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I thank you dearly for checking out this word vomit that's about to attack you. Now before you read on, I must tell you something (semi) important:

The story is not all too spectacular and original. In fact, the story follows the anime storyline with an OC of mine, like any other cliché fanfiction. Don't be expecting much since it's written mostly for my own entertainment rather than yours.

If that didn't scare you off, you may proceed.


"I'm terribly sorry Takamiya-san. I must admit that you have a talent that certainly can be admired, but I'm afraid this is a school for only classical music. Now we can enroll you as a sing—,"

"Well, never mind then," Wakiko undercut the, apparently, music-department head with a polite smile occupying her face, gripping her guitar tightly, disappointed yet not surprised. Not because she was used to rejection, it was because unless she played some snobby-ass instrument that was almost never used in the 'real' music world, she wouldn't be accepted. She knew, yet she tried anyway.

Wakiko noted that the man probably never had to deal with a student declining a spot in this oh-so amazing and well-equipped music department as the man's expression consisted only of utter shock and disbelieve. Apparently people were easily intimidated and awestruck by the fact that the school building was huge and on top of that, it was expensive as what.

"A-are you sure? This department is… is-,"

"No that's alright," her decision was set, Wakiko never really liked playing classical music all that much. It just wasn't her… thing. She didn't feel comfortable with playing any classical pieces, she didn't feel herself. And the way she liked to play them weren't exactly pleasing to the ear either, well to other people. To her it was, in fact, very entertaining.

Plus she didn't feel like she needed this school anyway to play properly. As if you could never play well if you didn't at least attend one advanced music school. It was just ridiculous to her.

"Let's say I kind of refuse to ruin my voice with opera,"

A cheesy grin crept upon her face as she watched the old man's mouth drop open. She knew how snobby people were. They took things that were supposed to be fun so incredulously serious to an extent that they made a big fucking deal out of what genre should be the 'real' music. And apparently rock was never to be considered. Ever. They made it so that it wasn't even considered fun anymore, just a contest.

"But thank you for your time anyway," the teenager smiled and bowed, "I just think I'll go to the normal section of the school, if that's alright," They exchanged quick nods of respect before she exited the office, sighing deeply. Of course she was disappointed. And sure, she'd gladly accept the singing offer. She just… didn't want to.

Sighing, Wakiko grabbed her guitar case lazily and squeezed her guitar in there, absentmindedly. She didn't pay much attention to the nearing footsteps, and proceeded walking down the hallway towards the apparent 'normal section of the school' until something rather hard smacked her down to the ground, violently.

"Darn it! Will you watch where you walk?"

"I could say the exact same thing to you." A cold and uncaring voice answered. Watching before her, Wakiko noticed that the guy before her made absolutely no preparative movement to help her up whatsoever. Looking up a bit more, she spotted the guy was, of course, not bad looking either.

"Ugh," Rolling her eyes at him, she helped herself up. Of course he was good looking. He was another one of those snobby, think-they're-too-good, good for nothing, talented guys who believe they're the king of all people just because their parents are rich… or something.

"Heh… a guitar." the guy nearly sneered as he noticed the guitar in her hand. Oh if only she could burn a hole through this guy's head, she definitely would've. Instead Wakiko just shot him a cold and intimidating (or that was her intention) glare. Of course, being intimidating wasn't one of her strongest points, but she figured it was enough to point out that I she wasn't at all scared of this jerk.

"What about it?" Wakiko stood her ground, gripping the handle of her guitar case tightly. Though her staring up (yes up) at the guy seemed to be amusing to him as a light smile played upon his lips. And somehow… it pissed her off.

"What are you smiling at?"

No response… the guy only shook his head at the outraged Wakiko and pushed her aside as he continued walking on. "Well then, miss Rejected, I'll be seeing you around more, I believe," And he was gone before Wakiko could ever think of a witty reply.

Fuck, fuck, FUCK that guy! She sure hoped for him they wouldn't be seeing each other around, because the next time they ever would, she'd be sure to sure to kill him. No…she'd fucking torture him until he begs for mercy and—She really shouldn't let that jerk get to her.

Sighing, the girl shook her head and made her way to the other part of the school. She'd better start this new chapter of her life the right way, rather than the wrong way.

And I know it's shitty writing, but hell, it's a fanfiction. It's not supposed to be good xD

Plus the reason why it's so short is just to make her meet Len and be rejected to the music department xD also, forgive me, again, for the shitty writing xD