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iCan't Believe It

By: Tech-Man

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Chapter One

It was one of those moments in time when you realize that for some unthinkable reason fate has decided to smile upon you. You really don't know why, but you've found yourself in a position to realize one of your dreams, but not just any old dream. No, this was the wildest, most insane dream you have ever conceived of. You find that your heart is racing a mile a minute, and that you are having trouble breathing. Your mind is working so fast that you're not even consciously aware of the thoughts as they fly by.

You're excited beyond belief that it's really happening, but you are also afraid. Terrified that maybe, just maybe, this is another one of her famous pranks. You know that deep down inside you're a hair's breath away from shattering into a million pieces. You have placed the very core of your being in her small, but powerful hands. If this was just another way to pull the ultimate prank on you, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're the most gullible person on the planet; if she really was that cruel.

No, if that were true then you wouldn't be here, in this place, in this situation. You, for your own sanity, have to believe that what she just finished hinting was the truth. That, she really does feel the same things that you do; that she is really prepared to take this step.

Maybe I should clarify what is happening. My name is Fredward Benson, but all of my friends call me Freddie. Well, most of my friends call me Freddie. Samantha Puckett, known as Sam to all who enjoy having complete control over their extremities, never calls me by that name. No, it is always some variation or mutation of my name. Always unique to the situation at hand.

Anyway, all of that stuff really isn't important. What is important is that earlier this morning I confessed my feelings for Sam, and now she is standing less than two feet away from me asking me if I really meant what I said.

Earlier That Morning

Freddie stood outside of the Carly Shay's door. It was Saturday, and they normally worked on the next weeks show on Saturday mornings. For some reason, he had made the decision to tell one of his best friends he loved her before the rehearsal. He still didn't understand why he chose today of all days, but something felt right about today.

If the problem was telling Carly that he loved her it would be no problem at all, and he could just get the rejection over with and move on with his day. Freddie's problem was that it wasn't Carly he loved, but Sam, and Samantha Puckett was on the other side of that door. She had spent the night, and was probably lounging on the couch in her sweats watching Girly Cow. The question that was currently plaguing his mind was what her reaction was going to be to his proclamation.

With Carly, it had always been a very polite rejection and dismissal of his feelings in general. He had finally come to realize that it had been the right thing for her to do. Now, she was as close to him as a sister. He still loved her, but he loved her like the sister he didn't have. What he felt for Sam on the other hand, was a raging wildfire that consumed his body from the inside out.

For the past month and a half Freddie had been studying Sam's reactions toward him. He was looking for any sign that maybe she really didn't hate him like she claimed to. After a month's worth of observations Freddie wasn't any closer to determining whether or not Sam really hated him. The only option left open to him was to just come out and tell her how he felt.

He had of course taken special precautions in case of a negative reaction. He had worn an extra thick shirt and the loosest pair of boxers he owned in case she chose to fall back on her old favorites as a form of retribution for his feelings. His primary defense was a cup he had bought a few days ago, just in case.

Raising his hand he knocked twice on the door. A moment later it flew open to reveal Carly; her usual smile on her face that actually reached up to into her eyes. His eyes were instead focused on the mess of blonde hair lying on the couch. His thoughts were interrupted by Carly. "Hey Freddie, what's up," she asked taking a step to the side allowing him to enter.

"Nothing much, just thought I would come over a little early," Freddie said walking into the apartment and towards the couch.

"Okay," Carly chimed walking around him and dropping onto the other side of the couch. Leaving the only open seat the one between the two girls. Calmly, Freddie walked over sitting down between them. Normally, this wasn't a problem for him, but today the heat radiating from Sam's body where their legs touched was overpowering.

"What up Fred-dork," Sam asked acknowledging Freddie's presence all the while never taking her eyes from the TV.

Freddie returned the acknowledgment. He was intensely aware of the parts of his body that were making contact with Sam's. He could feel the blood rushing to his face as he thought about how warm her leg was and how smooth the skin felt. The biggest problem with being a teenage boy, especially one that was in close proximity to the girl he loved, was that he couldn't control his thoughts. This eyes traced her figure, as she lay in a state of complete relaxation. The exact polar opposite to his rigid posture and churning mind.

"H...hey, S...Sam," Freddie stuttered, turning to try and look the unruly blonde in the eyes. He was desperately trying to calm his racing heart when the girl in question turned to look at him.

"What Fred-lumps," Sam asked turning on the couch until she was facing him.

His eye's traced her face before ending on her lips. Those had to be the best feature she had. Not to say the rest of her wasn't amazing, but after that first kiss he could never forget those lips. "Uhm, could I talk to you upstairs for a minute," he hesitantly asked.

"Sure dorkasuraus," Sam said jumping up and over the couch. Her bare feet barely missing the top of his head. "Damn," Sam said when her feet hit the ground. "I missed. Hold still nub I'm going to try again," Sam teased preparing to once again fly over the couch.

"Oh Sam stop it," Carly chastised. "You're really not going to kick Freddie in the head."

"Maybe, it could be a lot of fun," Sam answered turning to face Carly an expression of serious thought on her face. Freddie took this moment of distraction to stand up and move toward the stairs leading up to the studio.

"You know you should just say whatever it is you are going to say down here," Carly said twisting in her seat to look at Freddie as he stood awkwardly between the floor and the first step. "Remember, you both promised no more secrets," Carly reminded them.

"If Sam wants to tell you then that is fine, but I would really rather talk to her first in private," Freddie explained slowly moving up the stairs trying to beg Carly to drop it with his eyes. Carly's response was to shrug her shoulders and turn back around, refocusing her attention on the television.

Freddie started back up the stairs with the stomping of Sam's feet directly behind him. "This better be damn good Fredicinni for making me have to put up with Carly whining later," Sam said when they finally arrived at the studio door.

Freddie opened the door motioning for Sam to go inside. After she walked in he turned and gently shut the door behind him. "Listen Sam," Freddie started staring at the tops of his sneakers. "I wanted...I wanted to...to tell...you...I wanted to tell you that I love you," Freddie quickly speed through the sentence.

After what seemed like an eternity to him, he slowly brought his face up to look at Sam. She was standing there with a completely dumbfounded expression on her face. Her lips were moving like she was trying to say something, but no sound was coming out. Deciding, in a moment of pure insanity, that the best option left to him was to kiss her; he stepped closer. Gently cupping Sam's face in his hand he brought his lips to hers.

The feel of those lips against his was intoxicating. He had enough sense not hold the kiss for long. Choosing a short simple kiss instead of a heated make-out session that he was hoping for. He was lost in a world of pure physical and emotional pleasure, before he was brought back down harshly to reality.

The first thing he felt was an explosion of pain in his stomach. The pain didn't make sense at first, but before he had a chance to process the meaning another explosion of pain ripped through his groin. This was enough to make the world hazy as he collapsed to his knees. The cup helped to remove some of the pain, but apparently he had underestimated Sam's strength.

His mind still unable to process the source of the pain until he looked up. Standing before him was a very angry looking Sam. Her fists were balled tightly together and her eyes shown with a level of anger and hatred that he had never seen before; at least never seen directed at him. He watched in abject horror as she cocked her right hand back before letting it fly forward. He didn't even have time to feel the pain as the world collapsed around him in utter darkness.

45 Minutes Later

Freddie awoke in a world of hurt. His face stung like he had been dragged around the parking lot behind a car. His stomach hurt, but that was kind of a dull pain. What really hurt was his nuts and face. God, it felt like someone had put him through a meat grinder. Slowly, he opened his eyes trying to blink away the tears caused by the pain.

"Freddie, Freddie," he could here Carly's voice calling his name just out of his field of view.

Slowly, Freddie began to situp. As he moved a wave of nausea swept over him and he allowed himself to fall back down. "I hurt all over," Freddie spoke through clenched teeth afraid that any sudden movement may bring back the nausea.

"Freddie," Carly screamed finally pulling him from his thoughts. Looking up he saw a pissed off Carly towering above him. "What did you do to her," she screamed at him, her fits balled tightly at her sides.

He had a moment of wondering if he had ever seen Carly this upset. It looked like today was going to be day of seeing how pissed off both of his friends could be. "I didn't, I didn't do anything to her. What happened," Freddie asked still laying on the floor of the studio.

"Sam came running down the stairs crying. CRYING, Freddie. What did you say to her? What did you do to her," Carly asked again falling backward into one of the bean bag chairs. "Freddie, please tell me what happened. I can't get Sam to answer her phone and I am really worried about her," Carly said burying her face in her hands.

Freddie sat up, this time much slower, and moved over to one of the vacant bean bags. "I told her that I loved her," Freddie sighed in defeat. So it was official. Sam really did hate him. "I also may have kissed her," Freddie admitted sheepishly rubbing the sore spot on his jaw.

"You what," Carly screamed in response. "Why, why would you do that," she asked looking at him like he had grown a second head. "I was having trouble dealing with that fact that you claim to love Sam, but kiss her. Why? That just doesn't make any sense Freddie," Carly finished in a hurry.

"I thought it was the right thing to do," Freddie weakly defended.

"Well, I guess you already paid for that mistake," Carly said trying to lighten up the situation. "I'm going to text Sam and see if I can get her to come back over here. Why don't you go home and put some ice on your face. You know your mother is going to freak out when she sees you," Carly said trying not to laugh.

"Okay," Freddie said standing up and making his way over toward the door. "Hey Carly, tell Sam that I'm sorry, and that I promise never to bring it up again," Freddie tried to smile but found that his face hurt to much. Carly just nodded in response as he walked out of the studio.

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