Title: Gemma and The Hallway Hands (Part 14 of 14)


Pairing,Character(s): Kurt/Puck, Finn/Mercedes, Will/Gemma (OC)

Rating: PG-13 (this part)

Word Count: 1658 words

Spoilers: Season One.

Genre: Romance/Slight Angst/Dashes of Fluff

Warnings: het romance (see parings), character death(past).

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee.

Summary: McKinley High gets a new school nurse and she takes special notice of one Noah Puckerman... Get your mind out of the gutter... not that kind of notice.

AN: This is it folks. The end of the story that was only supposed to be a one-shot. Thank you to everyone who reviewed and went along for all my crazy twists. Also the song used in this chapter is the Matthew Good cover of "True Love Will Find You In The End"



Standing in Noah's room, Kurt is struck by how neat it is. No overflowing hampers. No ominous smells of unknown origin. Just pale blue walls slightly covered by random posters and a double bed draped in a blanket that he's pretty sure Mrs Puckerman made.

The whole room smells faintly like Irish spring and boy. It's a smell he could definitely get used to. The decadent silk blend of his suit seems to strangle him and he can't help but pull at his collar. Drawing in shuddering, quick breaths.

"Kurt, do you want one of my t-shirts? You look uncomfortable." When he saw Kurt's head move a fraction of an inch, he moved towards his closet. He pulled one of his old McKinley High t-shirts. Handing it to Kurt before turning to give him privacy. The rustle of Kurt's clothing hitting his bed was enough to send a rush of blood to Noah's cock and he fought to keep his eyes averted.

The soft clearing of Kurt's throat let him know it was okay for him to turn around. Even though it was a shirt that Noah had gotten before his last growth spurt, Kurt was still swimming in it. The tail of the shirt falling just shy of Kurt's knees and the loose neck causing a pale shoulder to peek out. Noah took a calming breath, pulling himself together.

"Kurt, why didn't you ever tell me your Jewish?" Noah's voice is hesitant and it causes Kurt to get defensive.

"I'm not ashamed of it, if that's what you're trying to say. It's just something that never came up. Just like me being gay, people just assumed what they wanted to. His last name is German. He must be a Christian. Or he's gay, so he must be a godless sodomite."

"Your mom?"

Kurt walked over to Noah's bed and pulled himself against the headboard. It forced his back ramrod straight and he drew his knees towards his chest, lacing his fingers over his knees.

"Yeah. I was one of the interfaith kids. My family had this weird hybrid of religions. We had Chrismukkah way before The OC."

When Noah eased himself down next to Kurt his voice got wistful.

"My mom was so beautiful. I used to sit in her lap for hours playing with long curly hair. She had these perfectly loose curls that I always wanted. I used to sneak my Grandma Hummel's rollers and try to get them but my hair would never hold the curl. She would just tell me that's how I was made and that I had to learn to love that about myself. I don't think she was talking entirely about my hair at that point."

Noah shot Kurt a small smile and Kurt seemed to be encouraged to continue. The story flowed out of Kurt like he'd been holding it in for years.

"We had the perfect life until I was just about to turn five. One night my dad woke me up late and told me that mama was in the hospital. He took me there without my shoes and all I could keep saying was that my feet were cold. He kind of snapped at me in the truck and then I just stayed quiet for the rest of the ride. I remember that I didn't like the way the hospital smelled and my feet were still cold. When we saw her I didn't know who she was at first. Her face didn't look the same but then I could smell her perfume and I knew it was her. She half-woke up for a minute and brushed my hair away from my face. She told me she always wanted hair like mine. Soft and straight. Then she got really still and closed her eyes. My dad took me outside and I waited for a long time in this really gross orange chair. When my dad finally came out he was crying. He said that some bad men made mama have an accident and that she had to go away and wasn't coming back. That was it. I never saw her again." Kurt's voice was shaking and he'd given up holding back the tears.

Dark patches littered the gray fabric of the t-shirt and Noah's hand was clinging to his like that simple grip would stop Kurt from completely falling apart. When Kurt finally braved a glance at Noah he saw the tears threatening to fall from his eyes and gently pressed the back of Noah's hand against his forehead.

"After the funeral we moved here and I didn't even really think about religion or god anymore. We stopped having Chrismukkah at all. I'd get a few gifts by my bed every year but that was it. We just stopped living for a long time. But then when I was twelve my bubbe practically steamrolled through the door. Screaming to high heaven that over her dead body would her only grandbaby not have a Bar Mitzvah. She made me take all the classes and learn everything. I hated her for it at first but somewhere along the way she started to tell me stories about my mom. I got to know her in a way I thought was lost to me forever. After that I started going to Temple with her every Saturday and on all the high holy days."

"Do you still go?"

"Oh yeah, never missed a day. It's the way I stay connected to the pieces of me that came from her. I can almost feel her when I'm there, you know. Plus that's pretty much the only time I see her side of the family. Most of them won't take the trip from Columbus. They don't like these kinds of small towns."

Noah could hear Kurt's voice lose steam and his head was lolling to the side, stopping to rest on Noah's shoulder. He eased them both down until they were horizontal on the bed. Warm puffs of breath hit Noah's neck as Kurt slept cuddled at his side. Watching the afternoon sun paint his bedroom walls he thought about a forever with Kurt.

The orange of sunset filled the room as Kurt stirred from his restless slumber. He heard Noah softly singing along with slow music and puttering around the room. He was just folding Kurt's crisp white shirt and hanging the jacket on a hanger when he saw that Kurt was awake.

"Hey, sleepyhead. How are you feeling?" Noah's tender voice sent a spark through Kurt.

"I'm really good. Thanks for this morning."

Noah just gave him a small shake of his head and turned to hang the jacket in his closet. Jumping slightly when he felt Kurt's hand rest against the small of his back. He turned quickly, catching Kurt around the waist. He started swaying slightly to the soft music in the background.

"Hey babe, do you think I could come with you to Columbus next weekend?"

Kurt pulled his head of Noah's shoulder and fixed him with a surprised glance.


"Yeah. I mean if that's okay with you. I'd really like to meet the famous Hannah Rossman. She sounds like a badass."

"Yes, of course. I'm sure she'd love to meet you too. I told her all about you." Kurt hid his blushing face in Noah neck and giggled as he finally heard what they were listening to.

"What are we listening to?"

"It's my Kurt playlist. A bunch of songs that remind me of you."

The song switched and after the first line Kurt couldn't help but press his lips to Noah's.

True love will find you in the end

He felt Noah smile into the kiss and he pulled back to run his hand down Noah's jaw. He seized Kurt around the waist and spun him around, singing the song into Kurt neck.

This is a promise with a catch
Only if you're looking can it find you
'Cause true love is searching too
But how can it recognize you
Unless you step out into the light?
Don't be sad I know you will
But don't give up until
True love will find you in the end

He saw something come alight in Kurt's eye. Noah thought Kurt was going to rest the palm of his hand to his cheek. Instead he gasped when shy, slender fingers grasped the tip of one of his new curls and lightly pulled. Noah felt Kurt giggle as it sprung back into place.

It was still his favorite sound in the entire world.



The Monday back from Spring Break saw Gemma watching the bustling hallway, from the doorway of her office. The afternoon crowd was always loud. Leaning against the door frame, she saw Will give her a shy wave before ducking into the Spanish room. Finn was kissing Mercedes against her locker until Sue grabbed him by the ear and berated him about hallway fornication.

She glanced at the clock and wondered if she'd see Noah for their daily talk. Glancing down the hallway she saw Kurt and Noah walking hand in hand towards the math room. She watched as Kurt quickly disappeared through the door and noticed Noah pause. He caught her gaze and gave her a soft smile of thanks. She ducked her head after he followed Kurt inside and fought back proud tears.

She had just reached her desk and wiped away a few stray tears when a familiar boy with a bloody nose came barreling through the door. Bitching about how a fag clocked him in the cafeteria. She tried to hide her smile behind her hand.

Mission One had been a verified success.

Mission Two was Dave Karofsky. Now that was a closet case if she ever saw one.

"Have a seat, David."