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AN: Okay, so, these one-shots are all going to be set at various points in the 'Willow's Child' universe. They'll be mostly in order at first, but may jump around a little later on. This one takes place just after 'Willow's Child'. Enjoy!

A week had passed since Buffy had resurrected Tara with her Slayerversary wish, reuniting her with Willow. And, while it had been wonderful, there were quite a few things about living that the blonde wicca had to readjust to. Like, for example, the need to sleep, eat, and use the bathroom. While none of these things had been important while Tara was in the afterlife, now she was finding them to be quite a pressing concern.

By far the biggest difference between Tara's old life and her new one was the fact that she had become an instant Mother to a three-year old girl. Now that took some getting used to. It wasn't the actual mothering that was difficult, as far as that went she was a natural, as Willow was constantly reminding her. It was the 'Mama Tara' title, and the simple idea of being a Mother. It was amazing, of course, and Tara wouldn't trade it for anything, but it was a big thing to be a Mother, and it would take some adjustment.

While Tara was getting used to being a mother, her daughter had to get used to what it really meant to be a child. Sophie, in her short life, had not yet had any experiences that would be said to constitute a proper childhood. Until the night when she had suddenly fled in search of the person who simple instinct told her would help her, she had never seen the world outside the small cave in which she had been held captive. She still hadn't seen much of it. She didn't know what it was like to be loved, or to be part of a real family.

One night, as Willow researched a strange demon that Buffy and Faith had found the night before, and the Slayer's had headed out to continue hunting said demon, Tara found her daughter staring intently out the window, clutching her teddy bear, Tara Bear, in her small hands.

"Um, hey Sophie" she said, raising an eyebrow as the little girl continued to stare outside with her gaze tilted slightly upwards. "What are you looking at?"

"Those little lights floating up in the sky" Sophie replied.

"You mean stars?" asked Tara, chuckling.

"Is that whats they're called?" asked Sophie, turning to Tara. Tara nodded, and Sophie turned back to the window. "I never sawed them properly before." Tara looked confused for a moment, before things clicked. Sophie had spent almost her entire life trapped in a cave. Of course she'd never seen stars.

"You can't really see them properly through a window either" said Tara eventually, scooping her daughter into her arms. "Come on, let's go take a better look."

Tara carried Sophie outside, and the two of them looked up at the stars together.

"How does they stay up there?" Sophie asked.

"Um.." said Tara, "Gravity, I think."

"Oh" said Sophie, pausing for a moment. "What's Gravity?"

"That's probably a question for your Mommy Willow" said Tara. She took off her jacket and wrapped it around the little girl, not wanting her to catch a chill. "She could explain it better than I can. But, uh, I guess I could teach you about some constellations."


"Constellations" Tara repeated. "They're like pictures in the stars. Can you see those three bright stars over there?" she asked, pointing.

"Uh-huh" said Sophie.

"And that group of smaller ones there?"


"Well, when you look at them all together, it kind of looks like a pineapple, so we call it the big pineapple" Tara explained. "Understand?"



"Mama Tara?" said Sophie after a while.

"Yeah, Sweetie?"

"What's a pineapple?" Tara had to try very hard not to burst out laughing at her daughter's words.

"I'll show you one tomorrow, okay?" she grinned.

"Okay" said Sophie. Tara smiled, cuddling her daughter closer. They both had a lot to learn about the new situations that each of them had found themselves in, everything would be okay if they learned it together.