Title: Gemma and The Hallway Hands
Pairing,Character(s): Kurt/Puck, Gemma (OC)
Rating: PG for language.(this part)
Word Count:1200ish words
Spoilers: Season One.
Genre: Romance/Slight Angst/Dashes of Fluff
Warnings: Talk of bullying.
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Don't rub it in okay. I'm still in the depression stage.
Summary: McKinley High gets a new school nurse and she takes special notice of one Noah Puckerman... Get your mind out of the gutter... not that kind of notice.



If you asked anyone who knew him or knew of him the consensus was Noah Eli Puckerman was a badass. Most of the teacher would say he's a punk on a one way track to prison or the local steel mill. The cheerleaders would say he's a walking STD factory waiting to happen but wouldn't be able to say that they hadn't taken their turn on him. The cougars would say he's just that nice boy that cleans their pools but their blush and their inability to meet your eye when saying it would give them away. His mother would say that boy would be the death of her and how hard could it be to find a nice Jewish girl to settle down with. His baby sister would say he was a pain in the ass that would torture her but if anyone else tried he was her knight in shinning armor. Kurt Hummel would tell you that he was the shining example of everything he shouldn't want but couldn't help wanting anyway. Before the Gemma no one ever asked him who he thought he was. Or why he never wanted to set foot in that math room.



When Gemma saw the job posting for a school nurse she felt like she had won the lottery. Just out of nursing school and this sweet position was up for grabs. Her fellow classmates used to talk about how getting a school nurse position was a guaranteed life long job. They reasoned that no matter how much the budget got cut, they would never get rid of the person paid to fix up the bullied kids before sending them home to their unsuspecting parents. She spent her fair share of time in the nurses office during her high school career. Split lips, black eyes and deeply gouged scratch marks sent her there almost daily. Being a openly outspoken queer girl in a small village did not prove to be the way to climb the social ladder. But she had managed to get out of that small little piece of hell, only to find in a slightly bigger version fifty miles down the highway.

The principal clearly cannot see past her tits and gives her the job without even asking to see her certificate or any references. He hands her the orientation package and sends her to explore the halls on her own while a curled hair man-child and scary blonde woman storm in complaining about something called glee. Whatever the hell that is.

She's only about five minutes into her posting when she's called into action. A smaller boy is jammed hard against the lockers by a jock-looking asshole and even from five feet away she can see the tears welling in his eyes and blood filling his mouth. Fuck., the poor kid bit his tongue.

"Hey sweets, you okay?"

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Gemma. Just got hired as the school nurse and you look like you need some help."

"I'm sorry to pull you away from someone who actually needs it but I'm fine."

"Yeah that what I used to say too." Gemma said, lifting up the corner of her shirt to expose the mildest of her scars. Four jagged lines running horizontally across her stomach. They had been there so long that the angry red had faded to white. You really could only see them if you knew where to look but she could feel them with every step."Besides you don't want to get blood on any piece of Marc Jacobs' newest collection." She took advantage of his silence to hook her arm around the one of his that wasn't pressing against his lip.

"What's your name, kiddo?"

'Kurt. My name's Kurt Hummel."

"Well Kurt Hummel, why don't you show me where I'm going to be spending the rest of my life languishing? Which way to my office?"

A slender finger points in the direction of the football players and Gemma sees the hesitance to follow her there.

"Well, I bet you have this place wired. How do we get there without passing those jackasses?" As she hooked her thumb towards Darwin's theory personified.

This cute Kurt kid just smiled. Even with blood in his mouth he pulled off adorable like nobody's business. He turned her around and sauntered down the hall in the opposite direction. His hip bouncing off of hers forcing her to walk just as fiercely.



Her first official day on duty is the following Monday and that is the day when she meets Noah Puckerman for the first time. Part of her wishes he was two years old and another part recognizes something in him that she saw looking into the mirror for the first fifteen years of her life. He's certainly not gay but he sure isn't the straightest arrow in the quiver either. She'd guess he'd but the B in bisexual or the Q in queer like her. From the lines etched in his forehead, the dark circles under his eyes and the stories she's heard from that Kurt kid, she'd also guess that he has no idea what to do with what he's feeling. Never mind going the last step of accepting who he actually is. With one look this kid becomes her pet project. She isn't sure how she's going to see him on a regular basis but if she can help this kid then her time in Lima will be worth it. What she doesn't know is that Noah Puckerman will make it easy for her, at least a first.

She actually buys the whole headache thing until the next day when he shows up at the same time with the same ailment. She indulges him until the following Monday. Just as his head hits the pillow he is hauled up sharply by his ear. His yelp makes her smile.

"What the fuck lady? You can't get away with that kinda shit."

"Do you really think that Figgins is gonna give a shit about what I do to you after I wear a low cut top into that grievance meeting? Doubtful. Now listen, I'll let you skip as much as you want in here. But you can't sleep. You're gonna talk to me about this shit. Got it?"

"What shit? You're crazy, man."

"I want to talk to you about why you only skip that one class. About why people part when you walk down the hall but still give you the evil eye. And I want to talk about Kurt Hummel. If you can handle that you can stay here whenever you want."

Noah Puckerman gives her a long hard look before slamming out the door with a whispered, this place is so fucked. But Tuesday like clockwork a mohawked shadow darkens her door at 1:30pm.

"Well hello Noah Puckerman. Ready to talk?"

"My name's Puck."

"Have a seat, Noah."

"The name's Puck, lady."

"I'm not calling you that. Take a seat, Noah."

With a grimace on his face, Noah sat down.