Summary: The Titans get some unexpected help from a stranger. A dark presence from her past comes back to haunt her, and the Titans. What happens when She and Raven start growing feelings beyond friendship? RavenxOc Femmeslash.

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A girl with brown hair wearing a black jacket and blue jeans made her way onto the balcony of the pizza place. Readjusting the backpack over her shoulder, her hazel eyes scanned the balcony. The first—and really only—thing she noticed was a group five teenagers sitting at one of the tables. The reason she'd noticed them was because 1, they were the only other occupants, and 2, they were incredibly strange looking. She realized that's probably why they were the only ones there. Sighing, she grabbed the table on the opposite side of the balcony and sat down as she waited for her order to arrive. While she waited, her eyes couldn't help but wander to the other occupants of the balcony.

The robot looking one and the green one were fighting over something, that was obvious, while the one with massively gelled hair and colorful tights was trying to calm them down. The girl with red hair was talking excitedly to the girl in the blue cloak, while she, on the other hand, looked bored out of her skull.

The whole scene almost made the brown haired girl laugh out loud; though she somehow kept herself in check. She had to admit, they were rather intriguing to watch. For some reason, she wanted to know more about them, or at least who they were. But for the moment she just wanted her order, because her stomach was on the verge of digesting itself.

Suddenly a tall, black haired waiter about her age came out with her order and set it on her table, answering her silent prayers. She offered him her thanks, and just as he was about to walk off she realized she could probably settle a couple questions about the other occupants that she had.

The problem was she would probably sound like a creeper. After a moment of silent debate she decided it was worth it.

"Excuse me," She started.

The waiter turned around, "Yeah?"

"Uh...I was just you know who they are?" She asked, slyly pointing to the five surrounding the other table, still doing pretty much the same thing.

He snorted, thinking she was joking, "Yeah." He then began to turn around and walk away yet again.

The girl, rather confused and slightly upset with his answer, furrowed her brows. "Well...who are they?" she asked his retreating form. He stopped in his tracks and turned around, looking at her incredulously.

"Seriously? Where are you from?" He asked as he walked back over to her table. She sighed and pointed east. He followed her gesture and again looked at her incredulously, "Like, from another state, or another planet? Everyone knows who they are."

"I don't..." She half pouted, half defended herself.

The waiter caught the look on the girls face and sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, "Sorry, it's been a long shift. Let's start over?" he asked, sitting down across from her with a grin. "Hi, I'm Justin."

The girl couldn't help but giggle, "I'm Alex."

"It's nice to meet you, Alex." Justin said, still grinning. "What's with the interest in the Titans?"

"Titans?" She asked

"Oh yeah, that's what they're called. The Teen Titans." He answered.

Alex nodded, "Interesting...and I don't really know. They just seem...intriguing to me I guess."

Justin snorted, "Yeah, to you and just about everyone else."

"So...the Teen Titans, huh? Why are they called that?"

"Well, they're super heroes of course."

Alex raised a brow, curiosity thoroughly piqued; "Really now?"

"Yeah." Justin nodded, "I thought the whole 'Teen Titans' thing gave it away. It does sound rather super hero-ish."

Alex rolled her eyes, but eventually agreed. "So if you have super heroes here, does that mean there are super villains?"

Justin waved a dismissive hand, "Yeah, but the Titans take care of that. They've saved the world like half a dozen times. You, m'dear, should be careful though. All kinds of stuff happens around here. "

"Aw, you're so sweet." Alex said, half sarcastically. "But thanks. I can take care of myself."

"That's what they all say." Justin sing-songed "Then they end up in a ditch somewhere..."

"Well aren't you just a Debbie Downer." Alex said with a grin.

"Hey." Justin shrugged, "I'm just stating the facts."

"Well, if the Titans are as awesome as you say they are, I don't have to worry about anything." Alex pointed out.

"Tch, they can't be everywhere at once." He said, before suddenly it looked like a light bulb went off over his head. "However...I am pretty tight with them, so if you just hang out with me, I'm pretty sure they'll protect you."

Alex raised a questioning brow, looking at him incredulously.

Justin raised his hands defensively, "Okay, okay! I'm pretty sure at least three of them know my name." He said, making Alex chuckle.

"That's definitely something to be proud of." Alex nodded her sarcastic approval.

Justin suddenly noticed that Alex had yet to take a bite of her pizza, "It's probably cold by now." he mumbled.

"What?" Alex asked, confused.

"Your pizza. It's probably cold...want me to go warm it up?" Justin asked.

Alex looked down at her plate and had the same realization as Justin, "Uh, sure. If that's okay."

"Yeah, don't worry about it." He said, getting up and taking her plate. "Be right back." He said, walking back inside.

Alex sighed, bored. Soon enough she began to spy on the table with the five other occupants again, while ignoring the voice in her head that was calling her a creeper.

By now the group had calmed down quite a bit, and had begun eating whatever they'd ordered as they all—with the exception of the blue cloaked one—laughed at something the green one said. Suddenly the one in the blue cloak looked up and Alex found herself staring into the most intense set of violet eyes she'd ever seen. Alex realized that the girl must have noticed her staring, and actually thought of her as some sort of creeper. Alex immediately looked down, blushing intensely.

Nearby a building alarm suddenly sounded, causing Alex to look back up and search for the source. By the time she looked back over at the table where the Titans were sitting, they had already jumped into action. Jumping up from her seat, she rushed over a few feet from the edge of the balcony and watched as they were faced by three foes.

"Titans, go!" The one with massively gelled hair called, sending the whole team to action. Alex watched all their powers in action, immediately becoming impressed, if not somewhat envious of their skills. It seemed the battle would be over quickly, if not because the villains were out numbered, then just because they were out skilled. Not too long into the fight, they captured an unconscious pink-haired villain, but before they could deal with the other two they ran away.

Alex snorted, "Cowards," She mumbled as they ran passed the balcony.

A moment later, Alex felt the balcony tremble with great force as someone landed on it, knocking over a few tables in the process, followed by a colossal shadow forming over her, "Her?" A gruff voice asked.

"Yeah. She'll do perfect." Another high pitched, nasally voice answered. And before Alex could turn around to digest what was happening, a giant hand grabbed her up by both wrists and dangled her over the edge of the balcony with his monstrous strength.

Alex looked down at the street below her, immediately regretting it as she squeezed her eyes shut, looking back up, "Guys, guys...don't I get a say in this?" She asked with a nervous chuckle.

The big one furrowed his brows, confused that she was talking, "No. You're the hostage."

"Mammoth, I swear, if you instigate anything I'm going to tell Jinx this was all your fault—"

"What! That's not fair! I didn't even start anything, she started talking to me! And this was your idea!" Mammoth shot back, tightening his grip on Alex's wrists in anger.

"Yeah, well, if Jinx wouldn't have gotten caught then none of this would have had to happen. Plus, this booger-blaster had the nerve to call us cowards. She's perfect for what we need."

"You were running away. That's pretty cowardly." Alex stated as she dangled in the air, "Even now you're hiding behind me, a seventeen year old girl, instead of fighting to get your friend back. Yeah, you guys are baaad." She finished, satisfied with what she'd said.

The smaller of the two suddenly had his face shoved in Alex's, and that's when she noticed he had a jet pack propelling him in the air. Alex decided she wanted one of those.

"You have no idea what you're talking about, barf-for-brains. I know exactly what I'm doing! The Titans are so goody-goody they'll be too scared that we'll hurt you so they'll give us Jinx back right away as long as we stinkin' promise not to hurt you. Which is becoming increasingly harder for me not to do. So you better watch what you say."

"Right." Alex nodded, as he began propelling himself away. "Let me just throw some logic at you. You see the Titans over there? They realized that you captured me about five seconds after the fact. I'm pretty sure they've been working on a plan, and/or waiting for demands ever since. Either way...I think you guys are kinda screwed, here. You should have just kept running."

"Uhh...Gizmo? I think she has a point...maybe we should leave..." Mammoth said, causing Alex to smirk.

"No, you big idiot! That's what she's trying to get us to do!" Gizmo yelled, slapping Mammoth over the head.

"Ow!" Mammoth said, which was followed by a clanging further down the balcony echoed by someone else murmuring 'ow'.

Alex bowed her head and sighed, recognizing the voice. She silently prayed he hid behind a table or something. Gizmo went to go investigate, and indeed found him cowering behind one of the tables. Clearing his throat he stood up and waved sheepishly, "Hi."

"Hi, Justin." Alex said in a monotone voice, while still staring out and seeing the Titans standing there. She briefly wondered if they were going to do anything any time soon, but soon realized that now that Gizmo and Mammoth had two hostages they had gained another advantage.

"Looky here, another barf-brain." Gizmo smirked.

"Does this mean we can ask for more?" Mammoth asked without turning around.

"Justin, did you bring anything out with you?" Alex asked.

"No talking!" Gizmo ordered before answering Mammoth's question, and they soon got into a heated discussion on what to do.

Once it looked like Gizmo was distracted enough, Justin answered, "A pizza pan..."

Alex would have face palmed if she could have. "What, serio—" She sighed, "Never mind. Just hit it into Gizmo's jet pack with it as hard as you can, okay?"


"...And then we can—wait, what? No, don't!" Too late. Justin had already flung the pan as hard as he could into the jetpack, sending sparks everywhere making Gizmo fly in all different directions before he finally flew off into the sky, screaming all the while. Alex decided she didn't want one of those jetpacks anymore.

"Wow, it worked." She said, definitely impressed.

"I know, right!" Justin laughed before he realized Mammoth was still there, holding Alex, and looking very angry. Alex on the other hand, didn't look very nervous.

"Well now it's just us, isn't it Mammoth?" Alex asked as Mammoth as he brought her closer to him.

"...And me." Justin said meekly.

Alex tried not to sigh, the moment completely ruined. "Justin, go back inside, I don't want you to get hurt."



Justin nodded and slowly made his way inside, while still watching from just inside the door. Alex looked back at Mammoth as he clasped his other hand around her neck, "What makes you think you're getting away?"

Alex glanced over and saw three of the five Titans running over, but realized they'd be too late. Grinning, she looked back at Mammoth, "What makes you think I'm not?"

Lifting her legs up, she kicked his stomach, while he immediately let go of his hold on her wrists as she did a back flip through the air, landing on the street below.

I'd say that gets an eight. She thought, grinning as she landed.

He growled in frustration, following her as soon as he regained his composure. Running towards her, Mammoth threw a punch at her, but Alex easily dodged it, throwing one of her own that he blocked with his huge arms. Alex crouched and extended her leg, kicking Mammoth's feet out from under him. After he landed on the ground with a solid thud, she punched him square in the jaw.

Thinking it was over, Alex turned back towards the balcony to find Justin standing there with a gaping 'o' on his mouth, making her smirk slightly. Suddenly he shouted, "Alex, look out!"

Before she had time to react she had the wind knocked out of her and she was tackled to the ground by a giant thing.

That thing turned out to be Mammoth. Alex knew that it wasn't good as his entire body covered hers and he wrapped his hands around her neck and began to squeeze. She already had the breath knocked out of her, and she couldn't breathe any oxygen back in as he was choking her. Alex struggled to get free as much as she could, but the more she struggled, the tighter his hold became, as she slowly began to feel her consciousness slip away.

Suddenly she heard a goat bleat and someone yell, "Get off her!" And the next thing she knew, she could breathe again. Sitting up and taking a few deep breaths, she coughed and instantly put her hand to her throat and began to massage it.

"Are you alright?" She heard a voice filled with concern immediately to her side ask. Looking over she saw the boy with green skin and black and purple tights from before.

Nodding, she cleared her throat although it hurt, "Where are the others?"

"Star and Raven are chasing down Gizmo; you sure did a number on him. Robin and Cy are getting Mammoth right now." He answered.

"What about that girl...uh, Jinx."

"Oh, the cops already got her."

Alex nodded again, followed by a somewhat awkward silence.

"So...anyway, I'm Beast Boy!" He said getting up and extending his hand to help her up, "What's your name?"

"Alex." She said, gratefully excepting his help.

"See those two? That's Cyborg and Robin." Beast Boy said, as Cyborg was dragging an unconscious Mammoth to the police. Robin walked up to Beast Boy and Alex.

"Robin, this is Alex. Alex, Robin." Beast Boy introduced.

"Nice to meet you." Robin said.

"Yeah." Alex greeted.

"Hey y'all. Who's this?" Cyborg asked as he walked up.

"Alex. She was the hostage." Robin answered.

"Man, you're the one who sent the little brat flyin'? I gotta hand it to ya', girl." Cyborg chuckled

"Actually, that was Justin..." Alex answered, looking down, a little embarrassed.

"Justin? As in, the pizza guy Justin? Damn, we have to start giving him more credit." Cyborg said, impressed.

"He...kind of hit Gizmo with a pizza pan..." Alex explained.

" so...awesome!" Beast Boy exclaimed, "Pizza saves the day!"

The others chuckled while Alex noticed something crashing from the sky-headed straight for them, or rather, headed straight for Beast Boy. "Look out!" She said, but Beast Boy didn't know what she was talking about and just rubbed his head in confusion. Sighing in frustration, Alex leaned forward and hugged Beast Boy tightly while Gizmo came flying haphazardly towards them.

"Someone stop this thing!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. As he was about to collide with Beast Boy, he instead flew straight through both him and Alex, as if nothing were there. Beast Boy watched as Gizmo flew out of Alex's back and crashed straight into the Pizza place. "Ow..." Gizmo called from the ground as his leg twitched in an awkward position.

"...What just happened?" He asked with wide eyes, as he stepped back from Alex's embrace.

"I tried to tell you to look out..." She began to explain.

"No...I mean...he us..." Beast Boy said, turning a paler shade of green. "How did that happen?"

"How did you do that, Alex?" Robin asked, brows raised high.

"I just...kind of can." Alex shrugged, uncomfortable with the question. "Anyway, Ima get going...thanks for saving me—bye."

Alex couldn't get away from them fast enough as she practically ran back up to the balcony to get her backpack, sighing with relief that it was still there. On her way out, she ran into Justin.

"Hey." He said.


"Why didn't you tell me you had a super power!" He said excitedly.

Alex rolled her eyes, "What am I supposed to say, 'Hey there, I'm Alex and I'm a freak!'?

"It doesn't make you a freak, it makes you...freakin' cool." Justin smiled, making Alex roll her eyes again as opened the door to leave.

But as soon as she walked out the door, a microphone was shoved in her face.

"Were you the hostage turned hero?"

"What's your name?"

"What kind of power do you have?"

"Are you a new member of the Teen Titans?"

"Um…" Alex said as she began to back away, but the door blocked her path. She didn't know what else to do, so she just answered the questions, albeit nervously, "I was a hostage…I'm not really a hero. My name is Alex. I can…I can walk through stuff. And I'm not a member of anything…so…"

"She's not a member, but she is quite helpful." Came Robin's voice from the side.

Oh, thank god. Alex thought.

"Robin!" The reporters all exclaimed at once.

"Do you think she has the potential to be the newest member of the Teen Titans?"

"I don't know about that, we'll have to see. If you'll excuse us, we have matters to discuss." He said, dragging Alex and Justin away.

"Thank you so much for that." Alex gushed.

"No problem, I know how they can be." He smiled.

Alex looked over the group and noticed the two girls from earlier, the red-head, who was watching Alex rather excitedly and expectantly, and the girl in the blue cloak who was looking at Alex like she was...angry or something.

"Alex!" Beast Boy exclaimed suddenly, "Let me officially introduce you to the team. This is Robin—he's what you would call the 'leader', then there's Cyborg—the 'techy' guy, you already met those two, and then there's Raven—she's pretty much the Morbid Mindy of the group—"

"It's called being a realist." She countered.

"And then there's Starfire." Beast Boy continued, as if Raven hadn't interrupted, "She's the cute, happy-go-lucky girl of the team. Pretty much the opposite of Raven.

"What does that make you?" Alex asked Beast Boy.

"Me? Why, the handsome funny one, of course." Beast Boy beamed with an attempt at a charming smile, making Alex giggle.

"It's nice to meet you..." Alex nodded towards the Titans. "I'm Alex."

"It is wonderful to meet you, as well, Alex!" Starfire came up and gave Alex one of those back-breaking hugs. Alex tried not to yell in pain, although it would have been hard since she couldn't really breathe, either.

"She needs to breathe, Star." Raven said.

As soon as Starfire let go, Alex put a hand on her knee and took a couple deep breaths, "Note to self: you're super strong."

Starfire simply gave a huge grin, "I hope we become great friends!" And Alex gave a thumbs up from her hand-on-knee position.

After regaining her composer Alex sensed another awkward silence coming on. Intending to avoid it she said, "Well...I better get going. Bye guys."

"Wait, where are you going?" Robin asked.

" find a hotel. Or if all else fails, a relatively comfortable alleyway." She replied honestly.

"Why don't you stay with us for a while? At least while you're staying here in Jump City." Robin insisted, either not noticing or ignoring the glare Raven was sending his way. Alex on the other hand, noticed it and was kind of freaked out.

"...You know, I'm not sure." Alex tried to decline in the nicest way possible.

"Come on, Alex. It'll be fun. This way you'll save some cash, too." Beast Boy tried to reason.

"I've got plenty of cash to last me a few nights," Alex said, taking out her wallet from her back pocket for good measure, "See?" She asked as she opened it, as the group gathered around to look and see into her...

Empty wallet. Beast Boy thought he saw a puff of dust fly out of it, but he wasn't completely sure.

Justin's eye twitched. "How were you going to pay for your pizza?"

"I swear I thought I had money." Alex chuckled nervously. "...I would have done the dishes or something." She added

"Well, that settles it." Beast Boy grinned, "You're stayin' with us."

"Yes, Alex, it would be glorious to have another girl around to have the girl outings at night with! I cannot wait!" Starfire squealed.

Alex looked at Robin and he nodded as if to confirm 'yes, she's serious'. Alex didn't know what to do, she thought that at this point if she denied there offer, Starfire might actually cry. She didn't want that. But Raven also kind of scared her. As for the rest of the team, they seemed alright. She looked over at Justin, who looked unbelievable excited for this type of situation, considering the offer wasn't even for him. He kept nodding his head, telling her to give it a go.

Oh, what the hell. She thought, I guess I can give it a try.

"Sure." She shrugged, "Why not."

"Yes! New roommie!" Beast Boy exclaimed, pumping his fist into the air before looking around at the other Titan's confused faces, "Heh...not that there's anything wrong with you guys..."

Song: Teenagers - My Chemical Romance.

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