Hello all. This is my first Cody Banks stroy. I have seen both of the movies but don't own a copy. Funny, my brother introduced them to me and we watched the second before the first. We both liked the second better for some reason though. Anywho, after watching them again earlier this summer on Disney Channel with my brother, I found a lot of loose ends. What happened to Natalie in the second? Would Cody ever see Emily again? Would chocolate surprise ever become a real candy? So, this story is sort of like a third installment. Ties up a few loose ends. ENJOY!

15, June, 16:29

The time was set for five minutes. She had five minutes to do this, to pass the test to go to the next level. She ran down the hallway, parcel in hand and came across her first obstacle; getting through a room through the vents. She took her graffel pen and shot it at the ceiling. Clicking the pen she made her way up towards the ventilation system.

Four minutes left. She jumped down from the vents and went running. She could see the exit just ahead, but she heard the sound of footsteps. Out from the shadows came six guards, blocking the way out. She took a deep breath and took her fighting stance.

Three minutes left. She already took out two of the guards. The other four were fighting hard but she was better. She took out two more guards with a spin kick.

Two minutes left. She took out the rest of the guards. She reached down towards each pocket and took away their weapons. She put these into her duffle bag.

One minutes left. She picked up the bag with the extra weapons and made a run for it.

5 seconds left. She's really close, about ten feet away.

4 seconds left. She's even closer, but the exit is closing. She goes faster.

3 seconds left. She's five feet away.

2 seconds left. She's running out of time and lunges for the door.

1 second left. She makes it through the doorway.

0 seconds…

BOOM! The explosion closely followed her exit sending her flying a little further than expected. Keeping a firm grasp on the duffle bag, she rolled down the front lawn a little ways then got up. She held her hand to her ear and spoke.

"Mission accomplished," she spoke. "I'll see you back at base."

Then the girl took out a jetpack from the bag and flew into the clear sky.

So, what did ya think? Yes, it is a short chapter, so I'm going to upload the next one now. Trust me, the other chapters are longer. This is about a 6 chapter story, so not too long. REVIEW!