LND 19


The newly reunited family as well as Naruto's dragon compatriots stood together before the mightiest of all the nine demon lords. Kyuubi seethed as every person that he detested was before him. He wanted nothing more than to wipe them all from existence.

"So you appear to join in the slaughter Yondamie? Very well I will simply kill you and your wife a second time along with your brat's pets. After that I will take control of his body and the first thing I plan to do with my freedom is to destroy the village you gave so much to protect." Kyuubi growled.

"You sure are grouchy." Minato said nonchalantly as he began to move forward.

"Minato-kun?" Kushina spoke, questioning his intention.

"You've all fought pretty hard let me handle this for a bit and rest up." Minato said with a smirk.

"You do know what you're up against right?" Naruto asked his father, wondering if he got his stubbornness moreso from him then Kushina.

"Yep." Minato said as his smirk widened and be disappeared in a flash of yellow. He reappeared in front of Kyuubi uncaring of how close he was to the fox. Minato pulled out his favored tri pronged kunai and threw it into the air.

"Shadow kunai jutsu!" Minato called out as his one kunai multiplied into hundreds and scattered all throughout the battlefield.

"Your father is crazier then you." Tetsuya said as she addressed Naruto.

"Die!" Kyuubi said as he slammed a tail down on Minato. He lifted the appendage and saw that he had missed. Minato was standing beside the tail, still looking completely unfazed by the fox. Kyuubi slashed with his claws and again failed to strike the former Hokage. Truly irritated now Kyuubi sent all nine tails after the man and could only look on as his anger continued to grow as he couldn't catch the slippery man.

"Is running all you can do?!" Kyuubi said.

"Rasengan!" Minato called out as he appeared and slammed the large ball of condensed chakra into Kyuubi's face. The blow was so quick and unexpected that Kyuubi was caught defenseless and was forced back a few steps.

"Wow. I wonder why he wasn't given the sword instead." Tetsuya muttered. She felt the heat of a glare and found Naruto, Kushina and Drac giving her unamused stares. Vasuki looked exasperated at her and even Adalinda shook her head at her loud mouthed sister.

"He's still a human and unworthy." Bahamut said with a snort.

"He's doing better than you did." Naruto said without looking at the still bitter dragon. The lightning dragon could only growl at the truth of that statement.

"Despite this he cannot defeat the fox alone." Drac said. Minato was using his flying thunder God technique to avoid all of the Kyuubi's strikes but like Kushina only a small portion of his chakra had been placed in the seal when it was applied to Naruto and the more he used the quicker his time would run out and he was disappear completely to the afterlife.

"Enough!" Kyuubi growled as his body became covered in flames. Mianto was forced to back off and once again stood beside Kushina.

"You always did like to show off in front of me." The red haired woman said with a smirk. Minato grabbed his wife and kissed her deeply, making all watching feel a bit awkward.

"N-now's not the time for that!" Kushina said, her face as red as her hair. Naruto gave a chuckle at the scene but quickly stopped when he felt a wave of killing intent flow over them.

"You believe this to be a joke? You think the emergence of yet another fool that I've killed before will in some way save your lives?" Kyuubi snarled at the group that seemed to not be taking him seriously enough.

"Big talk considering this fool is the one that sealed the almighty nine tailed fox away in an infant." Minato said, his smirk never leaving his face.

Kyuubi roared in anger and rushed forward to attack. He was stopped by both Drac and Vasuki who used their combined powered to erect a wall of white hot flames in front of the fox obscuring his vision. As Kyuubi swiped a tail to disperse the flames he was met with a coordinated assault by Tetsuya and Kushina of all people. The red haired ninja had jumped onto the ice dragon's back and for once there was no voice of objection from the sacred beast. Kushina used her chains to wrap Kyuubu's tails up and Tetsuya immediately froze them all together. While the effect was sure to be short lived against the powerful demon it did its job in leaving the fox vulnerable.

Adalinda sent her tail, covered in water and in the shape of a giant blade, right at Kyuubi's chest. The fox ducked but the blade of water clipped an ear, much to his annoyance. He was unable to retaliate however and Naruto, who was now on Vasuki's head, attacked with his giant friend.

"Wind style: Hurricane Gale!" Naruto called out his strongest wind attack. Vasuki's gem glowed a bright green as he delved into his power and augmented Naruto's attack tenfold. The resulting attack was strong enough to lift Kyuubi off of his feet and send him hurtling towards Bahamut. The lightning dragon punched the fox to the ground and flew into the air calling down waves of lightning bolts to savagely strike down Kyuubi.

"My power maybe diminished but never underestimate me fox" Bahamut growled out as he let his attack end. As the resulting smoke from the assault began to disperse all nine of Kyuubi's tails broke free of their icy prison and flew out to attack. Their targets all avoided their strikes and were on guard as the tails returned to their owner who was slowly getting back to his feet.

Kyuubi was slowly but surely showing both his fatigue as well as his injuries. The fox was slow to get back to his feet and it was apparent that the last attack with its tails was more a desperate attempt to ensue another opponent wasn't close enough to attack then any sort of well planned strike.

"You only delay the inevitable." Kyuubi growled out at the assorted group before him.

"Then prove it." Minato said without an ounce of fear in his voice. The fourth, like his family, was on the head of a dragon, Drac to be specific. Kyuubi moved to do just as Minato suggested only to find the teamwork of the ninja and dragons to be very troublesome indeed.

He moved against Minato and Drac first but both suddenly disappeared in a flash of yellow. Kyuubi was caught unprepared for the blast of fire enhanced by Minato's wind jutsu that hit him in the back. He turned to attack when Kushina and Tetsuya moved in from his blind spot. Ice spikes shot from the ground and skewered his paws holding him long enough for Kushina to send her chains to restrain his limbs. Kyuubi tried to break them quickly but found them far stronger then they had been a few minutes before. Unbeknownst to the fox Minato kissing Kushina served an additional role aside from showing his love and affection for his wife. He shared his chakra with her allowing her more time to aid them in battle and strengthening her chains.

Adalinda immediately struck. She turned the ice in Kyuubi's paws back into water and created blades that began to cut and slice away at his body. Naruto and Vasuki were next and both created hundreds of wind blades to rain down on the immobilized fox. Kyuubi could do nothing but roar in pain. Thinking quickly he stopped fighting the chains and instead sent his demonic chakra through them the two conflicting chakras deteriorated the chains fast enough for the fox to break them and retreat long enough to heal his injuries.

Bahamut was not about to let such a thing take place and moved against the fox. Dodging his tails the lightning dragon crashed on the fox's back and drove him to the ground. He called down a giant blast of energy that engulfed them both. Bahamut flew out of the resulting explosion with little damage, being largely immune to his own powers. Kyuubi was not so fortunate. The fox very slowly rose from the crater that was formed from the attack and was bleeding and had injuries covering his body.

"Give up Kyuubi. You can't defeat so many opponents that are working together." Naruto said as he and the others surrounded the great demon.

"I finally have my freedom within grasp boy do you really think I'll let that slip away?" He retorted.

"Freedom to do what exactly? Akatsuki is still out there and will stop at nothing to capture you. And if Madara Uchiha is still alive as I fear then he can subdue you without having to lift a finger." Minato cut in. Naruto looked to his father in slight confusion but he gave his son a look that told him he'd explain later.

"I refuse to be used by that retched clan as their pet any longer! Nor will I consent to being locked away and having my power used without my say so. I won't be the Uchiha's weapon nor will I be yours." Kyuubi snarled.

"You won't be. You'll be exactly what you have been to me for years. A partner and friend." Naruto said as he jumped from Vasuki's back and walked towards the fox.

"You don't want our enemies to live anymore then I do so let's do this together like we always have." Naruto said to the fox, the look in his eyes giving Kyuubi a moment's pause. The fox could Naruto's parents in him. He could see the untamable fire of his mother and the unyielding resolve of his father. For a brief moment the nine tailed fox wonder if he could actually give his full trust and support to a human.

"If there is one thing I have learned from you humans it's that your words carry very little weight. And words alone are not enough to gain my respect or my cooperation. Show me boy. Show me that you have what it takes to defeat all those that will stand against you in this life." Kyuubi said as he flared his chakra and blew Naruto back. Vasuki caught his friend and the others began to move in.

"If that's what it takes then so be it!" Naruto called out.

"Attack!" Bahamut shouted as he advanced before the others. He paid for this when a tail slapped him in the face.

He quickly recovered and shot a lightning bolt at the fox. Adalinda backed him up with a giant water ball and the two attacks combined and doubled the destructive power. Kyuubi blocked the ball with his tails and redirected it at Minato and Drac. The former Hokage used his signature technique to transport them behind Kyuubi and Drac hit him with a fire blast.

The attack angered Kyuubi more then it damaged him but as he turned his attention to them Kushina and Tetsuya struck from the side. As he son had done against Bahamut, Kushina used her chains to form a shield of sorts around herself and Tetsuya. The ice dragon rammed into Kyuubi's side, the combination of her own divine chakra with Kushina's made the attack much more damaging to the demon. Tetsuya drove him back then shot an ice beam directly in his face. Kyuubi set his entire body on fire to drive back the attackers as well as melt the ice that blinded him.

Naruto and Vasuki were on him immediately. The wind dragon sent down a tornado that swiftly raced towards the fox. With a chakra empowered roar Kyuubi dispersed the giant hindrance. The moment it was gone he found himself face to face with his container.

"Dragon Strike!" Naruto called out as the attack connected and drove Kyuubi back once again. Vasuki took the advantage of the opening and hit Kyuubi in the chest with a blast of wind pushing him back even more.

"He's losing ground. It seems even the great Kyuubi can only fight off so many opponents for so long." Minato stated, a small note of respect in his tone at the tenacity of the fox. His eyes narrowed as he felt Kyuubi summoned up a concentrated amount of demonic chakra and form it in his mouth.

"Move back!" Naruto called out, recognizing the red glow.

"Demon's Bane!" Kyuubi called out as he shot the beam of red yoki right at Kushina and Tetsuya. The two combined their powers to form a giant chakra enhanced wall but the attack tore through with little resistance. Tetsuya was just able to avoid taking the full brunt of the attack but one of her wings was deeply wounded and she fell to the ground.

Naruto and Vasuki moved to defend before they realized Kyuubi was not done. The fox created the beam again and turned to assault the rest of his enemies. Naruto and Vasuki were able to avoid the blast but the Adalinda was not as fortunate. Only being able to submerge herself in water was not enough as the beam of chakra blasted through her side. Minato and Drac were next to be targeted but Minato signature jutsu made hitting them all but impossible, thus Kyuubi sent the attack Bahamut. Not to be outdone the lightning dragon gathered his own reserves of chakra and sent a beam of electricity to counter Kyuubi's attack. The two conflicting forces battled against one another for a moment before both exploded shaking the mindscape.

Minato and Drac moved to aid Kushina and Tetsuya when Drac suddenly threw the former kage off of him just in time for Minato to avoid being hit with a tail that was aimed at him. However Drac was unable to stop the second one that was wrapped around his throat. Minato landed on the ground and felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to look at Kushina and she pointed beside Drac at the unspoken question he had about Tetsuya. He turned and saw that the ice dragon was also held beside her brother with a tail around her neck.

"Release them!" Bahamut said appearing through the smoke caused by their previous clash of chakras.

"Gladly." Kyuubi said as he threw them at Bahamut. The lightning dragon couldn't stop his momentum and he crashed into his siblings causing all three to fall to the ground. With Adalinda still down this left only Vasuki able to stand with the Namikaze family for the moment.

Kyuubi leapt at the three downed dragons until he felt his limbs being restrained by Kushina's chains. Vasuki created a tornado under Kyuubi, launching the fox into the air. Kyuubi righted himself and quickly formed a giant ball of youki. He shot the attack down at Vasuki's siblings.

Vasuki jumped between them with Naruto and Kushina. All three used their divine/special chakras to form a large barrier. The demonic attack slammed into their shield and began to break through. Minato swiftly jumped up and used his time space jutsu to warp the attack from them and had it reappear behind Kyuubi. The fox cried out in pain and rage at the blow and was sent crashing to the ground.

Vasuki fell to one knee in exhaustion and the Namikaze family wasn't much better off. Kyuubi got back to his feet and growled in pain. Having his own attack hit him was both painful and humiliating and he felt his hatred for Minato ever increase.

"I'm going to kill you just like I did before." He said as he began to charge another giant beast ball. Bahamut, Tetsuya, Drac and Adalinda slowly regained consciousness and saw the danger they were all in.

"Get ready!"

Kyuubi unleashed the blast and the dragons scrambled to counter. Minato grabbed his family and teleported out of the way and the dragons all moved to avoid the attack. Kyuubi detonated the giant ball of yoki causing a shockwave that threw every in different directions, just as Kyuubi desired.

Adalinda was the first he went after as he leapt at her, knowing she only had a relatively small area to move in. The water dragon was not one to back down however and she sent a giant wave of water at him. Kyuubi engulfed his body in red of flames and went straight through the water creating a large cloud of steam to cloud their vision. Adalinda dove under water going on the defensive.

Kyuubi was not going to let her get away however. He quickly jumped up and sent a white hot stream of fire into the large body of water. So great was the heat that it actually started boiling the lake. Adalinda had no choice but to surface and when she did Kyuubi wrapped a tail around her neck, pulled her out of her self-made lake and pummeled her with his remaining tails until she stopped moving. He let her drop back into the lake, she didn't resurface.

"One down." Kyuubi snarled as he swiftly jumped over the blast of ice that Tetsuya sent his way in rage.

"Kyuubi!" She shouted as she sent attack after attack at him.

He shrugged them off with ease and slashed her across her chest leaving 4 deep wounds that began to bleed. Kyuubi wrapped his tails around her wings and slammed her to the ground. She weakly tried to rise and Kyuubi slammed a paw on her head. Tetsuya didn't move again and he stepped over her to see that the others had regrouped separately. Bahamut and Vasuki were together while Drac stood with the Namikaze family.

'A two pronged attack? Useless.' The giant demon thought to himself as he implemented his own plan of attack.

Bahamut and Vasuki attacked together and Kyuubi sent out his tails to skewer them. The dragons weaved their way through the deadly appendages and were on Kyuubi in mere seconds. Bahamut tackled the fox away from Tetsuya and punched him in the face. Bahamut didn't let up as Vasuki checked on his downed siblings. The lightning dragon blasted Kyuubi with a lightning bolt getting an outcry of pain from his opponent.

"This is the day you fall once and for all fox." Bahamut snarled. He was answered with a deep chuckling from the nine tailed fox.

"Is that so? You must truly be as foolish as you look to believe that. Your last few attacks barely tickled. Is that all you have remaining?" Kyuubi taunted the giant beast. The enraged snarl he heard let him know his words had hit their mark.

Kyuubi opened his mouth and once again began to gather a large amount of demonic chakra in the form of a large red orb. Knowing full well what was about to occur Bahamut was prepared and jumped fly up just as Kyuubi unleashed the potent ball of chakra.

"Do you care so little for your family?' Kyuubi said. Bahamut turned and saw the orb fast approaching Vasuki whose attention was on Tetsuya. The wind dragon was not prepared for the coming attack nor did he have enough time to save both himself and Tetsuya.

Bahamut moved faster than he could ever remember and appeared in front of the attack. Using all of his remaining energy he formed an energy shield around his body and with his arms out stretched, took on the attack head on. Bahamut refused to give an inch as the giant ball of yoki attempted to push him back into his siblings and with a mighty roar he redirected the crimson orb up in the sky as it detonated causing a large explosion.

"Brother." Vasuki said lowly as he observed the critically injured Bahamut. He had put everything he had into that last desperate defense of his family and had nothing else to give. Bahamut fell to the ground unconscious.

"Three down. And my biggest threat is now gone." Kyuubi said.

He took a moment to relish the defeat of his oldest enemy. Until human's had developed the ability to suppress/control his kind it had been the dragons that Kami sent to keep the demons run running amok and wiping out the young species. Bahamut had at all times been the one to stop Kyuubi from going too far and neither had ever claimed a definitive victory over the other. Normally they caused enough destruction to level everything in a couple of miles then retreated to their respective corners so to speak.

His moment quickly ended with Vasuki was on him. The wind dragon began to shoot giant compressed balls of air at the fox which were troublesome to deal with. If struck by one of his tails or paws the balls would erupt sending out mini blades of wind, however if he did nothing the damage sustained from taking a direct shot was even more painful.

"You only delay the inevitable lizard." Kyuubi said.

"We'll see." Vasuki replied as he fly above Kyuubi and began to gather his remaining energy.

"That didn't work for Bahamut and it won't work for you either!" Kyuubi swaid as he charged another ball of yoki.

'I have no plans to fight him directly.' Vasuki thought to himself as he began to fly in a circle around the fox. Kyuubi was momentarily distracted by the tactic but quickly went back to charging his own attack. Had he been at full power it would have taken mere seconds but his injuries were greatly increasing the time it took to gather his remaining stores of energy. However by the time he had accomplished this he realized what Vasuki was doing. As the giant legendary beast was circling he was forming a giant tornado to completely encase Kyuubi. So thick was the cyclone that Kyuubi couldn't see out of it at where the dragon had gone.

'No matter.' Kyuubi thought to himself as he launched his ball of yoki at one of the walls containing him. He had expected the attack to burst straight through and even if it failed to hit Vasuki he thought it was disrupt the tornado. He was not expecting it to get caught in the storm and circle around until it hit him.

"Don't waste your time fox. This is my ultimate attack and defense. Any attack you launch will be redirected back at you and the longer you stay in the confines of my tornado the more damage you'll endure." As he said this the tornado began to increase its intensity and Kyuubi was hard pressed to keep his grip on the ground and not get dragged into the storm.

"An ultimate attack? I need do nothing but wait until you run out of energy and the storm passes. Or better yet why don't I just use my flames to turn this into a cyclone of fire!" Kyuubi growled. He began to call upon the fires that were a part of his very being but found that the moment he formed them that they were snuffed out immediately. Adding on to this was that he noticed it was becoming harder and harder to breathe.

"I'm sure by now you've noticed that my tornado is causing a vacuum effect where you are at. Any fire needs oxygen to live and it is quickly being sucked out. Also I'm pretty sure you need oxygen to breathe as well." Vasuki said cheekily.

Kyuubi was almost on his belly as the pressure from the vacuum and the lack of air slowly crippled his ability to move. He knew he had only a few minutes, at the most, to do something before he fell to the dragon. This thought sent waves of anger and rage through his body and he called upon a majority of his remaining chakra stores for a desperation attack. He charged with it and slammed into one of the sides of the tornado. Though he failed to penetrate initially he continued to move forward through the high speed winds. As he did this the tornado caused numerous slashes and cuts to appear all over his body and the pain was immense. Kyuubi used this pain to help fuel his attack and he could feel the tornado slowly begin to give way.

"You're not getting out!" Vasuki shouted as he appeared out of the tornado and grabbed Kyuubi by the face.

He slammed the fox face first into the walls of the cyclone and kept him there allowing his face to take the brunt of the damage from Vasuki's attack. For a few seconds Kyuubi was completely incapacitated. However he was not the mightiest of the demons for nothing and slowly began to fight back against Vasuki until he threw the dragon off of him and tackled him full force until both smashed through the tornado, dispersing the attack.

Kyuubi landed on top of Vasuki, whom had passed out immediately from chakra exhaustion and physical pain. He raised one paw and was prepared to pierce Vasuki's heart with his claws. He was stopped however by a blast of fire to the chest. He was thrown off of Vasuki and was very, very slow to get back up. He'd used pretty much all that he had to escape and found himself weaker then he could ever remember. Thankfully the only one standing between him and his freedom was an injured Drac, a chakra depleted Kushina and Minato, and Naruto.

"It's over boy. You cannot win." He growled.

"That's big talk considering you're about to fall where you stand." Kushina taunted.

"I still have more than enough power remaining to end all of you." Kyuubi said.

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" Drac said coming to stand between Kyuubi and the family.

"No." Kyuubi said dismissively, clearly indicating just how much of a threat he considered Drac. While Drac may not have been as prideful as some of his siblings he was still a dragon and did not take kindly to being insulted by a demon of all things.

The fire dragon moved to show Kyuubi just how wrong he was. He sent out three large fire balls that Kyuubi batted aside with his tails. Drac moved in close and delivered a crushing blow to the face. He followed this up with a tail whip that took Kyuuib's legs from under him, downing the fox. Drac grabbed one of his tails and hurled the fox away.

"Do you still believe me to be beneath your notice?" Drac said with a smirk. He only heard a chuckle come from the fox.

"Is that the best you can do? Your blows feel like they come from an ant. The humans have more power then you, you sad excuse for a firefly." Kyuubi taunted as he got up. Drac literally started seeing red.

"I will show you the error in your words fox!" Drac snarled as he began to glow a bright red. Drac was calling on the remaining reserves of his power. This would be his strongest, and last attack.

'I hope you are ready Naruto. If I fall then the rest is up to you.' Drac thought to himself as he unleashed an ocean of flames at Kyuubi.

Kyuubi ran towards the attack and was swept away in the attack. Not being foolish enough to think himself the victor Drac continued to pour more and more energy into the assault. He could sense Kyuubi somewhere in the waves of fire but couldn't tell exactly where. He got his answer when the fire that he produced began to swirl around the fox. As if yielding to a stronger master the flames were consumed by the fox until only he remained.

"As I've stated before I am the lord of fire. You are several decades away from being at my level you immature snake." Kyuubi said as he rushed forward. Drac had no more energy to defend himself and Kyuubi ended the battle quickly. With two swipes of his claws he slashed Drac's face and chest and the last remaining dragon fell to the greatest of the demon lords.

"No more distractions kit." Kyuubi said as he slowly walked over to the Namikaze family.

"You're not going to win this Kyuubi." Naruto said angrily as he looked at his downed allies.

"Words mean nothing to me kit." Kyuubi said as he charged them. He stopped when all three disappeared in a flash of yellow.

"Running away again? I have not time for this!" Kyuubi snarled as he looked for them. He saw them a few meters behind him and again went to attack. Much to his chagrin they once again disappeared.

"Are you a coward? I guess your little speech about fighting together truly meant nothing." Kyuubi said as they appeared again off to the side from him. Naruto looked to his parents and getting a nod from them both walked until he stood face to face with the fox.

"We weren't running. We were just finishing our plan." Naruto said as Kushina and Minato kneeled down and placed their hands on the ground.

"Sealing art: demonic suppression." They said as a special seal appeared beneath them.

The seal glowed brightly and a line of chakra shot from the seal and connected to another a few meters away. That seal glowed and shot its own line of chakra to another just like it. Kyuubi turned his head and saw that he and Naruto were in the center of a dome of chakra formed through five of special seals Kushina and Minato had created while he had been battling the dragons.

"This is why you didn't help your pets. You were busy making this trap." Kyuubi said in surprise.

"We figured you'd be so focused on beating your long time enemies that you'd forget about us long enough to get this done." Naruto said confirming Kyuubi's comment.

Kyuubi fell to his knees as he felt his chakra being drained from him. Anything demonic chakra in the confines of this special five pointed seal would be drained away and it was doing its job perfectly.

"It's over Kyuubi. You don't have enough power to break out of this seal and soon enough you'll lose consciousness from having what little chakra you have left taken away." Naruto said.

"Don't look down on me brat. I am the Kyuubi, the greatest of all demon lords! A single swipe of my tail can crush mountains! My roar alone causes earthquakes! I will not be bested by you so easily!" Kyuubi roared as he forced himself to his feet and tried to strike Naruto with his claws. Naruto jumped back and drew his sword again.

"Dragon Strike!" he called out as he shot his dragon shaped blast of chakra at Kyuubi. The blast hit Kyuubi in the face and he toppled over. He would not stay down however and got to his feet anf sent his tails at Naruto.

Naruto began to dodge the limbs as quickly as he could. Thankfully the seal was still working and Kyuuib's attacks were sluggish and uncoordinated. Kyuubi knew he had little time left and was going for brute strength to end the battle instead of any sort of well thought out plan.

"Shadow clone jutsu!" Naruto called out as he created fifty clones. The clones moved to block and deflect the tails as the real Naruto moved for Kyuubi's main body. Though the clones were mostly fodder compared to Kyuubi they at least bought him enough time to get close enough to the fox to hit him again with a dragon strike to the face.

Kyuubi roared and the shot wave pushed Naruto back and dispersed his clones. He looked up and saw Kyuubi pouncing for him, seeking to crush him under foot.

"Piercing shadow jutsu!" Naruto signed as he and Kyuubi disappeared into a large dome of total blackness.

Kyuubi landed on nothing and growled as he tried to use his senses to find Naruto. Time was running out and he was feeling very dizzy and unstable it would be only a minute or so longer before he wouldn't be able to move at all and Naruto would be the victor. That he could even fight at all with this injuries and exhaustion in the seal was a testament of his power as the greatest of the nine demons.

However Kyuubi could not find Naruto. He was totally blind and unable to use his yoki to enhance his senses due to the seal. Naruto did not have this handicap and he attacked Kyuubi from various random directions. It was obvious that Naruto had created more clones, further confusing Kyuubi's already useless senses, and was using them to great effect. Oh Kyuubi was sure his crushed a few with lucky swipes from his tails and claws but it was a losing battle and he knew it. He felt utter dred when as one he heard what could only be dozens, if not one hundred, Naruto's calling out their strongest divine attack.

"Dragon storm!"

Kyuubi was hit by more attacks then he could count and could only roar in pain and anger as they rained down upon him from every direction. He was completely helpless and it wasn't long before he heard what he knew was the end of his chance for freedom.

"Fuuton rasengan!"

Kyuubi felt the wind and divine empowered rasengan slam into his chest and the resulting pain of feeling millions of miniature wind blades cutting into his body was too much. He fell to the ground and couldn't find the power to rise again. Naruto canceled the piercing shadow jutsu and dispersed his clones. He too was very exhausted from the battle. Minato and Kushina deactivated the five pointed demonic suppression seal and walked to stand beside their son.

"It's over Kyuubi. Accept defeat." Kushina said, her tone seriously and lacking her usual nickname for the fox.

"Defeated again by mere mortals. How sad." Kyuubi muttered to himself.

"No you were defeated by teamwork and a will to never give in. There is no shame in that." Minato said to the fox.

"My offer still stands. Will you fight with me in the coming battles with Akatsuki?" Naruto asked as he stood before him.

Kyuubi said nothing as his large crimson eye stared at Naruto and suddenly lashed out with his claws. Naruto didn't flinch as a tip of the claw stopped right in front of his face. Kushina and Minato slowly prepared themselves in case Kyuubi was indeed going to continue to fight, no matter how futile that would be on his part. The relaxed when they heard Kyuubi start to chuckle.

"Not even a flinch. You've found your resolve again haven't you Naruto?" Kyuubi said softly as he pulled his arm back.

"Yes I have and you know what happens to anything that tries to stop me from achieving my goals." Naruto said confidently.

"Very well then. One thing though from now on call me by my real name, Kurama." Kyuubi said before he passed out. Suddenly the mindscape began to shift and change as giant golden bars rose from the ground and circled around Kyuubi. A new and more powerful spiral seal appeared on the giant gate.

The Namikaze family stared at it for only a moment before they remembered their fallen allies. They quickly went to the dragons to assess the damage. Though they were all severely hurt none seemed to be mortally wounded which was both a relief and a surprise.

'I wonder why he didn't kill them?' Naruto thought to himself.

"Maybe you passed his test as well Naru-chan." Kushina said as she stood beside him. Minato seemed to agree as he too noticed that while Kyuubi had pulled no punches he hadn't killed the dragons when he had his chances.

"Some test." Naruto muttered as he saw all of the dragons glow brightly before they were returned to their own plane.

'Thank you my friends. Get a good rest, you've earned it.' Naruto thought as they vanished.

Naruto then felt a wealth of power come upon him. He cried out in pain and he fell to his knees. His parents walked up to him, knowing what was happening to him and understanding that he had to suffer through this himself. The pain wouldn't be as bad except that he still had lingering bit of divine chakra in his system.

A yellow colored chakra shroud surrounded Naruto and he had six magatama around his neck and two distinctive pieces of hair-like horns along with a swirl design that resembled the Uzumaki's clan symbol. The color of his eyes turned from blue to orange. Minato and Kushina could feel that his chakra signature had changed as well.

Naruto stood to his feet and looked at his own hands as if seeing them for the first time. The power that was circulating through his body was similar to when he used Kurama's power for all these years but the feeling was different. Whereas before using Kurama's power was like a burning wildfire burning through him, threatening to consume him from the inside out, now it still felt like he was holding a fire inside his body but the flames were calmer and not so violent. It was a strange but welcome sensation for him.

"Congratulations son." Minato said as he placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder. Kushina pulled him into a big hug and the three enjoyed a brief moment of peace. Naruto stood back from them and was alarmed to see that they were beginning to fade away.

"Sorry Naruto-kun. We used up all of our remaining chakra on that seal to subdue Kurama. I'm afraid this is goodbye." Kushina said with tears in her eyes.

"There's still so much I want to say." Naruto said but finding himself at a loss even knowing that this would be the last time he'd be able to talk with his parents until he time to leave the world of the living was up.

"As do we but for now just know that we love you with all of our hearts and that we'll always be with you." Minato said understanding Naruto's reluctance to see this reunion end. Minato quickly began to tell Naruto the full extent of what happened the day of his birth, from Kushina going into labor to then getting kidnapped by who he believed to be Madara Uchiha and finally to Kyuubi being released and both he and Kushina sealing him inside of Naruto at the cost of their lives.

"Do you think I'm ready?" Naruto asked them after absorbing all his father had to say.

They knew he was talking about everything that was to come. It was hard to believe that a young man who only had just turned seventeen had the weight of the world on his shoulders. It was almost a burden that was too much to ask but they knew he wouldn't fail. He was the perfect blind of them. He had Minato's indomitable will with Kushina's unstoppable determination. They knew that he could do it. They had given their lives for their son, their future and they knew that they hadn't made a mistake. It was a sacrifice they'd make every single time again.

All three came together for a group hug and stayed that way until Minato and Kushina vanished, their spirits finally moving on to the afterlife. Naruto wiped his eyes of the tears that had formed and while sad he also felt another weight lift off of his shoulders. He was loved by his parents and had been given an opportunity to speak to them one final time.

'It's time to go back and let Hinata-chan and Ero-sennin know that I won. We have unfinished business with some Akatsuki.' Naruto thought as his eyes hardened at the thought of the man that had cuased he and his friends so much pain.

(Real world)

Jiraiya and Hinata waited anxiously for Naruto to awaken. It had been a bit nerve racking for a while as his body began to give off more and more demonic chakra as a sign that Kyuubi was winning their battle. However in the end the victor was all but assured as Hinata's own divine chakra could sense the total subjugation of the Kyuubi's power. So while it was no great surprise when the eyes that opened to greet hers were the deep blue that she so loved instead of the crimson red of the fox's, she was happy none the less and almost tackled him with a fierce hug and kiss once the seal holding him was released.

"So you won. Not bad brat." Jiraiya said with a smirk as he placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder in congradulations.

"Was there ever any doubt?" Naruto responded with a smile of his own.

"Yes." Jiraiya said truthfully, much to the chagrin of Naruto. Hinata found this very funny as did the toad sages Shima and Fukasaku. The two toads jumped on Jiraiya's shoulders and observed the young ninja.

"He really is Minato's son isn't he?" Fukasaku said with a nod of his head.

"He's so talented for someone so young. He's much farther along then you were Jiraiya-chan. To defeat the Kyuubi alone is something truly impressive." Shima said to the irritated Jiraiya.

"I didn't win by myself. I had the aid of the dragons as well as my mother and father." Naruto said, surprising all of them.

"Minato and Kushina? How'd that happen?" Jiraiya asked, though he could guess.

"My father not only sealed a part of my mother's chakra and soul into the seal but a pieced of himself as well. It was nice to finally get a chance to say goodbye to them." Naruto said with a small smile and faraway look in his eyes.

'He's made peace with that part of his life. That's good because it's going to get a lot harder from here on.' Jiraiya thought as he brought to their attention a pressing concern.

"So are you both ready to face the Akatsuki?" Jiraiya asked darkly. Naruto responded by calling forth his new fully control demon's cloak. The appearance of it was a surprise to them all not only because of the look but the feel of the chakra.

"There's no malice at all in that chakra." Hinata said as she activated her Byakugan and stretched out with her divine powers to get a better feel for it.

While it was still demonic chakra it held none of the negative emotions that normally accompanied the usage of it. She raised her hand and laid it gently on his shoulder and was surprised at the sensation that she felt. Normally whenever demonic and divine chakra came into contact with one another the resulting reaction was very violent, to say the least. And while she still felt a slight irritating feeling it was like comparing an itch to having acid poured on your skin.

"Can you use both of your powers at once?" Jiraiya asked very intrigued as well. Naruto grabbed his sword and tried to call upon the power of the dragons but immediately felt the sword deny his request. While odd he read the message loud and clear.

"No it still doesn't work like that. I have complete control over Kurama's chakra but it's still like trying to combine water and oil at the same time. They're too different." Naruto said.

"Well it was worth a shot." Jirayia said with a sigh.

"So are we ready to go?" Naruto asked as he grabbed Hinata's hand and deactivated his chakra cloak.

"What a minute Naruto. Are you sure that you are ready to use that power?" Jiraiya asked after taking a second to think.

"What do you mean? It's the same power as before just fully under my control it can't be that much different." Naruto said dismissively.

"Humor me for a second will you. Activate it and have it spar with one of my shadow clones." Jiraiya said as he created a single clone. Naruto activated his new cloak of demonic chakra and moved to battle Jiraiya's clone.

They all realized that Jiraiya's concern was warranted when Naruto disappeared from sight and crashed into one of the walls of the cave. The speed he moved that was so fast that they all lost sight of him, however it was also so fast that Naruto had no control over it.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Naruto shouted in anger. He calmed himself down and walked up to Jiraiya's clone. He fell into his true dragon taijutsu style and Jiraiya moved to defend in his toad style.

Jiraiya's clone threw a punch and Naruto moved to block. He was able to do so with ease and he hardly felt the impact at all. Naruto moved to counter attack, something he'd done so often over the years that it was second nature. However when he sent a high kick towards Jiraiya's head his kick smashed the clone in an instant however the force behind the blow spun him around and he lost his balance and ended up in the ground.

"As I thought. You've got the power but not the control. This isn't like before Naruto where you were calling on small portions of Kyuubi's power. You have to learn to control the amount of power that you're using or you'll throw yourself off in the middle of a battle. Having all that strength and speed means nothing if you can't use it correctly." Jiraiya said grimly.

"Yeah I got that. We don't have time for this though. We've got to go." Naruto said in frustration.

"Yes you do. I'll advice you Naruto not to use this power until you have time to fully master it. It'll be more of a hindrance then a help in your coming battles." Jiraiya advised.

Naruto nodded in understanding though his face showed just how upset he was to have gone through so much only to find that his new power was all but useless at the present moment.

"Let's go back. We've got unfinished business to attend to." Naruto said darkly. Hinata stiffened at being reminded of their next mission and the normally gentle and kind spirit of the former Hyuga crackled with barely contained anger as well.

"See you later Naruto-chan, Hinata-chan!" Fukasaku said as he jumped off Jiraiya's shoulder and hopped over to them.

"You can come visit at any time. I'll make my famous cricket soup when you do." Shima said with a smile as she stood beside her husband. Naruto and Hinata turned a bit green at that thought and bowed quickly to cover up their obvious revulsion to the thought of eating anymore bugs.

"Thank you for all of your help." They said together.

"Such manners. I so wish that you two were toad sages instead." Fukasaku said much to Jiraiya's annoyance.

"Alright it's time to go." Jiraiya said as he angrily stomped away. He muttered to himself as he heard them all laughing behind his back.


Shino tilted his head when he felt the reemergence of the two insects that Naruto and Hinata kept on themselves so he'd be aware of their location. They had returned and it seemed that they were successful in their endeavors.

'Not that I am surprised.' Shino thought to himself. He would give them a little while to go to their homes and prepare themselves for their next mission. Shino's hand clenched at the thought of the Akasuki member they were going to meet in battle soon.


Shino turned to look at his daily sparring partner, Samui. The blonde cloud jonin had been kind enough to meet with him and help him train for the upcoming battle. Shino had been able to ask his father briefly for advice but the elder Aburame was called away on an important mission before Shino could ask for more instruction.

"Naruto and Hinata have returned." Shino said shortly.

"Then they have accomplished the goals they left to complete. I am not surprised. Anyone that would confront Raikage-sama in the manner that Usumaki-san did is not someone to be denied what they desire the most." Samui stated in an even tone.

"Indeed." Shino said as he turned to leave for the Aburame compound. He too needed to prepare his equipment as well as himself for the upcoming battle.

Samui fell in step beside him as they made their way to his home. Shino noticed the looks that they still garnered from the general populace of Konoha. The hidden leaf and hidden cloud villages had been at odds for years. To see a jonin from the cloudn village walking freely and without escort was still a strange sight to the civilians and even a few leaf shinobi would stop and give them a second glance.

Shino ignored this. As of yet they hadn't run across any problems and there was no harm as long as they were looking. That Shino had become something of a personal escort to Samui was also something he realized and again dismissed. While some of his comrades, Kiba in particular, had raised questions as to all the time the two had spent together Shino quickly shut such questions from his mind. He'd been very clear with the blonde where he stood with his feelings towards her and Haku and Samui would always confirm that his feelings were understood.

"Samui-san I thank you for all of the assistance that you've given me over these last few days. It was quite helpful." Shino said as they arrived at his compound.

"I was only aiding someone who has gained me respect Shino-san." She responded simply.

"Be that as it may your help was still much appreciated. I am in your debt." He said.

"You and your friends are going to attack two Akatsuki members who had no fear of attacking the Hidden Mist village and capturing their demon container. Normally I would say your mission was suicidal in nature." She said. Shino turned to look at her.

"But you don't feel that it is in this case?" Shino said.

"I have learned not to bet against you and your friends Shino-san. Also I have insurance that you will return." Samui said.

"And what is this insurance you speak of?" Shino asked.

"You said that I am in your debt correct?" She said with a raised eyebrow. Seeing Shino nod she continued.

"Then to fulfill your debt to me you must return alive and well. I will not be able to forgive you if you die without telling me goodbye." She said with a stony face.

For the first time since he discovered Haku's injury, Shino smiled.

"If there is one thing I've learned from Naruto it is that breaking a promise to a comrade is the worst sin we can commit as men. I will return and pay me debt." Shino said as he turned to enter his compound. He felt a feminine hand grab his shoulder and give a slight squeeze before departing.

Shino turned slightly and looked at the back of the hidden cloud ninja. He then cleared his thoughts had entered the Aburame compound. He had needed to be prepared for the coming battle and focused his mind of that singular task. Anything else was a distraction he couldn't afford to have.

(Hokage's Office)

Tsunade looked up from her paperwork when she heard the door open. She was well aware that Naruto had returned victorious over the Kyuubi as Jiraiya had sent he and Hinata home to get some rest and prepare to move out. He then came to her and after kissing her and making several perverted comments on how much he missed her he got serious and revealed everything.

'Naru-chan has complete access to the Kyuubi's chakra but still needs to learn to control it? Well they say nothing worth having comes easy.' She thought as Naruto and Hinata arrived together, refreshed and eager for their mission. Tsunade walked around her desk and gave both of them a big hug.

"Welcome back you two. You've had quite an experience Naruto." She said happily.

"Fighting Kurama and meeting both my parents at the same time? It was nothing." Naruto joked with a sinker.

"You seem to have so many interesting things happen around you Naruto. It's a shame I couldn't be there to witness it." Shino said as he entered the room.

"Good to see you to Shino." Naruto said, more then used to Shino's normal tone and demeanor.

"How have you been Shino." HInata asked, happy to see her friend and teammate again.

"I am well Hinata. I am also ready for our mission Hokage-sama." Shino said as he turned his attention to Tsunade.

All joking died down at that single comment as they all turned their thoughts to the upcoming battle. Naruto had defeated Kurama and had a new and improved seal in addition to having mastered the futon rasengan. He had met all of Tsunade's demands in regard to being ready for their next mission and it was time for them to set off.

"I'm sure I don't have to explain to you what is to come. Two of the Akatsuki are waiting for you in particular Naru-chan. That their newest member after the death of Sasori happens to be the same maniac that decimated a small village, and also attacked the Hidden Mist with his partner Deidara, formerly of the hidden rock village, is no coincidence. They are hoping to draw you out and use your emotions against you." Tsuande said. Seeing the look on all three of their faces she continued.

"No one knows this monster better then the three of you and I'm sure I don't have to say it but your mission is to kill the both of them and come back alive. Should you find any opportunity to bring one of them back alive for interrogation then that would be greatly beneficial to the village." Tsuande said. She saw them all look at one another before Shino responded to that statement.

"If there is a opening to capture Deidara we will do our best to do so." He said shortly.

'So no mercy or quarter for the other one? Not surprising but I hope they don't let their emotions get the better of them in this mission. That would be disastrous and exactly what the Akatsuki wants to happen.' She thought to herself.

"Go then and you all better come back alive!" Tsunade ordered. They all nodded and turned to leave.

"Don't worry Kaa-san. We've lost too many friends to that monster already. We'll return with whatever's left of him in a body bag." Naruto said without turning his head as they headed out.

Tsunade stood and walked to the large window in her office and gazed out over the village. She sent a silent prayer to kami that everything would work out alright.

(Akatsuki position)

"Man I'm bored." Deidara said as he relaxed on a tree limb. His partner was standing beneath him. The strange man hadn't moved from that position for hours and he stood there every day for the last few days waiting for their target.

"You know as much as I got upset with Sasori-sama with his idiotic ideas of what true art is at least he could talk, hn." Deidara muttered. He was beyond tired of the silent treatment that his partner had given him since the day they met. He wished the guy would do ro say something aside from shooting random burst of fire at his head!

"It's been days. How do we even know that the Nine tails' container is going to come? Maybe he's so afraid that he'll stay behind those big walls of theirs." Deidara said though he knew that wouldn't happen. If there was one thing they knew about Naruto from Itachi's data it was that he was never one to run from a fight, especially not from someone that had hurt his friends.

Also the fact that they hadn't run across a patrol in a while meant that Konoha was aware of their position and was simply waiting for something before moving on them.

'Well whatever, as long as I get to express my art sooner or later I'll be happy, hn. Besides we only need the Kyuubi brat alive. The others are fair game.' He thought. He looked down when he saw his partner straighten suddenly and take a few steps forward.

"What is it? Do you see something?" Deidara asked. His response was a blast of fire that made him fall out of his tree. He got up cursing his partner before he felt it to. There was a very powerful chakra coming towards them and it didn't take a genius to know that it was the Kyuubi's container.

'Time to play.' Deidara thought.

(Team Eight)

The moved as one through the woods. Their destination was only a few hours away with them moving at their top speed and they were in no mind to take it slow. They didn't talk to one another as there was no need to. They all knew their objective and were ready and willing to complete it.

'Time to put this rabid dog down.' Naruto thought.

'We'll avenge you Saya-chan.' Hinata thought to herself.

'It ends today.' Was running through Shino's mind.

They all kept running until eventually they came to a clearing and saw the two members of the Akatsuki waiting for them in the open. One of them was definitely Deidara as he was looking at the ones that stole the one tailed container from under his nose not too long ago with manic glee and rage. It was the other one that gave them pause. It was his deep red eyes and oppressive presence that gave him away.

"You're going to die today." Naruto said with a growl, his eyes totally on Flame.

"What am I chopped liver?!" Deidara said angrily noticing that the three leaf ninja had all of their attention focused on Flame, completely ignoring Deidara for the moment. Deidara was about to say more when he heard something that was both unfamiliar and deeply disturbing.

It was laughter.

The deep and soft laughter was coming from Flame and it began to climb until it roared across the clearing. As it died down the red eyed man stretched out it arms and called upon his power.

The clearing was rocked with a giant explosion of heat and flames that swept out to consume all in its path.


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