Yeah, nobody's ever done this before. A story where Blair is pregnant in 113. No points for originality when it comes to the premise. I haven't actually read any of the other stories based on this idea so I don't know if what I do with the premise turns out to be original either. Hopefully it will be enjoyable!

This story is Chuck and Blair, but not necessarily Chair. There will definitely be strong elements of it, but I haven't decided yet if I will have them end up together in this story or not. My other pregnancy story was a lot about their relationship but with this one I wanted to make it more about the idea of what they would be like as teenage parents, individually or together. And since this story kicks off in mid season one Blair is still quite strung up on Nate at first. She was pretty anti-Chuck around that time on the show, or at least pretended to be.

Hm, what else… Well, since I already have one pregnancy story up I wanted to make sure this one wasn't just a carbon copy with the characters at an earlier age. A few themes will probably reoccur, but I'm attempting to try and explore different reactions in different characters. I hope it won't seem weird to those who read the other story.

Enough of my talking! This first chapter is fairly short. An update will follow within a week or two. But please let me know what you think of the start of the story!

Blair stared at the stick in her hand and felt nauseous. It couldn't be. There were false positives all the time. This was obviously one of them. There was no way in hell she could be pregnant. She was Blair Waldorf, and Blair Waldorfs did not get knocked up while still in high school. Serena van der Woodsens might, but not Blair Waldorfs.

As if Serena on some level seemed to know that she was more likely than Blair to end up with a bun in the oven way too early in life she had known exactly what to do in a situation like this. Buy lots of tests. Like a hundred. Obviously this first stick was wrong and a second, and perhaps third, would be needed to prove it.

Unfortunately, half an hour later it seemed like none of these sticks had gotten the memo. Blair Waldorf simply could not be pregnant. On the verge of tears she saw the collection of pregnancy tests which were all screaming out their doomsday message. The wastebasket in her bathroom was practically a cracked piñata of pregnancy tests in the completely wrong color. It made her want to throw up, without the aid of two fingers down her throat. This simply could not be. It had to be a mistake.

She ran out to her bedroom and grabbed the phone. She dialed Serena's number and prayed to God that she wouldn't be hanging out with Hobo Humphrey right when her best friend needed her the most.

"I'm going to die!" she cried when Serena answered the phone.

"Wait, what?" Serena's confused voice said on the other end.

"The sticks are all positive! Or rather horribly negative. It's like they've all ganged up on me to try and freak me out. You didn't mess with them as some sort of sick practical joke, did you? I know you're pissed at me, but there are limits to how far payback can go."

"What are you talking about?" Serena asked before it dawned on her. "Oh my God! B, are you saying that you're-"

"No don't say it!" Blair shrieked, and then the tears started falling down her face. "Don't say it."

"Well are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, just peachy. Dead woman walking, but other than that life is just swell."

"I'll be right over" Serena said and hung up.

Blair put the phone down again and threw herself down on the bed, burying her face in a pillow. This was a nightmare. A really horrible nightmare. She could not be pregnant. It simply could not happen to her. Not even the thought that this could be what bound her and Nate together forever made her cheer up. She didn't exactly want them to be bound together because she was having their baby, at least not at this age. Babies ever after was supposed to happen later.

It had to be some kind of mistake. Maybe she had read the instructions on the tests wrong. Some tests turned blue if you weren't pregnant. But she knew that wasn't the case. She had read the instructions carefully while she waited for the results on each stick. They had all turned the color that signified what Blair least of all wanted to hear. One had even shown a little smiley face, as if this was something to be smiling about.

She tried her best to block out any and all thoughts of the horrible truth but it didn't work too well. What the hell was she supposed to do now? Her parents would kill her, Nate's family would never look at her the same way again and Nate… How would he react? Would he be thrilled at the thought of becoming a father? Hardly. He thought making dinner plans for next weekend was too much of a commitment.

And what if… Oh God, no. That thought was too horrible to even think to the end. No, Nate was the father, that was clearly the truth. The only logical conclusion. The only possible conclusion.

"You're having Chuck's baby" Serena concluded a short while later, taking a seat on the bed.

"No I'm not" Blair said firmly. "First of all I'm not having a baby. Second of all, the baby I'm having most definitely is not Chuck's."

"Well I don't mean to be presumptuous or anything here, but you and Nate just got back together, and you've got to be at least a couple of weeks along. You slept with Nate only once before Christmas and with Chuck…"

"That's not the point" Blair said, looking up from the pillow she had buried her face in. "If there is a baby then Nate is the father."

"You're just saying that because you believe in a fairy tale ending with Nate."

"I'm saying that because I don't believe that different species can successfully procreate. There's no way this is Chuck's… accident."

"You don't know that for sure" Serena said.

Blair moaned loudly in response and hid her face in the pillow again. Serena gently caressed her back, trying to make sense of her own chaotic thoughts. Suspecting that Blair might be pregnant was one thing, but finding out there actually was a baby was something else entirely. Serena didn't have the first idea what to say to console her friend.

Blair looked up.

"This is annoyingly ironic" she sighed. "Through the miracle of life my life is officially over. Finito."

"Have you had a chance to think about what you're going to do?"

"You mean once I'm done having the stroke?"

"I know you only found out about this today, but there are options" Serena said, trying to look at the situation practically. "Adoption, or abortion even."

"No, I can't do either" Blair sighed.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. While I do wish with all my heart for this to just go away, abortion is just not… I couldn't go through with it S. If I did, then somewhere down the line when I had a baby it would kill me to know that I murdered one before."

"Abortion isn't necessarily-"

"It is to me" Blair said. "What other people do is their business, but I couldn't. What if it is Nate's? I couldn't kill Nate's baby."

"A minute ago you were sure it was his."

"You seem convinced otherwise. Oh God S, what is Nate going to say? What is Mom going to say? Everyone at school? I will be ridiculed. Shamed! And Daddy probably won't buy me a convertible when I turn twenty like he promised."

"What would you do with a convertible? You don't drive."

"You're missing the point" Blair groaned.

"Well before we do anything else, let's get this confirmed" Serena said and started to dial a number on her phone.

"You have a gyno on speed-dial?"

"Actually I do, but it's not something I like to talk about. All I will say is that penicillin took care of it."

Blair made a disgusted face which Serena ignored. While her best friend hid her face in the pillow again Serena spoke to her gyno's secretary and tried to get an appointment as soon as possible.

"How's next Tuesday?" Serena asked Blair in a whisper.

Blair sat up with a frown and yanked the phone away from Serena. Six minutes, one bribe and a threat later, Blair had gotten an appointment for later that day, after normal business hours. She handed the phone back to Serena and then excused herself to go throw up, though she didn't know if it was out of shock or if it was pregnancy related.

Serena put her phone away and tried to shut out the sound of her best friend vomiting. This was Serena's greatest fear come true, only it had happened to Blair. Serena wasn't sure if she was relieved she wasn't the one pregnant, or if she was devastated for Blair. Or if maybe she was both.

Blair came back out from the bathroom, looking pale and about ready to throw herself out the window. Serena tried to offer her a smile but couldn't bring herself to it. This was a real mess.

That night Blair sat on her bed wearing the only flannel pajamas she had ever owned, absentmindedly pulling at the mane of a lion plushie she hadn't touched in about five years. Serena, who was more elegantly clad in a satin nightgown, sat down on the bed as well and tried to offer some form of comfort.

"Doctors are wrong all the time" she said.

"I know you're only trying to help, but showering me in stupidity isn't going to make me feel better" Blair said sullenly and looked up. "You heard the man S. I'm as pregnant as that 69 year-old woman in Barcelona before she popped out twins. Except instead of being ridiculously old I'm ridiculously screwed."

"It will be okay B" Serena said.

"Serena this marks the end of my reputation. The end of my status as queen. Queens don't get knocked up in high school. I've become exactly the kind of white trash suburban school moronic slut I've always wrinkled my nose at."


"How am I supposed to be able to face everyone at school? No, actually, forget Constance Billard. How am I supposed to get into Yale? Everything I've been working so hard for has just been thrown into the trash today, together with eight different pregnancy tests and a macaroon I couldn't even finish."

"I'm sure you'll find a way to get in to Yale somehow."

"Actually forget about school altogether" Blair sighed. "I won't have to figure out what to do about that because there are two sets of parents about to kill me."

"Yours and Nate's? Blair you know what the doctor said."

"Doctors are wrong all the time" Blair reminded Serena.

"He gave you an estimated date of conception. And it was two weeks before cotillion, meaning before you had sex with Nate."

"An estimated date" Blair emphasized. "Two weeks is not that much, he could easily be off by that much. Why are you so quick to assume that this parasite is Chuck's? Wait, actually I think I just answered my own question."

"I'm just looking at the facts" Serena said. "You only slept with Nate once, weeks after the baby appears to have been conceived. Like it or not Blair you do have to acknowledge that in all likelihood this is you and Chuck, not you and Nate."

"What if it is Serena?" Blair asked. "What am I supposed to do then? Nate and I, that's how it's supposed to be. Chuck… I mean, just listen to how it sounds. Blair and Chuck? That's not right. He's not parent material and he's not boyfriend material. How can I have a kid with a sleaze like that?"

"Judging by the looks of it you're going to have to find an answer to that pretty soon" Serena said, lying down on her side. "Who knows? Maybe he'll bolt. As far away from this penthouse as a guy can bolt without actually leaving the Upper East Side."

"I don't think he would" Blair said. "Though I would love it if he proved me wrong."

"If you really loathe the guy that much why did you sleep with him in the first place?" Serena had to ask. "More than once, I mean. I kind of get the first time, but…"

"I don't loathe him" Blair said, looking down at the lion plushie. "We've always been friends. He's attractive, and he knows what he's doing in bed. But having a baby together? That's something else entirely."

"If you even decide to keep it."

"We've been over this."

"I don't mean abortion" Serena said. "You could give the kid up for adoption. Go to France, stay with your father, have the baby and then come back. Nobody has to know, especially not the people at Yale."

"The thought crossed my mind" Blair said. "But it just landed me back where I was with abortion. Say that I give the baby up for adoption, and I have another baby later on which I choose to keep. How will I be able to stop myself from wondering about every moment I have with that baby, how that moment would have been like with the first one? And if this one ever came to find me, how would I be able to justify to him or her that I love my other children but I didn't love my first one enough to keep it?"

"I still don't think you should dismiss the thought so easily" Serena said. "If you go to France you might be able to escape the rumors and the gossip… You could keep your crown. And once the birth is over you can go back to your normal life."

"It sounds kind of horrid" Blair said. "It's one thing to not want to be pregnant… I don't think I could just put blinders on and ignore the fact that I have a baby if I actually have to give birth to one. Once the baby exists then I will always be…" She paused before she could say the word. "A mother. Anyway, what's to say Chuck or Nate would even agree to that? What if whichever one is the father wants to keep it? I can't go to France and have the baby of either the boy I've loved since forever or one of my closest friends and not tell him."

Serena bit her bottom lip, having no answers to give. Blair sat in silence for a while, trying to cope with everything that had happened during the day.

"Seriously Serena, what will my parents say?" she then asked in a sad voice. "Their daughter knocked up, and she doesn't even know who the father is."

"They'll be shocked" Serena said. "But they love you. They're your parents."

"That argument carries little weight when you're talking to someone who's pregnant and couldn't care less about the damn thing."

"That's not true, or you would have gotten an abortion. Besides, you've only known about this for a few hours."

"They will be so disappointed" Blair said. "And to make matters worse, Nate's parents have to get involved, and Chuck's father. Five adults all thinking I'm an irresponsible slut. Six if you include Roman."

"To hell with them if that's what they think" Serena said.

"And what is Nate going to think?" Blair asked. She looked up and Serena saw that she had tears in her eyes. "We just got back together. What is he going to do, what will he say, think, when he finds out that I'm pregnant and the father might be his best friend? It will be the end of us. If the pregnancy wasn't bad enough, I don't think he could forgive me for having slept with Chuck."

"You don't know that."

"Chuck's pretty sure Nate wouldn't forgive either one of us. So that makes two of us who think Nate would turn away. Incidentally the two people who know him the best."

"You forgave me" Serena pointed out. "And hey, as long as there's a chance that the baby is Nate's he's not going to turn away."

"He'll do his part, I'm sure" Blair said. "Try his best to be a parent… But all I will ever be to him from now on is the girl who slept with his best friend and then got him stuck with parenthood."

"It does take two to make a baby. Maybe it's Nate who got you stuck with parenthood. You're the one with the dreams and goals, not Nate."

"I was the one with the dreams and goals…"

"And now you're the one with depression. But things will work out, I promise."

Blair was far from convinced. She felt like she had been handled a death sentence, with no chance of pardon. Now that she had been snapped from her perfect movie she could see reality far too clearly. This was not going to be what brought her and Nate closer together. It would have been if it hadn't been for Chuck. That damn Bass ruined everything he touched.

It didn't even matter right now if the baby was Chuck's or not. The mere possibility that it could be, the fact that Blair had slept with him, was enough to pull the trigger on Blair and Nate. Nate wouldn't forgive. How could he, if she was carrying Chuck's spawn?

Serena scooted over and pulled Blair into a hug. Blair was barely aware of it. In her mind she was being berated or looked down upon by everyone she cared about, save for Serena and the ever loyal Dorota. But even Dorota would probably be shocked. She was all about being proper, and God watching everything, and now her protégée was having a baby out of wedlock. Possibly with the biggest creep in New York City. Way to sully the fine Waldorf bloodline.

"It will be okay B…" Serena said. "Things might get difficult for a while, but think a year ahead… A year from now you will have a baby."

"I think I need to vomit again" Blair moaned.

And thus this story begins. Hope it was enjoyable and interesting. Let me know what you thought of it (constructive criticism is always welcome), and I hope you'll be with me when I post chapter 2 =)