Chapter 1

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Tsunade Senju, the fifth Hokage and leader of the Hidden Leaf Village, looked over her village from the top of the Hokage's tower. It had been three long years since the defeat of Orochimaru and the village was still slowly rebuilding its forces. She sighed as she looked at the mountain of paperwork that still awaited her attention. She turned to the door when she heard a knock.

"Tsunade-sama, Team eight has arrived." Sakura announced as she entered the room.

Tsunade smiled as she observed her newest pupil. Sakura had grown greatly over the years and was now considered one of her most talented chunin. The now sixteen year old stood before her a seasoned and respectful ninja. Her attire had changed over the years, though not by much. She still kept her hair short and her headband held her hair back, though the headband was now on pink cloth to match her hair. She wore a sleeveless dark pink vest and a beige skirt over black shorts. Lastly, she wore gloves and knee high boots.

The pink haired girl had entered the hospital three years ago and began to work her way up the ranks. Her nearly perfect chakra control as well as her ability to retain vast amounts of information made her an ideal medic ninja and this is what caught Tsunade's attention and what fueled her decision to offer the young woman the opportunity to apprentice under her. Tsunade had driven the young girl very hard, but she had excelled and was the third best medic in the village behind only Shizune, who was now the head medic over the hospital, and Tsunade herself.

"Thank you Sakura. Please send them in." Tsunade said as she went and took a seat behind her desk.

"Yes ma'am." Sakura said as she left.

Sakura had become her assistant after Shizune had taken over as the lead medic in the hospital. Shizune had decided to go her own way and was now Tsunade's equal and no longer just her apprentice. However, Tsunade did wish that Shizune were able to keep her dating life under better control. She could still remember when she had come into her office and found Shizune making out on her desk in the arms of her boyfriend, Asuma Sarutobi. The two jonin had blushed brightly at being caught and quickly left. Tsunade blushed for a moment when she remembered how Jiraiya had offered to help her "rechristen" her desk.

Tsunade was broken from her thoughts when the door was thrown open and her most successful team walked through the door. She took a moment to examine the young chunin team.

Shino had grown over the years and had changed his cloths. He now wore attire similar to his father with a hooded jacket that covered his head, leaving only a small portion of his face visible. Shino was now considered a forerunner among his clan with his innovative ideas. Unlike most Aburame, he was no longer satisfied with simply relying on his insects to get him through battle. He had found new ways to use them while strengthening himself in other aspects of combat. He believed that his clan had become predictable and any enemy that knew what his clan could do would be able to counter the clan's overused tactics. All in all, team eight followed Shino's lead in most of their missions as his analytical mind was above and beyond his teammates.

Tsunade's gaze next went to Hinata Yuhi. Tsunade couldn't help but smile at the young woman. Hinata was considered one of the most powerful and beautiful of the new chunin. The once shy, stuttering Hyuga girl was now a confident and bold kunoichi and many young academy students looked up to her. Hinata's hair was still long and fell to her middle back. She wore dark blue pants that fell to her ankles and heeled sandals, like Tsunade wore. Hinata had on a short sleeved indigo shirt with a lavender and white form fitting jacket. Her twin butterfly daggers were hidden in the sleeves of her jacket and could quickly be summoned to her hand with a simple twist of her wrists.

The most interesting thing about Hinata was still the faint, but visible intricate markings on her skin. It gave her a sort of mystical look and aura that went along with her kind and gentle nature. Hinata's natural beauty and strange but alluring markings made her one of the most sought after women in the village. However, all would be suitors were quickly, and violently, turned away by the last member of team eight.

Tsunade looked to the most powerful chunin that she had under her command. Naruto Uzumaki had grown the most. He now stood taller than even Shino and was now the tallest of the rookies. His attire had changed as well. He wore black pants with dark orange flames at the bottom and a long sleeved black shirt. He was the only one on the team that actually wore a chunin jacket, though his was also dark orange in color. His sword was still at his side and a long black trench coat hung on his back. The coat was unique as it had a serpentine gold dragon stitched in the back of it. The dragon stretched from the bottom of the coat all the way to the top, where the head was positioned.

Tsunade's eyes softened as she gazed at the young man. Naruto had grown very handsome and powerful over the years under the tutelage of Jiraiya and the mysterious man that still refused to reveal his identity. Naruto was hands down the most powerful of her chunin in terms of raw power. Having the power of the Kyuubi as well as the power of legendary dragons at his disposal was a large part of it, but that wasn't everything. The most powerful thing about Naruto was his determination and resolve. Most admitted that when around him, they couldn't help but feel more confident in victory and that he gave off an aura that dispelled fear and doubt.

'Just like his father.' Tsunade thought as she began to reminisce on the past.

Naruto was a perfect blend of his parents. He had Minato's looks but acted more like Kushina in terms of temperament when he was younger, though he now had Minato's control to balance out Kushina's fire. He had his father's resolve and determination and his mother's indomitable spirit. The will of fire had burned brighter in his parents than any other two ninja that Tsunade could think of and that was reflected in their son. The fact that Naruto's favorite color was orange also showed a nice blend of his parents. Minato was known as "Konoha's yellow flash" and Kushina was known as the "Red legion of death" due to her red hair and her ability, like her son, to create large numbers of shadow clones. Orange was after all a mixture of red and yellow.

"Team eight reporting for duty, Kaa-san." Naruto said in a deeper voice.

Tsunade couldn't help but fell a rush of warmth every time she heard Naruto refer to her as such. She had no children of her own and that wasn't likely to change. She loved him like a son and would do anything to help him, not only in remembrance of his parent's or because she loved him but also because she knew without a doubt that the future of the leaf village rested on his shoulders.

All of the rookies had become chunin over the years but team eight was her most productive. No matter the mission, they had been able to complete it barring one that had gone from bad to worse. She still didn't have all of the details but from what Naruto was willing to tell her, that mission had changed the team in some way. They all fought and trained harder than ever and there were still times when Tsunade would catch a depressed and sullen mood about them. She was determined to figure out what had happened to them. She shook off these thoughts as she addressed the team.

"Team eight, as you know, the past few years have been devoted to strengthening our weakened village. The attack during the chunin exams three years ago as well as Orochimaru's last assault left the village at roughly half its original strength. We have rebuilt and our strength is slowly returning. However, it isn't fast enough. There are already reports of rock and cloud ninja testing the strength of our borders and it is very possible that they will attack if we give the slightest hint of weakness." Tsuande rose to her feet and walked over to the window to observe the village that she loved.

"Would they really try something knowing that Naruto-kun and Jiraiya-sama are here? Also, we have an alliance with the Sand village so isn't that also a deterrent?" Hinata asked politely.

"I wish that were the case. However, the Sand village is still the weakest of the hidden villages and even with them as an ally, both the Cloud and Rock Villages have a numbers advantage, and should they work together.." Tsuande left the thought in the air.

"Let them try! We'll show them very quickly why Konoha has always come out on top." Naruto said with a fire in his eyes.

"Of that I have no doubt Naru-chan. However, it would be nice if we could avoid that altogether." Tsuande said with a smirk as she turned to face the team.

"What are you suggesting Tsunade-sama?" Hinata asked in a confused tone.

"The Mist village." Tsunade said simply. Naruto and Hinata looked unsure of her meaning and it was impossible to tell what Shino was thinking.

"The Mist village? What about them?" Naruto asked.

"You want an alliance with them. With the Mist village on our side along with the sand village, the Cloud and Rock Villages will be unwilling to attack. Despite their numbers, it is not wise to fight three of the five great villages at one time." Shino said in his usual tone.

"As insightful as always Shino." Tsunade said as she retook her seat.

"However, the Mist village is known mostly for their massacre of those wielding kekkei genkais. Is it truly wise to seek such an alliance Hokage-sama?" Shino asked with a raised eye brow.

Tsunade, like Naruto and Hinata, had known Shino long enough to realize that he was hardly as emotionless as some would assume. It was apparent that he was not exactly in favor of the Mist village because of their prejudice against those wielding blood lines like himself and Hinata. However, she was also sure that the biggest reason was connected not with himself but with Haku. The ice wielder had nearly been killed in the Mist village and considering Shino's affection for her, it was obvious that there was a bit of a grudge against the village in Shino's mind.

"I am well aware of this Shino. However, there has recently been new information about the village. It seems that a coup was staged and that the old Mizukage has been driven off. The village's new leader has been trying to open tries with other villages ever since as their village is at an all time low in terms of strength and economy right now. I believe that she is genuine and it would be a mistake to let such an opportunity slip by." Tsunade said.

"So why tell us? Don't you have diplomats for that sort of thing?" Naruto asked.

"You want us to go not only to possibly form an alliance but also to show the strength of the leaf village." Shino stated.

"Right again Shino. I'm sending your team in to try and form an alliance and a show of strength always helps these things along." Tsunade said simply.

She wanted to alliance but she also wanted the Mist village to know that trying to betray the leaf village in the future would have dire consequences. Sending team eight would display the strength of their village but it also served another purpose. Tsunade was unsure if she could trust that the Mist village's new leader truly had nothing against those who possessed a kekkei genkai and sending team eight in with two members that possessed blood line limits would be a sort of test to see how the Mist village reacted towards them.

"Will Kurenai-neesan be joining us?" Hinata asked.

"I'm afraid not. Like most jonin, she is currently taking on a majority of A ranked missions to keep up our show of strength. However, I do have a replacement in mind." Tsuande said with a smile. There was a knock at the door and Haku entered the room at Tsunade's acknowledgement.

Haku had blossomed into a fine young woman and while she had yet to actually become a jonin that was due more to her being disinclined to take the jonin test. Haku still wore the standard chunin attire, the only difference being that her long hair was held back in a ponytail with a butterfly clip that she received from Shino.

"Reporting for duty Hokage-sama." Haku said as she gave team eight a smile.

"I assume Haku is coming with us?" Shino said in a disapproving tone. Everyone could hear a faint buzzing sound, signifying his anger.

"It's alright Shino-kun." Haku said as she laid her hand on his shoulder.

"Are you sure? I will understand if you don't want to join." Naruto said. He would love to have Haku on his side, but he didn't want her to go back to a place that held such painful memories.

"I am sure. Trust me, I will be fine." Haku said with a comforting smile.

"Very well then. You will all leave for the Mist village in a few hours. Take that time to prepare yourselves. Also, should the mission go south I trust you all to make it back here safely." Tsunade said as they were dismissed.

"Are you okay Shino?" Naruto asked his friend as they left the office.

"Fine." He said softly as he turned and walked away. Naruto and Hinata looked to Haku, the best source on how to truly read their silent friend.

"He has a lot of conflicting emotions on his mind. I'll be sure to help." Haku said with a smile as she hurried to catch up to him.

"Do you think he'll be alright?" Hinata asked.

"I'm sure of it. I kind of understand how he feels." Naruto said softly as his gaze never left the retreating back of the insect user.

"What do you mean?" Hinata asked curiously.

Naruto turned to look at her as he grabbed her hand. Even after three years together, just the slightest touch from him would cause a blush to spread over her face.

"He's worried that someone there will recognize Haku's blood limit. He's afraid that he will lose her to those that still carry grudges from the blood line purges. It's the same way I feel about going there with you Hinata-chan. If anyone tries to assault you for your byakugan, then this diplomatic mission is going to be a failure." Naruto said with a smirk.

Hinata could only giggle as she knew that whoever was fool enough to attack her would quickly lose their head, literally. And it was unlikely that the new Mizukage would take kindly to the death of one of her villagers.

"Please try and control yourself Naruto-kun. This alliance is important for our village. Also.." Hianta said as she pulled her arm back and with a quick flick of her wrist, she released her twin daggers and had activated her byakugan. Her markings were glowing slightly, showing that she had indeed tapped slightly into the power of the angels.

"..I can take care of myself." She said with a smirk that was quickly smothered as Naruto pulled her into a kiss. What could he say? He thought she was incredibly sexy when she had that look in her eye. It was the same look that Anko had perfected. It screamed, "Mess with me and it will be the last thing you ever do!"

"I know you can Hinata-chan." He said after they broke the kiss and headed their separate ways to gather their supplies.

Haku had finally caught up with Shino and was calmly walking behind him. She knew that he was upset and was going to wait for him to acknowledge her. The insect that had become as precious to her as all her possessions expressed the depths of Shino's ire. It hadn't buzzed like this since Shino and the others had returned from there one and only failed mission. To this day, Shino refused to tell her what had happened but she knew that it still weighed on his mind.

"I wish to be alone Haku-chan."

"No you don't." Haku returned with a slight smile at the way his shoulders slumped slightly in defeat. She could always read him perfectly and sometimes that was bothersome.

"Nothing is going to happen on this mission Shino-kun. While I am not completely pleased to be returning to the Mist village, the new Mizukage might have changed things for the better. I am also the one with the most knowledge of the village so it only makes sense that I accompany you." Haku said as she walked beside him and pulled his hood back. She didn't like that his new outfit hid more of his face and was the only person, aside from his mother, who could get him to remove it.

Haku then proceeded to remove his shades and force him to look her in the eye. She could see concern in his gaze and knew that it was for her. After that fateful mission he had become frantic in finding her and hadn't allowed her to leave his arms for hours. She was deeply concerned and Shino had become even more protective since then. The thought of going back to the village that had caused her so much pain filled him with fury and the thought of something happening to her filled him with bone chilling fear. Haku could see all of this in his eyes and was desperate to prove to him that nothing was going to happen to him, thus she pulled him close and lay her head on his chest.

Slowly, Shino's insects began to settle at her presence and he wrapped his arms around her. He took a deep breath and once he had released it he seemed to be more in control of him.

"I am sorry Haku-chan." Shino apologized as he pulled away from her.

"Just remember that nothing is going to happen. I can take care of myself and on the off chance that something does happen, you'll be there to help." She said with a smile as she walked off to get her gear.

Shino watched her for a while before pulling on his shades and hood. Nothing would happen to Haku, he refused to fail to protect her. He walked home to get his gear and bid his family goodbye.

(West Gate)

"Let's go already. What could be taking them so long?" Naruto said in an annoyed tone.

Hinata giggled at Naruto's antics. Despite how powerful he had become and having a fine control over his emotions, he was still full of energy just like when he was a child. The thing was that he had learned how to better control and apply that energy.

"I'm sure that they will be here Naruto-kun. Shino probably wants to be as prepared as possible." Hinata said. The last part of the statement was spoken in a somber tone.

"Yeah. I know what you mean." Naruto said as he seemed to lose his energy. Their hands found one another and locked together as they drew strength from their love.

"Do you think it will ever get easier to think about?" Hinata asked with tears in her eyes.

"I doubt it." Naruto said in a gruff tone as he tried to keep his mind off the past.

"Here they come." Hinata said as she composed herself and put a small smile on her face.

Haku and Shino arrived hand in hand and Naruto and Hinata could see that Shino was in his usual relaxed mood. They had no doubt that Haku would be able to work things out with him as she seemed to truly be the only person that could.

"You ready?" Naruto asked as he turned to the open gate.

Shino replied with a simple nod and the four man chunin team headed out in the direction of the Hidden Mist village.

What none of them realized was that they were being observed. Itachi watched as the team left the village. Itachi had been keeping tabs on team eight and Naruto especially, over the past three years. The last Uchiha had been slightly surprised when the leader of the Akatsuki had approved of Itachi simply observing the boy. Kisame had been ordered to track down another demon container, leaving Itachi unsupervised.

"Kai-kun, what are you looking at?"

Itachi turned and looked at the only person that he had interacted with the past few years. Ayame had been his only source of human contact within the village. It was easy enough to avoid the anbu sweeps as he had been an anbu captain, thus he knew all of the routes and also knew what not to do to draw unwanted attention. To everyone who met him, he was simply another ordinary civilian living in the village. He had actually rented an apartment and with the large sum of money he had accumulated working for Akatsuki, he had no shortage of funds.

He was able to observe Naruto and his progress from afar. He was never remotely close by when Naruto was training but he was able to see how the young boy had grown into a powerful opponent and he believed that he had finally found the opponent that had the power to defeat him.

"Kai-kun are you alright?" Ayame asked as she came up beside him.

Itachi focused on the brown haired girl and for the first time in a long time felt conflicted. He had originally befriended Ayame to learn more about Naruto and Hinata. It had worked very well but he had never thought of the possibility of her becoming more to him than a simple source of information on an opponent. She had become his only point of human contact and he couldn't help but feel something towards the young woman.

He had been visiting the ramen stand frequently and had become a regular. Ayame had inquired about his name and he had simply told her that his name was Kai. Ayame was all too happy to tell anyone that wanted to hear about how great Naruto was. Itachi had actually gained more information on Naruto than he was truly seeking. However, after a small amount of time, she had become interested in him and his interests. He had been short with her and only told her the bare minimum. However, this seemed to only pique the interest of the young woman and she had made a vow to not only have him remove his hood one day, but also learn about everything that he was hiding from her. Itachi was shocked to find that instead of being annoyed with her, he found her to be an intriguing woman.

'I need to keep my mind on my mission.' Itachi thought as he turned and continued walking towards the stand. He was helping Ayame with her groceries as he truly had nothing else better to do.

Ayame watched as Kai walked away. He was so mysterious and she was a woman that loved a good mystery. She hadn't learned much about him and she had tried everything. She had shared almost everything about herself and while he had patiently listened, he refused to accept the invitation to speak more about himself. She had actually tried to physically remove his cloak only for him to evade her every attempt no matter how sneaky she thought she was being. She actually thought that he took pleasure in annoying her. He was absolutely the most frustrating person she had ever met.

And yet, there was something about him that intrigued her. While he didn't speak often, she knew that he was always listening to her, no matter what she felt like talking about. No one had ever tried to mess with the stand again after he had handled the last group. The man that Ayame had run off had come back with friends and she had feared the damage they would cause. Kai had calmly walked over and sent them all away in fear with a look. The leader, however, he sent to the hospital with a few broken bones just to get the message across. He always helped her even when she hadn't asked him to and she could swear that he would stare at her from time to time as if trying to figure something out. Ayame didn't know what she felt for Kai, but there was definitely something there.

'Still, I doubt he feels the same.' Ayame thought with a sigh.

"Are you alright?"

Ayame jumped when Kai appeared right in front of her. She hadn't even noticed him turn around and move towards her.

"I'm fine! Stop scaring me like that!" She said with a blush of embarrassment. She walked ahead of him and could swear that she heard a chuckle from him, but that was impossible as Kai never laughed. In fact she could hardly remember him showing any significant emotion.

'I had better update the leader on Naruto's departure.' Itachi thought as he followed Ayame. The leader had always desired an update on when Naruto left the village for a mission. While he had yet to order a move against any of the containers, he still wanted to be updated on anything they were doing.

(Unknown location)

The leader of the mercenary group Akatsuki looked on as the projections of the members of the group began to appear one by one. Itachi's was the last to appear as usual and he had been the one to call the meeting.

"Itachi what do you have to report?" The man asked.

"The Kyuubi the container has left on a mission. His destination is unknown." Itachi stated calmly.

"I still don't see why you don't just grab the kid Itachi." Kisame stated to his partner.

"He hasn't because I have yet to give that order Kisame. Control yourself." The leader said in a tone that shut the rogue mist ninja's mouth. There was no doubt amongst the group who the most powerful was.

"The time has come for us to move our plan to the next stage. Deidara, Sasori, I want the two of you to make your way towards Suna. The rest of you finish locating your assigned targets." He ordered.

"Do you want us to capture the one tails container?" Deidara asked.

"Not just yet, first what for the Kyuubi container to return to Konoha." The leader stated.

"I hate waiting." Sasori stated after a moment as the projections began to disappear.

"Soon, very soon my ambition will be realized." The leader said softly as his companion looked on behind him.

(With team eight)

Team eight was nearing the border of fire country and heading towards the mist village. They had refrained from speaking very much as they were focused on their mission. They had partaken in a number of missions over the years but never had they been tasked with one so important. Achieving a treaty with the Mist village was a huge responsibility. It literally could mean the difference between another great ninja war and continued peace across the lands. Haku was on point as she knew the direction. Shino was by her side and Naruto and Hinata brought up the rear.

"How much longer Haku?" Naruto asked as they continued on.

"We still have a ways to go Naruto. You'll know when we're close as a dense fog will begin to envelope us. It is a natural occurring phenomenon that helps to keep the Mist village hidden." Haku answered. The group travelled for a while longer and turned in for the night.

Naruto had the first night shift and looked up at the full moon. It had been a long time since he had just taken a moment to look at the moon and ponder the direction of his life. Normally he had either been in training with Jiraiya and the mysterious man or on a fast paced mission. However, that had changed recently. Jiraiya had left to check on his spy network and the mysterious man had disappeared suddenly one day after saying that he had nothing else to teach Naruto and the rest would be up to him. Naruto remembered asking for him to reveal who he truly was. The man had looked at him and simply said.

"The next time we meet, you'll find out."

Naruto felt a pulse form his sword and pulled it out. It was much the same as it had always been except for one thing. On the handle of the sword were a few jewels. There were six gems in number and each was a different color. The color of the gem actually represented one of the six dragons that Naruto had the ability to summon. Currently five of the gems were giving a faint glow signifying that Naruto had gained the respect and the right to summon that particular dragon. Naruto looked at each gem and thought of the dragon they represented.

The ruby gem was for Drac, the first dragon he had summoned and the one he was closest to. Drac was his closest ally amongst the dragons and was normally the one who would answer any questions that Naruto had.

The white gem was for Tetsuya the ice dragon. She had given him the right to call upon her only because Drac vouched for him. Their relationship was a bit strained as, like her element, she could be a bit cold and heartless. Still she was very powerful and Naruto was glad to have her.

The blue gem was for the water dragon. Naruto had only called upon her once and she seemed to have the least to say compared to her siblings.

The green gem was for the wind dragon. Naruto actually got along with him very well as Naruto's primary element was wind. As such, the dragon was a great source of information and inspiration when Naruto was working on wind manipulation.

The brown gem was for the earth dragon and he was by far the most irritating of the bunch. He was the eldest amongst the entire group and was surly and cranky. He had actually demanded to be allowed to go back to sleep the first time Naruto summoned him. Needles to say, Naruto didn't call upon him very often.

Naruto looked at the sole gem that was not glowing. It was the black gem that represented the dragon lord of lightening. No matter who he talked to, every dragon told him the same thing, to NEVER call upon their older brother. Naruto asked why and they all agreed that he would probably kill Naruto the first chance he got. He was undoubtedly the most powerful of them all, as the others seemed to have a healthy respect/fear of him.

'I will figure out what your problem with humans is and I will summon you at some point.' Naruto thought as he put his sword away.

'Not a good idea kit.' Naruto groaned as Kyuubi decided to make his opinion known.

Naruto had been able to talk freely with the fox without having to enter his mindscape for a year now. It had come about as Jiraiya taught Naruto how to draw upon more of the fox's power. However, it had an unfortunate side effect being that Kyuubi could read Naruto's thoughts and talk to him whenever he wanted to. A privilege that the fox had been exploiting to annoy Naruto whenever he felt like it.

'What have I told you about reading my thoughts without my permission?' Naruto asked the great demon.

'The fact that you assume I care about your permission amusing me greatly.' Kyuubi returned with a chuckle.

'Whatever, do you have something worth discussing or are you simply trying to annoy me?' Naruto asked.

'Give up trying to call upon the lightening dragon. He was the only one amongst them that could fight me to a standstill. Do you really want such a powerful beast to be summoned especially when his temperament is even worse than my own?' Kyuubi asked in a curious tone.

Naruto didn't have an answer to that question, thus he simply ignored the fox. He felt a tingle from the sword and knew that it was trying to communicate something, though he couldn't really tell what that was. He felt anticipation and a bit of a warning from the blade. Naruto took this to mean that this mission was going to be interesting and dangerous.

'What else is new? As long as it doesn't turn out like the last one.' Naruto thought darkly.

'You need to let that go. There was nothing you could have done.' Kyuubi said in a tone that was both sympathetic and irritated. Whenever Naruto was upset, the dreamscape would darken and Kyuubi hated it.

Naruto said nothing as he turned and went to wake up Shino for his turn at night shift. As Naruto crawled into his tent he smiled down at the slumbering form of Hinata. Like Shino and Haku, they would be sharing a tent for the duration of the mission. Naruto lay beside her, and as if she could feel his presence, Hinata shifted over and snuggled into Naruto's chest. He wrapped his arms around her and soon was asleep. He would worry about tomorrow when it arrived.

(Unknown location)

"I heard that our honorable Mizukage is seeking an alliance with Konoha!" A dark form whispered.

"It's bad enough that she's in charge but to call upon a hidden village known for their numerous kekkei genkais for an alliance is spitting upon the pride of the Mist village." His partner agreed.

"Don't worry, I have a plan to solve most of our problems and put our rightful leader back in control." The third member stated softly as the three leaders of the revolt continued to discuss their plans on returning the Mist village to its past glory.


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