EPILOGUE TIME! Much love for all of my reviewers! You know who you are, and you have good karma to come. According to the prophesy.

When Danny was finally allowed back in school, everyone -students and teachers included- noticed the change in him immediately. It began with the way he held himself; he didnt walk or stand hunched over curled up into himself like he was about to lash out like a cobra. His long hair was pulled back in a short ponytail and out of his face, showing off his eyes, which only changed color once every few hours or so as long as he contained his temper.

But the biggest difference of all was that he was smiling.

That alone was enough to make Dash jump out of his way when Danny walked down the hall to class. That, paired with the fact that when Danny wasnt hunched over, he hit six feet tall and with his hair out of his face, everyone could see that he most definitely NOT the prepubescent kid everyone used to pick on.

Throughout the day, he turned in all of the work that had been assigned, fully complete, WITH extra credit. Mr. Lancer looked skeptical at Danny's English work, including the two-page essay on polyamory, but even he couldnt find anything wrong with it (minus the topic), and Danny was rightfully rewarded with an A- (the minus was for the topic; Danny argued that it was about ethical issues and it was no worse than the topic of racism). He got through the first three days perfectly fine.

But then he started missing his lovers.

On Friday evening, he told his parents that he was going out for the night and flew to Vlad's house. Vlad was home, he noticed, so he used his key (which he kept on a chainlink around his neck) and quietly unlocked the door before going inside, just out of courtesy. The downstairs was empty, so he quietly traveled upstairs to Vlad's room, where the door was slightly ajar to show Vlad and Andrew in the middle of foreplay.

Vlad was kissing Andrew, and when he pulled away, a soft wisp of what looked like barely-noticable steam escaped his lips, and he blinked before smiling. "Andrew, dear," he drawled deliberately, "how would you feel about a third party tonight?"

Andrew rolled his eyes. "Unless it's Danny, forget it," he muttered back before leaning in and kissing Vlad's neck. Vlad hissed softly and reached around to stroke the back of Andrew's neck.

"Excellent. Daniel, why dont you come in and join us?"

Danny smiled and walked into the room, and Andrew looked up from Vlad's neck and smiled at the younger halfa. "Yes, Danny," he added, his sharp teeth glinting in the dim light. "Please do."

Danny didnt say anything; he just grinned back and whipped off his black-and-white-striped scarf.

"Tucker, I thought you said that Danny was going to be here today," Sam said, looking around. Tucker rolled his eyes and fiddled with his PDA, playing smaller, handheld version of some MMORPG. Both of them were waiting for Danny in the mall so they could all go see a movie in about three hours or so, but they wanted to spend some time catching up first.

"He WILL, Sam," he replied. "Keep your fishnets on. I guess he just has to go pick up his girlfriend or something." Sam stiffened at that.

"What do you mean 'his girlfriend'?" she demanded tersely. Tucker felt the corners of his lips twitch at Sam's obvious jealousy.

"I said I 'guess'," he said. "He called earlier and said he was bringing 'someone' along, and sounded pretty happy about it. I could only assume he has a girlfriend now." He shifted his eyes up to her. "You're not JEALOUS, are you?"

"I am NOT jealous, Tucker!" Sam shot back, scowling childishly. "I'm just...concerned."

"About whether or not she's prettier than you?"

"...Shut up, you techno-geek."

Tucker snorted and was about to go back to his game when he spotted Danny making his way through the mall crowd, easily parting them with his height. "Danny, over here!" he called over, waving Danny over. Danny spotten him and waved back, then turned and said something to someone behind him, and Tucker saw that Danny was holding the hand...of another guy.

"Ho-ly crap," Tucker mumbled, his brows vanishing under the hem of his hat. Sam turned around and blinked; who was that, she wondered.

Danny walked up to the table and sat down in a chair across from Sam and Tucker. "Hey, guys," he said, grinning. "This is Andrew." Sam felt a shudder run through her; she didnt have Danny's ghost sense, but any human within a ghost's vicinity could feel the chill, and she was feeling about seven degrees cooler just by looking at the guy.

Danny's guest unraveled his scarf from around his face to show off naturally tanned skin, coal-black hair, and forest-green eyes. He smiled warmly at Tucker, but his smile went ice-cold at Sam. And suddenly Sam recognized him. This was the ghost from Vlad's house!

"Pleasure to meet you, Tucker," Andrew said, reaching one hand over and shaking Tucker's. "Sam, I believe we've already met."

Sam could only stare. Tucker just looked confused. Danny laughed and kissed the Ghostwriter's cheek.

He couldnt wait to tell Vlad how this went.

And that's the end, my friends. I want to thank ALL of you for your reviews and support, and hope you dont just love me for my writing. ...You do, dont you? Darn it! Lolz. Anyway, it's been a pleasure writing this, but now, it's time for a hiatus. ...Crap, I just made a rhyme, didnt I?