a/n: I'm currently hooked in the fandom of Shutter Island (after being wowed by its awesomeness, both book and the movie) so I decided to write a tribute story to one of my favorite characters: Rachel Laeddis. Take note, this might look like an AU since this is told in Rachel's POV (Andrew's going to have to lie low for a while) but it will definitely help you understand this story better if you read the book and watched the movie. 'Nuff said now, enjoy.

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Synopsis: Rachel Laeddis saw the world differently unlike any other, and in her last days she recounts how she dreamed, questioned, and watched her family slowly consumed by madness. [POV/Rated T for some themes]





A Bedtime Story

August 13, 1951

The neighborhood was quiet tonight. So quiet that I could hear the crickets chirped and the wind whistled like a soft lullaby in my ears. It was a nice change because I spent most nights lying awake with dogs barking and growling outside our apartment. Sometimes it scares me to listen to them howl because I didn't know if they were angry or terrified at one another in the dark. My daddy once told me that if ever I feel scared, I should think of something happy, something nice and fun. I told him about the family picnic we had in the public beach two weeks ago. I told him about the different colored shells I collected and the sandcastles I built. Daddy nodded and said that I should always think about that whenever the dogs were barking. So I think and think of our family picnic at night to help me go to sleep.

But I don't feel like sleeping right now.

I pushed the blanket away from my chest and I slowly tiptoed across the room towards the window; careful not to wake up anyone in the room. My brothers, Edward and Daniel, were sleeping soundly in their beds now. Daniel was the loudest snorer among the three of us. It was funny to watch his snores grew loud and soft and how his tummy would inflate and deflate to match the rhythm of his breaths. Edward, on the other hand, was quiet but he moves a lot in his bed. Sometimes, I see him sucking his thumbs in his sleep. I haven't told him about that yet but if I did, I bet his face will glow red like a plump tomato. The window was open so I could feel and smell the breeze as it hit my face once more. I looked up at the black sky and saw the stars shone like those pebbles I saw at the beach. There weren't many stars tonight so I tried to count as many as my eyes could see them.




I saw three stars in my left. And five more in my right. They glittered and they were really beautiful. I stared down next to the streets. The streetlamps were opened, but it was empty and dead. The houses around us all had there lights off so I couldn't see who was still awake at this time of hour. I rested my chin and elbows on the window frame and sighed. How much longer will it take until daddy comes home?

I counted the stars again and again as I waited. Finally I let out a huge yawn and rubbed my eyes. My arms grew heavier, and my head felt light and fuzzy. My body wanted to sleep so badly now but—no, I have to wait. Daddy promised me a bedtime story. He promised to read me the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and he said he'll do it tonight. And knowing my dad, he never breaks a promise.

My eyes darted back on the streets, and at the far end I saw a small shadow approaching. My first thought was to wave and yell "Daddy!" but then my heart thumped in full alert. What if it wasn't daddy? What if it was somebody else? Looking at the shadow now, it was tall and lean and wobbling. I quickly ducked from the window, hoping against hopes that the shadow didn't notice me. I closed my eyes and held onto my knees. Then I began to think about the picnic.

I didn't know how long I had my eyes closed but as soon as I heard the faint clicking of the door downstairs, I thought of daddy. He must be home, I said to myself aloud and that thought made me happy. I felt glad and relieved knowing daddy was home. I quickly stood up and grabbed the book lying on my bed. I walked down the stairs and it felt cold to my feet but I tried my best not to make any sound. The kitchen lights were open so he must be there. I peeked at the kitchen and I saw daddy with his head on the sink, the water gushing rapidly on the faucet. He made a choking sound and it made me nervous.


He straightened up and turned. His face looked tired and his eyes were red. Daddy must've been really working hard. "Awake, sweetie?" he said. His voice was soft but garbled.

I nodded and approached him. I held my arms open, wanting a hug, and he bent down to return the gesture. He kissed my forehead. I love it every time he does that. "Why aren't you sleeping?"

"I wanted to wait for you."

"Really? For what?"

I showed him the book. "You promised, right?"

His lips tucked and he bent his head in silence. Then he said, "Some other time, sweetie. Daddy's tired and needs sleep."

My heart sank. "Tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow," he combed my hair with his fingers then kissed my forehead again. "I promise."

I let out a slight smile then went back to my room. I slept soundly knowing daddy will read me the story of Goldilocks tomorrow night. He promised that. And daddy always keeps his promises.

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