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My name is Edward Cullen, and I'm a solider in the British army I joined when I was only 18, I remember when I took my oath of allegiance, "I Edward Cullen swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors and that I will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, her heirs and successors in person, crown and dignity against all enemies and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, her heirs and successors and of the generals and officers set over me." Now at the age of 25 I am one of the youngest Captain's in my regiment. And to day we are being sent out. I dressed in my uniform of camouflage green and a green beret.

Today I saw going to the front, I'm Isabella I'm a nurse in the Royal Army, I'm going with Captain Cullen's men along with a doctor called Jasper Whitlock, he is in charge of me. I dressed in my army nurse uniform which was a camouflage shirt, then a green skirt that the shirt was tucked into. I also put on regulation black shoes and tied my hair into a bun.

Climbing aboard the airplane I quickly sat down and strapped myself in on the first seat I saw. The man next to me smiled, "I'm Eric" He said extending his hand, I shock it and replied "I'm Bella, the Nurse." He smiled at me as the plane started to take off.

"Alright listen everyone." The Captain shouted causing everyone to quicken down and look at him, and he was so good looking! He had messy brown/ginger hair and sparkling emerald eyes, which look straight through you. "We will be arriving in about half an hour and I just want to go through some things with you" He paused and everyone was quite. "First, we are going to make our base in the jungle close to the villages that have reported the attacks, I expect you all to keep the base clean at all times, we will have a look out at all times, now I'm sure you have all noticed that we have a lady with us" He paused and the men turned to look at me causing me to blush. "Miss. Swan will have her own hammock next to mine and 's so no one is aloud in near her hammock at all" He said starting at the men, they all nodded their heads. "Ok I'm explain the rest when we get there" He finished. I sighed I dozed slightly. Because we were landing in the jungle we had to climb own a rope ladder then jump, when it was my turn I carmed myself and started climbing down, when I got to the bottom I saw it was quite a jump, closing my eyes I jumped. But instead of landing on the ground I was caught be a pair of strong arms. "There you go Miss. Swan" I look him and saw Dr. Whitlock. "Thank you for catching me Dr. Whitlock" I said as he put me down. "It's alright called me Jasper, as we will be working so closely together." I nodded and replied "Then please call me Bella" He nodded and smiled.

Once everyone was off the plane the things we need were tossed down. Jasper and I had to carry the medical equipment, which there was a lot of, but he took most of the heavy stuff.

The plane couldn't drop us to close to the villages otherwise the enemy would know we were here, so we had to hike through the jungle. Finally when we got to a good place to put up camp.

The men started straight away setting up. Jasper and I started setting up our 'hospital' we open out some tables and hung a tarpaulin over the top , we put things in plastic boxes under the tables.

Next Jasper and I had to put up our hammocks; first we hung our smaller tarpaulins and put the hammocks under neither, and as Caption Cullen had said his was on the other side of mine.

Some men had been sent out to find some fresh water and they came back successful, Jasper and I followed the men to where they had found the water, as we would need clean water for the hospital.

When we got back the power supply had been activated. Jasper and I would need light to work as the trees made the jungle quite dark when the sun wasn't shining. Also Captain Cullen sorted out a phone so that we would be able to get men better medical treatment if they need it.

"I was just unpacking my few bellowing in to a largish pouch I hung from the tree when Capitan Cullen came up to me. "Miss. Swan, can I talk to you for a second?" I nodded and waited for him to speak. "Are you trained in any form of self defense?" I nodded, "I can do single armed combat" I replied he looked at me for a second. "Miss. Swan I don't want to have to go to extra measures for you understand. The enemy might attack this camp and I don't want to have to worry about you safety." I glared at him wanting to slap him. "Sir I am perfectly capable of defending myself." I replied. He nodded seamed pleased and walked off.

The group of us wasn't very big, there were about 25 of us, 20 soldiers, 1 doctor Jasper, 1 nurse me, 1 captain and 2 cooks that could if needed fight too.

I didn't know what exactly we were doing there, and I new I wouldn't be told, Jasper didn't either as we wouldn't unless desperately need leave the base. If a soldier were injured in the fight area, we would have to go there which is why Captain Cullen gave Jasper a radio to keep in contact if needed.

That evening we sat eating the meal prepared by the cook's; it was high in fiber, protein and unsaturated fats. I was given a slightly smaller sized meal to the men's, as I wouldn't be fighting and I new I wouldn't have been able to finish it.

When I woke up the next morning, I saw I was up before anyone else. I was glad of this, as I didn't want anyone to come in as I showered. The men had build, out of wood a small building, inside, were deep holes in the ground which you can guess what for. And also a shower system. As it rained a lot in the jungle the water poured on the roof, which was slopping, and went down a pipe, which had a cover on the end and then when you took the cover off you could shower. There were about 10 showers but no doors, so I didn't want anyone to come in.

Thankfully no one did come in and I dressed myself once again. Looking around I noticed Jasper was awake. "Good morning" I greeted. He smiled. "We need to organize everyone's medical history." Jasper said as we started to walk over to our hospital. We had a little stove so I started boiling some water. Once it was boiled I made two cups of coffee, and handed one to Jasper he thanked me.

We started going through files making a simple table of the people on the base. Jasper was reading the information, while I was writing it down. "Quil Ateara, aged 20, male, allergic to penicillin, Edward Cullen, aged 25, male allergic, none," It went on for a while then he got to my name, "Isabella Swan, aged 20, female, allergic penicillin, past history of breast cancer" He stopped for a second and look at me. "You must be very braze" He said looking at me. I smiled and he continued. It was lunchtime by the time we had finished. We got in line and got served the normal army food.

After lunch Edward was taking the soldiers out so it would only be four of use hear. Jasper, the two cooks who were on look out duty and myself.

Once the soldiers had left Jasper and I started setting up a table to put injured soldiers on then we sterilized it. With nothing much else to do we chatted a bit, when Jaspers radio crackled. "We have one soldier shot in the leg. Over" A soldier voice said. I stared preparing the things we would need when he arrived while Jasper spoke in to the radio "Put pressure on the wound to stop the blood flowing over" Was Jaspers reply. "Ok, we will reach base in five minuets over" the solider said.

Right to there word five minuets later two men came running in the injured solider on a stretching which they we carrying. They reached the table and I took the mans shoulder while Jasper got his feet. "One, Two, Three" He lifted him on to the table while the soldiers ran back to the front.

Working fast I injected morphine in to the man and he passed out. Quickly I cleaned the wound for Jasper, then he got to work. Jasper would ask me for tools and I would quickly get them and soon Jasper had the bullet out and I sew up the wound.

As we only had one 'operating' table we had to move the man incase another came in soon. With me holding his shoulders and Jasper his feet we laid him on a camp bed. "Few" Jasper said. I nodded. "He should be able to walk soon enough" Jasper said and I nodded. We could only send out people in emergencies, so the injured soldier would have to be a look out instead.

We were lucky that day as no more injuries came in. I cleaned the table where we had operated, and them went to check on the man, he was still sleeping so I left him.

Around 6 the other soldiers came back and a few had some cuts that Jasper and I attended, but there was nothing serious. I changed the injured mans bandages and gave him some pills for the pain.

The next couple of weeks progressed the same. The soldiers went out and some times we had to deal with men being shot, but thankfully none died.

Jasper and I had gotten into the routine of things, I would shower while he stood guard outside, so that no one came in, then while he showered I made coffee, and we waited till we were needed.

We were sitting chatting when the radio crackled. "We need you to come to the front one of the villagers, a woman has been shot and she's going into labor. Over" Jasper and I looked at each other. "We're on our way. Over" Jasper replied. While Jasper had been replying I had been grabbing the equipment, once we were ready we started running the way we had seen the soldiers going this morning.

We arrived in the village and found the woman in a old crumbling building. She had been shot in the arm, which Jasper was working on. "Take deep breaths' I said in the native language. She started doing as I told her. I injected her with morphine and held her hand. I had been a midwife before, so I new what I was doing. Thankfully she was wearing a skirt so I checked to she how dilated she was. She was about 8 centimeters. "It's ok" I told her. Holding her hand. Jasper was having some trouble with her arm, I checked her again, and she was 10 centimeters. "Ok honey", I said taking off my shirt, (I had a white tank top underneath) I put it between her legs. "It's time to push" She looked scared. "I'm hear," I said and she started to push. I had to let go of her hand so I could get the baby. "Keep going," I said. She screamed, but kept going. "I can see the head, it's coming keep going." And then with one might push I pulled the baby out and she collapsed. I cut the umbilical cord. And head he little baby cry. I looked at her and wrapped the baby in a blanket I had brought. "You have a beautiful baby girl" She smiled and I passed her the infant.

Jasper had finally had got the bullet out of her arm and had sew up the wound and bandaged it. I sighed in relief.

But the suddenly I felt the earth start to move. "Earthquake I heard someone say." I grabbed the mother and baby moving them out of the building we were in. Jasper was running behind us.

I heard Jasper trip and fall, but kept running, I new I had to get the baby to safety. Once the baby and mother were outside I ran back in looking for Jasper, when the building collapsed on top of us…