Noah Puckerman wasn't a man of many words. He would do the work of two men to bring home enough money to pay for food for his mother and sister. He would bed a different woman every night after meeting with his best friend Finn Hudson at the local pub. (The women came to him easily, being the handsome young man that he was. Muscles that rippled with his every move, hazel colored eyes, and buzz cut dark hair.) But on this certain occasion... Well, he was unable to contain his excitement any longer.

"We're going to America, Finn!" Puck shouted, nearly turning over the rounded poker table when he rose from his seat.

Finn was a good looking man as well. What he lacked in muscle was made up for in his height and overbearing bone structure. He was shy and a bit too goofy for some peoples tastes. Puck never took notice of any bad qualities in his friend, though. They were drinking buddies, they didn't necessarily require tight emotional ties.

"We're... gonna go to America..." Finn mumbled, his brown eyes wide. He looked up at Puck, the royal flush he'd used to win the poker game grasped tightly in his hands. Several bills and coins, but most importantly, two 3rd class tickets, sat on the table in front of him. "We're taking the Titanic... to America..."

"You bet your massive ass we're going to America!" Puck exclaimed happily, shoving the money into his pockets. The tickets would stay out. The other three men they had played against watched unhappily as Puck and Finn shouldered their bags. A Spanish man elbowed the other man who had bet the tickets in the first place hard in the ribs, grunting out menacing words of distaste.

"You two boys best hurry your tushes, then." A well endowed woman called from the next table. "Titanic is leaving in less than..." She glanced at the clock. "Six minutes."

The friends exchanged worried looks before awkwardly running out the door, trying to keep all of their possessions inside of their undone bags.


A brown haired, blue eyed young man frowned at another older man who had been looking at him expectantly. The older man was struggling to hold three large suitcases and was apparently waiting for the brunette male to take hold of one.

The young male's name was Kurt Hummel. Son of Burt Hummel, who had only recently agreed for Kurt to become betrothed to William Schuester, a well known voice coach. William Schuester was a genius, and had ties to many people who worked in the music industry. Kurt hadn't voiced it, but the only reason he'd agreed to marry William was the chance of becoming a star and making something of himself.

Kurt straightened his pristine bangs under the Panama hat he was wearing. "Do you have any idea how much this jacket costs? A lot more than you're worth. I expect you to take the luggage yourself." He sidestepped the man and moved to follow his fiance and his competition, Rachel Berry.

Rachel Berry was William's star. His attention was always filled with Miss Berry. She had known William even before Kurt had, so she was very possessive of the older man. He had given her many promises of becoming a star on Broadway. His promise to Kurt? An enormous wedding. Kurt grimaced at the rock the held down his ring finger.

"Darling, you'll have to move fast enough." William jogged back to Kurt and placed a hand on the small male's back.

Kurt was about to snap a reply but Miss Berry flounced over, all gaudy frills and lace. "Come on, Will! I want to get to the piano room to practice for my big debut as soon as possible." She chirped as she dragged the red haired man away.

With a sigh, Kurt looked back down the road they had arrived from. His father was probably still in bed, as they had said their goodbyes the night before. He briefly considered rushing back and giving up on working towards his dream. He liked working on automobiles, he would be able to make a quiet, simple life for himself. "No," He muttered to himself, clenching his fists. "I will do this."


Their room was near the bottom of the boat, a small, unpainted room with two bunkbeds. It was shabby, but Puck couldn't care less. He was on the Titanic. He was going to America, his mother and sister would be following his lead as soon as they could. Life was good.

The other two men in the room, after Finn and Puck had introduced themselves, watched as Finn and Puck playfully squabbled over who would sleep where. Needless to say, they were a bit confused when their original planned bunkmates hadn't shown up.

Pocketing his cigarettes, Puck turned to Finn. "How about we go check out the deck? We're gonna be spending some time on this beauty, might as well get to know her."

Finn grinned and wrapped an arm around the man's shoulder in a friendly manner. "Sure thing."


Kurt wasn't impressed. His cabin was covered in floral which definitely was not his taste. It was the last time he'd ever leave the decor decisions up to Will. Just because he wasn't interested in women didn't mean he was women.

William was a bit disappointed when Kurt showed no enthusiasm to go up onto the dock as the ship set sail. Kurt said that he'd much prefer to stay in his suite and take a long hot bath. The older man allowed Rachel to once again drag him away.

When Kurt was sure Will was gone he stripped himself of his jacket and folded it neatly. He decided that he'd pick his own outfit for that nights dinner before bathing and shuffled over to his suitcase.


It was late in the evening, and most dinner courses were being served. Puck had eaten quickly down in the third class dining hall and then had excused himself from Finn who had been joking around with a handicapped man named Artie. He was sitting on a wooden bench, the back deck of the shop completely empty.

As he took a drag of his cigarette he wondered what his life would be like in America. There were many things he enjoyed doing. There were also many things he was good at. One of them was music. He considered himself both a terrific singer and guitarist. Though, as nice as it sounded, Puck highly doubted he'd become a performer. He was a logical thinker, after all. It was nice to dream, though.

He was just about to get up and return to Finn when rushed footsteps passed him by.

Puck stood up and squinted his eyes to get a better look at the backrailing of the ship. His breath caught in his throat when he made out that a figure was climbing over said railing. Were they off of their rocker?

He flicked his cigarette away and hurried over to the figure whom he was now able to distinguish as male.

"You've gotta be ten kinds of crazy to be standing over the railing of ship going over the Atlantic Ocean, don't ya think?" Puck started, putting up a calm demeanor as he rested his arms on the railing next to the man. Sure, Puck was terrified. He really didn't want to have memories of some random stranger committing suicide for the rest of his life. Him being calm would hopefully keep the other guy calm.

"I'm not crazy." Snapped the blue eyed brunette whom Puck thought looked like he was 12. "I'm just through."

"Through?" The man parroted. "Through with what? Life? There's much better things you could do than jump off the back of a ship."

The brunette scoffed and trembled as a sharp wind blew. Puck then took notice of just how tiny this kid was. "Ha! A mere third classer trying to give me advice? Don't flatter yourself. As if I'd ever take it."

Puck, not at all affected by the male's words, just shrugged. "Suit yourself. Enjoy your freezing swim."


Kurt would've jumped. No. He just would've simply closed his eyes and allowed himself to fall.

And yet, he'd allowed this (good looking) man to somehow give him second thoughts. He told himself it was just because the seawater would ruin his pristine outfit. Not because he really didn't want to die.

"I... um... I don't really like cold water." Kurt mumbled as the man turned to walk away.

The man laughed and lit a cigarette. "Who does?"

Kurt was beginning to feel embarrassed and his face flushed. "I'm really not crazy. I swear."

"You've said that already. Here, if you'll allow me to, I'll help you back around."

With a nod, Kurt shakily took his outstretched hand, doing his best not to look down at the dark ocean he would be meeting if he made the slightest wrong move. He moved his feet inch by the tiniest inch until he was fully facing the man.

"I'm... um... My name's Kurt Hummel."

"Noah Puckerman. Call me Puck."

Kurt grimaced as he kept his grip on Puck's hand. "That's a wretched nickname. I think Noah is better."

Puck shrugged once more. "Whatever suits your needs." He grabbed Kurt's other hand and kept him steady. "Ready to come over the less crazy side?"

"I'm not-"

"Crazy," The short haired man finished. "I know. Now come on, step up."

Kurt smiled timidly before moving to carefully step onto the railing. Unfortunately, he didn't make it very far before his foot slipped. Both of his feet fell from their perch and his life flashed before his eyes as he felt himself falling. He had brief inner mind monologue, telling himself that it was his fault and this had been what he had come out here for. That he should just accept it.

A strong jerk on his arms brought Kurt back to reality. He was dangling over the Atlantic ocean, his life in a man's hands who he'd only just met. He was terrified, his hands were slipping. They'd been sweaty already. "Noah! Noah, please don't let go! I can't... I don't wanna die!" He cried, unable to stop himself from looking down at the horrifying waters below.

Puck's teeth were clenched as he held onto Kurt, trying to pull with every ounce of strength he had. If his heart was beating fast enough, it surely just about lept out of his chest when one of Kurt's hands slipped from his grasp.

Kurt screamed, tears streaming from his wide eyes.

"I've... I've got you..." Puck panted out, using both of his hands on Kurt's arm. "If you go... I go... Now..." With a loud grunt, he pulled with everything he had, throwing his body weight back. It worked, and he was able to pull Kurt up far enough to where he throw himself over the railing, sending them both tumbling onto the wooden deck.

Kurt looked down at Puck from his perch on top of him, both of their chests heaving. "Talk about a near death experience, huh?" Puck grinned goofily before letting his head fall back against the ground, shutting his eyes.

"Noah... Thank y-... William?"

Kurt practically jumped off of Puck's chest and allowed the man to sit up. Will stepped towards the two, Rachel on his heels. "What's going on here, Kurt?"

"It's not what it seems..." Kurt stated, glancing down at Puck who was pulling himself into a standing position.

Rachel stepped forward, a stern look on her face. "Not what it seems? You were... all over this man!" She spat out. Kurt rolled his eyes, of course Rachel would try to make him look bad in front of Will. Sure, she was a good person at heart, but she really needed to learn when to watch her tongue.

"He's telling the truth, lady." Puck grumbled, frowning when he wasn't able to get his lighter to catch. "Your boyfriend needed some assistance which resulted in a tumble."

Kurt's jaw dropped. "Her... boyfriend...? No way. I'd rather cut my tongue out than be Miss Berry's lover." Rachel frowned at Kurt's sharp words. "I'm Mr. Schuester's betrothed." He gestured to the curly haired man.

Puck choked. "Wait... What?" Two men? Engaged? There was no way...

"Never mind about that." Will dismissed with a wave of his hand. He stepped over to his fiance and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "What happened, darling? What does this man mean when he said you needed assistance?"

Looking to Puck for help, Kurt blanched. "I uh... I leaned over... Too far?"

Will blinked, confused.

"The railing." Puck stated. "He saw something, right?"

"Yeah!... Uh, yes. I thought I saw... dolphins..."

"What a silly boy you are." Rachel chided, crossing her arms. Her exposed collarbone was covered in goosebumps. "Well, I'm chilled to the bone. I suggest we head inside to sit by the fire."

"I agree." Without another glance at Puck, Will guided Kurt away from the man, asking if he was alright and if there was anything he needed. Ignoring his fiance, Kurt glanced over his shoulder and spared his life saver a small smile.

Puck nodded before heading towards his own quarters.


As he recalled the earlier events of the evening to Finn, Puck couldn't help but keep thinking of Kurt. The young man was... He was something. Puck liked how he was snippy, yet still a bit goofy... Not to mention he was gorgeous. Puck kept telling himself he wasn't... he couldn't be attracted to him. He was a MAN. Besides, Puck had been with him for what? All of six minutes? And half of them were spent hanging over an ocean. Noah Puckerman wasn't that easily attracted.

"You're talking about this person as if you're attracted to him. 'His blue eyes were just so horrified, if he was going in, I was going with him'. Sounds a little... you know." Finn noted.

So maybe he was attracted to Kurt in the slightest... tiniest way possible. "He uh... looked like my mom?" Puck tried. He didn't want to come along as some kind of creep to his best friend.

"Puck, that's even weirder."

Puck sighed. "Okay, so maybe I did kind of think he was good looking. It was dark, okay? He was small, his voice was effeminate. I just can't help myself. There's something about him that just... draws me in."

Finn shrugged and fell back onto his thin mattress. "What ever floats your, " He knocked on the steel wall. "boat. " The large man grinned. "See what I did there? Funny, right?"

"I bet you've been planning that since we got on this ship."

"Pretty much."


Kurt knew he had been fine earlier in the day. He was feeling better about himself and what was going to become of his life by the time dinner was being served. He'd dressed fabulously and he knew it. All in all he was feeling a lot better than when he'd boarded the Titanic.

That is, until William, Rachel, and himself had some dinner guests Kurt had been unaware that would be joining them. Mercedes Jones was the only good one out of the bunch. She was a young African woman, around Kurt's age of 19, who was positively beaming the whole night. She and Kurt had gotten along immediately. With her was her father,mother, and older brother. A woman name Sue Slyvester had also joined them. She was a powerful woman, but barely paid any mind to Kurt after initially telling him he had "Pear shaped hips.". Her night was filled mostly with snarky quips about William. Apparently those two just really didn't like eachother.

The worst was Sandy Ryerson. He'd originally assumed that Will and Rachel were engaged but when he'd found out about Will and Kurt's relationship he seemed to absolutely have a field day. "Isn't that... scandalous?" He had whispered into Kurt's ear, everyone elses attention was on someone else. "Men who are interested in eachother just aren't accepted in society. You're making a bold move, don't you think?" Kurt jumped when he felt Sandy's hand on his thigh.

"Not only by coming out as a queer male would you ruin your life, but William's as well." Sandy sneered creepily. "You won't make it anywhere. I don't even know why you bother. William's told me about your vocal range. No one wants to hear a man sing a woman's part. It's uncanny."

Kurt had slapped Sandy's hand away and shoved away from the table, not even bothering to excuse himself. He just simply ran and ended up at the end of the ship.

Kurt knew he would have to look for Noah the next day. He needed to thank him properly.