A/N: Hey peeps so this is kinda a story I've had in my head for a while, trying to figure out what to do with it but I think that I'm on the track now lol so this story is set the summer after the trio's fifth year.

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Chapter 1: Arrivles

Ginny woke up in a surprisingly good mood, she was usually not the best moring person but today was different. Today one of her best friends was coming to stay at her house. Harry Potter was officially her brother Ron's best friend but when everyone was at the Burrow they were together all the time that as much as Ginny hated to say it, her brother was one of her closest friends. Ginny jumped out of bed and quickly ran a brush through her long red hair. When she got downstairs she found a scruffy looking Ron, who had obviously just rolled out of bed sitting at the kitchen table with a girl who had a huge smile plastered on her face.

Hermione, one of her other closests friends had arrived a few days ago but Ginny had hardly spoken two words to her. Ron and Hermione were in love, the only ones who didn't know it were themselves. So Ginny was especially excited to have someone to hang out with. She spoke to her best friend Luna Lovegood nearly everyday by owl and the Burrow was practically buzzing with news of Bill and Fluer's wedding but Ginny was still alone. So there she sat, pretending to listen to her mother talk about plans for the wedding, about pink dresses or gold dresses or tiara's, Ginny wasn't really following. What she was following were the leaves blowing around the Burrow's garden. She had been watching the garden since breakfast. She had not moved except for when she needed toilet breaks and she was making sure that there were as few as possible. She heard Ron suggest a Quidditch game and she heard the following groan from Hermione but what Ginny really heard was the thundering clap that signalled the arrive of Proffessor Albus Dumbledore and one Mr Harry Potter.

Now Ginny was the one with a huge smile, she yelled to everyone that Harry and Dumbledore had arrived and they all rushed outside with Ginny subconsiously racing Ron and Hermione to get to Harry first. When Ginny reached him she pulled him into a big hug that she somewhat regretted when she remembered her family was there. The rest of the family said their hello's and Mrs Weasley dragged Harry into the kitchen as soon as she could get her hands on him. The next hour was spent with Harry trying to keep up with the food that was being put onto the plate in front of him, Ron telling Harry what he had been missing at the Burrow and Ginny beaming at Harry. She didn't even notice she was doing it until her eyes wandered to Hermione and could see the smirk on her friend's face. After Harry had finished his meal that was the size of a house he dragged Ron and Hermione upstairs to discuss the things that he had found out from Dumbledore. Of course he didn't tell the Weasley's that though.

Once Hermione, Ron and Harry made it up to Ron's room and an extendable ear had been placed to guard the hallway they began talking.

"So Dumbledore took you to see some old Proffessor guy, asked you to convince him to come back to Hogwarts, told you to get close enough to him to get all of his secrets and then dropped you off here for tea?" Ron recounted as if he needed to say it out loud for it to soak in.

"Well I think it's pretty obvious Ron, that Dumbledore thinks this Proffessor Slughorn knows something about Voldermort. I mean it makes sense because he was a teacher the same time Voldermort was at Hogwarts." Hermione reasoned.

"How do you know that?" Harry asked baffled that Hermione knew when Slughorn was a teacher.

Hermione looked at them in a look she used very often lately, "I've been studying everything there is to know about Voldermort these past months, from what teachers he had to where he bought his robes. I'm actually offended you would think anything less of me." She said in a way that Harry and Ron didn't know if it was joking or not. Luckily before they could answersoft footsteps were picked up on the extendable ears.

"Ginny! We know you're out there!" Ron bellowed to his younger sister. The door opened and Ginny peeked inside, "Can't I just come in for a little bit? It's so boring out there, Mum just won't get the message that I don't care about the wedding, gosh." She said with an exsaperated sigh.

"Of course you can stay Ginny." Harry said causing him to get rather unusual looks from Hermione and Ron, "we can talk about this later, right guys?"

"Sure." Hermione agreed in a reluctent tone.

"So...what were you guys talking about?"