The painting and the knight

A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.

JANE AUSTEN, Pride and Prejudice


This story takes place during the time of King's. When King's married for land, wealth and power, not out of love. During these times it was the women who suffered a great injustice. Isabella Swan was no exception, most call her 'True beauty a living Aphrodite.' she never saw herself this way. Her father King Charles had a vast kingdom. He was a very powerful ruler. King Edward Cullen also a powerful ruler, though his kingdom was nowhere near the size of King Charles'. King Edward seems to be ruled by greed. Greed of land and power. There are a few ways to gain a kingdom, some are dangerous and some just impossible. However there is only one honorable way. MARRIAGE. King Edward had to propose marriage to King Charles' daughter, Isabella.

Chapter 1

"But, Highness, we can't do that, we can't risk our army for that. King Swan's maritime army is just too strong. We are good at tactics and ground combat but our maritime army is not as strong as his." Aro, the kingdom councilman said. King Edward stood up from his throne and started to argue about what they will do to lord over King Charles' empire.

"We can't do anything but attack them." He replied calmly.

"Actually, there's one thing left my King." Emmett, the ground-war general slash King Edward's cousin said.

"Tell me." He said in a demanding hard tone.

"You can marry his daughter my King." His eyes widened, that was actually a brilliant idea.

"Hmm, marry his daughter?" He mused, as he lifted his hand towards his chin and started to think.

"Yes, Highness, if you marry her you automatically become a part of the family. I'm sure since King Charles doesn't have any son's, he will give his throne to you." Jasper, the other councilman explained.

"It's worth to try, Highness." Aro continued.

"Aro, send your people to give a marriage offer letter to King Charles. Emmett, thank you for the brilliant idea" He said smiling to Emmett as all of them nodded.

"It's my pleasure my King" Emmett replied.

This is it, if I can marry his daughter. My empire will be the strongest and biggest empire in all of Europe. I'll make you proud father, trust me.

"Where are you going Isabella?" her father asked his dearest daughter, Princess Isabella.


"Horse riding father" I said with a smile

"Be careful" He said nicely, smiling towards her. I nodded and then left the palace towards the stables. Her walk to the stables was a lovely one. She finally arrived and a middle aged man welcomed her.

"Princess Isabella, horse riding today?"

"Yes Rowan, it's been a long time. I want to have a look around, bring Dane please." I asked while smiling at him, Rowan walked into the stables and brought out a gorgeous strong black mustang, My Dane.

"My Dane, oh my lovely, how are you?" I asked while running my hand around his strong neck. I climbed up Dane's side slowly then pushed off and swung my right leg over the back of the horse.

I walked around the palace area. The day was sunny and the weather was good. I closed her eyes and felt the wind cross my delicate face. Horse riding was one of my favorite things to do. Dane and I were a perfect match. We always seemed to be of the same mind. We knew each other's movements so well, it was like a dance. What seemed like only A moment later I was back at the stables. Slowly, I climbed down the horse.

"Take a good care of him, won't you Rowan?" I asked and gestured towards Dane.

"My pleasure, Princess" He bowed his head and I started my walk back to the palace. Upon entering I walked straight towards my room and greeted my personal servant, Angela.

"Angela" I said and nodded. "My Princess" Angela bowed.

"How are you this afternoon my Lady?" Angela asked as she helped me to get changed.

"Good, there's not much to tell my dear"

"Beige or blue your Grace?" Angela asked and gestured towards two gowns in her hands.

"Beige" I said while combing my wavy brunette hair that fell down my back like a waterfall. Suddenly somebody knocked on my chamber door.

"Come in" I called out. A servant named Jessica entered my chamber and bowed. I hissed at her presence.

"What is it?" I asked coldly. I stared at her through my mirror. I have been told that I was nice and wise beyond my years, however when I dislike someone I become sharp, sadistic and a little merciless. Well with Jessica, I just didn't like her or trust her. It started 2 years ago, when I caught her trying to seduce my cousin, Jacob Black.

"Dinner will start in 15 minutes, Princess." Jessica said with her head bowed.

"I see, well then, you're excused"

A moment later, I finished my bath and Angela helped me get changed. Now it was time for dinner.

Escorted by Angela and one other servant named Lydia, I walked towards the dining room. I was welcomed by my dearest father who had already sat in his special dining chair.

"My princess" He said, rising from his seat immediately. He took my hand and kissed it, just like he always does.

"Have a seat my daughter"

"Yes father" I took a seat beside my father. He broke the silence but there was something in his voice that make it shake a little.

"So how's your day my dear?"

"It's been pleasant father" I replied smiling softly. I never talk too much in front of people, if I can help it. My father shifted in his seat uncomfortably, and I realized there was something wrong with him.

"Something bothering you father?" I asked. He cleared his throat, and rose up from his seat. He retrieved letter from the table that I had not noticed before.

"May I hope, people, for your interest with my fair daughter Princess Isabella. I solicit for the honor of a private audience with her in the course of this evening?" I was just staring at my father completely confused. All of the staff and servants walked out, leaving me alone with my father.

"What is it father?"

"Isabella—" My father said as he walked towards me, he gently rubbed my right shoulder. I immediately shifted, feeling uncomfortable by my father's gesture. He had never done that kind of thing before.

"Yes father?" I asked while I stood up.

"I know you won't agree with this but-"

"Just tell me father." I said sharply.

Charles felt her discomfort though, he knew his daughter just too well. She was sometimes sharp and forward once she felt uncomfortable.

"K-King Edward, King of Holy Roman Empire has sent an offer of marriage. An alliance between his empire and ours" But he spoke too fast, I couldn't even process his words. He was nervous and scared of my response.

He was indeed scared of his own daughter, she was sharp, cold, strong, dominant and sometimes merciless when she started to not like something. She was also very smart, sometimes too smart for her own good. She will one day make a great Queen.

"What was that again father?"

"King Edward wants to marry you." He said and sighed. My jaw dropped.

"Oh my goodness!" I shouted then fell back to my seat. I brought my palm towards my chest because my heart was beating frantically.

"Are you sure about that father?" I asked, not looking at him.

"Yes my dearest Isabella. Yesterday, King Edward sent his people to deliver the letters, one for me and one is for you my Princess…Here, read it." I immediately looked up to see my father's face. I took a roll of paper from his hand and immediately skimmed through the letter, until my eyes found the sentences that read, "And that is why I ask you, Princess Isabella if you will do me the honor of accepting my hand in marriage?"

"And what's your answer?" I asked with my eyes still focusing on the letter

"I said….." he paused.

"Just tell me father!" I said a little louder, and lifted my head to see his face.

"Oh no, don't give me that look. You said yes didn't you? Father how could you!"

"Isabella, I'm sorry. I have done it for your own good. It's a good thing for a 21 years old Princess to be married to a strong King isn't it?" 21 indeed was a little too old of an age to be newly married at that time. I however am not like any other woman. I was not the type of Lady who fancied the thing called 'marriage'. Fortunately, my father wasn't the type of father who was really looking forward to escorting me, his only daughter down the aisle either.

"For heaven's sake! Father! It's not about my age! It's about my freedom! My life! My future!" I spoke a little too loud and rose up from my seat. I threw my napkin rudely onto the dining table, and stared into my father's eyes sternly.

"Unbelievable" I lifted my gown and left the room immediately.

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