Chapter 8

Days had passed since the little trip with the all the participants of the Concours until it already was the beginning of the following week. Monday.

Wakiko sighed, dragging herself out of bed and shuffled her feet over to the alarm clock she'd put on her desk so that she wouldn't simply turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. She hated Mondays… or… she hated any school day for that matter. A shiver ran down her whole body. It was cold, it always was in the morning and Wakiko hated it.

After the happenings of that one night she was forced in a bed with Len, nothing drastically changed between them. Both were as grumpy towards each other as ever, and avoided each other like the pest. The only thing that was remotely different was Len's sadistic smirk whenever he confronted her about the dream she had. He'd also been picking on her a lot more lately as had Wakiko.

When she came home that night, her mom had welcomed her with open arms, drowning Wakiko with questions, though Wakiko was not in the mood and went upstairs immediately. Besides, she tended to avoid topics about her even communicating with someone remotely close to the opposite sex. A thing her mom was so keen on teasing her with. Or any mom for that matter.

She cringed at the response she'd get if Wakiko were to ever tell her she had to share a bed with Len.

Sleepily, Wakiko threw on her uniform, not even bothering to glance at a mirror, washed her face and brushed her teeth before going downstairs.

Wakiko's mom never dared to get up at the same time as Wakiko since she tended to be especially grumpy at that time. Anything could set her off, would it be keeping the bathroom occupied for longer than necessary or even breathing. But what annoyed her most was when her mother kept on going about having to eat, wear a hat when it wasn't even cold and talk about having to do chores early in the morning. It just annoyed her.

She wouldn't have minded if her mother wasn't obviously there. And she couldn't care if that made any sense or not.

Though despite knowing the reaction, Wakiko's mother was still downstairs sitting on her usual side of the kitchen table, reading a newspaper.

"Good morning, honey!" she smiled cheerily, looking up from her newspaper to smile at her grumpy daughter who walked straight to the refrigerator, answered with a quick, "Yep," while not looking at her.

It wasn't common for her mom to be this chipper during the morning, usually because she was tiredly ranting on about how Wakiko wasted her time on her laptop too much. Sometimes, if she were in a bad mood, she'd even get mad at Wakiko because she didn't take enough care of herself. Also a reason for Wakiko to be in a bad mood in school all day.

"By the way, why are you up so early?" A common question Wakiko asked whenever she wasn't in the mood for health-talk.

"I'm getting ready for old friends of mine," her mother said excitedly, "They're finally visiting. I think you know them; you used to play a lot with their son. He's become quite handsome I've heard," her mother grinned teasingly as she watched Wakiko raising her eyebrows at her mom.

"Right. Well, I'm not interested." She rolled her eyes as she stuffed her lunch in her back and poured some cereal and milk in a bowl, sitting opposite from her mother.

"Why are they here anyway?" Wakiko asked annoyed at the thought of having company in the house. She, as was obvious, wasn't a social people-person. She liked to sulk away in her own world and preferred to ignore people speaking to her. For her it was already bad enough having to be in school around people, having people in her home was like a nightmare. And this time she couldn't just stay in her room because her mom obviously expected her to come downstairs because, apparently, they were important to her.

"They said they had an appointment in the neighborhood," Wakiko's mother smiled, "Besides, Misa invited us for a holiday with them, to catch up. I'm sure you'll have a great time with their son,"

Wakiko sulked. "Whaaat? No way! I'm not going to waste my time on some random guy I don't know just because they were nice," she groaned.

"Now, now Wakiko. You used to be great friends with him! Be nice, okay?"

"Right," Wakiko wasn't impressed and grumpily chomped down her cereal. The thought of having to go on a holiday with random people was already a bad idea to her, let alone the thought of having to entertain some guy all day long because we were youngsters or whatever. She could already imagine the annoyed way she answered 'Fine' with as they asked her how school went.

And her mother knew. She was the one person who knew best that Wakiko wasn't a social person at all. Frankly, she was the same way when she was Wakiko's age, it being exactly the reason why she tried to get Wakiko out there more. Though Wakiko was a lot more stubborn than her, and she knew that was going to be a problem in the future. Wakiko did too actually. But she refused to admit it.

The entire way to school was a bother to Wakiko, being constantly annoyed by people passing by. She wasn't pleased with these lifelong friends of her mother asking them on a holiday. Frankly she wouldn't mind if her mother went, but her mother was all too paranoid about leaving Wakiko alone. Wakiko was such a little kid after all. It made her roll her eyes.

Wakiko, like any other teenager, found herself perfectly capable of taking care of herself when it came to staying home alone. But of course that alone wasn't good enough. She had to be at least 21 for her mother to let her be alone.

"Wakiko!" At her arrival Wakiko felt her wrist being held firmly, but gently as she slowed her skateboard down as she entered the school grounds. Rather annoyed, she turned around. But who she saw was rather a surprise for her.

Hiroki was smiling down gently at the girl. "How was your trip?"

"Eh, alright," Wakiko grinned back at the guy, "Pretty much a waste of my time, but oh well,"

Unlike many other people, Wakiko considered Hiroki to her friend. He was actually the only friend she had in the school, though she didn't know why he was so appealing to her. Usually she'd have been avoiding him after the little display he put up with Len. And especially remembering their first encounter.

Though, Hiroki was different. He was sweet, gentle and had a lot in common with Wakiko. All qualities she found opposite from Len. Though the one thing they had in common was that over time, Hiroki started to tease Wakiko a lot as well, though she responded playful as ever.

"Don't I know what you mean," Hiroki responded, ruffling the girl's hair. "God, I can't get over how small you are," he laughed.

Wakiko only stuck out her tongue, being cut off by someone she least wanted to see right then... well except for Len.

"Takamiya-chan~" Wakiko cringed, hearing the shrill voice. She remembered as the girl kept poking on about Wakiko's life and how everyone thought she was either arrogant because she ceased to talk to anyone or mysterious because no one knew anything about her. But frankly, Wakiko didn't care. In fact, she barely even listened, really.

"Hey... president of the newspaper club," Wakiko responded bored. She forgot her name, even though the girl repeatedly had to tell Wakiko to write it down, yet Wakiko couldn't care any less. She didn't like talking.

"It's Amou~," Amou sang, chipper as ever, "Sooo, I heard the theme for the following concours was 'Something to believe in' do you have something to believe in? A secret lover maybe?" he eyes sneakily flashed towards Hiroki in the hope that Wakiko didn't notice the little eye twitch.

"Nope, not even Hiroki," Wakiko replied. She wanted to get it over with so that she could sulk away in the chair most far away from the teacher with her iPod on full blast. Basically, she couldn't wait to be all emo (no offense to emo's).

"An~y~way!" Amou continued, "I heard Tsukimori-kun's parents were coming for the concours, but Tsukimori-kun wouldn't tell me anything," she stepped closer to Wakiko, he eyes glinting with greed as she held her pen close to her notebook.

"Maybe a fellow participant has already met them and has some juicy information?"

Wakiko didn't respond. She only gave Amou a weird stare. Ever since that guy with the long purple hair told everyone who Len's parents were and that they were coming, people had been making a great fuss about it. Like nothing else in the world mattered. Frankly, she never even heard of them so really she couldn't care any less even if they were rich and famous.

"Eh... no one told me what the big deal was, really," she stated bluntly, only to be cut off by a dramatically gasping Amou.

"You don't know Hamai Misa? Only the greatest pianist to ever walk to earth?" Even Hiroki gave Wakiko an astonished stare. Of course he'd know her; Hiroki was also a pianist. To not know a famous pianist like that was to be an amateur. To be a disgrace as a pianist. Though to Wakiko it was just another name, meaning absolutely nothing to her.

"Eh. Nope, never heard of it,"


"Look. I don't know who you're talking about and, to be honest, I don't give a fuck. Go Google it or something," Wakiko cut her off, gradually getting more annoyed at the girl. It was really just the way she kept pushing on that made Wakiko want to slap her. Wakiko hated people like that. She hated them more than Len all together.

And with that Wakiko walked off to her classes as Hiroki went his direction, smirking to himself.

The day went by awfully smoothly to Wakiko, thinking she'd be bothered a lot more for information on Len's parents, but on the contrary.

For once she could actually ignore all people, since they were too busy seeking out Len who, as she'd heard from whispers, wasn't pleased with it at all. An amused smirk formed on her lips as she imagine the annoyed look on Len's face as she got thrown another question about his parents.

"Heh, probably grumpy because he doesn't get all the attention," she said to herself while seated on one of the chairs in a practice room. Usually she never actually went to these practice rooms, finding it much easier to just practice at home where she was in her own environment, but she decided to just for the sake of trying to avoid these friends her mother mentioned.

She'd even taken her guitar with her, which was now on her lap as her iPod was plugged into one of the speakers while Wakiko happily sung with the music, keeping great rhythm. She loved the song she was playing, after all.

An hour or two had passed and Wakiko felt herself growing awfully hungry. She heard her belly growl lightly as she pushed her guitar into its case as well the scores she'd brought with her.

"Yeah, yeah, I know," she told it while she held her tummy, taking her time while trying to fit it all in nicely before she grabbed the handle and was about to push her way through the door only for it to open for her.

A little bit taken aback at the speed it opened, Wakiko let out a slight yelp as she jumped backwards and stared at the pursuer. She scowled.

"Oh, it's you," she rolled her eyes, trying to get past Len who seemed rather in panic compared to his usual uncaring composure. It had Wakiko quite curious, but she shrugged it off anyway; she didn't care about whether Len was being eaten by a flesh eating monster. Though she had to admit the epicness of that.

"Tsukimori-kun!" another voice yelled through the hallway, having Wakiko cringe at the sound.

"Quick, let me in," Len frowned as he pushed Wakiko back into the room, despite her many protests and closed the door behind him, while he lingered a the window as if someone was after him to kill him. Though quite frankly that person would've been the girl in the exact same room as her was.

"Jesus, what are you so paranoid abo-?"

Wakiko's irritated yell was quickly muffled by Tsukimori's hand as he pulled her back against his chest. His other arm was wrapped around Wakiko's arms, just touching her breasts to prevent the girl from excessive struggling which she was desperately trying to. Though no matter how much Wakiko wanted to yell and kick Len's ass, she couldn't help but notice the closeness of their bodies.

She flushed immediately thinking of the dream she'd had about Len and frowned as she felt the pressure against her breasts that wasn't her arm. She wondered, though loathing herself for it, whether Len felt it too. Whether he knew where he was touching.

Mentally screaming at herself to throw away those stupid thoughts, she fell silent. Hearing Amou passing the door for a second time before disappearing completely out of the hallway, Len slowly let go of Wakiko cautiously preparing himself for any kind of pain she may be inflicting him... namely his crotch.

"Find someone else to bother next time!" Wakiko yelled, pointing at an eyebrow raising Len as if he'd been out for her all along, "Geez, you're so annoying," she eventually continued as Len didn't even so much as respond with a sound and violently exited the room, stomping down the hallway.

"Idiot," she grumbled to herself, reaching inside her pocket for her iPod, but the little square device was nowhere to be found as she only felt her earphones. Wakiko abruptly stopped walking.

"Fuck," she cursed to herself, turning around and running her way back to the practice room earlier. She hoped to got Len was still there, knowing he, unlike other people, would probably either leave it there or, hopefully, give it back to her. She knew Len was that kind of a genuine person but then again, it was Len she was talking about.

Wakiko burst into the practice room hastily, "Tsukimori, haven you seen my-," as she stepped into the room she couldn't help but notice a pair of legs on the ground which let to Len's body leaning against the wall, exhausted.

Her eyes widened as she took in the scene in front of her. Tsukimori was actually sick. And it didn't seem like a light cold either. Despite it already getting dark, Wakiko could see that Len was completely dehydrated. For once the girl actually forgot the smug attitude she'd usually have and as concern overwhelmed her she quickly made her way next to Tsukimori's sight after quickly putting her iPod in her pocket before she'd forget.

"Oh fuck, you're burning up," She frowned whilst holding her hand against Len's forehead.

Len only watched the girl's face as he noticed her starting to panic, he was weak and saying anything seemed too much for him. To be honest, he was barely able to keep his eyes open. Being so nervous for his parents' arrival and the time he'd lost for practicing because of the concour's trip, he hadn't gotten any sleep whilst training his skills, trying to get that same sound he'd made that night when he played with Wakiko. But to no avail.

It seemed he needed her for that. But his pride pushed that thought aside, or actually; he didn't know he needed her.

"O-Okay, Look." Wakiko said urgently as she grabbed a water bottle from her back and unscrew the cap clumsily as she shook with panic and pushed it into Len's hand, "Drink this, I'm going to be a doc-,"

"Stop... Stop being so noisy... it's annoying," Len managed to mumble at the younger girl as he grabbed her wrist tightly with his free hand, his fingers feeling warm against her pulsing wrist. "I'm fi-,"

"Don't you dare say you're fine, Tsukimori," Len felt his shirt being pulled at and let go as Wakiko grabbed his shirt tightly in the hope of getting through to him, "Stop acting like you're invincible. You are not," She tried pulling her wrist away but Len held it too tightly.

"You must be enjoying this... don't you? I mean, you're finally right..."

"Don't be ridiculous," She countered semi-offended, but she brushed it past. After all; she was always the one acting smug whenever Len messed something up, not that it wasn't the other way around as well.

"I wouldn't leave anyone in this state in a public area... besides," she added, "It's no fun competing with a sick person," she grumbled lightly and pointed to the water bottle as Len finally loosened his grip on her wrist. "Come on, drink," she ordered whilst wrapped Len's arms around her shoulder and trying to hoist the male up with great difficulty.

"God you're heavy. What do you eat?" She complained lightly, though Len only smiled a little. The smile was, to Wakiko's surprise, actually like the laugh she'd seen before. When Len laughed at her like that on that one night, it was exactly the same. So soft... so... genuine. She found herself staring at Len's face before she knew it.

"I'm not... heavy..." Len coughed, "You're... You're just weak," he smiled lightly, finding himself leaning against the girl's small frame, though being careful not to lean his full weight on her. Despite the many protests hanging around her head, Wakiko decided to keep her mouth shut as she led Len out of the school and into the park which was, luckily, already close to his house.

Every time she glanced at Len she noticed him getting a little weaker and weaker by the moment. Luckily for her they'd stopped near Len's house first when driving all the participants home, although Wakiko wasn't sure which one was his.

"It's that one..." Len whispered against the girl's ear, his head resting against her shoulder as they walked.

There was only one word to the describe the house with; huge. Len gaped at the house for a moment. She always thought her own house was above average but Len's house was a fucking mansion. Wakiko's house, on her mother's request, was more a Japanese styled house yet the walls, between the wood, was completely made of concrete to keep out the cold. Len's house was hundred percent western.

"Wow..." it was all the girl could manage to get out. "I bet loads of people tell you it's huge," she grinned lightly as she looked at Len, whose face was now inches away from hers. She fell silent and felt a blush creep upon her neck as she noticed and looked back again. Why was she being so weird all of a sudden?

Len didn't respond and pushed his keys into the girl's hand as they neared the gate.

It didn't take long before Wakiko had finally neared the first couch, deciding she'd lay Len on there since it was so huge anyway. She sighed in release feeling extremely exhausted from dragging Len around.

"Thank you... Takamiya..." Len whispered weakly against Wakiko's shoulder.

"No problem, Tsukimori," Wakiko grinned, "You owe me though," she said, looking at Len teasingly who only meekly rolled his eyes while he felt his consciousness leave him.

Len felt his eyes slowly close as he felt himself drift off, though he tried fighting against it as he was still dependant on the girl's strength and he was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to hold him up once he fell asleep. Unfortunately, he didn't succeed, finally giving himself over to his sleep as Wakiko was trying to get him on the couch.

There was a yelp and Wakiko was stuck between Len and the couch, unable to get the now sleeping male off of her. Len was completely spread over her, his body pressed against her like it did in her dream. She flushed deeply as the images flashed before her again.

She closed her eyes. She was exhausted. Len's breathing chest felt so nice against her breasts... so warm... his breath tickling against her neck causing pleasant shivers to run down her spine. She was too tired. Too tired to think of this as wrong because it felt so right...

Slowly but surely the female drifted asleep...

And darkness took her over.

Yes! And we've finally reached the second step: ignorance. Ah Wakiko is so ignorant despite the many signs of physical attraction for dear Len, you'd think that if she doesn't get it by the mental attraction, she'd get it once the hormones start to kick in, right?

Anyway, this chapter is a lot longer but I also hope it's not tedious or anything, because that'd be the worst.