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Digimon 02

Road to Victory

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Ring! The school bell sounded the start of the holidays. Almost everyone in the school leapt up in the air in joy, even some teachers. Kids were rushing here and there, trying to get home as soon as possible. Some had brought their bagagges to school and were already on their way to the airport. The younger digidestined crowded around in the computer room to discuss their plans.

Such a rare occasion to spend time was rather unusual and seldom as time passed. Throughout the year, the digidestined have grown more and more distant with every passing day. They only met once in a while, and in those few moments, it was never a solid group.

Davis, after eating a delicious bowl of noodles during his trip out of Japan, had been crazy about making a recipe that would blow everyone away. No one believed he was being serious at first, but when he kept insisting on it, everyone realized he wasn't kidding. After a few tries at a certain recipe and 'secret ingredient', even his rival TK had agreed it had the ability to go world wide.

Ken felt very negative about the digidestined breaking up slowly, but he couldn't do anything about it. The digidestined were going to part, and there was no stopping life from making changes that no one wanted it to. Ken had even received an offer to go to an Australian University at his young age, but he declined because he thought the digidestined would be able to grow closer again.

Yolei has opened up her own mini-business in school, selling what her parents sell to make more profit, as she calls it. But when people stated that her food was good, the canteen almost went bankrupt once.

TK had followed in the footsteps of his idol and written a story book that was becoming famous in his school. Teachers were also seen reading it a few times. It was a story about an idiotic kid who managed to prove that he was a hero. The story was actually based on Davis' attitude, but Davis doesn't realize this even though he has read it many times. Somehow, no one believed Davis would ever notice either.

Kari had become the president of the photography club. People complimented that, no matter where, when or what she was snapping away at, the results were always better than the other students'. On an occasion, Kari had accidentally broken her camera while chasing a rare bird, but luckily Mimi had gifted her with a new one.

Cody joined the kendo club that had recently been introduced at his school. Since he had been tutored by his grandfather in the arts of kendo long before the club, opened, he easily made it to the top. Despite this, he always encouraged other members to become stronger and gave them advice on how to do so.

Such growths have forced voids in between the digidestined. Even in their free time, they didn't think about one another much. Davis and Ken were about the only ones concerned that their friendship wouldn't last forever, but never mentioned this out to anyone other than themselves.

"So, where do you guys think we should do before we head off on our own holidays?" Kari asked.

"Mabe we should all go on a holiday together," TK added in, getting an agreement from Kari.

"I should've said that first..." Davis murmured disappointedly. " Maybe we could go to the digital world? It's been about two months since we've been there, right? I'd sure like to see Veemon again."

With their lives going on the way they were, the digidestined have found less and less time to check on the digital world. Therefore, they left their digimon in the digital world so that they wouldn't have to bother much about the troubles in the digital world. Everyone was uneasy about sending their digimon into the digital world alone, but as the weeks gone by, the feelings disappeared.

"Sure! And we could invite the older digidestined too!" Yolei pitched in. "That way, everyone can al catch up on what we've been doing with our lives!"

"Maybe we should spend our holidays in the digital world, too!" Davis joked. But he had really hoped that everyone wanted to go along with his plans.

"Hold it, Davis," Cody said.

"We can't possibly spend two whole months in the digital world," TK stepped in. "Sure, everyone now knows about digimon, but that's only in Odaiba. Barely anyone outside knows of us. If our relatives ask to find out why we've canceled our trips, what do we say?"

"We can just give them a simple excuse, TJ," Davis retorted.

"It's easy for you to say, Davis," Kari said. "You're not the digidestined of light."

"Or honesty," Cody joined in.

"Not to mention sincerity," Yolei whistled as though she hadn't just said anything.

"And you all know I never lie," TK added.

"You know I was just kidding, right?"

"Yeah, we just like messing with you," Kari replied, and everyone burst into laughter. "I think we should just shorten it into a meeting before we determine anything else." Everyone agreed.

All of a sudden, the door burst open and Ken walked in, panting. He was sweating from head to toe. "Sorry I'm late. I got called tot he principal's office."

"Why, did you do something bad?" Davis asked.

"No, apparently, I got two more university offers. One from Canada, and another from America," Ken briefed. "The scholarship from America was from Mimi's university and it seems Mimi's the one who recommended me."

Mimi was still in New York, but she visited them occasionally. On such occasions, she would bring them souvenirs, such as a camera she bought in America just for Kari's sake. Kari said that the camera was the best present she had ever received, disappointing her brother.

"Wow, tough luck, bro," Davis patted Ken's back. "Guess being smart does have it's disadvantages." Just then something clicked in Davis' mind. "You didn't actually apply to any one of the universities, did you?"

"Nah, I'd rather spend time with my friends here," Ken laughed off his stress. "So, what were you talking about before I barged into your conversation?"

"Going into the digital world," Yolei replied. Yolei couldn't resist herself to answer each of Ken's questions, but half the time she gets it wrong, or makes everyone around laugh. "We were just going to call the elder digidestined. But boy, Mimi's not going to be happy you put down her offer."

"What offer?" a voice asked. Everyone turned and saw Izzy walk into the room, his laptop in his backpack as usual. In the previous year, Izzy had managed to create a website solely based on the school's activities. In a competition to determine which website was the most suited for the school, his won the first prize. Izzy now had the permission to post anything related to the school onto his website. Izzy was also the middleman for the digimon and the digidestined, though they seldom asked him for an update on how their digimon were doing.

"Ken got an offer from America, and it's from Mimi's university," TK said. "Mimi's the one who recommended Ken to them."

"That's fantastic! Did he accept their offer?" Izzy asked. Everyone shook their heads. "No as usual, huh? You're going to have to start considering some colleges or universities if you want to survive in this world, Ken," Izzy joked.

"Izzy, could you please tell the other digidestined whether they want to join our meeting in the digital world tomorrow?" Kari asked as politely as usual. She had come to respect the person some would call a 'computer geek'.

"Sure, I was just on my way to meet them. They're hanging out at the senior block." A few minutes later, Izzy returned. "Sorry, but I have bad news. Only Tai and I will be able to come. Matt has a concert, Sora has a tennis championship and Joe has an eamination tomorrow."

Tai had become the captain of the soccer team, and it was thanks to him that the Odaiba soccer team was able to win the national school level championships that year. Matt's band had become well known throughout Odaiba because of a new song he composed. Sora had grown into a great tennis player, the best in the school. Joe managed to get into an exam to prove he was qualified to be a doctor, but had to ace it first.

"It's okay. We can postpone it," TK said.

"Or, we can discuss and then tell the others what we have in mind," Davis interrupted.

"That's actually quite a good plan, Davis," Kari complimented. Davis was feeling so glad that he didn't hear the last part. "...for once."

The following day, Davis woke up as early as seven o'clock in the morning, a new record in his opinion for he had not woken up earlier than eight o'clock on ordinary school holidays. He brushed his teeth right away, and agot changed immediately. He tiptoed down, only to find that his parents were already out for work and Jun was already at the table watching television.

At the Kamiya household, Kari and Tai got up at almost the same time Davis did. But somehow, Tai had already finished berakfast by the time Kari was finished chaning. They both put on their thick warm jackets to brace the cold weather outside before making their way to Davis' house.

Izzy yawned as he woke up. He took his breakfast and went outside, before coming back in once again to retrieve his laptop and a nice fuzzy coat to keep himself warm in the freezing weathers outside.

Ken had little, if no, trouble convincing his mother that he was going to spend Christmas with his friends again. His parents had no problem with that, as they were just happy that Ken now had friends instead of being cooped up in his room 24/7.

Cody got up at around six in the morning to practice his kendo. Despite the weather outside, he wasn't even shaking a little due to his strong body. He was panting by the time he was ready to head for Davis' house. His grandfather advised him to be careful, and Cody went on his way to Davis' house.

Yolei had slept over twelve at midnight because she had to help her parents run the shop. Despite this, she was able to wake up just in time and head for Davis' house without panicking or messing anything up.

Everyone arrived at Davis' house at almost the same time. They all rang the doorbell and Davis greeted them in heartfully. They all gathered around in the living room and crowded around Izzy's computer. A screen showing the status of the digital world and digital gate was pulled up.

Before they entered, Davis presented a basket full of food. "Specially made by my parents. They wanted us to have as much as we could to eat since we won't know how long it would be before e came back." Davis' parents were already fully informed of the digital world, so they now knew where Davis was always disappearing off to.

Davis pointed his D-3 at the digital port and yelled, "Digital gate, open!" The red light turned green, and sucked all eight digidestined into the digital world. They arrived in the middle of a green field, where all their digimon partners were waiting. Davis was already laying out the carpet on an even terrain.

"So, where should we all go?" Davis asked as he munched on a bread smeared with garlic.

"I say we all go somewhere together. That way, we can make up for the time we're going to be apart next year, or at least the time we have been apart this year," TK suggested, receiving nods and sounds of agreement from everyone.

"How about... Australia?" Yolei brought up.

"What about America?" Cody wondered.

The discussion went on for a little longer until they finally decided they would go to Singapore, which was Wormmon's idea. It was a small country, but none of them had been there before.

"I'll tell the gang when I get home," Tai offered. "Meanwhile, let's finish all this food. I doubt your parents want all this gone to waste, huh, Davis?"

Before anyone answered, an electrical surge that burnt the piece of cloth. Everyone was thrown off their feet. All the food was almost spoiled thanks to the sudden attack. "How am I going to explain this to my parents?" Davis wondered as he held up the piece of burnt cloth.

"Never mind the cloth! I think we're under attack!" Tai said, pointing in the direction of the attacker. "What is that thing?"

In front of them, a metal ball like digimon hovered several feet above the ground. It's hands extended out from the center ball, and were mostly covered by gloves. There was a thunderbolt like sign above the digimon's head. Ken recognized it as Thunderballmon.

All the rookie digimon present digivolved to their champion forms with the help of their human partners before springing into a fighitng stance. ExVeemon flew towards him, giving him a solid punch. The Thunderballmon punched back, and both champion digimon were sent flying bckwards.

Taking advantage of the situation, Greymon charged at him with his Horn Impulse attack. The horns on Greymon's head hit the Thunderballmon and sent him careening into a tree. The tree snapped lengthwise into two pieces at once.

Gatomon jumped up to Thunderballmon's level and did a triple punch before landing down. Angemon took over and shot him with a bright white beam that emerged from his hand. "Hand of Fate!" Thunderballmon couldn't evade the attack and got hit square in the face.

"Glide Horn!" Aquilamon yelled as he dived towards Thunderballmon from the sky. His horns glowed white as they approached Thunderballmon. Thunderballmon was thrown back by the impact again, but couldn't recover his balance as Ankylomon smashed him with his spiked tail tip.

Kabuterimon charged up electricity in his horn before letting it all out on Thunderballmon. "Electro Shocker!" Thunderballmon, though being a thunder digimon, got zapped and was thrown onto the floor.

Stingmon rushed towards Thunderballmon, his fist ready for a punch. Just then, a purple spike protruded out from his wrist, and he charged towards Thunderballmon even faster. "Spiking Finish!" Stingmon slashed his spike downwards as he neared Thunderballmon. The thunderball digimon was sent flying underground a few feet.

Just then, while the digidestined and their digimon were nearing Thunderballmon, a white light shined from where Thunderballmon had crashed, and what emerged from the hole wasn't the small pinball like digimon they had been fighting.

It had digivolved.

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