Well, here we are. My first threesome fic. En-effing-joy, ya pervs...

At two in the morning, nothing good ever happens. It is always, without a doubt, a time for bad things to happen, and bad news to come. So at two in the morning, the phone at the Fenton household rang loudly and insistantly, over and over until Jack Fenton picked it up. "Hello?" he asked, only ten percent coherant, as he always was when woken up before seven-o-clock. He listened for just a few moments before going from ten percent to a hundred in consciousness. "WHAT! ARE THEY ALRIGHT?...Of COURSE I'll be right over!" He put the phone down and shook his sleeping wife awake. "Maddie, wake up!"

Maddie grumbled and looked over her shoulder. "Jack, I keep telling you, the cookies are on the LEFT shelf, not the-"

"It's not the cookies, Maddie, it's a family emergency!" He quickly changed out of his pajamas and into his jumpsuit before pulling out a suitcase. "Three of my brothers and their families went camping this weekend, and their RV got into a bad wreck on their way home! Almost all of them are in the hospital, and Jasper is in a coma!" Jasper was Jack's youngest brother, and the two were very close. Maddie immediately got out of bed and also got dressed.

"I'll call for tickets to South Dakota," she said, picking up the house phone from Jack as her husband fished his cell phone out of his pocket. "Who are you calling?"

"Vlad," Jack replied, dialing.


"Someone needs to watch Danny while we're gone, Mads, we dont know how long we'll be away!" He waited while it rang.

"...Jack, you know that Danny and Vlad dont exactly get along very well..." Maddie replied uncertainly.

"Maddie, Vlad is the closest thing we have to family anywhere around here!" He waited a few moments, then redialed. "C'mon, pick up...!"

Back in the mayor's townhouse, Vlad put a pillow over his head and resisted the urge to blast the damn phone into a smouldering heap on his bedside table. Who the HELL could be calling at (he checked the clock on the nightstand) TWO-FIFTEEN IN THE MORNING! He finally reached over and grabbed the phone. "What?" he snapped into it.

"VLAD!" Said billionaire jerked the phone away from his head at the volume from which the other person yelled. He groaned; he knew that voice.

"Jack, WHY are you calling me at this ungodly hour?" he groaned, rubbing his eyes.

"Vlad, I know it's late, but I need a HUGE favor from you!" The tone in Jack's voice piqued Vlad's interest; it sounded urgent. And if Jack wasnt calling him Vladdie or V-Man by now, then something was wrong.

"What is it, Jack?" he asked, sitting up and brushing his hair away from his face.

"Vlad, a lot of my family members got hurt in an accident in South Dakota, and me and Maddie are flying out TONIGHT!" Jack replied, sounding extremely upset. "I know that this is short notice, but could you take Danny in for awhile, just to watch him? Please?"

Vlad was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment; on the one hand, he would love nothing more than to deny Jack a favor. On the other hand, he would be in charge of Danny. Ah, decisions, decisions...

"...Yes, Jack, I'll take the boy in," he finally said. He heard Jack make a sound of relief.

"Thank you so much, Vlad!" Jack replied. "Can you pick him up after school? He's actually grounded right now, and as long as he follows the rules, he's free on Friday..."

"Yes, yes, I'll pick him up, no fun, do homework, find a book to read, I got it, Jack," Vlad cut in. "You just deal with your family right now, I'll take care of Danny."

"Thank you, Vlad." Jack then hung up, and Vlad couldnt help but feel sorry for his nemesis right now. He put the phone back on the charger and laid back down, feeling an arm curl tighter around his waist.

"Who was that?" asked the sleepy voice of his companion. Vlad closed his eyes.

"Forget about it," he replied. "I'll tell you tomorrow."

"...It IS tomorrow, Vlad."

"Good NIGHT, Andew."


Shit, I spent like fifteen minutes figuring out a title for this fucking thing...

From anyone who's read my previous works, I'm sure you can deduct who 'Andrew' is. If not, what the hell ever, you'll find out anyway.