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Episode Two: The Powers That Be

The World is changing.

Every day, we watch as London and Paris cling desperately to what they have left, before their once proud empires split into nothing. All the while, Washington and Moscow both make it their agenda to foil the old ways of imperial ambition – replacing it with their own.

Former colonies throw away the chains of France and Great Britain…only to gain new ones. It's all the same, in the end – wether it be through a colonial overlord or an 'alliance for protection' – the strong control the world of the weak.

For that is the order of the Powers that Be…

"The United Nations ratified the end of the British mandate here yesterday," Brigadier Quagmire was saying, "I have to be gone within seven days."

Vlad nodded, not really listening. He was skimming over the reports handed to him by Mr. Burns. Burns had ideas, Vlad agreed – and while they all, directly or indirectly, ended up profiting the American ambassador, the industrial opportunities he had written up would also enrich the island.

"I have come up with an idea," Quagmire continued, "We shall take a small unit of your soldiers, maybe four men, and scout the area where my troops died. We shall turn the place upside-down, if necessary. I will find out what killed my men."

"I'm sure you will," nodded Vlad, "So, do you have any more news from the UN?"

"Yes," nodded the Brigadier, "Mr. Burns, if you will?"

Burns gave a look that was halfway between pleasure and disgust.

"They've halved the protection mandate," he explained, "You're now under the protection of the United States…"

"Who holds the other half?" asked Vlad, "I mean, the French still hold a few islands…"

"Actually, it's the Soviets," corrected Mr. Burns.

Vlad did a spit-take.

"The Soviets?" he demanded, "The UN is sending troops to watch us, and they're the Soviets?"

"And the Americans," interjected the Brigadier, helpfully/

Vlad glowered.

"Oh, fantastic," he snarled, "So I have to dodge between the USA and the USSR, do I? Talk about a rock and a hard place…"

He banged his fist on the table.

"Welcome to the new world, Mr. President," grinned Burns.

Vlad let out a somewhat agonised sigh.

Jimmy did not feel particularly right as he walked into the dingy warehouse on the Port. It was dark and grungy, with piles of boxes and crates. It was clear that this area had been abandoned for a long time.

"Wow…talk about a fortress of solitude!"

Jimmy once again mentally questioned why he had brought Sheen along.

"So, where are we meeting this creep?" Sheen asked.

"This 'creep' is standing right in front of you."

Norm stood before them, arms crossed.

"Who are you?" demanded Jimmy, "And what do you want from me?"

"The name's Norm," replied Norm, "I have a job for you. We've got a little…business…with your government."

Jimmy crossed his arms.

"Go on."

"Let me put it this way," continued Norm, "I'm from the United Nations, and we want to know as much as possible about your little island. You do that; I'll pay you, kapeesh?"

Jimmy looked puzzled.

"Why does the UN need to know about us?" he asked.

"Dude!" snapped Sheen, "We're getting paid! Who cares what the UN thinks?"

He thought for a moment.

"What's the UN?"

Jimmy and Norm rolled their eyes.

"OK, I need you to get information on the island's defences," explained Norm, "If you can get it, I'll pay you a thousand bucks."

Sheen's eyes nearly popped out.

"Alright," nodded Jimmy, "But this still seems fishy…"

Sheen dragged him away before he could continue, the desire for the money outweighing his sense of self-preservation.

Norm sighed, and spoke into a handheld radio.

"OK, you got your agents," he sighed, "Good for you. Can I go home now?"

"Da, comrade," the voice replied, "Meet them here again at this time tomorrow."

Norm rolled his eyes, and walked away.

Ah, Sheen. You've got to love him.