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Henry and Natalie were heading to their senior year Homecoming dance, with Henry behind the wheel. Natalie wore a black strapless dress that had a zebra print waist band and a little tied bow in the back. Henry had to match of course, so he found a zebra print tie at a yard sale. They looked ridiculous, but they didn't care. The night was about making fun of all the preppies at the dance in their perfect outfits who came in limos or party buses.

"I can't wait to see what flavor punch they have this year," Henry teased as they pulled onto the main road.

Natalie laughed. "Yeah, and if the chips are classic or scoop-style for salsa."

"If they even pay for salsa this time around."

They were both laughing, making fun of the dance as they drove to the school. Natalie almost didn't notice the huge SUV run their red-light at the intersection.

"Henry!" she screamed. But it was too late. The two cars were colliding. The sound of shattering glass was deafening. Natalie literally saw her life flashing before her eyes: her mom dropping her sixth birthday cake, her first piano recital, her grandmother's funeral, her first day of high school, her mother's freak out at Costco, her first date with Henry, the spring dance, her mom leaving. Everything.

She saw blood on her arms and felt some trickling down her forehead. She all of a sudden was very dizzy. Her vision was blurring. She looked over to Henry. He was passed out, head on the steering wheel. She whispered his name before she couldn't feel her whole body. In a few seconds she was out like a light, not sure if she was dead or alive.

The steady beat of the heart monitor was what finally woke Natalie from her four day long sleep. She couldn't open her eyes all the way though. It hurt too much. She was clearly in a hospital, although the details were still fuzzy. She did remember getting ready for the dance, then she remembered a few bits and pieces of the car ride. And then? She just rememberd screaming, loosing feeling. A car accident.

She saw her father sitting in the corner, sobbing. She saw her mother standing by the door, clearly concerned. She saw Henry in the hospital bed next to her's. He wasn't awake yet. She wanted to shout at him, wanted to know if he was okay, but she couldn't find her voice.

There was someone else in the room she realized. Standing at the foot of her bed was a boy. He looked about eighteen, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He had light brown hair that resembled her mother's when she forgot to dye it. And he had blue eyes. Dazzling, bright blue eyes. Almost too blue to be real. But they were real. She just knew it. She also knew that only one other person she knew had those eyes. Her mother. Suddenly details of her whole life flooded her brain. Could that boy be who she thought he was?

He reached out to her, urging her to say it. She swallowed, trying to wet her throat, trying to find strength. Finally, she opened her mouth.


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