks? How about by marrying her you stupid boy. And there you have it. I got the ring. And its weight has being inside my pocket ever since.

But now I need to ask her dad if I could have her. And I'm really hoping that he says yes because I would die if he didn't… or kidnap her and flee the village. Screw being Hokage if I can't have her. That's how far I would go to be with her. She's everything to me. And I just hope I'm everything to her as well.

So I take I deep breath and start.

"So, Yamanaka-san.." but I'm cut out in the middle.

"Inoichi, Naruto just Inoichi"

"Ah… Inoichi, sir. I know that you've only just met me and all, but I got something I would like to ask you, if that's ok?" I said all in one go. My courage was slowly crumbling. All I have left is my resolve.

I love her. She loves me.

"Naruto, I know more about you that you'd think. But it's ok son. Ask away" he said mysteriously and a shiver run down my spine.

See? How could I not be nervous? He could probably mind-read me right now and know all the dark, deep secrets I've kept from everyone. Even the ones involving his daughter in very compromising positions and places.

"Ah… I-I was *ahem* err… wondering if you would, could, want, ah ha-ha" 'ok Naruto deep breaths, deep breaths'. I thought trying to calm my nerves

"*ahem* ok, here it goes. Could I marry your daughter?" I closed my eyes at the last part, I didn't want to see his reaction. I couldn't.

I know I'm a supposed hero now. But I don't want to know if Inoichi thinks of me as a demon too, despite all I've done for the village.

I waited with hold breath for his response. A pin could have dropped and the sound would have been deafening. I didn't opened my eyes until I felt arms wrap around me. And I almost screamed.

An almost very manly scream I might add.

But before I could comprehend what the hell was going on. I had the man suffocating me, because really? Was he trying to kill me! This wasn't a hug!.

"Oh my boy!, of course you can! It would be a honor to have you as my son-in-law. Man your father would be beside himself if he knew…" and he kept talking to himself as he spun me around the living room. Everything was growing kind of fuzzy after a couple of rounds

I could see two blurs standing on a door one laughing the other jumping like the maniac who had me in his powerful grip.

I think I'm going to pass out. Or throw up. Which ever comes first.

Ino's mom pried me from the jumping lunatic and hugged me just as fiercely but not as bone cracking as her husband.

She smiled at me tenderly like all mothers do. And I returned it with one of my own. Cause from now on, and if Ino said yes, she would be my mom too.

"Oh Naruto I'm so happy!, I know you're going to make my daughter very happy. Oh lord we have to celebrate this is huge!" she let go of me and went about looking for the sake to toast or whatever. And finally my eyes found her. And she was clutching her stomach, tears falling from her eyes as she laughed.

It probably looked funny but it totally wasn't I could have die from that hug. So that made me frown. But as her laugher died and she looked around, a cute confused looked came over her face and my frown disappeared almost instantly.

What kind of power did she have on me that I couldn't even stay mad at her for more than 3 seconds?

Ah right. Love.

"what are we celebrating?" she asked.

"Ino. Can I talk to you?" I said before I lost my nerve.

She looked at me confused, I know I would be in her shoes. "Sure"

I took her outside. At the back yard, it really was beautiful a perfect place for what I'm about to do.

"Naru, what were you going to ask me"

"I have something really important that I want to ask you, and I need an answer now"

I could tell she was nervous and worried, but she didn't need to be. It wasn't like I was trying to break up with her or something.

"Al-alright, what is it?" she closed her eyes. And now I knew she was thinking the worst was about to come.

I laughed in my mind. She was such a pessimist. Always barricading her heart before anything happen. Just like the time at that mission.

I smirked and got down on one knee. She couldn't see it. And I let my grin grew.

I took the little black box out of my pocket. And put it on my hand, I opened it and admired it again. It was perfect. elegant, intricate, gorgeous, sexy. It practically scream Ino.

"Ino. I know we haven't being together for long. But I feel like I've known you all my life. You were a really good friend when I needed one, and an even better girlfriend, but unfortunately I don't want to keep being you boyfriend" I said all this in one go and I could tell the last statement will make her open her eyes and see me and I smiled.

"Whaa…" the yell died in her throat as she looked at me. Her eyes growing larger as she took a look at what was in my hand.

"Is that… is that what I-I- think it i-is" her voice shaky as she finished the last word. And I nodded

"Yes it is… Ino I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore. I want to be you husband. Love, will you marry me" I looked up at her glistening eyes.

"Oooooh! That's so romantic! Why didn't you ask me to marry you like that Inoichi!"

"Honey, Put that down… Honey!" we heard the yell from inside the house and it made us smile.

"Yes, yes, yes I'll marry you baka!" she said hugging me and kissing me all over, and I tried to pry her off of me so I could put the damn ring in her finger. When I finally managed it she was transfixed.

"It's beautiful, were did you got it?"

"Somewhere, do you like it?"

"I love it" we heard some chairs falling and yells and I sweat dropped, maybe I shouldn't have been afraid of Ino's dad, but instead I should be afraid of her mom.

"So… I think we should probably save your dad"

"Nah, let him suffer a little longer. And you mister. I cant believe you! you almost crushed me when you said that you didn't want to be my boyfriend anymore. I was this close to break your nose" she said putting her pointer and thumb in front of my face with a hair's length in between them.

"I knew you were going to react that way"


"but you love me"

"I know. What did I do in my past life to deserve this" she said looking at the sky, like it would give her an answer.

"I don't know. But I'm grateful" I said kissing the pulse point fluttering in her neck.

"Idiot". was her breathy response and I knew that neither of us were going to continue holding out for long the lust and want beginning to surface like every time I hold her in my arms and kiss her silly.

"My place?" I asked against her ear, my hot breath making her shiver on the cold night.

"Yes, now!" she said as she gripped my shoulders and wrapped her legs around me.

A quick hand-sign later and I was pushing her back against my bedroom wall.

It was cold, and hot, my back was against the rough wall. My eyes half lidded as I looked at the equally aroused man in front of me.

Yes man, because right now, he doesn't look like a boy, or a teenager. He's all man. And I love every second of it.

He's kissing and licking the pulse fluttering wildly on my neck. And I can't help but let out a low moan at the attention he's giving me.

My fingers are perched in his blond locks as my hips rolled looking for that wonderful friction that only he can give me. A little lower… and… oh damn there it is.

"Too many clothes" he says as he begins to fumble with the buttons of my shirt as I pull on his white shirt. He moves and he's kissing me stupid just as every time he covers my mouth with his.

he lowers my legs to the ground but put a knee in between my legs for me to keep the delicious friction going.

I pull at his t-shirt as he finally opens mine. And I can feel the burn from his heated stare.

I know I'm not as well endowed as Hinata, but at least I'm not a board either like Sakura. I can't help but think if he likes girls who don't have as much as I do. Not that mine are much I'm just in between b and c cup, but Sakura is barely b. whereas Hinata is like D or something, I don't know how she doesn't have back problems by now…

My rambling suddenly stops as he kisses me again. His hot tong licking my lower lip asking for entrance which I gladly allowed. He tastes like the desert we had.

I moaned into the kiss as I feel something hot and hard brush against my hipbone. My hand finds that expand of hot and hard skin that is Naruto' back.

Soft and hard. I love to run my hand on his body. Be it his back, his chest or his abs. I let my fingers travel and finally and gently brush against his lower stomach, just above the jeans he's wearing. Teasingly, and I can feel how he shivers from the touch. And I grew bold. I tickle the blond hairs that goes from his belly button towards the end of his boxers over and over again. And I hear him shakily exhale through his nose.

"Stop it" he says, his voice low and sexy, commanding and the hairs on my arms are standing. He rolls his hips and his knee brushes against me again, and I throw my head back as pleasure erupts from between my legs.

"Mmm" is all I respond.

His hands are wandering all over me, and I just make my grip firmer at his sides.

My head is spinning as he leisurely kisses me from my ear, to my neck to my jaw, down in between my breast. And I look down. God I want him so bad. He moves his hand up, touching my back until he's trying to unclip my bra. I arch my back to help him. A quick tug and it's off.

His hand. Hot calloused hands caress my skin until he cups me. A gentle squeeze and I suck in a breath.

"You're perfect" he says.

I blush, but not a word passes my swollen lips as he continues to caress my breasts.

We continue to grind against each other, so good. My mind cant form thoughts and I'm sweep away from reality, I don't know what time it is, where we are, all I can see its him, all I can feel it's him.

I only come back to earth as my back hit's the bed. I blink the fog of lust from my eyes. Shit, we're really doing this are we?.

I push myself up with my elbows supporting me as I watch my boyfriend fumble through his drawer. I quirk an eyebrow, what is he doing?.

He mumbles something that sound like "Where the hell did I put them?", and "I know I put them I here" and I softly sigh. I really want him to hurry up, it's getting cold without his warm body next to mine.

I close my eyes my body still humming from the attention given to me by his hand and lips, I can still practically feel him above me, touching me, kissing me…

"Aha!" he cheers as he found whatever he's looking for. He turns back to me and I hungrily eye him.

His tussled hair, his powerful shoulders, how his pecks and abs flex with every step he takes back, and I unconsciously rub my thighs together.

He slowly, deliberately crawls the bed until his above me again. I locked eyes with him. I can never get enough of his eyes, how the shift color with every emotion he feels, from clear sky blue when he's happy or dark blue when he's alone with me like this, eyes full of lust and want and love… or ice cold blue when he fights or is mad or angry. And every time I see those orbs I get so lost in them, they suck me in and I'm helpless as I read each and every emotion reflected in there. And now they tell me he wants me, and I'm all too eager to comply to those wishes cause I can see the same want reflected in mine.

He brushes the hair out of my face and kisses me deeply. I close my eyes in bliss. His tong lightly flicks my bottom lip and my tong comes out to play with his.

His hands once again travel the planes of my body, slowly, torturously slow, his fingers dance across my ribs to my bellybutton and back up my ribs to cup my breast once again, and I gasp as he pinches one nipple lightly, it send a jolt of pleasure down my back. It made my hips lift onto his to get some friction going down there and he growls as my clothed sex brushes against his hard one.

I love the sound he makes when we fool around, but now it's the real deal. I don't think even and invasion can stop us. Months of sexual tension, of heavy petting but no relief achieved can do that to a person.

As our intimate parts brushed once again I can feel my panties are stinking there and the feel kind of wet… I blush.

Ok I know I'm overreacting a bit, yes I've touched myself and all, but this is new, I've never done this kind of thing with anybody, not even for a mission. Sure I'd had to flirt and serve as geisha and all that, but I've never being naked in front of a man before… well my dad when I was little, but that doesn't count.

I'm nervous, but I know that if I say stop, he'll stop. But I don't want that.

I want him, I want him so much that I'll swallow my nerves and keep going…

He pecks my lips one more time before he slowly makes his way towards one pink nipple and puts it in his mouth.

All my mussing stops once again as I'm assaulted with a pleasure jolt as he sucks and lightly bites me. I let out moan just so he knows that he needs to keep doing that. And he does.

He sucks and nips and pinches and grinds against me, and I'm breathless. My hands grabs his head and keeps him grounded there.

I watch transfixed as his eyes close in pleasure, as his lips and tong caress me.

A few more flicks and kisses and one of his hands travels lower, and I'm too far gone in the sensations to notices, but when one of his fingers presses against my folds I'm jolted back by another pleasure wave that makes me open my eyes.

His fingers feel so much better than my own I cant help but think.

I feel his breath on my chest. His finger moving up and down my now wet underwear and his light humping on my leg. And I let out a moan as his fingers brush aside my skirt and panties and continues to move up and down.

"You're so wet" he said huskily I let out another moan as his fingers brush against something.

"Naruto… hmm, feels so good" I say as he brushes once again against that something that send goosebumps all over my body

"Lift your hips Hime" he said against my ear. Hot breath, low tone, God, how could have I waited so long for this.

I do as he says and he pulls my skirt and panties down my legs.

I lay there flustered, blushing, breathless and horny… 5 minutes and I'm a mess.

My hair is all tussled and out of it's usual ponytail, I feel hot and I'm starting to sweat a little bit.

He once again lays above me, one arm bend next to me as the other one caress my side.

"Are you sure you want to do this"

"Yes… " I say and roll over him so I'm on top. My hands wanderer around his powerful frame.

I kiss him, our tongs dancing against each other. His hands found my breast once again and I ground myself against his crotch. He thrust upwards and I feel him pulse through his jeans, the rough fabric rubs against me and I hiss.

"pants… off" I say between kisses. He lets go and fumbles with his belt and button. I pull up making it easier for him to get it off.

A few groans and awkward pulls later the jeans are off and I lower myself again. "Aah much better" I sigh in bliss. He groans back as my wet folds touch his hard dick though his boxers.

"Ino.." he growls at the back of his throat as I grind against him fully, my hands on his abs as I move up and down on him. His hands grips my hips. I through my head back as pleasure consume my senses. I'm panting and moaning above him. I'm pretty sure I would have cum right there if I keep up the pace. But he stopped me as he flipped us once again.

His eyes are dark and I felt a shiver dance across my body as he looked at me like a jungle cat ready to pounce. He lowers himself once again one hand gabs my hair and bares my neck to him and he happily goes after it, sucking, kissing, nipping, licking… and I do the same to his neck only for the action to muffle some of the sounds I made as his other hand cups me in between my legs.

I gasped as one finger enters me. I feel him shudder and growl in my ear, unconsciously I flex my legs and he exhales loudly, like he's trying to contain himself, but I'm too far gone to notice.

"You're so tight, and wet, and beautiful…" each word accentuated by a thrust of his fingers in me and I moan in response.

In and out, in and out… it's driving me crazy and once I've adjusted to just one finger I crave more… I whined when he stopped, only to have another one join inside me.

I move my hips in sync with his movements trying to get more pleasure and I feel him flex his hips against my leg too.

"More Naruto… I need you in me now" I said in his ear, half whisper, half moan.

"ok" he pull his fingers out of me and I moan in protest at losing those talented fingers filling me up over and over again.

I opened my eyes to see him focused on a square package, tearing it with his teeth and pulling the rubber out. I gulped… so this was it huh…

He pulled down his boxers and what I saw almost made back down…

He was huge! Noting compared to what I felt earlier. I don't know how it could all fit in me

He looks up and saw the panic in my eyes, the corner of lips pull down. He frown

"are you ok? Do you want to continue?" he ask seriously his voice husky laced with lust and want.

I looked up at him and then back down.

Yes I mentally said. I would do it. I wanted to do it.

"yes" I said and pull myself up, I put my hand on his chest, his heart was pumping fast, his breathing shallow, like he's run a marathon, and I realized he was as nervous as I was.

I smiled at him and brushed my lips to his. "yes I want you, I'm just nervous that's all. But I really want you to make yours" I said trying to convey all my feelings into that one sentence.

He nodded and put the condom on him. "do you want to be on top?" he asked looking at me

"hmm I don't know" I said blushing.

"that way you're in control, and you could set the pace, or you could be laying down, but I thought the other way would be better cause if it hurts to much you could just stop and…" I kissed him. He was always so thoughtful, always trying to make me feel better.

"I love you" I said.

He smiled " I love you too"

I pushed him down and took a breath. This was it.

I crawled up on top of him and looked directly into his eyes. All I could see was love and it made me feel all warm inside.

I grabs him and directed him to my entrance, I bit my lip in apprehension but as I took one look at his face and saw him frown in pleasure I knew I could do this.

I rub him against my folds trying to find the best way to 'stick it in', until I felt him thrust upwards and the breath was knock out of me. Oh my god! It was in.

I exhale loudly, and began to lower myself on his shaft. I heard him take in a sharp breath as I lower more. It didn't hurt, it just stung a bit. I moved up this time and down again, trying to get accustomed to his length. I moaned as I felt him enter me a bit more, my hands grabbing the sheets I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. One pull up, and then I let myself fall fully on his lap.

I gave a silent scream as I felt him fully inside me, I lowered myself on top of him, panting. God it stung, and it felt weird, but not as much as I thought it would. He grabbed my hips hard to keep me there, not moving an inch, we simply lay there for like a minute.

I could hear how fast his heart was beating, how he pulsed inside me.

"Are you alright?" he asked concerned.

"yeah, it doesn't hurt as much as I thought, just wait a sec" I mumbled to his chest.

I felt him chuckle. It vibrated inside his chest and it made me happy.

This incredible boy, was going to be my husband, the partner I'll always have beside me. The one I could always count on. And he would be the father to my children. I almost cried as all the emotions I was feeling came bubbling to the surface but I put a stop to them, all I wanted was to be like this with him forever.

I felt him move a little and I gasped as it send a shiver up my spine. I pulled up from where I was laying to look at his eyes. He locked eyes with me and lean up to kiss me and I moan as he rubbed something inside that me hot all over again.

"Can I move now?" he asked

"yee-eah" I replay

"Good" he growled as his grips on my hips hardened and he lift me up and then brought me down against him.

Oh God! Oh god!. It felt soooo goood, was all my mind could conjure up at this moment.

I rolled my hips trying to get more of that friction that always drove me mad.

He kept kissing me and touching me, but I was too lost on the pleasure to ponder on anything else besides move my hips up and down that hard hot dick.

He was mumbling on my ear, I couldn't quite catch what he was saying but I did remember something alone the lines of "So hot", "so tight" "fuck" and some other things I was probably saying too.

I kept the slow pace until I felt myself brush against something that made me shiver deliciously

"There… don't stop, hit that again" I moaned as he kept brushing that spot time and time again.

"Ghnah! God Ino you're so fucking hot"

I couldn't even form a coherent thought to replay to him.

I could feel something was building up inside me. I speed up my hips, wet sound, skin slapping against skin and moans fill up the room. I was so close and I felt that if I stopped now that wonderful feeling would go away.

I was biting my lip so hard to stop the sound I was making at that moment. But as he grabbed one of my breast in his warm hand and suck the other one hard I let a loud moan escape as I felt the burning inside me explode and I was caught up in all the sensations running up and down me. I shivered and cum. My head thrown back. I arched my back and stilled as I saw the world fade for moment.

I could feel him moving inside me slowly, allowing my orgasm to prolong a little more until I collapse on him. All sweaty and panting, but he didn't say anything just held me. A few moments and I was able to speak again.

"wow" was my first eloquent word after my orgasm high was over. He chuckled. And rolled us over.

I opened my eyes. He was breathing hard and sweating too. But he was still hard. Thrusting leisurely inside me still.

I kissed him. Running my finger through his hair. It was messy and damp with sweat, but I didn't care.

"Harder" I whispered into his lips and he hummed in response but complied anyway.

Pulling out almost all the way to go back in. it felt even better than me on top. He could reach much deeper, besides I was exhausted. who knew it was so exhausting being on top?

I flicked my tong in his ear and he groaned. Thrusting harder into me, faster.

"you looked so hot as you cum" he said huskily. And grabbed one of my leg to throw on his shoulder to get even deeper inside me.

"Oh god" I said. Trying to mach his powerful and fast movements.

I could see his abs flexing with each thrust. How he closed his eyes in pleasure every time he was inside again.

I reach up to lick a bead of swear that was rolling down his shoulder. I didn't mind. I wanted to taste him completely. Kiss every part of him until I knew which part made him squirm and all. But as he continue his hard pace I couldn't really explore much.

He lean down to kiss me and I felt it again, that burning sensation inside.

"Naruto… there… Nnh… Faster!" I said to him in between kisses and moans.

He kept thrusting, faster and harder against that spot over and over again.

I was almost there, I could feel it, building inside. That white-hot flame that made me see stars. I was digging my nails on his back, leaving red marks against his skin. I felt the hairs in my arms rise as pleasure rushed through me I arched my back as I shuddered under him, moaning his name as I cum a second time. His hips jerked irregularly as he cum as well a low groan leaving his lips.

We stilled, both panting. Sweat drops falling from his exhausted form to mine. I opened my eyes as the white spots dancing in my vision faded. I hugged him tight against me. Not caring if I was sore or was uncomfortable at the moment. I didn't want to let him go.

"I love you" I whispered

"love you too" he said as he kissed me again. This time slowly. As if savoring me. I kissed him back with pouring all my heart in that kiss.

My eyes started to drop. Sleep finally reaching me.

I lifted my hand from his back to gaze at the gorgeous ring he'd giving me s few hours before. I felt warm and giddy all over again.

"it's truly beautiful" I said admiring how the stones shone in the moonlight.

"Not as much as you" he said yawning.

I giggled he was so cute.

He got up to throw away the used condom. I sighed again. Who could have thought that bad day could have lead to all this happiness.

I snuggled deeper under the covers of his bed. It reeks of sex and his scent. But she was just to tired to bother changing the sheets.

She felt the bed dip when he laid down too. But didn't turned around. She was sooo comfortable. But when she felt him hug her from behind all she did was sigh. She could get used to this… he kiss her bare back and put his arm around her waist.

"Night Yamanaka" he murmured against her skin

"Night Namikaze" she whispered back.

It was morning, the bird were chirping and the sun was hitting his face. He screw his eyes and turned around to try and keep sleeping. But I would be for much longer.

He heard a giggle coming from the other side of the door. And he feign sleep.

Two sets of feet were coming his way and he almost smiled, but he had to keep his charade

"Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday dear Daddy… happy birthday to you~" sang two voices and he grinned in his feign sleep until…

"Oaf!" he groaned as he felt a light weight on his stomach

"Daddy, daddy! Wake up! Mommy made a cake! You have to get up cause she said I couldn't have any until you got up!" whined the little girl bouncing on top of him.

"zuka-chan, dad wont get up if you keep jumping on top of him, come on old man I have to get to the academy, I don't want to be late!" came the bored tone of the other occupant of the room.

"Kyaaa" yelled the little girl as he tickle her to death. "Sto… hahaha..Stop it Daahahaa, daddy!"

"Come on… I'm lateeee! Get up old man!"

"Hahaha, ok, ok I'm up" said the blond adult as he put the little blond girl on the ground.

"Good" said the little blond boy as he turned around and went to the kitchen to tell their mother the 'old man' was up.

As he threw the cover off of him al let out a yawn he felt something warm brush against his cheek. Blinking at the culprit he smiled at his daughter.

"What was that for baby?"

"It's my present for your birthday daddy!" she smiled happily at him.

He chuckled "Thanks baby, you've made your daddy very happy" he said as ruffled her hair.

She beamed at him as she grabbed his hands and tug him from bed. "Come on, come on, don't you want your cake?"

"Sure I do baby! You said your mom made it?" he asked as he was lead by the little girl all the way to the kitchen.

"yep and it's chocolate cake too!"

"Ooh" he let out and impressed voice as she said that.

As they got to the kitchen he saw his wife scolding his son and couldn't help but laugh at the boy helpless expression.

"What happened?" he asked confused.

"Your son here" she said pointing a finger at the boy in question "got a detention yesterday and you wanna know why he got one?" she asked a dangerous tone in her voice that send alarm bells inside his head. Oh boy what the hell had happened now?

"No I don't know" he said.

"Well I'll tell you, because you are the only one who could put such idea in his head" she said in a matter of fact tone of voice

"Hey!" came the indignant replay but it fell on def ears.

"You see Namikaze Naruto, your son, Got a detention because he did a certain jutsu that I TOLD you never to DO AGAIN!, remember now?" she yelled.

He gulped. "Ooohhhh that jutsu… wait, I haven't done it since like forever, and I would never let Minato learn it, even if it's a kage killer… but Ino I swear on my nindo that I've never taught it to him" he said sweating bullets. Ino had to believe him. Really it's just a stupid jutsu who only works on perverts, which is actually a large number of shinobi. But he had promised Ino that he wouldn't teach it to their children. He had even swear it on ramen!.


He thought hard… who else knew the juts- Ohhh that boy! He will pay… " I know who did it" he said a malevolent glint in his blue eyes that sent a chill running Ino's spine. She knew that look.

Minato was sweating bullets. He really didn't want to rat out uncle Konohamaru, but it was Minato's hide or his. Well he'll visit him at the graveyard anyway.

"Who?" she asked eyes narrowed

"Konohamaru" as he it he saw the same glint his eyes had in hers.

"He's dead! How dare he teach that perverted jutsu to my baby!" various plans begin to formulate inside her head. He could already see the outcome. And it wasn't pretty

"*BOOM*…Mommy can you kill uncle later I want cake!"

All three of them came back to earth and let their ideas rest for later. And they all sat down around the kitchen table to eat breakfast.

It was like any other day. Except it was his birthday. And there was cake. They all talked about what they were going to do in the day. Who was coming, who was going out and where.

As the kids left for school. Both adults continued sitting in the kitchen mussing about their lives.

"Did you ever thought, that we would have end up like this?" she asked him

He had pretty much thought about having a family of his own all his life. But his dreams usually had a pink haired wife, but after that awful day the wife became blond instead…

"I've always dream of having a family of my own… and since that day I thought if I had one it would be with you by my side, like you'd always been but I was too stupid to see it" he flashed her a smile and she blushed.

She was still the insecure girl when it came to him. Probably because she spend years pinning after him without him even noticed. But once he did. He didn't ever let her go.

"Did I ever told you that I feel like the luckiest man on the earth?" he said as he sat down on the couch

"I think so" she said slyly as she came up to him

"Well it's all because of you really. And that smile that made the worst of my days, the happiest one of my life by the end of that day" he said pulling her to him. She was sitting on his lap

"Aw that's so sweet Namikaze" she cooed at him.

"And you love me for it" he said as he kissed her.

"I've love you for a very long time" she breathed against his lips.

"Hmm and I'm glad for it" he said as he kissed her again.

The End

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