She wanted him to look at her. To see her for what she truly was.

She wanted him to truly love her.

In the end, she did get him to see her for what she really was. A sheep in wolf's clothing. A dull grey dressed in red.

She only wished he could have seen more. The memories that went through her were only what those they wanted to see. She wished he could have seen more of the memories of him. That he could see how her heart raced when she saw him, or the thoughts that went through her mind when he was near. She wanted him to see how much he truly meant to her. She wished that there had been more of him when her life flashed before her eyes.

She wished she could have made him smile. Not the sadistic smile he got when he chopped up a helpless creature or a flirtatious smile when he talked to Sebastian but a true smile. A smile that told her she existed in his mind and not something dressed in his favorite color.

She wished he would have noticed her feelings. Even if he refused to accept them, she wanted him to know. She wished his last words to her had not been so harsh. She wished she could see what happened to him in the future. She wished that he would be happy without her.

She wished he could have seen how happy she was when he said he loved her.

But he couldn't. He saw none of this. He only saw what started her obsession with red. She wished he could have seen what ended it.

But she was not the one.

A Kuroshitsuji Fanfic

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A/N- Recently I've gotten into Kuroshitsuji. I've seen up to episode six, where Madam Red's life is mostly explained. This is what I though really went through her mind while Grell and the others were watching her memories (were they watching? Idk)

This is based loosely off of 'Sally's song'- Amy Lee's version from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'