Hello all "Darker than Midnight" readers.

Wow. Its been eight years since the first chapter of this fanfiction was published. I actually find that a little daunting, considering. The time has flown by at an incredible speed. Does anyone even visit fanfiction these days?

I was interested to see whether this story was still published on Fanfiction, after reopening my old email account associated with the site. Turns out, it was. I hate an unfinished story as much as the next person, so I would like to apologise to everyone who started reading this, only to find that it was destined never to be concluded.

I realise none of you know much about me, so here it is bluntly. I was fourteen years of age when I wrote this story; fourteen and completely in love with books and writing. As such, my writing style was in its rawest form; unpractised, and a bit off kilter. I still have this passion within me, and want more than anything to touch readers with stories that ensnare them in another reality. I've never stopped writing for myself, but I want to touch the world. This is why I am still planning on pursuing a career in writing. However, as I have said, eight years have passed on, and life tends to get in the way. Right now, I am a graduated engineer, property manager and consultant, with very little time on my hands. Henceforth, writing must fall between the times of holidays and stolen moments of free time.

So why am I writing to you all know? Well, the reason is simple; I get a lot of fan mail from you guys, even now, typically of a begging nature or "well intentioned" death threats. Many of you wish I'd publish this fanfiction as an actual novel. Well, the truth is, that will never happen. What I am striving for in 2018 though, is the completion of a novel I have been working on for the better part of two years, one that has been revised over and over again as I have experienced more of the world, and developed my writing style over time. The storyline has developed in complexity and been moulded into something more of a fantasy epic with various elements of magic, romance and adventure, rather than a simple story as this fanfiction always was.

So here it is; my goal for 2018. For any of you who would like to see a snippet of what I have done over the past years, I will be posting a small section of the first chapter at some point soon. I think I will also be setting up a writing blog, for anyone who would like to follow me on this journey, give their feedback or simply see what I'm all about as a writer. Bare with me, I'll keep you all posted!

Your friendly neighbourhood dark angel,