Well, since everyone asked so nicely... X3 ENJOY THE ALTERNATE ENDING!


When Kurt opened his eyes he was unhappy to see bright white... everything. He closed his eyes briefly only to snap them open again in realization. He shot up in bed and cried out in pain when his forehead connected with something solid.

"Dang boy!" A familiar voice hissed. "You got a hard head!"

Kurt looked up and his eyes watered when he saw Mercedes rubbing her forehead. "Mercedes! You're alive! You made it!"

"Made what?" Mercedes blinked and then looked down at her navy blue jacket. "The jacket? Yeah, I finished it a week ago. You were the first to see it, remember?"

The brunette male ignored her when he saw the other occupants in the room. Rachel, William, Finn, and that redhead all stood at his bedside, looking just as confused as Mecedes. "Rachel!" Kurt cried, leaning over the bed to glance at her ankle. He briefly grimaced at her shoes. "Your foot! It's okay! Oh, and..." Kurt sniffed, feeling more tears emerge. "William, my dear... I'm so sorry about the rough ending of our..." He sobbed. "Engagement..."

"Woah!" Finn's hands flew in the air as Emma gasped. He turned to Will. "You guys were ENGAGED?"

"I... I... I..." Will looked like a fish out of water.

Kurt then gasped, snapping his head as he looked around the room. "Noah! Where's Noah? He's okay, isn't he?"

"Noah?" Mecedes placed a hand on her hip. "White boy, you hit your head harder than we thought. You mean Puck, right?"

"Would everyone just shut the hell up? Math ends in 20 minutes and I still can't fall asleep." Everyone turned to where the pale blue curtain was pulled aside, revealing Noah Puckerman lounging on an uncomfortable looking cot.

"Noah!" Kurt cried, leaping from the cot and throwing himself at Puck.

"Woah! Hummel!" Puck groaned, prying the brunette off of him. "What the hell?"

Kurt steadied himself on his feet and blinked. Once. Twice. Three times. "Ohhhhhhhhh. It was a dream!" He said in realization. "Wow, that was really vivid." He smoothed out his hair before bending down to grab his designer bag. "Saddest dream I've ever had. Last time I stay up late to watch the Titanic." He giggled before sashaying out of the room.

Everyone stayed where they were, flabbergasted at how easily Kurt had played things off.

Puck shook off the shock before jumping off the cot and rushing from the nurses room, eager to make Kurt's Kate Winslet to his Leonardo DeCaprio. The thought was intriguing.


A/N: Kay, so it's probably not the alternate ending you guys were expecting/hoping for. Even before I started writing the fic I knew there would be an alternate ending of Kurt waking up and spazzing out. (Mostly because I wanted the whole "William, I'm sorry our engagement ended so terribly!" thing.)

I really enjoyed writing this, even though I choked myself up quite a bit with it. Now I'm only gonna think of Puck and Kurt when I hear Celine Dion. XD

SOSOSO. If I don't get distracted by fills I may be tempted in doing... DUN DAH NAH NAAAAH! Moulin Rouge Puck/Kurt Style! ('Cause I mean... My favorite movie with my favorite show and pairing? HELLZ YEAH.) The only thing holding me back is the thought of doing another movie based fic isn't very creative on my part. Sure, they're fun but I feel a bit guilty when writing them. What do you guys think?

Puck: We should be lovers!

Kurt: No... Just... no.

Puck: We should be looooovers! And that's a fact. Bitchin'.