A different take on Heartbeat.

Season 5 (aka when Kate died)

Wishing Well

At the village dance a group of rockers interrupt proceedings and when Nick tells to leave they go and throw a piece of lead though the window. The lead came from Greengrass lorry but it's not lead but gold. Not even Claude Jeremiah Greengrass knew that was coming. It was stolen 7 years ago. Nick starts to fell unwell but doesn't tell Kate because he doesn't want to worry her. Kate goes to visit one of her patients Nettie Pickard who has a wishing well and feeling superstitious makes a wish. Nettie's house is then trashed by a local councillor who thought the gold that Nettie's late husband discovered would be in the house. He is later caught digging out of the well.

Well you will notice one little change I have made to the episodes is that Nick will die at the end of thief in the night. I decided to change it to make die hard fans think about what if. What if Nick Berry quit instead of Niamh Cusack would of this happened? Oh and for all you Jo fans (yes all six of you) Jo only appears in one story. There is a new character coming into MY stories. You will meet him soon.