Blood sports

A father has kidnapped his son from his wife and brought him to Aidensfield. The boy becomes ill with polio so Kate has to arrange a mass vaccination. The local schoolteacher Jo Weston tells Graham that none of the school children have the disease. Graham thinks she is hiding something though and asks Maggie and Kate if she is ill. Neither knows because Jo is so secretive. Jo is then revealed to be the boy's real mother and paid the adoptive father to bring him. The boy is found by Eileen who takes him to hospital. Jo tells Kate that she was forced to give her baby up which then reveals Kate into a confession- so was she. Blaketon is now president of the rugby club, and Phil is on the team. Greengrass has a go at playing talent scout, but his plan doesn't work out- Blaketon is delighted by this!

Well once again the original story is their but sets up the plot developments for MY series 6. This is the only story in my world that has Jo in it. The Blaketon story was the same but having Kate reveal her big secret was a shock! I wanted to give Kate a big plot for season 6 and not just for her to fall in love with the new policeman.