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Raven took the purple book off the bookshelf and gently touched the raised black script. "Dialann", it said, meaning 'diary' in Irish. Why Beast Boy had decided to give her an Irish diary was yet to be confirmed, however she had an idea that it had something to do with green and him being green, Ireland having green stuff and so on and so forth. She shook her head at the subtle hint that he wanted her to think of him each and every time she looked at the front cover. The witch had gone ahead and made the lock that came with it magic, so that only she could get in. Not long ago she had changed it from a spin on her mantra to her merely touching the lock and sending a surge of energy into it, making the black glow white and unlocking. She did so and looked at the inside cover, his messy handwriting standing out from the overall neatness of the book.

'To my Raven. For all of your secrets.'

"My Raven? A bit intimate for only a month of dating." She had said when he gave it to her.

"Well since we've started this whole 'secret relationship' thing, aren't we already closer than other couples at this point? With us keeping this secret, a diary seemed kinda…appropriate? For our one month anniversary, I mean."

She smiled, remembering how flustered she had secretly been at his thoughtfulness.

'Our one month anniversary.' She thought. That was seven months ago to this day. Eight months ago they had shared their first kiss, planned their first date, and for the first time started to confront their feelings for one another on the roof of Titan's Tower. In the early months, they had done at least something for every anniversary. Later, Raven had grown tired of it and insisted they only celebrate the even months. She didn't know why the even months, as odd suited them much better in terms of describing their relationship.

She sat on her bed and took a pen that looked like a black feather quill in her hand. Slowly, her hand brought the pen to the paper and she started to write.

'Dear Diary,'

She scoffed.

'I don't really know why I start with 'Dear Diary'. I'm not sure why the majority of the human population does. Hell, I'm not even sure I know why I keep a diary. Is it just because Beast Boy gave it to me?...No. It's because there's so much in my head, so much to worry about that writing it down seems like the only safe method of letting it out.

'When we started dating secretly, it was because we were scared of teasing and mockery. What idiots we were. At the time we didn't even have confidence in our own relationship, let alone confidence that the team would handle it well. And we can't be blamed, especially after the laughter at the mere thought of us dating. We always thought it would just be for a month or so, and after that we would confess. That wouldn't have been so bad, a month. All it would take was a quick apology and a confession. The team would most likely apologize for making us go to such extremes and all would be right in the world.

'But no. After a few months the fear of rejection turned into fear of them finding out in general. Now I'm just scared of the anger and the betrayal my friends would feel after 8 months of hiding something. They would be hurt at the thought of not being trustworthy. And I'm terrified that it'll hurt both them and us. It's gotten that bad. I feel the need to refer to a "team" as "them" and "us". Because of us we're divided. Because of this relationship it feels like it's us against the world. Because of us…

'However, no matter how hard I try, I can't bring myself to regret it. Because no matter who gets hurt, the last 8 months I've spent with Beast Boy have been the happiest in my life. That's terrible, not caring about the consequences. I guess he does that to me when he's around. He makes me want to not care anymore. He's obnoxious, clingy, and a nerd. He's also bright, fun, and caring. And I love absolutely everything about him. His happiness is infectious. I don't even know how this happened. Tell me all of this a year ago and I would send you to another dimension. But I do. I love him. I love him so much and I don't know what to do. But right now, this diary is the only one that can know.


She sighed and closed the diary, the lock returning back to its black color and sealing the book shut.

"Aww, you left out the part where I'm exceptionally handsome." Whined a voice above her.

"Wow, exceptionally. Big word for you." She smirked, walking past the green guy and putting the diary back on the bookshelf.

Beast Boy brushed off his shoulder. "I know things." He smiled, and, while her back was turned, grabbed Raven's hand. Her stumbling feet followed her upper body, which had been turned so that she was facing him. He cradled her face in his hands and placed a quick peck on her lips, smiling in delight at her shocked expression as she literally sent shockwaves throughout his body. To him it felt like no more than a slight tingle when their lips connected, a direct result of his insistence in surprising her despite knowing her powers would probably get out of hand.

He pulled away from the short kiss with a big grin on his face, completely and totally happy with his success in giving her a surprise. "Happy 8 month anniversary." He said in a quiet voice.

The girl looked deeply into his green eyes.

"What exploded this time?" She whispered, silently cursing herself for possibly breaking the moment.

Beast Boy, however, would have no moment-breaking on his anniversary, it seemed. Instead he caressed her face with his thumbs and pressed his lips to her forehead. "Nothing."

With that word he returned his lips to hers as he kissed her sweetly. Raven concluded in her mind that if she had a list of her favorite Beast Boy kisses, this one would definitely be in the top three, if not her favorite. He was kissing her gently, softly, like he was cherishing every second. This kiss made it seem as if Beast Boy was using his lips to show her just how much she meant to him. It made her feel important and loved. It often amazed her just how much he could do to her just by pressing his lips to hers.

After slowly breaking away and standing in each other's embrace for a moment, Beast Boy playfully tapped his finger to her nose.

"Now you go tell that diary of yours what a good kisser I am."

She scoffed, walking out of his arms and sitting on her bed in defiance. Instead of looking hurt, Beast Boy pulled out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and bounced over to her, plopping down on the bed to her left.

"What shall we do this time?" He asked, holding out the paper in front of them with his left hand and wrapping the other around her waist, pulling her closer.

"You still have this? You made it on our first anniversary."

"You say that every time. Hmmm, dinner and a movie? No, too normal. Plus there aren't any good horror films out. Picnic? Oh wait, that was the fourth anniversary. Roller-skating? But you were saying how much you hated it, better cross it-"

"For the love of God, choose something already."

"You pick! There has to be something you wanna do."

She thought for a moment before pointing to a bullet point on the list.

"The beach?"

"We don't go often, so…"

"Awesome! Pick you up at 7." He exclaimed, hopping off the bed and winking before morphing into a fly and disappearing into the vents.

"What have you discovered?"

"They're going to the beach for their eight month anniversary, Master."

"How lovely. I take it we're still getting the video feed, correct? And you have gathered the necessary supplies?"

"Yes, Master. But with all due respect, what are we using all of this for?"

The figure grabbed their worker's neck.

"All in due time." He said, releasing the other and throwing him to the ground in one swift motion. "But worry not. Everything we are doing is working perfectly. It won't be long before the Titans are destroyed."

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