A/N: So last night I watched this movie 'Life is a House' it has nothing to do with White Collar at all but it was one of those sad, heart warming, moving movies and i was given inspiration to write this little piece. This is for everyone out there who just wants to see Neal hurt and some Peter worried/comfort.

Blood Stains

The loud bang made it obvious he had been shot. If there hadn't been a loud noise indicating a bullet has been fired Neal would have been oblivious. He looked down at his shirt, which was seeping large amounts of blood. He couldn't remember the pain he felt when the bullet first grazed his skin but from the shock and adrenaline his body was producing at that moment Neal came to the quick conclusion there was no pain at first.

The pain came after; it felt like a thousand pound rock was thrown at his chest. His shaky fingertips pressed against the bullet hole and were drenched with blood.

"Neal!" He heard Peter shout from a distance and bolted over to him while Neal fell to the ground.

Peter was telling him things but it was like Neal was stuck in a silent movie. Peter began to yell louder, "Neal! Stay with me! Ambulance is coming!"

"Did we get the guy?" He slurred, looking up at Peter as the older man positioned Neal into his arms.

"Yeah we got him."

It was a case where Neal knew the criminal, usually he did. Max Baker; known for stealing valuable artifacts and selling them to people who aren't supposed to have them. The usual. It was Neal's own fault; he froze; Max blew something up. There was fire and smoke and it caused Neal to go back to the painful memory of Kate's death. Not paying attention made Max fire a bullet.

"I'm getting blood on you, move me."

Peter snorted, "Not happening, Caffery."

Neal swallowed, "The blood's gonna stain your clothes really bad."

"Elizabeth can take out the stains; she's a master at it."

"Your uncomfortable, put me on the ground." Neal tried to wiggle his way off, but it was hard. There was the fact the adrenaline rush was over and that his whole body felt like it was on fire and then there was the fact that he was having trouble breathing.

"Go on the ground and I'm sending you back to prison."

Neal heard the sound of sirens then, they were faint but as seconds past they grew louder and louder.

"In a few minutes you'll be on a comfortable stretcher and not in my lap."

Neal didn't respond because the pain was too much, it was overwhelming and his entire body slowly shut down.


Neal woke up to that annoying beeping sound, "Stop beeping."

"If it stops your heart stops." Peter replied casually from a chair in the corner, "Can't have you dieing on me."

Neal chuckled as Peter put down the newspaper he was reading, "How you feeling, kid?"

"The pain of the thousand pound rock now feels like a four hundred pound rock."

"Good. I'll get you more drugs."

Neal smiled, "I knew I liked you for a reason."

"Ha." Peter snorted, "Anyway you need to go back to sleep."

"How long have I been out?"

"Two days."

"I've already had 48 hours of sleep, I'm good."

"You actually woke up once yesterday only because Mozzie pretended to be your doctor and was trying to move the bed and…never mind."

Neal raised his eyebrows, "I don't even want to know the story behind that."

"Trust me you don't." Peter paused and watched Neal suddenly struggle to stay awake, "Anyway before you go back to sleep you should see something." Peter pulled a clean white-collar shirt out from a plastic bag and a clean pair of black paints and a dark blue tie.

"So you got a new outfit, do you want my opinion or something?"

Peter laughed, "Elizabeth got the stains out."

Neal shut his eyes and laughed and three seconds later his breathing was steady and he was asleep.

"Sweet dreams, Caffery."