Title: Forget Me Not

Author: Spider

Pairing, Character(s): Kurt, Burt, Finn, and Carole are the big players, with Mercedes and the Jones parents, and brief (very brief) mentions of all the other Gleeks.

Rating: PG for some bad words.

Warnings: Fictional amnesia (in that I made stuff up about it). Bad words. AssholeJock!Burt

Spoilers: Season 1

Disclaimer: If I owned Glee, I'd be hugging Chris Colfer and simultaneously torturing Kurt Hummel. Unfortunately, I don't own Glee, so I must content myself with fiction.

Summary: Burt Hummel is a very lucky man, surviving a nasty car accident with little more than a smashed-up leg and a bump to his head. Oh... and a complete lack of memory when it comes to his son...

Word Count: 1425

Notes: This was written for a prompt on the Glee angst meme (community. livejournal. com/glee_angst_?thread=2555641#t2555641). My muse is apparently incapable of writing short fills.





Finn was the only one watching the game out of the four of them. It was a sure sign of how upset Kurt was that he was allowing Finn complete control over the channels. The smaller boy wasn't even looking at the TV. He had his chair drawn up to his dad's bedside and was bent almost in half, his head pillowed on his arms, both of his hands curled around Burt's larger one. There was a crumpled look about him, like he was about to burst into tears at any minute, but his eyes were dry as he stared resolutely at his father's unmoving face. Occasionally, he took an extra-deep breath, almost a sigh, but each time Finn glanced across the bed at him, Kurt was still holding himself together.

Finn's mom sat beside Finn, near Burt's head. She was knitting something that would probably end up as a scarf (she kept saying she was knitting sweaters or socks or whatever, but always just ended up making scarves). Every few stitches, she would look over at Burt to check for any sign of awareness.

Finn really did like Burt. The man had stepped up and filled the empty 'father' slot in his life even better than Mr. Schu (and Finn felt a little guilty even just thinking that), but Burt just got things that Mr. Schu didn't. Finn wasn't sure if Mr. Schu would ever punish him for anything. He had no doubts where he stood with Burt. The older man would call him out on his crap, and he even kicked Finn out of the house once for talking bad to Kurt. Finn glanced to the smaller boy again, watching Kurt close his eyes, his lashes a dark smudge on an ashen face, as he took another one of those too-deep breaths. Saving Kurt from bullies while wearing a red rubber shower curtain had won him the other boy's adoration once more, but it was muted now. Kurt looked at Finn like he'd hung the moon again... but the scary obsessive love was gone. Most of the time now, when it was just the two of them, Kurt would get this tired look in his eyes just behind the affection.

Finn suspected Kurt's renewed adoration had gone a long way toward winning Burt over again. Burt spoiled Kurt something awful, a fact Finn had learned once he moved in, but he'd also seen just how much Kurt did in return for his dad. Finn couldn't be jealous of Kurt's clothing budget, or his fancy Navigator (which he currently did not possess the keys for—Burt had confiscated them for some reason or another which neither Hummel talked about, but which made Kurt eye his baby sadly as he climbed into Finn's truck for rides to school), or his kick-ass basement bachelor pad. Burt was just as generous with Finn when Finn was behaving himself. When he had gone to the garage to talk to Burt about the faggy comments, Burt had rewarded him for manning up and taking responsibility and making an effort to change by gifting him with a 2005 Chevy Colorado extended cab. It had been used and busted up, sold to Burt for spare parts, but Burt had pointed out that with a bit of work, she'd be better than new. Part of Finn's 'punishment' for his words had been to repair that truck over the summer, something Kurt helped him out with. Finn realized about halfway through the work that it wasn't even really punishment—if he could put his truck together, he could fix it when something went wrong. Kurt actually cheered for him the first time he changed a tire.

So Finn liked Burt. And he was worried for the man lying unconscious in the hospital bed—a car accident (in which Burt was an innocent passenger) had landed him here, with his leg broken in three places and a cracked skull—but Finn couldn't bring himself to watch Burt non-stop like Kurt was doing. He got bored far too easily. The doctors had said Burt would likely be just fine, once he woke up, and would probably be able to be discharged that very day. Kurt refused to take them on their word and wanted to hear it from his dad's own lips.

"Staring at him won't make him wake up any faster," Finn told Kurt.

"Shut up," Kurt snapped back, his fingers tightening around his dad's hand. "You'd be doing the same if it were Carole."

"Boys," Carole admonished quietly. "We're all stressed, but everything will be fine. Burt should be waking up soon, and then we'll be able to take him home."

Kurt heaved another one of his deep breaths and Finn looked back to the game. Duke was winning. Burt would've hated that.



Burt woke up just over two hours later. Finn was stretched out on the couch in the room, dozing, while Carole continued to knit. Kurt continued to stare, and he was the first to notice the flicker of movement across Burt's face. "Dad?"

Finn stirred, rolling onto his side to watch Kurt lift his head, the crumpledness fading into a hopeful look as Burt scrunched up his own face with a groan. Finn grinned, hopping off the couch and coming up beside Burt, reaching out to take his other hand as Carole set her knitting aside, squeezing Burt's shoulder.

Burt opened his pale eyes slowly, eyes sliding from one face to another. They settled on Finn, and he smiled a little, twitching the fingers of his left hand in something that was probably meant to be a squeeze. "Finn..." he murmured. "Good to see you..."

"Good to see you too, sir!" Finn couldn't help the 'sir' that slipped out, making Burt chuckle a little as Finn grinned at the older man in relief.

"And Carole..." Burt shifted, tugging his right hand out of Kurt's grasp to reach up and pat Carole's hand on his shoulder. "Worried I wouldn't see you again, for a minute there..."

"Dad..." Kurt clearly didn't like being out of contact with his father, reaching forward to catch Burt's elbow gently, his fingers smoothing over the bare skin there. Finn turned his grin on Kurt: he could practically feel Kurt's relief. But Kurt only had eyes for his dad. Finn supposed he couldn't really blame him.

Burt glanced over at Kurt, the faint smile on his face fading a little as he locked eyes with his son, before he turned back to Carole and Finn on his left without even a word for Kurt, shifting his arm away from Kurt's fingers.

It was like Burt had slapped him. Finn watched the relief slid straight off Kurt's face, chased away by the look of pure horror Finn had only ever seen once before on Kurt Hummel's face, and that was when Carole had called to tell them 'there's been an accident. Come to the hospital.' Just like that first time, the horror was quickly locked away, but unlike that first time, Kurt was struggling to school his face into the neutral mask that meant he wasn't happy. Finn could see all of the normally-private boy's emotions play across his face: shock, hurt, fear...

"Dad?" Kurt whispered, stretching out his hand again, his fingertips just brushing against Burt's arm before Kurt drew back his hand.

Again, Burt looked at Kurt blankly. Finn watched Kurt's throat bob as he swallowed, and he knew the way Kurt was pressing his lips together meant that he was on the verge of tears, just like that time in their room.

"I'm sorry," Burt said after a moment. "Who are you, again?"

"I'm Kurt..." Yep. Kurt was definitely about to cry. Finn could hear it in his voice, the little hitch in his normally-perfect pronunciation. "I'm your son..."

Burt still looked blank as he studied Kurt before he turned to Carole. "Did you know I had a son?"

"Burt..." Carole glanced over at Kurt worriedly, then down at Burt. "Of course I did... Kurt introduced us, don't you remember?"

Finn watched Kurt's hands shake as they lifted to press against his mouth, the legs of his chair protesting against the linoleum as he pushed away from the bed. "Kurt," Carole said, glancing his way, but Kurt was just shaking his head now, on his feet, backing away, his eyes wide and glistening with tears above his fingers.