Darker Than Black: Moonlight's Return

(Kuro no Keiyakusha: Tsukiakari no Modori)

Darker Than Black and all characters therein belong to BONES and I'm just borrowing their likenesses for a wee bit just to appease my own sanity. This two part one-shot takes place just after the events of Season 2 Episode 12 as we see Hei carrying Yin off into the night. I'm not big into explaining big science-fictiony happenings so I'm going to gloss over what Hei actually did to the Gate and to Yin and Izanami so that I can get into the meat of matter which is Hei X Yin!

Yin was feather-light in his arms; her slight form almost imperceptible if not for the softness of her silvery hair brushing against him as he carried her. The only thing weighing heavily upon him was the doubt now rising in him like bile. Had he done the right thing? Moreover, was it enough? When Yin woke up, would it be Yin? What would he have to do if it wasn't? Would she revert back to being a true doll, devoid of any of the spirit he came to…"

Hei took slow, deliberate steps not wanting to jar Yin, who had already gone through so much both physically and mentally. She looked so fragile when he had returned to her container. In that intense flash of a moment, Hei had sought Yin out down to every cell in her body and surgically, precisely removed Izanami from her, expelling one out and, hopefully, returning the other to herself. When he found Yin in that almost intimate molecular level, he saw that she had already done most of the work for him. Somehow, in that single moment, she had managed to contain herself wholly within, holding Izanami apart and yet close enough to give Hei his chance to destroy them both with a single stroke. "Kill me," she had beseeched him, resigned, and yet looking at him with so much trust and hope. Hei only had one chance to cut the proverbial cord and he wouldn't disappoint her now. He would only know for certain when, and if Yin awoke, if he was successful in dispatching one and keeping the other. Once he gently removed the tubes, wires and monitors from her, he was relieved but not surprised to find her faint pulse. She was so strong. She always had been.

As he carried her toward the only place he knew to be safe, he thought of all those times when she was there for him and he may not have even known it at the time much less acknowledged her for it. He was blind in his acceptance of what was supposed to be. She was supposed to be lifeless, soulless; only doing what she was told. And he was a contractor…deadly, cold, heartless, selfish. His own refusal to accept that he could possibly be different had kept him from seeing the frost thaw on Yin's own budding blossom. He looked down at her peaceful face and remembered how she used to look at him. What he once thought were eyes that looked through him, beyond him, he could now only recall when it seemed like she was looking straight into the core of him. How long had he denied that part of her that was longing to escape because of his own prejudice against himself? For how long had she tried to show him only to turn his back on her because he couldn't, wouldn't, accept it?

With these thoughts roiling in his mind, he turned into the narrow alley that led to his private converted interrogation room. He had brought Havoc…no, Carmine…here once, to extricate as much information as he could about his sister. No one knew about this place, not even Huang or Mao. He was thankful for the city-wide announcement that was made to keep its citizens indoors after curfew during the bombings that had occurred when EPR made itself known. Since then, the streets were empty at late hours of the night and allowed Hei to make his way here with Yin with relative ease. The door only opened from the outside using a series of varied clicks of the handle. Three to the left, two to the right, one to the left, two to the right, and another three to the left. Once inside, he gingerly laid Yin down on the couch at the far end of the room and found a blanket to cover her. Pulling up a chair to sit beside Yin, all at once he felt the exhaustion of the past two years come crushing down on him. He bowed his shoulders and held his head in his hands for a moment, the immensity of what had just happened finally hitting him. When he lifted his head, he saw that his hands were visibly shaking in the aftermath of what had culminated in the risk he had taken with Yin's life. But in that brief moment back at the Gate, when everything was resting on a razor's fine edge, he had felt Yin's confidence in him as well as her presence. He felt his powers melding with the meteor core, magnifying Pai's abilities within him…and something else…a third presence that was guiding and steadying him, giving Hei's determination the final push. Before the entire Gate was suffused with a blinding light, he saw Yin, his Yin, standing before him in place of the part of her that was connected to Izanami. He could only hope that it was a sign of their true separation to come.

As he strove to stifle his shaking, he lifted the edge of the blanket, seeking out Yin's hand and held it. He was amazed at the comfort it brought to him, just holding her hand like that. She was soft and warm…so human. How could he have thought of her as anything less? He remembered then, as the room had reminded him of Carmine, the time when Yin had first reached out to him, literally. Huang was berating him for acting on his own with Carmine and possibly jeopardizing their lives with the Syndicate. And then…then Yin took his hand in hers. Unexpected. Incomprehensible. Her grip had been strong. But he couldn't feel her warmth through his gloves. And even if he had, would he have accepted it then? He had yanked his hand away from her so quickly, violently, looked at her insolently. What he wouldn't give now for another chance at that moment; to have been able to open his eyes and accept her offer of comfort instead of pushing her off of the impenetrable wall he had built around himself. Now, over two years later, he was holding her hand, the hand that had slowly dismantled that wall of his piece by piece without any judgment, and he found solace in it.

After several hours, Hei stood up, his body protesting against the position he had stayed in the whole night while vigilantly watching over Yin, counting every shallow breath she took until he saw that they turned into longer, deeper ones. He went to the kitchen and found a small clean sponge, soaked it in water, and wrung most of it out. Returning to Yin's side, he lifted her head and shoulders up from the couch, letting her rest against his arm, and squeezed small amounts of the remaining water from the sponge onto her slightly parted lips. Though some of the water slid down her face and onto her neck, he managed to get some of the water into her mouth. He gently stroked her jaw line and throat in circles, coaxing her to swallow each drop he ministered to her. When she swallowed that last of it, Yin let out a small sigh but her eyes remained closed. Without jostling her position, Hei slid himself into sitting position underneath her so that her head could rest on his lap. He was so tired but wanted to be awake for Yin. He wanted to see her eyes open and for her to hear him say her name so she knew she was safe at last. As he felt the weariness of his body overtake him, he managed to brush a stray lock of hair from Yin's eyes and then let his hand cradle her face. The last thing he saw before falling asleep was his hand moving to rest atop Yin's heart, taking in the reassuring beat of her heart as the accompaniment to his dreams.

When Hei awoke, it wasn't because of the light of day. He had no idea what time it was. The room was just as dark as it was when he had brought Yin in last night, with only one overhead lamp on in the bar area for ambient lighting. What had awoken him was the warm pressure on his own hand, the hand that was atop Yin's heart. When he fully became alert, he saw her small hand resting over his.

"Yin!" whispered Hei in disbelief as his eyes finally moved to her face.

"Hei…" Yin replied so softly that he barely heard her.

"Yin…am I dreaming?"