Learn to Love again chapter 1: A lost love

Henry/Jasper (jenry) story—I hope you like it, it's my first story like this ever, so I followed my gut for it. Feedback and positive criticism is greatly appreciated, but rude comments and reviews are just plain rude so please don't leave them. If you like the story, please tell me that too. I want to know your opinions so I can better improve my writing skills. Note: this is not a yaoi. In an attempt to keep it as G rated as this story can be, I will not be adding sex scenes, or things of that nature. However, Henry and Jasper are still cousins in this story. Though incest is an odd way to show love, I will still stay true to another Jenry story I read in which Henry said that love was love no matter who it's with…or something like that. Anyway, this story has been personalized by me. Now I'll talk about the first character, who, by the way, I have the rights to since I created him:

Name: Ryan age: 16(I don't know how old Jasper is, so let's just say they're both 16)

Appearance: Crystal blue eyes, gothic style clothing, black hair with orange-red streaks in it

Enjoys: playing games, video games, other culture's fine arts, learning about other cultures, clothing styles

Story begins:

Life can disappear so quickly….especially when you're not expecting it…

A teenage boy, sobbing for the very essence of his love and misery, clings to the last physical form of what he once knew as his lover, the very essence of his soul. Only ten minutes ago they sat on a bench hand in hand together without a care in the world…

-Flashback to 10 minutes ago-

Jasper's POV:

"Ugh, Jasper! You know I hate going to the library with you! Reading about math is boring! Besides, your plenty smart and ready for that test! You've been studying for days with no break! Now let's sit on this bench and chill together!" Ryan dragged Jasper over to the bench outside Smithson high's school store and nuzzled his nose on Jasper's. "See? Isn't this much more fun that studying?"

"I guess…I mean, I do know the whole book forwards and backwards practically…I guess it wouldn't hurt to just relax with my one and only boyfriend." He cuddles into Ryan's chest for only a minute when the rude awakening of the school store's alarm goes off. A robber, armed with a gun comes running out holding various stolen items, seeking a quick and easy get-a-way.

By instinct, the nearby crowd, including himself, run away from the scene of this crazy maniac. Everything looked like it was shaking around me as I ran, terrified, from this mysterious killer. I reached behind me to try to find Ryan's hand but it was nowhere to be found. It was then I heard the sound that would bring the end of my love to a reality. A gunshot rings through the air, silencing the world as everyone halts to see who has fell at the hands of a killer.

The shimmering red hair falls with his lean body as he hits the ground, alive or dead, I can't say. The killer flees, knowing that if he sticks around, there would be grave consequences for him. But he doesn't matter now, I only have my eyes set on Ryan's unmoving body…lying on the sidewalk, bleeding profusely from the wound I fear is fatal.

"Ryan…Ryan! Can you hear me Ryan? Please wake up! I'm here…" he whispers in a gentle, concerned voice.

"Ja-Jasper….is that you? I can't see your face…everything is so blurry…I'm so sorry Jazz…I hope you can forgive me for what I did…but I needed to confront this killer…you could have gotten hurt…."

I tried to choke back my tears, but they flow down his face without any mercy. "Life isn't worth living without you, Ryan! I love you…more than anyone could understand. No matter what, your my one and only, and you always will be…you'll make it Ryan! You aren't leaving me yet!"

Blood pours around Ryan's body as he whispers his last words with a force to be reckoned with. "Jasper…please don't be stupid…you and I, as much as we hate to admit it…are sharing our last moments with each other….Jasper…I want you to be happy, I want you to love again. Our memories are stronger than ever and our love will never die, but learn to love…again and you will lead a successful….life. Please, for me…find love in another. I will always be here…for…you, even if you can't see me…we will meet again someday, somewhere….remember that…I love you Jasper…."

I glanced into Ryan's fading eyes, knowing that there was so much more to say but not enough time to say everything. "I won't ever forget you….and I will find another…for you and only you Ryan."

With Ryan's arms wrapped around my neck, I held his frail body close, deepening the most passionate kiss of their life, knowing that this will be the last one for the rest of Jasper's life. Slowly, Ryan's arms weaken and slump to the side of his body, his head sagging away from the kiss with nothing but a lifeless body to see his tear stained face.

The only people left was a small crowd gathering nearby. Some offering condolences, others starting at me with uncertain or bitter stares, I frankly didn't have the time to care which. Campus security was on the scene in minutes, holding the cold blooded killer to the ground as he was handcuffed behind his back. Amongst the chaos, several police officers followed by 4 emergency service members arrived on the scene. It took all four of them to pry me away as I struggled to stay with all I had left of Ryan, yet they forced me into the ambulance, telling me it'd be ok, as if it would ever be.

Moments later, the beautiful face of my lover disappeared into the distance forever.