Okay so, the first in a series of totally random one-shots based around the absolute AWESOME pairing of Bonnie/Damon from the Vampire Diaries. These will probably be a combination of the inner-musings of our much-loved duo, and actual scenes of their developing relationship, as well as some set in the future too.

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Summary: a little look into the twisted mind of one Damon Salvatore, regarding one Bonnie Bennett

Damon Salvatore enjoyed enjoying himself.

Every twisted, inhumane act he had ever committed had been done for the fun of it.

A few decades ago, when he had sat down to consider this (which was a rarity in itself because Damon Salvatore seldom considered the consequences of his actions), he had deduced that it was probably because he has spent most of his life doing things for other people. Working to please a father for whom he wasn't good enough; working to be a brother to someone who would just as soon turn around and stab him in the back; working to win the affections of someone who frankly just didn't give a damn, being much more interested in aforementioned brother.

So when Damon discovered that making Stefan miserable gave him some sort of twisted satisfaction, some twisted form of fun, he went with his impulses (something he was well known for) and decided to enjoy a good feeling while it lasted. When he discovered that chasing after Elena Gilbert gave him some sort of thrill, it was just another way for him to try and gather some semblance of not total failure from both his living life, and his dead one.

In truth, Damon had long ago forgone the ability to really feel anything. Fun wasn't really fun, more just a shred of satisfaction in making someone more miserable than he was, which in turn made him seem more content. He took from other people before they could take from him, because when you were the one holding all the cards, no one else had anything left to fuck you over with.

So when Damon discovered that semi-stalking Bonnie Bennett made his veins hum, his eyes flash and his entire body sing with the thrill of the chase, he decided it was time to give Stefan a break and try out something (or someone) new.

To be honest, it wasn't really like the little witch helped herself anyway. Her first mistake was acknowledging that he was following her, because it meant he didn't have to hide and keep his thoughts to himself. At first she tried being pissed off with him, but everyone was pissed off with him, so the impact was somewhat lessened.

"You. Are. An. Ass."

"…Does that mean you've been looking at it?"

Next, she went to Elena and Stefan to complain about Damon being an ass, but since when had Damon ever listened to anything Stefan said? And Elena may have looked like Katherine, but after he had discovered that the bitch hadn't been in the tomb anyway, Elena's resemblance had lost some of its effect. Now she was just slightly annoying, and well on her way to earning her own large brooding forehead.

"Stay away from Bonnie, Damon."


"I mean it."

"Yeah, I got that."


"Is this game over yet?"

There was a brief spell when Bonnie tried to avoid him, but no one could avoid Damon Salvatore, not when it wasn't by his choosing. Her attempts ended quite quickly after he took to appearing at her bedroom window each night, even if he couldn't get in.

"Oh come on, so you're not at all interested in why a hot bad-ass vamp like me has resorted to following you around?"

"Don't know, don't care, don't want you here. Leave."

The witch's next move made the situation worse for her, better for him: she started being a total bitch. Of course, Damon loved nothing better than a hot, powerful witch who was playing impossible-to-get. But Damon Salvatore was known for being a persistent bastard, and his patience was staggering when working towards a goal (as shown with his pursuit of Katherine, which had spanned over 145 years). So he kept it up with the nightly visits to her window, since she couldn't escape from him without leaving her room and alerting her father to the fact that something was up.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm a vampire, I need permission to enter."

"Well screw permission, get lost."

"You know, I think I figured out why I enjoy being around you so much. Never in all my many years did I think I'd ever meet someone half as mean as me, but you… you're a real bitch, you know that?"

"I dunno, I can be surprisingly nice to people who aren't trying to kill me or screw over my friends."

"You're not gonna let that biting thing go are you? Oh come on, it was one time, and it totally wasn't my fault. Extenuating circumstances and all that."


"Alright look, you can't say you're not in the least bit curious as to why I'm still here every night."

"You're here to piss me off and it's working, congratulations. Now leave."

So Damon was perfectly satisfied with his new toy, who wasn't as heartless as Katherine, but who wasn't as human as Elena. Especially when every time he was around her, the tingling taste of Bonnie's power grew more pronounced on his tongue, mixing with the already tantalizing memory of her blood (which sung to him in a way a mortal's blood could not), making him even more determined to continue with his game.

After all, it was just a bit of fun. Just a case of the Simply Complicated Art of Enjoying Enjoyment.

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