A one-shot that I had thought up and wanted to write.

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King to the Queen

Blair had arrived with Serena to get Chuck on board with their latest scheme that included him and his contacts. "Blair, let's go." Serena said. Knowing how much being in this haunted house, well, apartment hurt her friend.

Blair's blank, lifeless eyes turned to Serena. "Okay." She turned and walked toward the hotel elevator, Serena on her heels.

"Blair, wait a moment." Blair looked back on her former flame, a flame that still managed to ignite a fire within her and a man that she still carried a torch for. She met Serena's questioning eyes. "Will you be OK?" They seemed to ask. Blair slightly nodded and Serena made her way to the elevator and watched her friend shrink behind the closing doors.

Blair turned and looked a Chuck. Willing some semblance of conversation on a nice safe, neutral topic, like the latest scheme... finding out the dirt on Humphrey's new 'Baby-Daddy' title. Blair still want convinced the child was Dan's, but he had made it tough by saying 'no' to a DNA test.

Yet the silence filled the air, and then the awkward situation was broken.

"So... Still going to Columbia?" Chuck said to fill the empty air. He had no idea why he had asked her to stay; he just missed her presence, her scent, and her personal touches to his home... Hell, he just missed her.

"Yes." Blair replied curtly.

"Intentions on returning to your past and failed Queen Bee status?"

Blair closed her eyes tightly for a second, short enough to swallow the pain he inflicted without him noticing... yet long enough to think up a smart and witty reply. But her words failed her.

"Yes." She replied.

Chuck swirled his glass slowly, the golden scotch twisting around the sides, trying to escape out the top before it was swallowed whole. He stared into the glass and said, "Have a King lined up, Blair?"

The way his voice wrapped around her name was strangling but she manages to say, "Queen Elizabeth the First never had a King, so I'm taking a page from her book and keeping my reign single."

"She was meant to be a virgin, you know."

"Well I guess I'll have one up on her then." She smiled sadly as every barb he sent her wounded her.

"But you ruling without a King? What about Nate? He does always come back to you when you bat your eyes."

"Chuck... In high school, Nate was the Prince Charming to my Queen. But one day the Queen grows up and realises that she needs a King, you where my King, Bass," Blair smiled, remembering for just a moment the good times that they had. "But then you took after Henry the Eighth and killed me. You killed my heart. And now I'll never be whole."

"Blair, I—"

"Save it Bass. You've hurt me too many times."

She leant over and gently brushed her lips against his cheek, his 5pm stubble rough on her soft lips. She stopped for only a moment, inhaling his masculine sent that had, once upon a time, sent her into oblivion. A single tear escaped the prison of her closed eyes and she pulled back and without a second glance, she walked to the elevator, pushed the button and got in. Her eyes cast down to the sleek tiles that lined the floor of the elevator, never looking up until the cold steel doors had separated her from her murderer.

Chuck looked at the elevator doors and stood there for what seemed like days, but in reality, was only minutes. His head fell and chin rested on his chest and his form crumpled beneath him. He had to win his Queen back. And save himself from the pain that consumed his entire being.

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