"But why do you think so, Bella?" Edward asked his chin in his hand. We were sitting in Charlie's kitchen discussing the ever-present issue of whether or not vampires are capable of holding a soul. He was dead set against changing me and I could only think of one possible reason. He still stubbornly believed that he didn't have a soul.

"Edward, I've told you this. I believe you have a soul because you are far too good to go to hell, or purgatory, or whatever. You might think that you're a monster, but you're not. Here," I said, getting up and climbing the stairs. I went into my room, grabbing the dictionary sitting on my desk. I went back down to the kitchen where Edward was still sitting with a puzzled expression on his angelic face.

I sat down, opening the large book up to the "s" section.

Finding the word I was looking for, I read the definition aloud.

"The incorporeal essence of a person or living thing. That is the definition of a soul. And to have an essence, you have to have an identity. And to me, an identity, is what makes you, you. Your personality, I guess. You have likes and dislikes. You have emotions. You have a family that you love. You have beliefs. All of these things are part of your personality. Your identity. So, if you have an identity, you have to have an essence. And if you have an essence, you have to have a soul. The incorporeal essence of a person or living thing: a soul. Right?" I finished, feeling triumphant. My logic was impenetrable.

"But technically, I'm not a living thing." He argued.

"But you are a person. Your identity proves that."

"Does it?" He asked, arching one perfect eyebrow.

"Yes. Otherwise, how are you not a person?" I countered.

And for once, Edward Cullen had nothing to say.

He searched my eyes for a long moment, and then he looked away.

"I can't believe I'm saying this… and as much as I don't want to admit it… You may have just changed my mind. Maybe I do have a soul…" He said, trailing off thoughtfully.

"Really?" I asked. "I convinced you?"

He paused.

"I believe so." He said, looking into my eyes again.

"So… if I changed your mind… there's no reason not to change me." I hinted.

"Maybe… but just because I have a soul, does that mean I have a guaranteed spot in heaven, or whatever it is after this life?" He asked.

"Why wouldn't you? You say that you're a murderer, but you only killed the bad ones. I mean, it's not your fault you're a vampire. And it's not Carlisle's either. He only made you a vampire so you could have a second shot at life." I raised my eyebrows, daring him to object at my choice of words. When he didn't, I continued. "Compare the situation to a human murderer, for instance. Let's say he's a serial killer, and said killer went to jail when he was 25 years old for killing a large number of people. He's sentenced to 50 years in prison. So, he serves his 50 years, and comes out of jail a 75 year old man who wouldn't hurt a fly. He changed drastically over those 50 years. He saw the error of his ways and turned his life around. So then, he dies a sweet, old, man who you never would have guessed used to be a cold blooded killer. Does he go to hell, for something that he deeply regrets, something that happened in his youth, something that happened fifty-some years before his death? Or does God forgive him, and let him come to heaven?"

Once again, he was at a loss for words.

"Fine," He said reluctantly. "You win."

"So… will you change me?" I asked again.

After a short pause he carefully said,

"Yes I will… but… would you mind a couple of conditions?"


"Like… what?" I asked.

"Well for one… you wait until graduation? For Charlie and Renee's sake?" He asked, searching my eyes, once again.

"Okay… I can agree to that one. Is there more?"

"Just one." He said. Then he reached into his pocket and drew something out that I couldn't see. He took my hand from across the table and placed a small black box in it. Then, he got up to stand in front of me, before sliding down onto one knee.

I gasped.

Oh, no.

He opened the box, revealing a beautiful, diamond engagement ring.

"Before I change you… Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?"

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