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If there was anything Frau disliked most, it was booth duty.

He just wasn't suited to it. Consoling people and giving them advice on how to guide their lives into the light was something Labrador and Castor were good at. Frau, who was the god of severance, was more suited to saving people and banishing Kor into the deepest pits of hell. Even Castor would agree to that, in his own annoying way.

"Anyone who has to turn to Frau for advice is a desperate soul indeed," the bishop remarked behind glinting glasses. If looks could kill, Frau's laser blue glare would have torched him thrice over. In petty revenge, Frau made himself conveniently unavailable for the next three weeks whenever the subject of booth duty came up, leaving his fellow bishops to pick up his shifts.

He should have known that Castor would soon resort to dirty tactics if he kept pushing him like that, and one morning after prayer Frau found himself cornered by his cranky-looking mentor before he could pull his usual disappearing act.

Castor, that little snitch!

"Bishop Frau, you do realize today is your turn in the confessional booth?" said Assistant Archbishop Bastien, eyebrow already twitching dangerously like when Frau was a kid and Bastien would catch him in the middle of hunting the pond fish or lifting skirts in the courtyard.

"Uh, yeah, about that, I already had my turn last week. So…." Frau surreptitiously inched back.

"Is that so? How strange. I could have sworn I saw Bishop Castor in the booth the week before. And the week before that. And the week before that."


Bastien loomed over Frau, using the couple extra inches Frau had never been able to catch up to him on. "I suggest you get to it then," Bastien intoned, and the almost manic gleam in his eye dared the blond bishop to argue. A chill went down Frau's spine, and he threw a murderous look over at where Castor and Labrador were smiling widely at them before letting Bastien drag him away.

"Have fun, Frau!" Castor called with a wave. Frau gave him a neat one-finger salute behind his back, flustering a couple passing sisters in the process.

"Oh dear, do you think he's angry?"

Castor sighed happily, peace radiating from every pore. "Very."

It's probably not the smartest idea to start another chapter story when my first isn't even close to finishing, but I'm not exactly the smartest person in the first place. Chapters will be short (200~1000), and hopefully quick.