A.N. 1) I read recently a couple of stories where Gohan goes to high school after losing his sight. Sadly, both were unfinished, and from the looks of them, are unlikely to be finished. The stories in question are 'Blinded', by Pippy32388 (which was last updated in September 2008), and 'A different kind of seeing' by Megami-Sama2 (last updated in March 2004). Whilst I accept this means that my idea isn't original, I was definitely inspired by the stories, and was found that I was bombarded with ideas on what I could do with the situation. If either of the two authors mentioned have any complaints, I am very willing to communicate with them. Who knows, maybe I will get them to finish their stories, just to prove they are better than me. Also, if I have missed any other stories which run with this idea then can you please let me know, because you can never have too many ideas. I will not plagiarise ideas, and at the bottom of chapters I will mention where ideas have came from if I consciously use them.

2) I am going to use the English school system, because I have absolutely no idea what the systems are in other countries.

3) I use italics for thoughts. When telepathy is used, it will be in the style *telepathic message*. In some cases, it could be mindreading, in which case it will be BOTH italic and inside the *.

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Seven years was a long time. Almost seven years ago there had been a fight, one in which the terrible had happened. The fighter who would always throw himself into the fight to save the planet had died. He had refused to come back. Oh, and his son had lost his sight, but Gohan refused to view that as important. He guessed that it must have happened at the end. Maybe he channelled too much energy into the attack, or maybe he let Cell dominate too much, and it got close enough to do some damage.

It had taken him a year to come to terms with his father's death. He still blamed himself at times, but he understood that Goku felt it would be for the best. To overcome his sight issues ... that had taken a couple of weeks. None of the Z fighters quite understood how he had done it. For a week he was stuck in his room alone, needing his mothers help to do anything. Then he slowly started to navigate the house, and the land surrounding it. The only two who managed to understand his explanation were his mother, and Bulma.

It is like a bat, echolocation. Instead of using sound, I use my ki. By projecting it out and feeling it return I can 'see' items, both their shapes and how far something is.

In a fight, the young warrior had already learnt to rely on sound and instinct. The loss of his sight had hampered him at first, but not as much as many would have thought. To further his skills, he trained daily, something his mother reluctantly agreed to as his chances of being a scholar had faded. That was, until the day Bulma brought some new inventions round.

***Present day***

The blue-haired scientist stood at the doorway of the small house, looking at her friend. She knew Chi Chi was going to love this, and that Gohan had never mentioned the project he had been helping her with. The matriarch of the house produced a book and placed it on the table as the demi-saiyan carefully attached the earpiece to the small black box. As it glided across the words, he said them aloud, drawing appreciative looks from both the women watching.

"Well, I know the reader works," said Bulma, a wide grin decorating her face.

Slowly Gohan started to write on the paper, nodding as his muscles remembered how to make each letter. His handwriting was beautiful, each letter a work of art. When he had finished, he passed the paper across, and they could clearly read the words I can write with this, and I can see everything I have written.

Bulma leapt up, laughing. She had wanted to do something to help the young warrior, especially after all he had done to help everyone in the past. Chi Chi was grinning, now her little boy could become the scholar she always wanted him to. She had accepted he would continue to train, but maybe now he would be able to study as well. She was ripped from her thoughts by the voice of her eldest son as he asked, "Do you think I could go to high school? I would like to spend time away from the house, and to know some people my own age."

The woman found herself unable to answer immediately. It wasn't that she was opposed to the idea, it was more to do with the fact that she had been thinking how she could get him to agree to the idea. The silence dragged for a couple of seconds before she found her voice, "Of course you can. I have been thinking about it and I think that Orange Star High is the one you should attend. If you want, we can go and do the entrance exams soon, and get you enrolled for the start of a new term."

The tall boy nodded, his eyes still focused on the table. As his mother grabbed up the phone and started to make the call, he sat there thinking. I need to get to know people, to live a normal life. School will be the best way to meet other people. Besides, Piccolo told me that telepathy isn't a skill based on your power, but rather on your intelligence. Maybe I could develop that while I am there.

That day and the weekend following it went quickly, and on the Monday morning Gohan had school. It was going to be his first day and he knew it would be difficult. That just made him more excited, since when did he back down from a challenge. I might even make friends. I can't think of many people I know who are normal. The last person who I really talked to was Lime, and since her parents came back she hasn't really wanted to talk to me.

A smile decorating his face, he went about his morning routine. A shower to wake him up, then dress. He hoped the clothes went together ok, he had yet to find a way to distinguish colours. Before heading downstairs he realised something. Reaching into his wardrobe, he removed an odd belt and put it on. As he walked down to the kitchen for breakfast, he pulled out the two capsules that were lying in his bag.

"Mum, can you tell me what these capsules are please?" His spoke clearly, temporarily pausing him mad intake of food.

His mother looked at him, worry in her eyes (not that he could see that). "Let's see, this capsule is your gym kit, this one is the emergency storage capsule, and this ..." she quickly picked up a third capsule from the side of the cooker, "one is your lunch."

Smiling, Gohan slipped each one into special slots in his belt. Each was engraved with a number, so now all he had to do was remember which capsule each number represented. In the time it had taken for her to explain about the capsules, he had finished his meal. He rose calmly, and waited as his mother checked him over. "Thank you for the food, it was wonderful as always."

This drew a smile from the older woman, but she waved her hand at him. Her voice had a hint of laughter in it as she spoke, "Get to school, you don't want to be late on your first day."

Luckily for him, the flight there was a quiet one, and he reached the school without incident. He landed in an alley nearby and walked to the school. He wasn't sure what the time was, but from the sun he felt he was early. Walking slowly he approached the main doors of the building and then paused. Swallowing to overcome the nerves that threatened to take away his resolve, he opened the door and looked in. His mind raced. Ahead the corridor splits, left or right. There is a sign on the wall, but it isn't embossed so that is no help. Maybe there is someone around who could point me in the right direction.

Even as he thought this, he could sense someone approaching from behind him. They were shorter than him, and he guessed they were female from the pigtails. Gohan decided to ask them. "Excuse me, could you help me find the reception."

The girl glared at him, before sighing. I guess he just wanted to talk to me, so made up some lame excuse. This could be fun. "Of course, it is just down the corridor to the right."

As expected, he thanked her kindly, before walking off and turning right. Wait a second, he turned right? The sign clearly shows that it is left. Well, serves him right for not being able to read. Smiling at her joke, she wandered off in search of her friends.

Gohan was struggling, every door was numbered. A numbered door is a classroom, so I haven't found the reception yet. He continued to walk, growing more and more uncomfortable. When the bell rang to signal the start of lessons, he felt really out of place. Tears threatened to appear, he was well and truly lost in the school. Just as he was about to give up, a man spoke up. "Reception is at the other end of the hall. This is the labs, no entry unless there is a teacher present."

Nodding his thanks, Gohan started headed back the way he came, at a much quicker pace. He promised himself he would get to his lessons, this experience hadn't been fun and had taught him that he couldn't trust his peers without question.

In her classroom, Videl sat listening to her friends. She didn't care too much about what had happened, she was pretty sure it had just been a guy trying to get on her good side. When the bell rang, the teacher for the form walked in and looked at her class. She was taking the register when there was a soft knock at the door.

A.N. Well, one chapter down. I admit to using the idea about the pen and reader from the stories mentioned above, the ideas seemed the most likely thing that Bulma would make for Gohan, and without being able to read and write, Gohan wouldn't survive school. The ki 'echolocation' is also used in both fics, but that wasn't used intentionally. When I was writing the chapter, I honestly thought that they had done it differently, but re-reading them to check I hadn't used ideas showed me I was wrong.